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July 21st, 2006

Still Time


"Conversation enriches the understanding
but solitude is the school of genius."
Edward Gibbon



Hi folks,

I would like to extend my best wishes to all those friends currently affected by the violence in the Middle East. The poetry, that closes the newsletter this week, in Arabic and Hebrew, is from a songwork called, 'Israel and Palestine.'

I will be performing next week for the 'Stop the Tox!' - No Toxic Waste In The Mallee concert, with Mike Rudd & SPECTRUM and OutKry, and others to be announced. The Victorian Government has decided to site a toxic waste dump at Hattah Nowingi in the far north west of the state although 96% of the toxic waste comes from Melbourne (almost 500km away). The original site at Ouyen was overturned by public protests. The new site is public land that should have been a reserve. Some of the problems here: proximity of the rare and endangered Mallee Fowl, groundwater leaching back into the Murray Basin, proximity to the iconic Hattah Lakes National Park and the proposed location right in the middle of one of the State's largest clean and green food production areas - many of the farmers are genetic-modified free, but now they are to have toxic waste to deal with as their bloody thanks. The concert is on Thursday 27 July at the HiFi Bar, in Swanston St, in Melbourne. There is also a planned PROTEST in front of Parliament House at 2 pm, tbc. For more information, go to my website or read more here.

On a lighter note, it has recently come to my attention that a chicken in a Kazakhstan village laid an egg with the word "Allah" inscribed in Arabic on its shell. (God is great. Now we know why the chicken crossed the road. To get to the Allah side. Boom boom . . . and Peace be upon him - the chicken, that is - and his prophet, Colonel Sanders.)

My sister, Kathy, has just informed me that one of my cousins is a well-known Abercrombie & Fitch and Polo underwear model, Joseph Sayers. (That's obviously why I haven't heard of him as I don't frequent the underwear department myself.) Little Joe is the grandson of my Aunt Franny. My mother had two sisters, Aunt Franny and Aunt Mimi. The three of them always reminded me of the Andrews Sisters. There even was an Aunt Honey tucked away in there. Aunt Mimi, Aunt Franny, Aunt Gracie and Aunt Honey: sounds like the Italian language version of 'Fried Green Melanzana at the Whistlestop Trattoria'. Here's a photo of Cousin Joe at work.



I absolutely love reading your newsletter. Thank you for sharing your light! Player of the Dagwood-size tin sandwich known as the accordion,
Carrie Hamby, The Singing Biscuit "North Florida front porch music for the soul" - Tallahassee Democrat www.singingbiscuit.com

Dear Joe, (or rather Pink, whose words appeared in your newsletter):
"America's great, and the world loves Americans; it's [just] some American Presidents and their power and decisions we regret . . . "
Yes. We'd love them even more if they'd vote for someone who isn't Republican... if they could be bothered to vote at all. Then at least if our Australian leaders are going to crawl up someone's butt, they might end up in the rear end of a Democrat instead. Let's join forces to free ourselves of Bush, Howard and spooky Murdoch.
Louisa www.louisajohnkrol.com

Nao existe o bem que nao se acabe e mal que dure para sempre
There is neither goodwill that won't endure; nor malice that lasts forever

Subject: Flug you :)
flug 1934 n. Dust or lint that collects in pockets, under beds, and in similar places.
Finally ­ someone to tell me what that stuff is I've been collecting from my belly-button all these years. Almost enough to stuff a small mattress - but maybe that's a bit of an overshare? I knew this newsletter would finally come in handy!!

Here's a word for you:  What's a sangwhich?

(Note: 'Un huh. . . . .some people call it a Sangwhich . . un huhh . . I call it a Slingwhich . . from time to time, with some of them french fried pertaters, and what-not, un huhnn . . .' Here are some more interesting Karl-type words for y'all:

FERG (1856)
To lose the heat of excitement or passion; to become less angry, ardent; to cool. A correspondent from the  University of Vermont, where this word is used, says: "If a man gets angry, we 'let him ferg,' and he feels better."

DINGUS (1870)
A thingamajig; something you can't think of the name of. This borrowing from Dutch seems first to have appeared in the West in the 1870s.

And of course . . . . . . .

