December 2017
Wanneroo/Joondalup Orchid Society

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President - Tony; Phone; 9342 3799 EMAIL

Secretary - Lynne; Phone; 9448 5840 EMAIL

Treasurer - Charly; Phone; 9206 4589 EMAIL

Registrar - Chris; Phone; 9246 3189 EMAIL

Editor - Tony; Phone; 9342 3799 EMAIL

P.O. Box 236, Kingsway, WA 6065.


Please Note!!

Change of meeting venue & start time

Next Meeting

Will be held, Thursday December 21st, 7.30pm, at the St. Lukes School at Woodvale. This is on the corner of Whitfords Ave and Duffy Terrace, Woodvale. See map here
Visitors and New Members always welcome

Visitors and New Members always welcome.

Topic of the evening
Xmas Party

Membership Fees- Couple/family $40. Single $27. (Includes Badge)
Renewal - Couple/family $25. Single $20. Junior $7


Results of the WJOS Meeting November 2017

George Webber Trophy & Popular Vote in the Novice:

Epi. Wedding Valley John (This orchid was also awarded an HCC by the judges on the night)

Popular Vote in the Open:

Den. chrysotoxum Tony & Sandy
Floral Art :
Theme: Orchids In Glass Gillian

Wanneroo/Joondalup Orchid Society Calendar for
Please note that the time for set-up of displays between 8 & 9 am on the Thursday morning of the display. Plants can still be brought in after that time if it is more convenient.

Feb 4th - Xmas in February, @ Bruce & Kaye's
Feb 24 - 25, Garden Clubs & Soc Fair, Sth Perth Community Centre
May 5 - 6 - NDOS Show Kalamunda
May 12 - 13th 2018 Ocean Keys Shopping Centre Display
July 18 - 22 AOC Conf NSW
August 4- 5 Inter Soc OD&W/S Morley Sport and Recreation Centre, Wellington Street, Morley
September 15 - 16 Combined orchid show - To be advised.
October. 7 - WJOS Workshop. To be advised.

Floral Arrangement

For December - Well!! Xmas of course!!
For January - A New Years Orchid



Pots - If you require orchid pots from the society, please ring John on 0418 854 732 and he will bring them to the next meeting


Xmas Meeting
Do come along and enjoy our Xmas Meeting. A merry Xmas and happy new year to all our members and their orchids


Meeting Start time

Please take note!!
The meetings of the Wanneroo/Joondalup Orchid Society now take place at St Luke's School at Woodvale, Whitfords Ave and Duffy Terrace, with the entrance to the parking area being on Duffy Tce
Also.... The meeting will start at 7.30

Please make sure that your orchids arrive by 7.15 so that they can be entered, placed on the trestles so the meeting can start without all the talking at the back of the hall and the judges can get on with their work.
Please be considerate of others.

Storage Facility Cleansing

Many thanks to the members who helped with the clearing out of the rubbish from the Society's storage facility on Gibson Avenue in Padbury


The World Orchid Conference comes to Perth

As many of you would know, Bruce, Kaye, Mavis and myself, along with Ken and Chris Jones and Kingsley Dixon, traveled to Ecuador to promote the bid to bring the World Orchid Conference to Perth.

This was our third try and this time we exceeded our own
expectations and were successful.

The 24th World Orchid Conference will be held at the Perth
Convention & Exhibition Centre in September 2023. It will be run in conjunction with the World Orchid Conservation Congress so there will be two lecture streams. One scientific and the other for orchid culture.

The orchid culture lectures will be directed at orchid hobbyists and will be expected to include the culture and growing of most of the generally grown species and hybrids from world renowned orchid experts.

Much work is to be done in the next six years and all orchid
enthusiasts will be asked to assist how and where they can.

There are moves afoot to produce Western Australian native orchids in flasks as a further incentive for orchid lovers throughout the world to pay our state a visit. Local orchid growers will be expected to assist in growing these orchids on, as a mass display of WA natives is being planned for the 24th WOC.

