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15th November 1998
I have added two more Eeyore sounds, and a new sound for Rabbit.
Louisa Milne : )

As you can see, I have changed a little bit of the home page. I am trying to make it more user - friendly and easier to use. Coming soon: The Hunny Hunt. Click on Hunny Pots scattered around the site to find the Pooh password.
Louisa Milne : )

I have just added more sounds to Piglet's Sounds Page. I have also changed it's layout for a easier to read look.
Louisa Milne : )

I have just added a new banner to Kanga's Banners Page. If you do not like the designs from the other two banners, try this one. It looks quite different!
I have also added a new JavaScript game - The Search For Eeyore's Tail. You can get to it through Roo's Games Cupboard. Lastly, I have made a page containing downladable sounds. That's all for now, but in the near future I am putting up a page with my computer adoptions and a page with downloadable games that I made myself. Oh yes, and more Pooh-Libs. TTFN!
Louisa Milne : )


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