JOE (1850)
A name given at several American colleges to a privy. It is said that when Joseph Penney was President of Hamilton College, a request from the students that the privies might be cleansed was met by him with a denial. In consequence of this refusal, the offices were purified by fire on the night of November 5th. The derivation of the word, allowing the truth of this story, is apparent.
The following account of Joe-Burning is by a correspondent from Hamilton College: --
" On the night of the 5th of November, every year, the Sophomore Class burn 'Joe.' A large pile is made of rails, logs and light wood, in the form of a triangle. The space within is filled level to the top, with all manner of combustibles. A 'Joe' is then sought for by the class, carried from its foundations on a rude bier, and placed on this pile. The interior is filled with wood and straw, surrounding a barrel of tar placed in the middle, over all of which gallons of turpentine are thrown, and then set fire to. From the top of the lofty hill on which the College buildings are situated, this fire can be seen for twenty miles around. The Sophomores are all disguised in the most odd and grotesque dresses.  A ring is formed around the burning 'Joe,' and a chant is sung. Horses of the neighbors are obtained and ridden indiscriminately, without saddle or bridle. The burning continues usually until daylight."

Hi Mr Dolce,
Having grown up in Australia and seeing the song on Countdown of "Shaddap You Face." I was quite surprised when my wife and her family knew the song. I had no idea of the success of this song. I live in Flagstaff Arizona and when ever I met someone from the east coast ( especially Italian's) I'd asked them to say " Forgeta bout it. " It became apparent to me that I could make a song of New York Italians all saying " forgeta bout it. "  If you decide to make the song and it's successful. I send you my best.   Take Care,
Stuart J

(Note: Stuart, Forgeta bout it. I don't do novelty songs.)

here's a very clever flash animation outlining how Italians are different from the rest of Europe.

Dear Joe,
In case you didn't already know Patch Adams is doing some workshops around Australia in October called "What's your Love Strategy?" sponsored by the Australian Medical Students Association -
(patch adam website) I'm going to attend to possibly get in touch more with the human being which lives inside me. Love and all good things Joe, Rupert

(Note: Rupert, it's important to get in touch with the inner banana as sometimes the outer banana peel can trip you up. "The reason adults should look as though they are having fun, is to give kids a reason to want to grow up." - Patch Adams

hello joe!
Since you offered to sign me up on your mailing list a while back (after we both appeared on "Songs for Peace") i have come to look forward to my weekly dose of dolce. thank you so much for keeping it up! i thought you might enjoy the below Humanifesto. i hope you're well! cheers,
Christa www.christacouture.com


The Right-To-Laugh Party Humanifesto

We believe that every human has the right to laugh, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness unless of course happiness is a warm gun, in which case some restrictions may apply.

We have the right and duty to laugh at our leaders, particularly those times when their actions are either seriously foolish or foolishly serious. We have the right to help them laugh with each other and at themselves, and if they are incapable of doing that, we have the right to laugh them out of power.

We have the right to laugh at the obscene foolishness of spending so much of our precious livelihood on weapons of deadlihood, and at the utter absurdity of doing the same things that haven't worked in the past and expecting them to work now and in the future.

We propose creating the office of Supreme Court Jester to encourage citizens to use the light of laughter to illuminate the shadow, especially in those poorly lit corridors of power.

We seek to extend this Right to Laugh all across the globe, especially places where things just aren't funny.

We propose that the United Nations and all levels of government begin each session with the Hokey Pokey. You put your whole self in - that is commitment. You pull your whole self out - that is detachment. You turn yourself around - and that is transformation and that's what its all about.

We believe the problem is serious. But the solution is humorous. It's a scientific fact. The best way to overcome gravity is with levity. So all those who want to take a vow of levity please rise! Put your hand on your jocular vein, and recite the Right to Laugh Pledge: All for fun and fun for all.

Congratulations! You have now joined farces with the Pro-Laugh movement to raise the laugh force and increase the laugh expectancy on this amazing planet.

May we all wake up laughing, and leave laughter in our wake.

Declared and Absurdified by
Swami Beyondananda


Peace Takes Courage

What do the 32% of people who still approve of George W Bush think of the 60% who don't?

(thanks to Teresa Strong)


Neocons Rise From Mideast Ashes
by Robert Dreyfuss

Israel's reckless, high-stakes decision to launch simultaneous wars against both Hamas and Hezbollah last week is a critical, perhaps world-shattering event. It cannot be seen merely in its local context, that is, as an act by the unilateralist regime in Jerusalem to crush the armed wings of two Islamic fundamentalist organizations in Gaza, the West Bank and southern Lebanon. Nor can it be seen merely in its regional context, that is, as an effort to raise the stakes in the struggle against Syria, Iran and rejectionist factions in occupied Iraq. Rather, Israel's actions must be seen, first and foremost, in the context of global politics. The key question: Is the Israeli offensive designed as a calculated effort to catapult the hard-right, neoconservative ideologues back to power in Washington? article




