JUNE 10, 2003

"Is half a Hiroshima OK? Is a quarter Hiroshima OK? Is a little mushroom cloud OK?" - If we build it, we'll use it." Sen. Edward Kennedy

Hi folks,

'Klaatu, Barada, Niktoe.' The three words necessary to stop the robot Gort from destroying Earth, from 'The Day The Earth Stood Still', the great sci-fi film from the early '50s. I still remember those words even though I must have only been about 10 when I saw that film. I somehow felt that it was my personal responsibility to stop Gort if it was up to me. I still do.

This issue, I've got a couple of articles on WMD and a insightful article by Thom Hartmann, showing similarities between 21st Century corporate power and the old Feudal system.

I've also included a couple of fun things to do . . .

As far as recipes - in a previous newsletter, you may recall I passed on the secrets of one the simplest and most essential dishes I know: Veal Marsala. Well, in this issue and the next two, I will share three more bobby dazzlers - all of them practically impossible to find in Australia, but all requiring some effort and planning. This week it will be Soul Food BBQ Ribs. (In the next couple of issues, I'll focus on two ancient dishes: Mexican Mole (turkey/chicken with Mexican chocolate, and 12 spices) and Italian Baccala (salted cod) - the Grandmother of all Fish Dishes.



Definitive Proof of Weapons of Mass Destruction
(Click to read and get ready for a shock!) Click to Read


Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Is Lying About The Reason For War An Impeachable Offense?
by John W. Dean, former Counsel to the President of the United States.

"President George W. Bush has got a very serious problem. Before asking Congress for a Joint Resolution authorizing the use of American military forces in Iraq, he made a number of unequivocal statements about the reason the United States needed to pursue the most radical actions any nation can undertake - acts of war against another nation." (more)

Corporate America: The New Feudal Lords
Midnight Ride of the Rabble

by Thom Hartmann

" What conservatives are really arguing for is a return to the three historic forms of tyranny that the Founders and Framers identified, declared war against, and fought and died to keep out of our land. Those tyrants were kings, theocrats, and noble feudal lords. " (more)
(thanks to Maireid Sullivan.)

President Bush's Nuclear Weapons Policy: Illogical, Ineffective and Dangerous
Union of Concerned Scientists

" The Russian stockpile holds hundreds of thousands of pounds of weapons grade plutonium and highly enriched uranium (HEU). Less than 100 pounds of HEU is needed to make a simple bomb of the type that destroyed Hiroshima, and more sophisticated designs use much less Þssionable material. " (more)

Movie of the Year: Russian Ark

I saw an amazing film last night. 'Russian Ark.' - A 96 minute film, the first entirely unedited, single take, (that's right - one shot - no cuts) full-length feature film; the longest-ever steadicam sequence, the first ever uncompressed HD movie, recorded onto a portable harddisk system, rather than 35mm or tape, shot entirely inside the St Petersburg Heritage Museum, in Russia. Directed by Alexander Sokurov. Thirty-three rooms in the museum were used as sound stages, with 360 degree lighting and the whole thing shot by one fit steadycam operator, moving from room-to-room accompanied by a kind of 'ancient mariner' figure (Sergey Dreiden as THE MARQUIS - A 19th CENTURY DIPLOMAT) as our guide. Two years of preparation and 2000 extras to depict Russian culture from the 1700's up to the Revolution, seen from the vantage point of an 'ark' adrift on the ocean of time. One of the most amazing cinematic experiences I've ever had. I was weeping about half way in for about 10 minutes solid. The closing 1913 Ballroom sequence with full orchestra and the entire cast dancing in period costumes is one of the most wonderful musical moments I have ever experienced. The Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra was conducted, with an awesome performance, by Valery Gergiev. Just remembering his joyful and passionate conducting style in the final scenes makes me want to play some music. Put this one on your A-plus plus list. Site
( Thanks so much to Stefan Abeysekera for recommending this to me.)

Some reviews:

"One of the most astonishing films ever made."
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

" A technical knockoutForget a special award for technical achievement, give this guy the Medal of Honor."
Mark Peranson, CITY PAGES

"Not only a breathtaking feat of technique and organization, but a passionate and moving portrait of the physically dead, but still artistically vibrant pre-Revolutionary societyNever for a moment does it become academicThis revolutionary (in more than one sense) film is one of the significant landmarks in the history of cinema"

Recipes to Eat For
(For the vegemaniacs - this one is handy in the bush.)

