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H-h-h-hello! Welcome to my sounds page. If you find any sound you would like, just click on it to start downloading! I h-h-hope you enjoy them!

BeeThink, think, think.
BeeWell... from the moment the fluff got in my ear.
BeeI don't think so.
BeeGood morning, Christopher Robin!
BeeYou never can tell with bees.
BeeI'm rumbly in my tumbly... time for something sweet.
BeeOh stuff and fluff!
BeeYum, yum! Bears love honey and I am a Pooh Bear!
BeeNow would you aim me at the bees... please?
BeeLooks like another Tigger to me.
BeeI'm a little black rain cloud, of course.
BeeOh bother!

BeePiglet talks about Tresspassers William.
BeeOh dear. Oh d-d-d-d-dear, dear!
BeeI'm looking down, P-P-P-Pooh.


BeeOh, don't be ridickerous!
BeeTigger laughing.
BeeTigger purring.
BeeI've got better things to do than listen to this. I think I'll go and trim my toenails. No, better yet, I'll go and trim Pooh's toenails.
BeeT-I-Double G-ER!
BeeWhy, that's what Tiggers do the best!
BeeTigger, where are your manners? I don't know, but I bet they're having more fun than I am!

BeeI found it.
BeeIf you ask me, when a house looks like that it's time to find another one.
BeeIt's not much of a tail, but I'm sort of attached to it.


BeeTigger, where are your manners?

PoohPooh SongsPooh

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