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Eddie Russell FMI
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Merry Christmas
Flame Ministries International.

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A Dangerous Journey Began
With no 'Roo Bars: Kangaroos killed.

Flame Youth at St. Cecilia's:
Students Surprise Confession - Priest Impressed...

Flame Youth in Detention Centre:
Refugee Prisoners freed...

South Hedland & Karratha:
Priest finds new faith and courage...

Port Hedland Revival Rally 2000.

Winnie the Pooh's Testimony

Flame Jubilee 2000 Congress Speakers & Programme.

A message from the editor.

From the editor's desk.
Welcome to our new subscribers. I hope you will enjoy what we have to share in this issue of the Flame Revival News Online. It will be the last edition until after Christmas so I would like to wish you all a Very Happy & Holy Christmas from all of us here at FMI. Our prayer for you is that your Christmas will be filled with joy and bring great blessings for you and your families.

The major event in this issue will be the Revival Mission to Port Hedland, a Mining Town in the far North of Western Australia about 1700 KM north of Perth. When one experiences the success of a mission like this it is almost impossible to translate the reality into words. The Port Hedland Jubilee Revival Mission was no exception. There are testimonies and stories yet to come in, but in the meanwhile I hope you enjoy what you read here: God has visited His people and they have been touched and blessed. There has been so much happening since our last issue, and so many blessings to share that it will be difficult to cover everything in these pages. I hope you enjoy what there is here so far.

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Port Hedland Revival Mission 2000
A long journey in small bus and no "Roo-Bars".
The 1700 km journey from Perth to Port Hedland took 26 arduous hours by road.

The bus leaves Perth.
Note: No Roo-Bars.
It was too late to change the vehicle. Another was not available and waiting would have meant arriving too late at Port Hedland the next day.

The drivers eye-view of the road ahead in the Gascoyne Region. Rainbows appear just before sunset; the feeding time for wild Kangaroos. Most Australian Out-Back roads are one straight line like this one stretching for hundreds of kilometers.

A Road Train fitted with Roo-Bars.

The bus was smaller than we thought it would be so it was a very tiring trip. In addition, the bus didn't have Roo-Bars as we had ordered. With no other vehicle available that morning we had no choice but to accept this one. Waiting for another with bars to become available would mean arriving too late for the Friday Rally the next day. Consequently this made it a very dangerous journey indeed.

A transfixed 'Roo.

For the benefit of our oversees visitors: What's a 'Roo-Bar?
"Roo-Bars" are thick metal tubular bars attached to the chassis protecting the front of a vehicle. They prevent serious damage if the vehicle hits a Kangaroo, Cow or Sheep.

Because Kangaroos are nocturnal animals, they feed at night. Seeing the headlights from a distance they hurry to meet them. Once on the road they become transfixed by the beam. A vehicle traveling around 110+ km per hour cannot always stop in time to miss them.

Not only is it near impossible to avoid them, but the impact of a large animal like this at such speeds can cause serious damage and even death for the driver and passengers without the Roo-Bars being fitted.

Unfortunately we did strike and kill a Kangaroo during the night on the way there. But thanks to the excellent driving skills of Eileen (our Sound Engineers wife) no one was hurt. There was minor damage to the bus and the Bus Hire Company gave us $500+ bill for repairs when we returned home.

We arrived in Port Hedland extremely tired but safe at 7.30am the following day. We attended Mass at 8am and Frank, Linda and Damien arrived by air shortly afterwards. We then organized the accommodation for the eighteen member team and the music crew went to set up the sound gear at the Civic Centre ready for the evening Rally. The impressive part is that the sound crew and music ministry had no rest until after this work was over. Other than a shower etc, neither did the rest.

Eddie preaches at the Friday Rally, "...Jesus is, The Jubilee!"

"Blow the Trumpets in Zion..."
The Altar-Call brought many to conversion and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.


The Friday Evening Jubilee 2000 Revival Rally:
"When the Son sets you Free, You are Free indeed".

he first event on the day of arrival was an Interdenominational Jubilee Revival Rally at the Port Hedland Civic Centre. Although this did not attract large crowds by Perth standards, there were people from a cross section of the Christian community such as Catholic, Assemblies of God and Baptists.

