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Eddie Russell FMI
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Jubilee Year 2000

Pearls of Wisdom

"If your prayer life is only meditation, it is like being married but only thinking about your spouse."
Eddie Russell FMI
"It is true that the poor can help the poor, but only a man with bread can feed the hungry."
Eddie Russell FMI

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Contents: Jubilee 2000

Notes from the Editor's Desk

Opening Rally: Ram's Horn Sets the Pace for the Congress.

The Lame walk, deaf hear, hearts mended: Congress Testimonies

You must win the world back: Archbishop Hickey

Rev. Russell Sage: When Jesus was in the house it had such power...

Freddy Gomez & His Spiritual Baton, Igniting the moment

Patrick's CD First Track Debut

Frank, Kaye & Steve's Sessions

Overseas & Interstate Missions for 2000AD

Five Priests do SMPOF in South Dakota USA

Revival Missions: Perenjori & Northampton

Flame YouthNews: Mass & Move to New Venue

From the Editor's Desk.

WELCOME to our new Subscribers.

Phew! Finally I have this page up and running! Late, but great I hope.

My apologies to those who have been waiting for so long. However, I hope you think it was worth the wait as you read on. Even though this edition is technically for November/December, I am including January since we have now concluded our 10th Annual Flame Congress.

In addition I have also included some current news rather than being too *calandrically technical (*a new word I've just invented for this edition) and keeping you waiting for the exact period of publication. (I'll worry about how I will sort out the newsmenu index later).

Frankly, so much happened during those five days of the Congress that I would need to write a magazine size edition to cover it all. The speakers and the subjects were just fantastic and due to their fidelity and faith this Congress was a "Real Jubilee Experience" for everyone.

So grab a Cuppa, settle in and, ENJOY!

God bless,

Eddie Russell FMI


When the Son Sets You Free, You are Free Indeed."
The vision for this 10th Annual Jubilee 2000AD Congress was that the delegates would actually experience the Grace of the Jubilee in their lives personally. God honored that vision as the Congress unfolded over five days of inspired preaching and ministry.

Eddie blows a real Ram's Horn proclaiming the Jubilee during his opening Rally at the Congress.

The whole auditorium erupts chanting JUBILEE! JUBILEE! JUBILEE! at the sound of the Ram's Horn and then bursting into spontaneous praise!

Frank rejoices in a Pentecost Jubilee Praise as the whole congress joins in chanting once more, Jubilee! Jubilee! And again bursting into spontaneous powerful and sustained praise.

"Jesus is, The JUBILEE!"

The opening Rally: Jesus is, the Jubilee!

A Yobel trumpet-blast sets the pace for the whole Congress!

During his opening message Eddie told a packed auditorium that Jesus had declared that the prophecy of Isaiah 61:1-3 was fulfilled in Nazareth 2000 years ago when he revealed the Day of Jubilee in Luke 4:18-21 saying, “Today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.”

ddie pointed out that they, of all people, should have known what it meant and rejoiced. However, rather than rejoicing, the people tried to kill him.

Leading the delegates back to the Old Testament Jubilee in Leviticus 25, they were asked to imagine the scene leading up to the trumpet-blast after fifty years of bondage, slavery and debt.

Taking it step by step from the 49th year, then to the 7th month and to the 10th day and then, to the very moment of the sound of Yobel, the congregation began to participate in the anticipation and joy that must have been experienced by the whole nation of Israel at that time.

As Eddie described the trumpeter moving slowly up the mountain-side, the music ministry began to build towards a powerful crescendo.

At the apex Eddie blew a Ram’s Horn as the people began to chant, Jubilee! Jubilee! Jubilee! The full music ministry then burst into a resounding version of “Blow the Trumpets in Zion” and then into spontaneous, vibrant praise.

Afterwards, Eddie told them, “You’ve just experienced an Israelite Jubilee! But what about a Christian one!”

He then began to take them through the life of Jesus. Through the crucifixion, death, resurrection and the ascension right up to Pentecost; describing the scene on that 50th day after the resurrection.

At this point the music ministry began another resounding crescendo.

his time it also included a powerful sound of wind as the congregation heard that the Hebrew word for 50th is, Pentecost!

“On this day", Eddie said, The trumpet blast was not that of a man’s breath passing through a (dead) ram’s horn, but the Breath of the Word of God blowing through the mouth of his Son; the living Lamb of God declaring freedom and liberation to all!”

ddie went on to say, “The sign that the Day of Jubilee is in place, is that the Church was established! The sign that the Jubilee Day is over is when the Church is taken up from the earth when Christ returns again in Glory!

