By Eddie Russell FMI

CATHOLIC Evangelist and author Eddie Russell's extensive research, Biblical knowledge and personal experience, reaches into the very heart of faith's mystery and makes it clear for the reader to understand.

THE creation of Adam and the universe from sub-atomic dust brings this book into the forefront of Catholic answers to life in an age of science, shallow relativism and conspiracy theorists, and shows us that the revelation of Christ as taught from the Bible is clear to read in the order of the universe and the ordinary things of daily life.

"The Universe and Catholic Times newspapers UK have asked me to nominate my book of the year for their Christmas editions. I've nominated It's Faith Jim, But not as we know it." - James Hastings. Journalist.



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Faith: The evidence,
the realisation,
and the hope.

JESUS had told his disciples in Luke 17: 5-6 that even if their faith was only the size of a mustard seed, they could just tell a mulberry tree to be up-rooted and planted in the sea and it would obey them. Jesus offers no explanation and does not elaborate on this. In Matthew 17: 20-21, we see this again. Jesus is adamant about faith and chastises the disciple for the lack of it calling them a perverse generation after they failed to cast a

demon from a young boy, "If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

We have also seen from Hebrews 11:1 that it considers faith as the realisation of hope and evidence of things not seen. It is not surprising therefore that if no discernible effect is experienced after asking God to increase our faith we obviously need to believe without evidence, since faith is the very evidence of itself testifying to the substance of what we are hoping for when we ask for it.

To grasp an insight into this explanation we need to identify some keywords in this verse which are; realisation, hope and evidence. Evidence is present and seen and therefore, it is tangible. The Webster's Dictionary explains evidence as; "that which makes evident or provides a sign or indication of something; that which shows or establishes the truth or falsity of something; proof; testimony; law, that which is legally submitted to a competent tribunal as a means of ascertaining the truth of anything under investigation. In evidence; easily seen or noticed."

Let us now paraphrase Hebrews thus far and see what it says, 'Faith is the sign which shows forth and establishes the truth which is easily seen and noticed as proof.'

Faith therefore is its own evidence, and it is sufficient as the very proof of what we believe and what we are hoping for in order to see a desired result. Never the less, faith is not a blind force based on an empty hope; rather, faith is based on something totally reliable, unfading and secure. That security and certainty is simply, a promise.

Activated and owned in the now, a promise makes the future present to us. If we believe a promise then we have something to look forward to and something to live for. This is the substance of hope; it makes what is yet to come present to us and it makes sense of what Jesus meant when he said, "Be as though you have received."

The Christian virtue of hope is not a vain thing. Saint Paul tells us that hope is one of the three things that last, "Faith, hope and love." (1Corinthians 13:13) Unlike a worldly concept, Christian hope is to have our minds filled with a confident expectation of everything that is good and it is especially, although not specifically, directly associated with God's promise of salvation; it is reliable because God is faithful to his promise.

Ephesians 6:17, says that hope is a "helmet of salvation." It is interesting to note that Saint Paul places salvation on the head as a protective helmet. This is because our mind is the battleground that Satan attacks. In Eden, the serpent does not so much cause Adam and Eve to hate God, but by his subtle distortions of what God had said, he causes them to forget about God. By focusing their attention on the forbidden tree until it begins to look good does this very effectively and he still works this way today.

Distracted by the serpent's distorted argument, Adam and Eve lost faith in what God had said to them. The result was the fall and fear was the consequence; they had now put their faith in what the serpent had said and that resulted in fear and death. Fear is the opposite of faith and death is the consequence of losing hope. The virtue of Christian hope therefore, is to fill our mind with a confident expectation of everything that is good concerning what God has said regarding our salvation and wellbeing.

What we believe is what we put our faith in, and what we put our faith in determines the result; this is an activity of the mind and the subsequent free-will choices that we make. It is the liberation of the mind that sets us free to act rightly and therefore people, holy angels and evil angels can also present ideas and images to our minds and what we choose to entertain in our thoughts inevitably becomes an action in our lives.

The hope of our salvation is available immediately on acceptance of Jesus by faith according to what we hear, and it guarantees the future fulfilment through his promises received in the present. (Romans 10:17) In Ephesians, 6:17 Saint Paul says that the helmet is the hope of our salvation.