Eddie preached the message which brought the congregation to a joy-filled experience of an Israelite Jubilee which then flowed into a Christian Jubilee similar to what the disciples would have experienced at the first Pentecost.

During this time people experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, healing and renewed faith. Others received Jesus for the first time and others came to know Him in a new and personal way. One of the priests who admitted that he was fearful, had lost his faith and courage, asked Eddie for prayer. Shortly after touching his forehead he fell to the floor and rested there for some time.

The following day Eddie asked how he was. He said he had awakened that morning feeling good about himself for the first time in many years. “I’ve got my faith back! I have no fear and I am full of courage!”, he said with a beaming smile. He also added, with a smile, that he was looking forward to Flame leaving Port Hedland now so that he could get back into his work with his new-found enthusiasm :-)

Two Port Hedland Parishes experience Revival
and Parish Renewal.

Frank makes a dramatic point during one of his session as the afternoon light adds to the effect.

Visitors from Karratha along with the South Hedland parishioners listen intently as Eddie preaches one of his sessions at the South Hedland Parish Day of Renewal.

The FMI team pray with Fr. Bob Pocock and Karratha visitors for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and healing before they left to go home.

Steve joins in with Linda, Patrick & Damien to provide the music for the praise sessions.


Flame One at the South Hedland Parish: Karratha parishioners join in.
Around twenty people, including Sr. Kath and Vicar General and Diocesan Administrator, Fr. Bob Pocock, traveled around 250 km by bus from Karratha and joined in with the South Hedland parishioners for a day to remember.

ue to the problem of Kangaroos on the road and the arrival time back home, the Karratha parishioners had to leave before the final session on the Saturday evening. To accommodate Sr. Kath’s request for prayer ministry before they left, the programme schedule was adjusted to suit their needs and an altar-call was issued for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and healing. The response was immediate and enthusiastic.

Within a short time, as the FMI music ministry played, people began to receive tangible blessings from Our Lord. There were tears of joy and release. This was so even amongst the young people as they all began to experience the love of Christ. For many it was most likely the first time they had known this love in such a powerful and personal way.

One lady in particular, who seemed to be bewildered by the experience of this powerful love of God was completely overwhelmed. She began to cry loudly, repeatedly saying that she had been bad all her life and didn’t deserve this experience of God’s love for her. After some reassurance and a little counsel, she accepted the love that God had for her. Tears then turned to joy as she experienced the freedom that only Jesus can give after so many years of self condemnation. She then began to praise God in true happiness with the Gift of Tongues.

We don’t know what conversations ensued amongst them on their journey home. However, from what we could see and hear as the bus departed, they were all bubbling with joy, and their happiness was apparent for all to see. At the end of the day it was clear that all who attended had been deeply touched by the teachings and prayer ministry they had received throughout the sessions.

A very happy Fr. Neil poses with FMI Senior Directors at the end of Flame One at the South Hedland parish.

Left to right:

Frank Tassone, Fr. Neil Shanks, Eddie Russell, Steve Peake.

Flame One Parish Day of Renewal: Port Hedland Parish.
Local Pentecostal Christians also enjoy Flame One.

It was refreshing and encouraging to see such a wide span of age groups at the missions.

Frank teaches during a session at Flame One Port Hedland.

Fr. Walter and parishioners enjoy the sense of humor during a session at Port Hedland.

The response to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Tongues was wonderful. Everyone came forward and the Flame prayer teams moved amongst the people praying with those who couldn't get to the front.

Christians from other denominations joined Catholic parishioners for the last session on Evangelisation at the Port Hedland Flame One. Most notably was the wife of the AOG Pastor with members of their congregation who enjoyed the sessions immensely. Prior to attending a session, one Pentecostal gentleman asked Eddie what the Pope thought about the Charismatic Gifts? He was surprised to discover that not only did the Pope approve, but encouraged it.

He was further surprised to discover there were around 90 million Catholics who have experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit over the past 30 years. This news began to foster a sense of brotherhood as he grew more enthusiastic to attend the sessions. Talking to the Pastor’s wife later it was encouraging to hear the positive comments that were made about the quality of the teachings and ministry.

