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I really like seeing the "orchids in the wild" photos. These are from 9 deg Latitude at 20 Meters Alt. Pretty much pure sun, yeah there is some shade for part of the day, but the sun is pretty strong here. Lots of light, now that I am typing I am thinking to my self I could have measured it with my new fangled cell. My camera is on the way out, it was not cooperating these were as good as I could get. we were on a boat the next day, viewing lots of playful Antarctic grey whales and the ##%&&ing thing died on me.

These were taken in the Pearl islands of Panama. They filmed an episode of survivor there. The noteworthy point is they use this plant in many Cattleya crosses, from all I can tell this plant has been "abused" lots of Sun,heat, and water, I can not imagine anybody treating their orchids the way the natural climate treats these.