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The Species Orchid Society of Western Australia (Inc)


President; Paul EMAIL

Secretary; Graham -EMAIL Phone 9447 4528

Treasurer Adrian - EMAIL

Editor Ken - EMAIL Ph/Fax: 9296 1765

Webmaster; Tony - EMAIL



Life Members
Joan & Ted (Both deceased)
Noel & Eva
Barry Gardner (deceased)
Barry Winter (deceased)
Tony & Mavis
Ken & Chris

Meetings held on the second TUESDAY of the month
AT WILSON COMMUNITY HALL, Braibrise Ave, Wilson commencing 7.45pm.
Visitors always welcome

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Monthly meetings commence at 7.45pm. Usually, the short formal meeting is followed by plant descriptions given by members. Supper follows to allow members time to socialise and discuss orchids.
Monthly Plant Display
Given that the prime objective of the Society is to promote the cultivation of species orchids, only species or natural hybrids are acceptable for display. Since we all may be uncertain about the identification of a plant from time to time, we encourage members to bring plants along about which they are unsure since someone may be able to identify them. There is no competition nor restriction on flower count, quality or length of ownership. We want members to be able to see species plants in flower. So even if your flowers are a bit past their best, bring them in as others may not have seen that species in flower.
Plant Sales
The Society provides an opportunity table for members to sell surplus plants and equipment, and for the society to sell product from time to time. A commission of 10% is charged on all sales.
Plant Purchases
The Society endeavours to obtain a different species seedling for sale at each meeting, usually costing between $6.00 and $12.00. The Society makes a small profit on these sales which is invested in benefits to members. As it is always difficult to get new or different species, should members have 20 or more plants of one species which they feel might be suitable as a monthly plant, please contact a committee member.
The Society conducts a raffle each meeting and at home visits as a means of raising funds.
Home Visit
During the last weekend of each month (generally on the Sunday morning), a home visit is held at a member's home. This gives members an opportunity to enjoy the fellowship that our mutual interest provides, and to see how others go about growing their orchids.
In accordance with the Constitution, the Annual General meeting is held in May each year at which time the office-bearers and committee are elected. The majority of Committee members serve two year terms.


Family $30 PA + 2 badges (1st year only)
[Badges come in two versions. Pin fastening ($11.50) or Magnet fastening ($13.50) Please indicate your preference.]

Single $20.00 PA + 1 badge(1st year only)
[Pin fastening ($11.50) or Magnet fastening ($13.50)] Please indicate your preference.]

New members who don't live in Perth will not require name badges, therefore their membership will be at the renewal fee only.