Phalaenopsis aphrodite-amabilis

Gary Yong Gee says.....

From: Gary - To: 'Tony Watkinson'

Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2014 2:30 PM

Hi Tony,

Your Phalaenopsis amabilis is Phal. aphrodite subsp. formosana – see Chris’ plant earlier in the Newsletter.




From: Tony Watkinson []
Sent: Wednesday, 8 October 2014 10:11 PM
Subject: Re: Sp Newsletter for October

Hi Gary

Chris has a Phal aphrodite and also a Phal amabilis var formosum. His amabilis and mine come from the same flask.

I am abit confused as to which plants you are refering to.


Hi Tony,


Sorry, the confusion is my fault.

Chris’s plant should also be Phal. aphrodite subsp. formosana and not Phal. amabilis var. formosana. I didn’t pick up this error when I viewed the Newsletter the first time L. Thus Chris benched both Phal. aphrodite and also Phal. aphrodite subsp. formosana.

Looking through my photos I’ve found a plant of yours from the 19th AOC Conference Show in 2012 that you got a first prize for as Phal. amabilis, which is Phal. aphrodite subsp, formosana.

I find that the equilateral triangular-shaped midlobe is an easy way to distinguish Phal. aphrodite from Phal. amabilis, which has a lip midlobe that has an elongated isosceles triangle shape. Phal. amabilis also has much larger flowers and they are generally do not have as filled-in form.

Attached are some photos that may show this more clearly.

Unfortunately the RHS Orchid Register did not recognise Phal. aphrodite until recently, so the Taiwanese used the name Phal. amabilis for their plants of Phal. aphrodite. That is the reason why there are still many flasks with the incorrect name.

Once again, sorry for the confusion!



Phalaenopsis amabilis ------------------------------------ Phalaenopsis aphrodite


Many thanks Gary for your comments