Each local orchid society/club will be expected to present a display to world standards, so please give some thought to this.

Yes, we do have 6 years to figure all these things out but an early start will be of huge help further down the track. Six years will pass very quickly.

The garnering of a World Orchid Conference for Perth is a huge honour, a feather in our cap and a measure of the esteem that WA orchids and orchid growers are held in.

So get your brains a churning and a turning. There is work to be done and fun to be had.


Meeting Results November 2017

Novice Section
Laelinae Alliance

1st Psh. cochleatum John

1st Slc. Roblar 'Orange Charm' John

2nd Pot. Roys Magic 'Janet' John

1st Epi. Wedding Valley John

2nd Epc. Rene Marques 'Flame Thrower' John

3rd L. pulcherima alba x Lc. Gessy Doering Clifton


1st Cym. Cricket John

Australian Native Epiphyte

1st Den. Gloucester Sands John


1st Bulb. fascinator Charly

2nd Phais. Lady Romona Harris 'Looking At You' John

3rd Bulb. Krairit Verjarut 'Gerda' Charly


Combined Shows

Due to some of the difficulties involved in presenting orchid shows, your committee has been in talks with other clubs with the aim of combining our assets and abilities to try to find a better way of doing things.

I am sure many of you will agree that our recent shows over the last few years, have indeed left something to be desired. This year we did two shows at Northlands Shopping Centre, which we have to vacate by 9pm, and means getting the judging done and the display set up under great pressure. The centre is also rather small and they do not pay us anything. As it is in a shopping centre, we cannot charge entry fees.

Other clubs are suffering the same kind of problems with falling
attendances at shows held in halls.

South Eastern Orchid Society recently produced a successful show both financially and as an event, by hiring a large hall and inviting other clubs, (not necessarily orchid orientated) to join with them.

This could well be the way of the future.

A recent meeting was held which included ANOS, Cym Club, WJOS, NDOS, Paph Group and the Sp Orch Soc, with the aim of attempting to put together some ideas along these lines.

Watch this space.



I plan to put together a PowerPoint Presentation of some of the
orchids we saw in Ecuador on our trip.

I hope to include orchids seen in Hawaii, (where we saw an orchid show and paid a visit to Roy Tukanaga of H & R Orchids) Peru, (where we saw another orchid show, and paid a visit to Machu Picchu) the road trip that we did in Ecuador to see orchids in the wild, our visit to Ecuagenera Orchid Nursery, and of course the World Orchid Conference in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

I took many thousands of pictures along the way, of some of the most remarkable orchid I have ever seen. Many of them cool
growing orchids that we could never hope to see here in Perth.

Ecuagenera Orchid Nursery had hundreds and thousands of
Odontoglossums, (now mostly in the Oncidium group) Miltoniopsis with amazing lip patterns and colours beyond belief.

The nursery is run on an industrial scale with multiple nurseries in different temperature zones to utilize all the advantages of living in a country of diverse land forms. We toured two of their nurseries in the high mountains where all kinds of weird and wonderful orchids native to the area were growing.

Their 'home' nursery at Cuenca, is at a lower elevation but still quite high by WA standards, where WA's highest mountain, Mt Meharry stands at a mere 1249 metres, in Ecuador, we were at 4000 metres plus at some stages. (I could tell you about altitude sickness, but that's another story)

The orchid houses here tended to run around the hill and were standing on terraces cut into a steep hillside. We started at the top of the hill and walked from each orchid house to the next down the hill.

The PowerPoint presentation is planned to be show at the February meeting and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.

Tony W


The Report from the

Inter Society Display and Workshop
"Flowers, Fairytales & Fantasies"


A Note To Novice Growers
Please don't be afraid to bring along to the meetings, any orchids that you have in flower. Members will be more than willing to assist you in understanding how to improve your orchids. That is what the Society is all about. Our purpose is to help orchid growers, to help orchid growers
We are not there to ridicule or embarrass our newer members. Quite the opposite. We want to help you improve your orchids so that you can become better growers yourselves.


