A message from the originator of this list Alan Englert . You can contact him on serenity1@skymesh.com.au

The following is a complete a list as my memory has permitted me to compile of all those people who have,

directly or indirectly, been of assistance to me in the accumulation of my charts of seed-capsule ages.

Some, regrettably, are no longer with us, but to them nonetheless my gratitude is extended for their valuable

help. Such gratitude is due to each and every person on this list, as they have all contributed to the compiling

of this information.

I have always made this list available to whoever wishes access to it, asking only in return that they may perhaps

keep accurate records of their seed-raising efforts and contribute the results to the list,so as to add to the

database and so help others.

I have only put the State or country of origin after each person’s name as not everyone wishes to advertise

to the world.It would be churlish, however, to not have included everyone on the list. If I have inadvert-

ently left anybody off, please let me know so as to enable me to remedy the oversight.

This list is not intended to be distributed for financial gain, but rather for the encouragement of an

Over-accumulating knowledge pool for the benefit of all who contribute to it. I have no objection to the further

Distribution of this list, save only the request that this cover letter accompany it.Anything else would be unfair

to anyone who has made it possible.

Amey, Don & Enid (NSW)

Bussey, Weyman (Mexico)

Crees,Neil (Qld)

Friar,Laurie (NSW)

Johnstone, Richard (NSW)

Mitchell, John (NSW)

Short,Ian & Evelyn (NSW)

Woods, Jack (NSW

Anderson,Sandy (NSW)

Campbell, Pat (Vic)

Dawtell, Stuart (NSW)

Geppert,Harald (NSW)

Lenkic, Simon (SA)

Rae, Ruth (NSW)

Smith, Grant (NSW)

Lars Jensen (Denmark)

Barlow, Keith (NSW)

Condon,Stan (NSW)

De Braja, Maria (Brazil)

Hicks,Phil (NSW)

Matthes, Alma (NSW)

Robson, Mark (NSW)

Wilson, Grahame (NSW)

As well as the persons help from the above list, I have derived a lot of information from previously published lists

of podlives, principally from the following refrerences:

Arditti, Joseph "Orchid Biology: Reviews and perspectives" Volume II

Hillerman, Fred "A Culture Manual for Angraecoid Orchid Growers"

Rhodohamel, William "Article – A.O.S Bulletin – May, 1994"

Sauleda,Reuben "Article – A.O.S. Bulletin, 1976