One Highlight amongst so many was regarding one man and his young son.
After struggling to accept the Gift of Tongues he finally yielded to the Holy Spirit and received the Gift. Later he commented, “I don’t know what my son will think about this if he finds out.” Asked if he thought it would make him look weak in his son’s eyes, he admitted that he was concerned. He was then assured that young people today are looking for strong men who could stand firm in their convictions without compromise even if the world thought they were weak. He was also assured that if he did this, his son would respect him rather than reject him. However, unbeknown to him, at that very time, his young son, who had resisted attending previously, was also receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and began to use the Gift of Tongues himself.

We were particularly impressed with the amount of young people that attended the whole day. This was very encouraging considering the pressures to keep them away from church these days.

Duel parish vision is formed and new groups meet.
During the final session at Port Hedland Eddie, inspired by the Holy Spirit, asked, “What would happen if the South Hedland parish and the Port Hedland parish came together for joint ventures? What could take place in the region if they came together united in a common vision for evangelisation?” As he spoke, the idea seemed to catch on as people, including Fr. Wally, nodded pensively. Since that time fifteen people have been meeting each fortnight for praise and follow-up to foster the blessings received during the mission. Father Wally says they have decided to keep in touch with Flame Ministries who will assist them to sustain what this mission has begun. With God’s Grace and a little help from their friends, all things are possible.

Flame Youth at St. Cecilia's Catholic College brings students to repentance:
Priest Impressed with Confessions.
"The Monday morning sessions at St. Cecilia's Middle School eventuated as a preparation for the end of term celebration of the sacrament of Reconciliation, with more expressions of conversion and openness to the Spirit shown in the sacramental celebration". Fr. Walter McNamara, Port Hedland Parish.

Patrick leads the class as Linda gives directions to a student.

During a drama called "Compassion" Frank (Jesus) blows a horn whilst Damien and Linda play the roles of 'oppressor and oppressed".

Frank and Patrick Rapp-on about Jesus and what he can do.

Whilst Jacob was visiting the some Catholic Iraqi families in the Port Hedland Detention Centre just over the road (Jacob speaks fluent Arabic), the Flame Youth Team were presenting the Gospel to the students at St. Cecilia’s College. The first grade in were the Year 10’s who seemed to wear unbelieving looks on their faces as the session unfolded in front of them. At first unsure if it was really OK to laugh and participate, they soon began to enjoy the fun, frivolity and a serious message about the love that Christ has for them. After all, this wasn’t like the R.E classes they were used to. Leaving the room rather stunned, we wondered if we had made any impact on them?

Frank offers some gentle persuasion in helping a student to participate.

The participation hots up.

The rest get the idea. After all this is less embarrassing than being dragged up front like the others.

Joy is birthed in a hard place. When all seems dark and gloomy, it takes faith to see it there with you until your freedom comes. Even though Paul and Silas were imprisoned, it did not bind up their spirits.

Other classes followed. The younger they were, the freer they were to participate. As the morning wore on the atmosphere grew stronger and the campus felt good. There was a sense of quiet joy and excitement which only enhanced the the already great atmosphere that pervaded St. Cecilia's when we arrived.

Wondering if we had made any impact at all on the year 10’s our fears were put to rest the following day.
After the School Reconciliation for the end of term, Fr. Wally related his impressions about the effects of the FMI Youth on the Year 10 students. “It was the best Confessions we have ever had. They were deep, profound and sincere. They answered their faith from depth”. Father Wally also said that it was a profound experience for him too. Faith of course is the evidence of what is not seen and the substance of what is hoped for. We had hoped for as much, and with this report our faith had been rewarded.

Flame Youth minister to Refugee families in the Port Hedland Detention Centre.
After being at the college in the morning the Flame Youth visited the Port Hedland Detention Centre to minister to around thirty Catholic refugees including nine from Iraq. Some had apparently been there for a long time and feared returning home due to persecution and possibly the death of their families.