Grilled Eggplant Slices
Eggplant cut into quarter-inch slices
Olive Oil
Fresh Rosemary, chopped.
Finely chopped garlic
Cayenne pepper
(Salt to taste, if needed.)

The eggplant is best cooked on a grill over an open fire.
Put the sliced eggplant in a bowl with the chopped rosemary and oil olive. Toss well and leave to marinate for awhile.
Build a fire in the grill and let it reduce down to nice smouldering coals.
Make the mayonnaise dip:
Mix mayonnaise of your choice, with chopped garlic and cayenne pepper to taste.
Grill the eggplant slices over the coals. Serve with the mayonnaise dip.
Kale Mashed Potatoes
I had some kale lying around tonight and I was looking for something interesting to do with it and I found this simple Soul Food recipe on the net. Basically, you boil up some kale and drain it - and then you make some mashed potatoes, with garlic, butter and a little milk - and then you mix the kale in and serve. Pretty simple and nice with fish and coleslaw. Here's the recipe if you want more details: recipe


Slightly Complex But Can't Live Without Recipe No. 1

Soul Food BBQ Spareribs
These are the best BBQ spareribs I have ever tasted. I've made them about a hundred times, I think. I'm always open to discovering a better recipe but so far . . . this is it! The secret is in the Southern sweet-sour sauce (which is tasty enough to eat by itself!) and the special way of baking the ribs, in three steps.

Sauce (4-5 cups)
16 ounces of any good hot sauce (like Red Devil or Louisiana Hot Sauce)
3 cups tomato puree
1 1/2 cups water
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 sliced lemon
1 stalk celery
1 onion
2 1/2 teasp red pepper flakes

Mix all ingredients in a good sized pot. Heat until just before boiling but don't boil or else the sauce will darken. Cool. Strain. Put in a bottle with a lid in the fridge.

Ribs (6-8 serves)
3 1/2 lbs (2 slabs) American pork spareribs, cut down the middle of the slab, to make them easier to handle. Have the butcher do this.
2-3 cups white wine vinegar
1/2/ teasp red pepper flakes
1/2/ teasp ground black pepper
1 1/2 teasp salt

Night before: Rub salt, black pepper and red pepper flakes into both sides of ribs, cover and refridgerate overnight. Make the sauce.

Three step baking procedure:
1. Preheat oven to 450F. Place ribs in large, flat baking pan. Pour vinegar over the ribs and bake about an hour. Turn them a couple of times and spoon pan juices over the top. (This step gives the ribs a vinegary flavour.)
2. Remove ribs from pan and place in a single layer on baking sheets, lined with aluminium foil. Bake at 450F for one hour. Ribs should be well-browned. (This step gets rid of all the extra fat cause fatty ribs are yuk!)
(These 2 steps can be done in advance.)
3. Finish: Preheat oven to 400F. Cut the slabs, between the bones, into individual ribs. Place the ribs in a large baking dish to fit in a single layer if possible. Spoon enough BBQ sauce over them to coat lightly. Cover the pan with aluminium foil and bake until heated through, about 20 minutes. (Tip: keep the foil from touching the ribs. The vinegar can dissolve thinner foil!)
Serve with extra BBQ sauce on the side. (more)
(Original source recipe from: Sylvia's Soul Food Restaurant, Harlem, New York.)

Here's something multi-media and funny - George W Bush meets Pinocchio - that you'll love. Just click and move your mouse around.
(thanks to Philip Walker.) By a Nose

Enter the new Dubya Re-naming Contest

Got a better name for him than Shrub? Send it our way by July 4th and win a free Bushwhackers t-shirt.

Here's some creative activism I got forwared to me from the Jim Hightower Newsletter:

"Like any good effort to annoy and pester those incredibly arrogant
Bush folks, this concept will rely on a little hope and humor to counter
their fear-mongering and lies. America has completely lost its way --
not to mention 3.2 million jobs - under this presidency. It's time
to make clear that enough is enough. But we can't do it alone - so
join us!"

The last time we had a popular Bush president and a lot of Democratic
challengers still sorting out, some folks stepped up to stop the
whining and to start working smart. This same gang is back in
business, uniting with a whole new network of people who are about
whistling and working - not whining.

So I urge you to get connected to, enter their Dubya re-naming
contest to win a free t-shirt (or just buy one of em and wear it
proudly!), and get ready for more fun and serious business to
follow. Cuz these folks mean business.

Ready to fight?

It all begins with hope, folks. Believe me - you are not alone.
There is even a plan. So be a part of it.