In other words, it is an attitude of mind in confident expectation of everything good coming to us as God has promised. This gives us peace of mind. The helmet protects the head so that the hope we entertain is safe from doubt and fear. Saint Paul also tells us that the battleground is the human mind and that we bring every thought captive in obedience with Christ. (2Corinthians 3-5, 2Corinthians 10:3-6, Ephesians 3:23.)

Catholic Author & Evangelist - Eddie Russell FMI
Author - Eddie Russell FMI

Published by Flame Ministries International - ISBN 0-646-44975-3. (C) Copyright Eddie Russell FMI.
All Rights Reserved.

Imprimatur: +Archbishop Barry J Hickey DD, OAM
Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, Western Australia.
Nihil Obstat: Rev Fr Brian G O'Loughlin JCD, PhD, Vicar General,
Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, Western Australia.

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New Zealand Catholic Newspaper by Fr John Rea, SM.

The attention-grabbing title grabbed me more when I realised it derives from the original Star Trek TV series. The author immediately takes us boldly where no Catholic writer, as far as I know, has gone before by inviting us to see God's work of salvation written in the zodiac. What he writes has nothing to do with astrology or horoscopes. Readers can judge how valid his claim is that the way we are saved is depicted in the stars. ...

On raising the dead, a letter from Fr John Rea SM said, "I've heard from a lady who had just read the chapter in which he describes raising the dead nun to life when she herself had to deal with someone who was apparently dead. She drew faith from Eddie's book and the young woman came back to life."

"It's Faith Jim, is on a par with C.S. Lewis 'Mere Christianity'."
James Hastings - Catholic Times, United Kingdom


"I was exhausted and thrilled after reading the two chapters you emailed. What a story of grace and triumph over the enemy. To go from that life you led to what Flame is doing worldwide now is miraculous. - It's Faith Jim, is on a par with CS Lewis' Mere Christianity."

James Hastings - Christian Journalist, Glasgow, Scotland.

"I have read your book on the nature of light and also on the Logos/Rhema acting on creation. They are extremely clear. I know that God speaks to us through His creation and in a sense His creation is a kind of parable.

How light works as described by you is a very telling metaphor of how the Light of Christ operates through us as we can reflect Christ to the glory of God and also how it acts in creation through the Word. You also demonstrate this through Scripture and the Gospel.

Your insights are that of a true teacher of the truth. Your book inspires us to see more clearly why we believe and how faith works and it supports our faith as we are led to understand God who speaks to us in his creation and in his Word and the effect of his Word in action."

Kay Ford - Perth, Western Australia.

"Some people may think that Christians are not with the times, but your book showed me how Christianity is relevant and can combat any fluffy promises posed by the New-Age."

Your book definitely increased my faith-level because I realized how much bigger God is than I dared to imagine, especially when reading about the Mazzaroth; It brought time closer together for me with the beginning of the world and the earthly end painted in the sky, rather than this seemingly endless world; It helped me connect in my mind the up there in heaven to down here on earth showing me that God really does love us and wants to make it easy for us to see the truth. - I also loved the notion that the Mazzaroth was placed so that only we on earth alone could see it.

The book also reinforced the teachings of Christ, that we need to claim His promises through faith; We cannot sit back and wait, we need to have faith and take action to make things work in our lives through Jesus.

It inspired me mainly because I saw how creative God really is, and that makes Him so ‘cool’ in this age. I am surrounded by new-age stuff wherever I go, and I am proud to say that my God is bigger and real compared to that phoney stuff and it highlights that there is a good and evil force and without recognizing the evil, God becomes watered down and irrelevant.

The Mazzaroth was a great teaching because it is so relevant, and I have never heard about that before- I wish everyone knew the original author of the star constellations - God himself and not the ‘New Idea’ and the zodiac.

Another great understanding gained was about how man was actually created through (cosmic) dust, God’s word and spirit breathed into us. It gave a greater meaning to creation of Adam and Eve.

The overall message I received from the book is that God is so big and awesome and yet gentle and caring.

I recommend it to others and I will be buying a couple of more copies as Christmas presents. Thank you for your insights - They are amazing.

Julie Bevan, Perth, Western Australia.


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