August 2017
Wanneroo/Joondalup Orchid Society

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Secretary - Lynne; Phone; 9448 5840 EMAIL

Treasurer - Charly; Phone; 9206 4589 EMAIL

Registrar - Chris; Phone; 9246 3189 EMAIL

Editor - Tony; Phone; 9342 3799 EMAIL

P.O. Box 236, Kingsway, WA 6065.


Please Note!!

Change of meeting venue & start time

Next Meeting

Will be held, Thursday August 17th, 7.30pm, at the St. Lukes School at Woodvale. This is on the corner of Whitfords Ave and Duffy Terrace, Woodvale. See map here
Visitors and New Members always welcome

Visitors and New Members always welcome.

Topic of the evening
Courtney Rogasch - Growing Cymbidiums

Membership Fees- Couple/family $40. Single $27. (Includes Badge)
Renewal - Couple/family $25. Single $20. Junior $7


Results of the June Popular Vote:

Floral Art - Orchids With Wood 1st Gillian

George Webber Memorial Trophy & Open:

Ctsm. Black Jedex x christianum Neil & Barbara

Popular Vote: Novice Section: Ryn. gigantea Charly

Wanneroo/Joondalup Orchid Society Calendar for
Please note that the time for set-up of displays between 8 & 9 am on the Thursday morning of the display. Plants can still be brought in after that time if it is more convenient.

August 20th Sausage Sizzle @ Bunnings Joondalup

September 2 - 3rd Winter Show; Aranmore College Hall

Sept 8 - 9 WJOS Northlands Show (No2) (Judging 7pm on 7th)

Oct 1st WJOS Workshop

Oct 7 - 8 NDOS Show St Patrick's 1st Ave Mt Lawley

Oct 20 - 21 WJOS North Beach Disp

Floral Arrangement

For August - A reflection of orchids
For September - Two of a kind



Don't Forget
The Bunnings Sausage Sizzle on the 20th August @ Bunnings Joondalup


Don't Forget

Our secretary has announced that she will be standing down at the October AGM. So please have a think about this position and if you could fill it. The Society cannot run without one.



Meeting Results July 2017

Novice Section
Laelinae Alliance

15a 1st C. percivaliana Gillian & Bernie

16d 1st Cym. Lucky Gloria 'Fukenami' John

20c 1st Onc. Pacific Sunrise 'Hakalau' John


21a 1st Rhy.gigantae Charly

Australian Native Epiphyte

22b 1st Den. Bellinger Valley x Issy Gem x speciosum John

2nd Den. Blue Water x Issy Delight John

3rd Den. Regal Gillieston 'One For All x Cobber 'Yibbidy Ya Ya' John


24b 1st Bulb. burfordiense Charly

3rd Bulb. makoyanum Charly


25b 1st Bulb. annandalei x frostii (Registered as Bulbo JM Guilloty) Charly


26 1st Phal. Unknown Don


WA Orchid Spectacular

Well, what a wonderful weekend we had at the WA Orchid Spectacular & Conference 2017. Many of us are still getting over the efforts that members put in to make the event the great success that it turned out to be.
I must admit we have learned so much from our previous efforts in 2005, 2008, the Australian Orchid Conference in 2012 and we are getting things right every time.

Some of our WJOS members were winners with Tony Bud and Tony W doing well in the Photographic Competition, with Tony B taking 1st in the Black & White section and also gaining some Highly Commended pictures, and Tony W 2nd in B & W and also 3rd in the Color section. One of Bruce's pictures was also mentioned in the Highly Commended section.

Charly & Gerda had the Champion Vandaceous in Show with their Rhychostylis gigantea which had two spikes of red and white flowers and looked superb.

Tony and Mavis's Phalaenopsis hieroglyphica was judges Champion Phalaenopsis in Show even though the flowers have been our for some months now.

Bruce took the Champion Australian Native in Show with his Dendrobium Aussie Starlight X Den. Aussie Victory.


But the best of all was the Grand Champion orchid being won by Kevin Butler of Ezi-Gro Orchids with Cymbidium Lemon Sorbet 'Dancer'. This had two magnificent inflorescences of yellow/green flowers with red markings.

