Network Power Systems

Welcome to the home page for Network Power Systems. This page is under construction. For now, all it has are some links to services offered by my Internet Service Provider and a link to my last major contract for a power system installation in the jungles of Sabah, East Malaysia.

Recently added are pictures of various vehicle modifications such as:-

  • 1. Cooling system pressuriser - to purge air bubbles and improve cooling
  • 2. Tuned ignition leads - to match resistance/inductance regardless of length
  • 3. Differential fuel pressure to manifold gauge (hand-made) - to diagnose fuel pressure on boost
  • 4. Twin Tyres - 2 independent tyres per wheel, 125/85VR16 on front, 125/90VR16 on rears,
  • refer here For an editorial opinion on these

    YES ! WANTED more of these tyres:- 125/85VR16 or 125/90VR16 by "Avon (UK)", "Yokohama (Japan)", "Anno 200" or "Twin Tire" prefer new in any quantity but will consider used,

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  • Pictures of trip to Sabah, MALAYSIA - Installation of Remote Area Power System
  • Twin Tyres, Engine modifications, Differential pressure gauge etc
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