Meeting Results November 2017

Open Section

Laelinae Alliance

1st C. intermedia var. orlarta 'Crown Fox' Gillian

1st Bsh. Sunny Delight Mavis & Tony


1st Cym. Australian Midnight 'Draytons' Rod & Heather

2nd Cym. Australian Midnight 'Black Stump' Ray


1st Paph. rothschildianum Tony & Sandy

2nd Paph. lowii Tony & Sandy


1st Den. chrysotoxum Tony & Sandy

1st Den. Felicity Fortescue x moniliforme Gillian


1st Neof. falcate Ray
2nd Aslla. africana Rod & Heather


1st Prag. Andean Fire Tony & Sandy


1st Phrag. dalessandroi x longifolium Ray


(January/February) by Trevor Burnett
The hot weather will be in full swing during these months but I still only water 3 times a week. If the forecast is for very hot weather over 4 days I will increase watering to every 2nd day but always only in the morning.
Keep your additional shade in place if the plants are showing signs of yellowing as they are receiving more light than is required. If plants show any sign of burning add some extra shade for the next few months.
Any burning will cause a setback at this stage which will definitely affect our flowering season. If you have a variety of different size pots, you will need to ensure that the smaller pots do not dry out completely before watering. A simple solution to prevent the problem of some pots drying out more quickly is to double pot so the pots are all similar size. By this I mean placing the smaller pots into a larger pot which is filled with compost which encircles the small pot. This way all the pots end up drying out at the same rate.
Paphiopedilum growth should be promoted so keep the regular fertiliser program in place to ensure the growth mature ready for the flowering season ahead. Let’s get back to looking after our plants following the Christmas break, and resume regular routine checking of:
a. good air movement;
b. if growing in a glasshouse, misting will assist with maintaining humidity;
c. weekly fertilising;
d. not overcrowding our plants;
e. check for pests and treat if necessary;
f. keep area clean of dying leaves or material;
g. increase watering to 3 times a week or more often if plants have dried out;
h. check all plants to see if there are any signs of stress;
i. water in early morning before the sun is too high; and
j. watch and control your shading.



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Boisduval Scale - possibly the world's worst orchid pest

See all the pictures HERE

Reed Stem Epidendrums


A message from The Water Corporation


Growing and Flowering Phragmipediums Tony Budrovich
This is a review of Tony's personal journey growing Phragmipediums
Tony discussed the history of where the plants originated in SW Mexico and South America and their natural habitat being near streams, banks, damp wet areas, and require a warm climate,
Tony talked about some changes with hybridising new species. The significant changes being in colour, form, size and patterning of the flowers.
Habitat: wet moss covered terrain, some grow on trees most can tolerate high levels of dampness
Phragmipedium Culture:
Higher light requirements for this type of orchid. Cattleya light levels 20,000 - 30,000 (Phragmipediums and Cattleya) (light get shadow when hold hand to block light source - very faint cast shadow)
Don't mind overwatering
Like to be damp wet
Generally larger size
Intolerant of water colour
More sensitive to fertiliser
Grow faster
8 - 10 hours of light
Do not let medium dry out
Suitable growing medium: Sphagnum moss, pine park, coconut husk, coir and perlite. One can also add charcoal if desired.
Rainwater is best
Scheme water is ok - use ¼ strength fertiliser
Phrags less tolerant of salts
Phrags like damp mix
¼ to 1/2 strength fertiliser
PH 6 to 6.5 Apply liquid fertiliser once week to fortnightly. Winter none at all.
Temp Air movement Humidity
Humidity about 70 per cent
Fogger: fan and evaporative cooler heating in winter
Phrags can develop malformed flowers in the heat
Keep eye for mealy bugs and mites
Watch out for fungal attacks in humid conditions



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