The Jubilee is no longer a period of time!”
Eddie declared, “But a person! Jesus is, The Jubilee!”

s the congregation stood once more chanting “Jubilee! Jubilee!” and rejoicing again in powerful, vibrant praise, Pentecost seemed to be manifest in the auditorium. This set the pace for the entire Congress over the next few days.

"You must win the world back for Christ" Archbishop Hickey.
Archbishop Hickey challenged the growing tendency in society towards a religion of self and individualism. “The empty-life spirit we see around us now is the work of Lucifer, the father of lies, because it is an attack on the order of God.” He said.

Archbishop Hickey gives the key address at the Sunday Evening Rally: A Message to the whole Church.

His message also covered several important areas for today’s Catholics which included concerns with modern theologies which placed too much emphasis on the historical Jesus at the expense of knowing the Risen Lord. “The risen Lord is the one who accompanies us through life and talks to us now.” He said.

Participants pray for Archbishop Hickey in support of his ministry after his session.

The Archbishop spoke of the modern trend towards individualism permeating the whole of society, morally, politically, economically and socially.

But he pointed out that although it had caused a lot of damage and had usurped the authority of God, it would not succeed in the long term as individualism could not win.

10th Anniversary "Set My People On Fire" Graduates receive Jubilee 2000 certificates.
Archbishop Hickey presented Certificates of Completion to those who had registered for the SMPOF seminars during 1999. This seminar has been run successfully in Australia and England since it began in 1990 and has proven its worth and value over the test of time.

"When the Son Sets You Free, You are Free Indeed." Rev. Russell Sage.
t was a blessing for us to have Rev. Sage preaching again at this Jubilee Congress after a few years absence. Russell had preached our first Congress in 1990 and was our special guest for several years, so it was good to share in ministry with him again.

"When Jesus was in the house, it had such power, such an anointing in it, that it changed people's lives. And that's what this congress is all about: It's about setting people free!"
Rev. Russell declared in his opening address.

The anointing on his life and ministry empowered by his love of God in his preaching was infectious.

Crowds surge forward as Russell issues the call for salvation, healing and freedom.

Rev. Sage moves amongst the crowd to make a point during a workshop on "Freedom in the Messiah Anointing".

As Rev. Sage expressed God's idea of freedom he pointed out that many people who look the same, act the same, dress the same, speak the same will tell you that they are free, but they are not. They are bound up in the conformity of their group identities and take on a persona that can be identified by similar groups anywhere around the world.

Russell explained that when you come to Jesus he sets you free from the enslavement of group pressures and the sameness that makes us mediocre. He pointed out that God had made us free by creating us in his own image and likeness, that we should be like him and not conform to the world.

"What is truth?" Russell asked. "Is it the truth you read in the Sunday Times tomorrow morning? The truth you read in your Time Magazine or your Bulletin, or what you've heard on TV or the Radio? That kind of truth? No! What kind of truth?" Russell said. "You'll know the truth, and that truth will set you free! What is free?" Russell continued. "It means to be under no compulsion or restraint. No enslavement or bondage. No obstruction, to be unchained and loose. It is to set at liberty! This is what Jesus came to give". He said.

This session flowing from his workshop on the "Messiah anointing" earlier in the day and built on the overall Jubilee message with force as Russell showed that enslavement was often passed on through generation to generation. Pointing out that many addictions such as alcohol, drugs and promiscuous lifestyles like prostitution can run in families, Russell offered a way out for those who would take it. The response was immediate and obvious as people went up to the podium for prayer and ministry. The blessings flowed and many were set free.

People fall to the ground as Russell and the Flame teams minister healing at the Congress.

"Take up your Spiritual Batons and run, run, run!" Freddy Gomez.
reddy Gomez from YPM (Youth Praise Ministry) Singapore inspired delegates during a workshop called, Running the Race Towards the New Millennium.

Take up your batons and run!

With an athletes baton in hand, Freddy demonstrated how God’s “Spiritual” baton had been passed on throughout Biblical history, down through people like Moses and the Prophets right up to this present Jubilee Day.

Using the Olympic Games as an example, Freddy explained that the last athletes to run a 400 metre relay were the fastest runners on the team. In God’s plan, this meant Christianity, especially relating the current day Church in this new century.

Delegates were challenged to take up their own “Spiritual Batons” and run the race in the spirit of Saint Paul. This point was especially addressed to young people as they deal with the pressures of Modernism and other ungodly influences in their lives today.

Don't give up when there is only a little way to go.