For some detainees it all seemed hopeless, but they welcomed this visit like older children would seeing their very first Christmas present.
The youth presented a drama about the compassion of Christ and Frank, with the help of an interpreter, spoke on Acts 16: 25-34. Because Paul and Silas spent their time praising God until their release from prison, Frank encouraged them to praise God in their predicament too. "Even though your bodies are imprisoned, no-one can imprison you mind, your heart and your spirit. In these areas you are free and you can show that freedom in your praise as did Paul and Silas". Frank told them.

Without hesitation they responded enthusiastically.
To see their faces as they held on to their Rosaries and Crucifixes as though to the Lord Himself, made tears fill our hearts. They were so full of love and appreciation that we could not hold it to ourselves without giving them our all.” Frank said.

SMPOF Prays and prisoners are released.
ater that week the delegates at the Como SMPOF back in Perth during Kaye's session on Intercessory Prayer, prayed for compassion regarding their situation. Two days later all nine Catholic Iraqi’s were granted Refugee Status and released.
These unfortunate people and their families also received their “Jubilee.”
This was indeed a fitting end to a Mission which was all about God’s promise of life, hope and freedom for everyone who will believe and accept it from Him in faith.

"When the Son set you Free, You are Free indeed."

The journey home also had its hazards.
We didn't hit any more Kangaroos but we did blow a tyre and run out of petrol - Follow the pics.

Mountains of salt pile up in the distance at Port Hedland.

Highly debatable points of theology were discussed at the BBQ on the last night.

Frank celebrates his birthday with a surprise cake on the last night. Team member Christopher Peake seems to want to keep the flame burning though.

FMI Sound Engineer and driver, Frank Van scratches his head in amazement. The stress from the heat and the road stripped a tyre from the wheel of the trailer in the middle of nowhere.

Mission Coordinator, Linda Furey demonstrates how far nowhere is from somewhere: Somewhere is nowhere to be seen.

Winnie the Pooh's Testimony:
A letter from 12 year old Natalie Garvie, who was nick-named "Winnie the Pooh" by Linda and Patrick.

"The best thing that happened to me was meeting Flame Ministries International. It's the best thing that happened because they are great and all ages will enjoy them. Flame Ministries International's motto is "feeding the poor in spirit". My friend Rosalinda C. and I have become so close to Flame it's not funny! We keep in contact by phone calls and writing letters.

When we asked for Flame to come up, we asked for four. But when they arrived, there were eighteen! They have T-shirts saying their motto. Linda played a big part in my life and so did Patrick. Rosalinda will be visiting Linda next week for four weeks. My family will be visiting Linda in December. Flame has completely change my life around. They have opened up my soul and brought God closer to me than ever.

I'll be joining flame when I'm older. One reason is because I love God. another is because I promised Linda and another is because I get to travel.

By Natalie Jarvie.
(Flame call me 'Winnie the Pooh')
November 24th 1999.

As the sun set in the west, Flame were well south.

A few hours later we ran out of fuel many klm's away from the nearest petrol station.

We had not seen any traffic other than one Road Train in over two hours. Amazingly, five minutes after we grinded to a halt in a very black nowhere, a car pulled up. The aboriginal occupants turned round and drove Frank, back in the direction they had just come from to get some fuel. An hour later we were on our way again and arrived home tired but safe and sound.

The Day of Jubilee: Luke 4: 18-21.
"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring glad tidings to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, and to proclaim a year (Jubilee) acceptable to the Lord." (NAB para)

Rolling up the scroll, he handed it back to the attendant and sat down, and the eyes of all in the synagogue looked intently at him. He said to them,
"Today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing."

Jubilee 2000
Archdiocese of Perth
Western Australia.

10th Annual Flame Congress
January 21st to January 25th 2000.
John XXIII College. John 23rd Avenue, Mt. Claremont.

"When the Son sets you free,
You are free indeed."

This Congress is about healing and freedom.
It is about experiencing the Jubilee Promise for ourselves in every area of our lives: Body, soul, spirit and temporal. Jesus came that we might have life and have that life more abundantly. At this Congress you can come to know the freedom that only God can give through His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, who is, “The Great Jubilee.”

