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Ron Heberle's Thelymitras

The Thelymitra Galleries
Thelymitra antennifera
Thelymitra apiculata
Thelymitra benthamiana
Thelymitra benthamian X macrophylla

Thelymitra campanulata

Thelymitra canaliculata X crinita
Thelymitra carnea
Thelymitra cornicina
Thelymitra crinita
Thelymitra crinita X macrophylla
Thelymitra cucullata
Thelymitra flexuosa
Thelymitra fuscolutea
Thelymitra fuscolutea V. stellata
Thelymitra fuscolutea X nuda
Thelymitra aff. macrophylla
Thelymitra macrophylla
Thelymitra macrophylla X canaliculata
Thelymitra macrophylla X crinita
Thelymitra aff. mucida
Thelymitra mucida
Thelymitra nuda
Thelymitra pauciflora
Thelymitra psammophylla
Thelymitra psammophylla X flexosa
Thelymitra sargentii
Thelymitra unknown sp
Thelymitra spiralis
Thelymitra spiralis V. punctata
Thelymitra spiralis V. scoulerae
Thelymitra stellata
Thelymitra tigrina
Thelymitra variegata
Thelymitra variegata & spiralis
Thelymitra villosa


Thelymitra Xmacmillanii

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