We are a vibrant Catholic Pentecostal Youth Ministry forming one of several outreaches of Flame Ministries International of the Archdiocese of Perth, Western Australia, that meets weekly for praise, worship, bible teaching, outreach and fellowship.

We gather at the Legion of Mary's Edel Quinn Centre,Windsor St, East Perth each Thursday 7.45pm.

Our vision
is Youth Reaching Youth for Jesus within Flame Ministries International to fulfill the 1989 "Set My People On Fire"
Prophecy, and relate to the local Church wherever, or in whichever country we function as well as a service through the love of Christ to the wider community.

Our mission is reaching out to young people who do not know Jesus that they may know him as Lord and Savior, experience the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and a full life within the Church. We also reach out to committed and lapsed Catholics that they may find a deeper relationship with Jesus, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and a fuller participation in the life of the Church.

Our goals are to form, develop and train leaders for the ongoing development of Flame Youth Ministries and the local Church. To serve in missions to parishes, schools, colleges, universities and youth organizations, and to present a Gospel lifestyle for young people lived to the full in the midst of their daily life.