Volkswagen Model Names

Volkswagen currently likes to name its passenger car model range after winds, or sexy-sounding names for wind. Marketing people pluck these things from obscurity so before you start bantering the names around, it might be a good idea to know what they mean.

I've found an excellent source for the names at Österreichische Gesellschaft für Zivilluftfahrt (Austrian Civil Aviation Association) which are all in German. Other sources are noted as appropriate.

If I haven't been able to find a defining reference yet, then it's marked with NDI. Please let me know if you find a definition.

Here are some of those names explained:
Named after the northern Polar wind. NDI
Derby NDI
Golf (From German) Gulf stream. A warm ocean current running along the Gulf of Mexico and the North American eastern coastline, running at around 35 degrees North latitude until it reaches the southern end of the English Channel. A branch of the current passes by the Iceland on the way to Spitzbergen.

It's attributed with moderating the climate in North and Western Europe and is the engine room for the establishment of low-pressure zones in the North Atlantic.

Scirocco This wind comes from a collision of cold and warm air streams over the desert, which blow to the north in the direction of Europe. The wind carries sand for some way across the Mediterranean resulting in reduced visibility. Arabs call this wind Ghibli, Chili or Chamsin. [Two of those names should be familiar to car buffs.]

The wind picks up moisture on its way to Europe where the Italians call it Scirocco.

Jetta The Jetstream. An upper-tropospheric band of winds in the sub-tropic to middle latitudes. Frequently used in aviation to gain significant ground speed.
Corrado The VW Corrado Club of Great Britain say it's Spanish for wind current or Jet Stream. Corrado is derived from the Spanish verb Correr, which means to Run or to Sprint.

The prototype however, was given the less impressive name of the Typhoon

Vento Italian for wind. Thanks to tberk AT mindspring DOT com
Bora The US Navy defines the Bora as either of two winds blowing from the area of the Balkans into the Adratic, Ionian and Aegean Seas. It also shows maps of the region.

Generally speaking, the Bora can be a nasty piece of work howling at up to gale force down from the mountains at speeds in excess of 100 mph. Flow to the Aegean is channelled through the Dardanelles.

Passat A significant trade wind (German). A constant, perennial wind in the sub-tropics on both sides of the equator. The wind reaches to an altitude of about 2km, above which forms an inversion leading to the formation of cumulus clouds. The Passat is part of a global circulation system, especially evident above the oceans.

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