Moolaadé, a powerful and uncompromising film by 81-year old Senegalese director Ousmane Sembene, depicts the clash between entrenched cultural and religious tradition and modern secular society over the issue of female genital mutilation (FGM) in a West African village. Practiced mainly on girls between the ages of four and eight, FGM refers to the removal of part, or all, of the female genitalia as a means of reducing a woman's desire for sex and the chances that they will have sex outside of marriage. According to Amnesty International, an estimated 135 million women have undergone genital mutilation, and two million a year are at risk - approximately 6,000 per day. A procedure that has been performed for over 2000 years, it is normally done without the care of medically trained people and may lead to death, serious infection, HIV, depression, or gynecological complications.
In the film, six girls refuse to take part in the "purification" ritual. Two run away to an uncertain fate and the remaining four are sheltered by Colle Gallo Ardo Sy (Fatoumata Coulibaly), a woman who is known to have mystical powers and has given the four girls the moolaadé, the spell of protection. reviews


The Four Most Overpaid White House Staffers

Today the National Journal published a list of salaries for the 403 White House staffers.
Here are the four most overpaid:
Deborah Nirmala Misir - Ethics Advisor $114,688
Erica M. Dornburg - Ethics Advisor $100,547
Stuart Baker - Director for Lessons Learned 106,641
Melissa M. Carson - Director of Fact Checking $46,500
(And yes, there is a White House Director for Lessons Learned. We aren't making this up.) article

Figures sourced from here.
(thanks to Bruce Watson)


Real Christians Don't Gay Bash
Rev. Jim Rigby

Progressive Christians tend to be nonjudgmental and to feel that challenging the intolerance of others is itself intolerant. For that reason we often sit by silently when Fundamentalist Christians criticize homosexual persons. We tend to think of this as being open-minded.

Not that long ago, it was considered consistent to be a Christian, and yet, hold slaves. The day came when slavery was understood as an affront to the gospel itself. I want to suggest that the day has come when Christians must declare that gay bashing is an attack on the gospel and that real Christians do not participate in any form of discrimination.

Several years ago, I was asked to do the funeral of a gay man who had been beaten to death in a hate crime. At that time, I had never thought deeply about the danger many gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people face in this culture. That week as I worked on the service, I kept hearing a local "Christian" radio station blaming gay and lesbian people for everything wrong in America. By the end of the week I understood the link between religious hate speech and the funeral I was performing. article


Irate People Against Senseless Shit
(thanks to John Jacobs)




I also recommend getting the DVD of 'Portrait of a Lady' and watching the brilliant extensive documentary on the making of the film, in the Bonus Extras (better than the film! The insight and quality reminded me of the work of Les Blank.) Sit in on all the therapy on the set, with director Jane Campion, and the actors, including Nicole Kidman. Especially with Malkovich. There's one scene where Campion tells him that he letting too much of 'John Malkovich' show and not enough of the character he's supposed to be playing! The expression he gives her is worth the price of admission!

An excerpt from the interview:
" [Malkovich] tells a story about how, on one of his first films, The Killing Fields, he had to keep jumping off a tank. The cameras he was carrying (he played a photographer) kept bouncing up and bashing him in the teeth, and by the 20th take he was afraid he would soon be toothless and only fit to play the witches in Macbeth. So he asked the nearest authority figure (who turned out to be Billy Wesley, a famously tough first assistant director) if he could have some tape to tape the cameras down, and Wesley screamed at him, 'Back in your box, you fucking Max Factor!' I imagine his life must be full of incidents like that, where he could say with injured innocence: 'But I just asked a question and this guy started screaming at me!' You do feel with Malkovich that you are always being out-manoeuvred by a wilier opponent who knows exactly where you are coming from and gets there first. He has the extra advantage of having done seven years' psychoanalysis. . ."

(thanks to Dai Woosnam)


Rapture Bumper Stickers in America


People Who Dress Dogs Up Like Bees

(Hey . . . . there's room for everyone in my world.) site



From: "Arfah Ashan" Subject: Abli Mogabah Lawn


Mastoul Khalteny Kadaba Demou
Mercy Hla Bha Altoul Sadrak
Bekefek Shalou Ghazaly Nasty
Bugs Bunny
Efnak Etasalty Toussy Khaza
Kolou Letabiby Kalouly
Diary Come Fallin Aint Know Laffena Naffad
Booty wander ricardol
Khalik Haddi
Elamar Gana Belly Sandstorm
Souna Englizy Shagga Slither
Habayeb Mashy
Qesset Lemeen Hedeya Fouad
Abed Wansak

(Note: Small world. I wonder if the seventh reference is any relation to the Syrian camel trader, Rumi Va Fahn Kolou?)


