The State Service Committee Memembers are:
Flame Ministries International - Disciples of Jesus Community - Holy Spirit of Freedom Community - CCR Parish Based Prayer Groups.

Located in the most isolated capital city in the world, the Charismatic Renewal in Perth, Western Australia, is a rich diversity of the charismatic lifestyle.

This ranges from parish based Prayer Groups, to various Covenant Communities, Communities and Organisations. Each have their own mission and charism that contributes to the spiritual life and renewal of the Church in Western Australia.

This diversity is expressed through, and brought together at the State Service Committee (SSC) level. This committee comprises representatives from: The Disciples Of Jesus Covenant Community, The Holy Spirit of Freedom Community, Flame Ministries International and the CCR Parish-Based Prayer Groups from around the State.

The State Service Committee under auspices of the Archbishop, exists as a "service" body rather than an "authoritative" body for the growth of the Charismatic Renewal in Western Australia. The Chairperson of the State Service Committee represents Western Australia on the National Service Committee (NSC).

If you want to attend a prayer meeting or find events, please contact:
The Chairman of Coordinators of the CCR Prayer Groups Mr Dan Hewitt below.

Some important events are coming up to share with members and friends.

Go to our Website: ccrperth.org
Dan Hewitt,
Chairman, C.C.R. Perth.
Email: Dan Hewitt: daniel.hewitt5@bigpond.com

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