Igniting the moment with our faith can miraculously change the circumstances.

Freddy's Rally on "Igniting the Moment" was no less inspiring and challenging.

haring how he managed to get to a speaking engagement in another country with no money to his name, Freddy explained that someone blessed him with a small financial gift.

When someone else's need presented itself, Freddy decided to ignite the moment and sow all he had left into that need. Amazingly, within a short while his own need was met, not only sufficiently, but abundantly and Freddy got to where he was going in better shape than before.

Freddy gave several examples from Scripture where great men and women of God had miraculously changed situations by igniting the moment. These moments had changed the course of history and by igniting the moment ourselves, we could do the same in our own times.

At the end of his message, Freddy called people forward to give their lives to Christ. As he spoke to them, people began to fall to the floor in rows as the anointing moved like a driving wind over them. Those assisting with catching were kept very busy and needed to move quickly.

Make the Change, Break the Chains! Frank Tassone FMI
n the night of Frank's rally: "The Spirit of the Lord is Upon You," Eddie led the praise time. This left Frank free to preach a message which built on from his workshop, "Make the Change, Break the Chains." This resulted in a huge response to his altar-call.

As the Spirit moved in power, people fell to the floor before anyone could lay hands on them. The catchers were again kept very busy as people responded to the action of the Holy Spirit that hit them as Frank preached: The Spirit of the Lord was upon them with force and power as chains were broken and people's lives began to change.

Getting Free from Emotional Baggage. Steve Peake FMI.
his was an informative and innovative session as Steve demonstrated how unresolved emotional baggage destroys the person and whole relationships even to the point of murder. Step by step he gave solid solutions to difficult problems. It was clear that several people had a change of heart about things and people in their lives after Steve's session.

Getting Free in the Power of Prayer. Kaye Rollings FMI
olid spiritual food and instruction was the foundation of Kaye's workshop on prayer and freedom. Delegates were strengthened, encouraged and empowered by what Kaye shared with them. This was evident when Kaye led the delegates in prayer for patients in the various hospitals in the area, which resulted in a sense of freedom and joy for those who participated.

Flame Music Director, Patrick Carre working in his studio.

Flame Music CD (Track) Debut. Patrick Carre FMI Music Director.
atrick performed an original composition called "The Rest of My Life" from the Flame Music Ministry's upcoming CD Album at the Tuesday evening rally.

His presentation was very professional, both in sound-quality and musical originality. Listening intently, the people were moved by its spirit and, not surprisingly, he received a great ovation at the conclusion.

Patrick and the Flame Music Ministry are currently refining other original tracks for this CD. If this one is anything to go by, then this is going to be a great collection.

Fr. Wally opens himself up
to God's abundant grace.

Fr. Wally shares his testimony during Mass on the Sunday morning.

Charles Baumgarten received his hearing during the Congress.

Jesus heals the broken-hearted during Eddie's session.

Groups pray for each other in a healing workshop: Many blessings and healings were reported.

Liberty and freedom are experienced during a group prayer session.

TESTIMONIES & REPORTS: The Lame walk, deaf hear, hearts mended.
Healing & Freedom flowed throughout the Congress.
Healing and freedom are not new to our ministry. But God’s willingness and grace to heal, set the captives free and mend the brokenhearted was a particularly powerful experience at this Congress.

God blesses priest with the smell of Yellow Roses.

Fr. Walter McNamara, who flew down from Port Hedland to participate, received a very special grace from God and shared his testimony during the Sunday morning Mass at the Congress.

Father said he went for prayer and fell to the floor. “Every time I find myself in times of trouble I would call on St. Theresa, the Little Flower. As I lay there filled with a wonderful peace, I began to smell the most beautiful aroma of my favorite yellow roses. After getting up I noticed flowers on the stage and went to look thinking there might be yellow roses there. But when I looked, there were none to be found either there or anywhere else on the campus.” Father said.

As parish priest he had just received the tragic news about a parishioner's relative who had murdered his wife and very young children. God had reached out in his love to this servant priest with a special grace of comfort and reassurance which strengthened him for what lay ahead due to that tragic event.

The Deaf Hear: Charles came in deaf and left with his hearing.
everely hearing impaired FMI member, Charles Baumgarten unexpectedly gained hearing ability during the Congress.

He discovered that after turning down his hearing aid to the lowest level during a session that he was listening to, he could hear as good as when it was on full. "I am still wearing my hearing-aid until I have been to my doctor, but I can hear a lot better.” Charles said a few day later.