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring glad tidings to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free and to proclaim a year of Jubilee.” After saying this Jesus sat down. The eyes of all in the synagogue were fixed upon him. He said to them, “Today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.”

What an amazing statement! The impact of these words of Jesus on the hearers in the synagogue on that Sabbath Day two thousand years ago in Nazareth, echoes through the centuries to us today. We too, can either accept or reject what he said, but we cannot ignore it. It is either fulfilled, or it is not! What we accept or reject regarding what Jesus has said, will determine our quality of life from this moment onwards.”

(from the book, 12 Steps to Divine Healing by Eddie Russell FMI)

The Complete Programme:
Five Evening Rallies.
Open to the public.
Jan 21 FRIDAY EVENING 7.30pm.
Jesus is, The Jubilee.
Eddie Russell FMI.
When the Son Sets You Free, You are Free indeed.
Rev. Russell Sage.
Jan 23 SUNDAY EVENING 7.30pm.
The Great Jubilee and what is means for today.
His Grace, Archbishop Hickey.
Jan 24 MONDAY EVENING 7.30pm.
Igniting the Moment: Revival in 2000 & Onwards.
Freddy Gomez (YPM Singapore).
Jan 25 TUESDAY EVENING 7.30pm.
The Spirit of the Lord is Upon, You.
Frank Tassone FMI.
The Daytime Workshops Saturday & Sunday.
Registered Delegates Only.
Saturday January 22.

Session 1 @ 9am:
Getting Free in the Power of Prayer - Kaye Rollings FMI.

Session 2 @ 11.30am:
Getting Free from Emotional Baggage - Steve Peake FMI.

Session 3 @ 2.15pm:
Freedom through the Messiah Anointing - Rev. Russell Sage.

Session 4 @ 4.30pm:
Make the Change, Break the Chains - Frank Tassone FMI.
Sunday January 23.

Mass - 10.30am.

Session 5 @ 1.30pm.
Running the Race Towards the New Millennium - Freddy Gomez (YPM Singapore).

Session 6 @ 3.45pm.
Healing and the Divine Will - Eddie Russell FMI

The Speakers:

Is the Key Speaker at this Congress. He has preached the main message at FMI Congresses with power and inspiration for the past seven years. His message at this Jubilee Congress will be important for you in this Great Jubilee Year 2000AD.

Is our Special Guest Key Speaker. He is a renowned preacher who has ministered throughout, Asia, Europe & USA. Well known for his successful “School of the Spirit” he has brought spiritual growth in Christ to people in several countries. He has preached at these Congresses many times including the first one in 1990.

s a Special Guest Speaker at this Congress. He is theYouth Leader of YPM Singapore doing his Masters in Theology & Christian Ministry, Franciscan University, Stubenville. He has a dynamic approach to the Gospel message coming from a deep understanding of the needs of young people in these uncertain times.

Is an experienced Catholic Evangelist, author and preacher who has ministered in Australia, England & Singapore. He is in full time ministry and also the leader of St. Mary’s Cathedral (CCR) Praise Meeting in Perth and the Founding Senior Director of FMI.

Is an experienced Catholic Evangelist, author and Youth Leader who has preached in Malaysia, Singapore, England & Australia. He is the Worship Leader for the Flame Music Ministry, Leader of the Flame Youth Ministry (FYM) and a Senior Director of FMI.

Is a Catholic Evangelist, author and full time Christian Counselor. He has a vocation to assist healing in relationships that are founded purely on Christian values of family life and love. Steve is also a Senior Director of FMI.

Kaye is the Moderator for the Flame Intercessors Group. She is an experienced Intercessor who has taught Flame Intercessory Schools in England, Singapore and Australia.

The Evening Rallies are Free and do not require Registration
A Love Offering will be received each evening.
However, you will need to Register for the Daytime Workshops.
All Sessions Saturday and Sunday $50 AUD pp. - Saturday Sessions $40 AUD pp. - Sunday Sessions $20 AUD pp. - Single Sessions $10 AUD each pp.

Write to: Flame Ministeries International
PO BOX 8133. Subiaco East
Perth, Western Australia 6008

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