Europe 2007


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Es kommen noch weitere Einzelheiten.

When/Wann Where/Wo What/Was
2007-05-14 Perth Depart/Abflug 15:55
2007-05-15 Frankfurt am Main Arrive/Ankunft 06:30
2007-05-15 Lake Constance/Bodensee Visit relatives in Daisendorf
2007-05-18 Disentis
Visit friend.
2007-05-21 Rosshaupten Stay at Ferienhof Krissmer

Visit Neuschwanstein Castle

2007-05-24 Nürnberg Just passing through, seeing some of the old town and getting some Lebkuchen
2007-05-24 Halberstadt Visit family and explore ancestral stamping-grounds.
2007-05-30 Berlin Visit family.

Visit Berlin's new city centre; the Potsdamer Platz, the Botanic Gardens.
See Sanssouci and its Palace in nearby Potsdam

2007-06-04 Schlangen Visit family and friends in town and nearby.
2007-06-08 Herne Visit friends.
2007-06-12 Remagen Stay at one of Lydia Mund's holiday apartments.

See local sights like the Bridge at Remagen and the Caracciola monument.
Visit relatives nearby in Krefeld and the Nürburgring

2007-06-15 Grafing bei München Stay at Ludwig

Visit Munich including the Deutsches Museum (all sites around Munich), the Hofbräuhaus. Also see the Chiemsee (Lake) with friends.

2007-06-20 Neckarsulm Just passing through to see the Zweirad-Museum. (A collection of two-wheeled and DKW vehicles)
2007-06-20 Bad Camberg Stay at Barner for the VW Veteranen Treffen hosted by the Lottermann family.
2007-06-24 Frankfurt am Main Depart/Abflug 22:25
2007-06-25 Perth Arrive/Ankunft 23:50

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