And not to be outdone, Rod Halliday won the first prize in the raffle and wheeled his winnings home in the wheelbarrow.
A good WA Orchid Spectacular for WJOS members and a great reward for all the volunteers hard work

And 'hard work' it was too. Starting on the Thursday afternoon with Chris and Charly getting the equipment to the venue and up the car lift to the ballroom floor. Rosa, Tony and Sandy, Lynne, Gerda, John H, Denny and Margaret all falling over each other to set up the display, only to be back bright and early the next morning to put the orchids in the WJOS display.
Rod, John P and Clifton were on hand bright and early on Friday to assist in getting all the orchids in from the main hotel entrance, and were available all weekend manning the Lecture Room doors and Gillian was spotted in the sales area during the weekend.

A special thanks from me (as the Show Marshall) to both Chris (the Registrar) and Victor (Assistant Registrar) for all the great work they did getting all the orchid entries in order for the judges. It was a very difficult assignment for them as they were constantly interrupted by folk looking for something else. Thanks to them, the judging was completed without too much hassle, and the orchids headed in to the displays.

Much of the events success relied on the thoughtfulness of members who brought their orchids in for the show and displays. An enormous thanks to them all.
Mavis and Kaye helped man the Registration Desk all weekend and were there or thereabouts when stuff needed doing. And plenty of stuff got done.

All of the above were there, helping out with jobs that had to be done. And their efforts are a credit to the Wanneroo/Joondalup Orchid Society
It is always difficult to thank folks personally as I am sure that there will be some not mentioned. Please be assured that I have not left you out on purpose.

Finally, the event would not have happened without Bruce so a huge vote of thanks to him.


Bus Trips

Two bus trip during July were greatly appreciated by members. The first to Tropical Colours and Flora Plant, which was well and truly oversubscribed with about 40 odd people coming along despite a rainy day, many providing their own transport as the bus only had 23 seats, including the driver.

Just as well they did, as there was an abundant shortage of space on the drive home. Orchids in some strange places. Many were brought back in cars as they would not fit into the bus with a search at this end to figure out what plants belonged to whom. (Or vice versa) all seemed to turn out in the end with many happy owners of new orchids. A great day was had by all.

The trip to the shows presented by the Mandurah Orchid Club at Rockingham and South Eastern Orchid Society was less full to say the least with only a dozen or so aboard the bus. Low numbers can make hiring the bus a loss generating enterprise and we may have to reconsider the benefits to members of this trip in future.



The Report from the

Inter Society Display and Workshop
"Flowers, Fairytales & Fantasies"


A Note To Novice Growers
Please don't be afraid to bring along to the meetings, any orchids that you have in flower. Members will be more than willing to assist you in understanding how to improve your orchids. That is what the Society is all about. Our purpose is to help orchid growers, to help orchid growers
We are not there to ridicule or embarrass our newer members. Quite the opposite. We want to help you improve your orchids so that you can become better growers yourselves.


The Western Australian Regional Orchid Organisation has agreed to pay the $50 cost of all future AOC awards that are granted by the Orchid Judges Panel of WA. Our Society used to pay this but there were very few takers in recent years.

If you have an orchid that you think may be of award quality, talk to one of the judges in our Society. Tony W & Chris.


Meeting Results July 2017

Open Section

Laelinae Alliance

1a 1st L. veitchiana Bruce

1b 1st Lc. [Colorama x Drumbeat] 'Tainan Beauty' (Registered as C. Color Guard) Keith & Judy

2nd Rlc. Passion 'Peta' John

1d 1st Ctna. Capri x Caideck Gillian


2d 1st Cym. Cronulla 'The Khan' x Sarah Jean 'Trish' Keith & Judy

2nd Cym. Ruby Valley 'Clare' Keith & Judy

2e 1st Cym. Luck Gloria 'Fukunokami' Keith & Judy

2nd Cym. Joyce Strower Joan Keith & Judy

3rd Cym. Gene Siskell 'Topsey' Keith & Judy


3b 1st Paph. Leanum Tony & Sandy

3d 1st Paph. Dark Hollow Tony & Sandy

2nd Paph. Lovely Emerald 'Woodvale' Tony & Sandy


6b 2nd Onc. varicosum var. darwinii Rod

6c 1st Onc. Unknown Bruce

6d 1st Milt. Aztec 'Toni' Phil

2nd Onc. Wildcat 'Ocelot' Rod

Australian Native Native Terrestial

9a 1st Ptst. curta Neil & Barbara

Any Other Hybrid

11b 1st Ctsm. Black Jade x cristyanum Neil & Barbara
2nd Z. Advance Australia 'Black Knight'


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