The Species Orchid Society of Western Australia (Inc)

Ron Heberle's Calochilus


(Beautiful Lip) or BEARD ORCHIDS.

Calochilus is widespread throughout Australia with some ten species named.
Three of these are present in the south west of WA. and two others are found in the Kimberley in the north of the state.

The striking bearded labellum is the focal point shown in the photos.
C. robertsonii is common in the lower southwest high rainfall areas. Its preferred environment is to grow in sandy peat swap perimeters and in winter wet dried out peat swamps where it can flower with population explosions after previous summer bush fire. There is an inland variant recorded from York to Narrogin and south to Highbury.

C. campestris was earlier not thought to be in WA but specimens have been found near Albany in the South Stirling Range and further east to Hopetoun

C. unnamed from Albany (photo shown here).
Note the sham eyes in the last two.

C. holtyzei and C. aeruleus from the Kimberley region have been researched by Kingsley Dickson via the Kings Park Research Centre. This area is difficult to access and there is a likelyhood of more new species being found.

Ron Heberle. April 2003