One day when Pooh was out walking, he heard a loud noise. He sat down, put his between his paws, and began to think.
"If there's a noise, somebody's making a noise, and the only reason that I know of for making a noise is because you're a . And the only reason for being a that I know of is making . And the only reason for making is so as I can eat it." So Winnie the Pooh went round to his friend , who lived behind a door in another part of the Forest.
"Good morning, ," he said.
"Good morning, Winnie the Pooh," said
"I wonder if you have such a thing as a about you?"
"A ?"
"What do you want a for?" said .
Winnie the Pooh looked round to see that nobody was listening, put his paw to his mouth and said in a loud whisper: " !"
"But you don't get with s!"
"I do," said Pooh.
Well it just so happens that had 2 s about, a blue one and a one. Pooh wanted the blue one, so blew it up for him, as big as big. Pooh walked to a muddy spot that he knew of, and rolled around in it so as to look like a .
When and Pooh Bear were underneath the tree, and were both holding onto the string of the , let go, and Pooh Bear floated up gracefully to the sky, and stayed there - level with the top of the tree but about 20 feet away from it. After a while, Pooh called down.
"!" he called.
"I think the s suspect something. If you would walk up and down with your , and say 'Tut - tut, it looks like ', they might stop suspecting."
Well laughed softly, " bear," and went home for the .
When came back, Pooh was getting , and very anxious to start the plan. So walked up and down and up and down, saying "Tut-tut, it looks like ," until Pooh Bear came to an Important Decision.

"These are the wrong sort of s!"