Cemetery and Historical Records in the Manjimup District

Cemetery Records in the Manjimup District

In the following Cemetery pages there are links to pdf files that contain information about the burials in each cemetery in the Warren District of Western Australia. The information was compiled from the Manjimup Shire's cemetery records and includes age, death and burial dates when known. Information was added from headstones in the cemetery's which updated some of the Shire records.

Photographs are available of Headstones if required and I will be happy to provide a copy for a small fee. Information here
I would also be happy to accept corrections or additional information for my records.

Unfortunately I am unable to provide further research for anyone.

I can be contacted by Email to Judith

List of Manjimup Cemetery's:

The following links will take you to the Cemeteries and provide a brief history of them. At the bottom of these pages is the link to a "pdf file" that contains the cemetery information for that cemetery.
You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these files.

Historical Records in the Manjimup District

Manjimup District Rate Books

I have completed transcribing the Shire Rate books for the year 1937-38 (This year contains a lot of the Group Settlement information).

Timber Workers Memorial Board

I have transcribed the entries from the Timber Workers Memorial Board (which is located in the Timber Park in Manjimup). Photos would also be available of these plaques if required.

Western Australia Group Settlement Records

This page has the transcriptions of Group Settlement records from the National Archives. It covers all the Groups in Western Australia and provides a lot of information including shipping, numbers in family and group location.

Links that may be of interest

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