Careful what you wish for!



Baked Salmon Fillets with Garlic Coleslaw

two large fillets of fresh salmon
one-inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled
three large cloves garlic, minced
salt & pepper
quarter green cabbage
fresh coriander
half lemon, sliced
whole lemon, quartered
aluminium or tin foil

Preheat oven to highest setting.

Wash and slice the cabbage finely and place in bowl. Add grated carrot, minced garlic, salt and pepper to taste and enough mayonnaise to hold it all together. (The amount of mayo is up to you.) Cover with wrap and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Lay out large enough squares of foil to be able to fold into secure packages around the fish fillets. Lay a salmon steak in the centre of each square of foil, dot with butter, place three slices of ginger, salt and pepper, a slice of lemon and some chopped parsley on top. Fold in the sides to make a small sealed parcel. Place the squares in an oven pan, reduce the heat to medium and bake for about 15-20 minutes.
Serve with fresh coriander over the top, coleslaw on the side and a fresh green salad. This dish goes brilliantly with a nice 2003 New Zealand Vinoptima Ormond Gerwurztraminer.

(For another variation, marinate the salmon fillets in some olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, and chopped ginger for an hour and then lightly grill, keeping it pink in the centre. Serve with a side of garlic coleslaw and baked potato with butter, grated cheddar cheese and sour cream.)


The following libretto is taken from a songwork I have been composing for the past year, in Arabic, Hebrew, Latin and English: 'Israel and Palestine'. With the recent violence in the Middle East, it seems appropriate to publish this now, as the translator of the Arabic section, Carol Hasna, and her family, come from Lebanon. Carol's mother, Rose, who has recorded a very moving reading of the first part of this work, is there now, and unwell, and having difficulty getting medication due to the conflict. The kind person who will be assisting me with the pronunciation of the Hebrew section, Aura, is also at this very moment, in Israel.


(Sorrowful Mother)

Ya om el hazina, Ya om el hazina
Ya om el dunia, Irhami, Irhami.
Ya om el tarikh, Ya Ommi, Irhami.

Min baa'yal-zikrayat Al-mookad'dassa
Al-moobaa'sara hoona wa hoonak
Hafizzy aala-el-hakika, bee radaaki,
Ya om el dunia, Irhami.

Inhadi min tahta azabaki, inhadi
Irjaii ila kawaneen al-kha'iir maktouba

Min hal-haali el-taabani
la tastaslimi
Wala shai'ya-sa alaiki, wa'rhami
Hatta folostine wa Israel
Iza allah radi
Ya om el dunia, Irhami..




Sorrowful Mother, sorrowful Mother,
Mother of countries, have mercy, have mercy.
Mother of history, Mother, have mercy.

Out of the scattered remains
Of blessed memory,
Save the truth, with your consent,
Mother of countries, have mercy.

Light of the world, up from the depths of misery,
From the time of the unwritten common law,
Have mercy.

Out of discordant harmony,
Do not despair.
Nothing can stand in the way,
Palestine and Israel, God willing,
Mother of history, have mercy



(Still Time)

Halev nishbar
Ach lev amok notar
Ve hoo od lo nishbar

Yesh od zman
Li ve lecha ki
Yesh et lir-oot ve et la ahava

Roman namog
Ach yesh gadol mi-menoo
She ya gi-ah ve yavo

Yesh od zman
Li ve lecha ki
Yesh et lir oot ve et la ahava

Hataf nifgah
Ach yesh echad she yit-gaber
Al kol ke ev oofegah ba olam

Yesh od zman
Li ve lecha ki
Yesh et lir-oot ve et la a-hava

Dma-ot zolgot
Ve nis-chafot
Ach hadma-ot hen she tom-chot
Ba nefila




Hearts are broken
Yet there's a deeper heart
in you that hasn't spoken,

There's still time for you,
time for me,
time for friendship,
and time for love.

Romance can die
Yet there's a greater love
That may come, by and by

There's still time for you,
time for me,
time for friendship,
and time for love.

Children get hurt
Yet there's a stronger child there
Than any pain in this world,

There's still time for you,
time for me,
time for friendship,
and time for love.

Tears fall,
We get washed away,
But the tears can help
To break the fall.

from 'Israel and Palestine'
libretto & music: Joe Dolce
hebrew translation: Ruth Blum
arabic translation : Carol Hasna & family




The Final Hurrah

No trees were killed in the sending of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.