The Lame Walk: She came in limping and left rejoicing.
ne lady who arrived limping painfully due to steel pins in her hip and spine left walking straight and pain free after a healing workshop.

The oppressed are set at liberty.
During his workshop on "Healing and the Divine Will" Eddie put people who were suffering from the same conditions into groups. "I want you to pray, not for yourself, but the other one who suffers the same condition as you. This is because you can pray with compassion. And as you do so, God will begin to heal you as you pray one for the other."

This is exactly what God began to do. It was a particularly powerful and moving time as people forgot themselves and prayed for others. God blessed and healed as only he can.

A highlight at the Congress was Polish priest, Fr. Irek playing lead guitar at a Rally.

Fr. played in Polish Heavy Metal Bands before he became a priest. His lead riffs were very inspiring and he now joins in with the FMI Music Ministry at his parish Mass every 4th Sunday in Balcatta.

Linda De Franca FMI



Flame Youth: Music @ Monthly Mass.

Invited by Fr. Irek, the Flame Music Ministry are now providing the liturgical music at the 6pm Sunday Mass at St. Lawrence Church, Balcatta every fourth Sunday of the month unless there is a Flame function on that particular day.

Their first Mass was on Sunday January 30th which received many favorable comments and compliments from both parishioners and priests about the high standard of their music. It is hoped that the presence of young musicians of this caliber will attract youth to the Mass, giving them an opportunity to check out and join one of the many groups in the parish.

Go to the Youth Page.

Flame Youth Move.
After meeting in Menora for some time now, the Flame Youth Ministry and their members now meet in the Alverna Centre, St. Lawrence Church, 392 Albert Street, Balcatta beginning at 8pm every Friday evening. This is a vibrant Catholic Pentecostal (Charismatic) style meeting and open to anyone 18 to 35 years old who are seeking a real experience of God in a dynamic faith-filled Catholic environment.

The meetings begin with charismatic praise and worship and follow with teachings and sharing from the Bible and the New Catholic Catechism as well as other orthodox sources. From time to time FYM will invite speakers of note and also conduct various programmes and retreats aimed at effective experiential spiritual growth and evangelisation:
“Youth Reaching Youth for Jesus."

Speaker from Singapore @ first Flame Youth Meeting for 2000.

With several new members in attendance the first meeting was on February 4th which began with a great opening night. Twenty seven year old YPM Youth Leader, Freddy Gomez from Singapore was the guest speaker.

Freddy shared his experience and ministry to schools, parishes and youth groups in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and other areas. This led Freddy into a powerful message on “Catch the Vision” that spoke of finding God’s perspective for your life and work, both in the world and in the Church. Afterwards Freddy prayed with the youth and showed them how to make a cradle in which one could fall and then receive God’s love from one another. This was a great start for 2000 and the new members in particular were blessed mightily by this first FYM meeting.

FMI @ Sacred Heart Primary Teachers End of Term Retreat.

On the invitation of Mr. Frank Hall, Eddie was invited to conduct two sessions on “Raise Your Vision” and “Let Go, Let Life.” for the Sacred Heart Primary School teachers End of Term retreat at Shoalwater Bay last December. The sessions which were well received also attracted grateful comments. “As you have given joy to our staff today, we thank you for the way you have made us think.” Mr. Hall commented in a thank you card later. It was also encouraging to find two teachers present who had graduated the “Set My People On Fire” seminars over the past few years.

Invitations pour in as FMI move into the 3rd millennium.

During the past month or so invitations have come from India, Philippines, Singapore, Romania, Bulgaria, Pakistan, USA, Toga and other countries, most of which are from Pentecostal churches. In addition Australian invitations are from Melbourne, Perenjori, Esperence and Northampton.

Interdenominational Revival Mission in Perenjori. March 2000.
n interdenominational Flame One Day of Renewal will be conducted at the Perenjori Sports Pavilion @ The Oval Mullewa Road. Perenjori. 9am - 8pm Saturday 11 March 2000 at the invitation of Mr. Brian Baxter, President of the Perenjori Shire Council. Bishop Bianccini has given his blessing.

Interdenominational Revival Mission to Northampton. May 2000.
ollowing the success of the mission to Port Hedland late last year, the parish priest at Northampton, (50kms north of Geraldton), Fr. Des Reid has invited FMI to conduct a Revival Mission in his parish. With the blessing of Bishop Bianccini, this mission will be on 13th & 14th May beginning with an Interdenominational Jubilee 2000 Revival Rally in the RSL Hall followed by a Parish Day of Renewal in the Catholic parish.

Overseas and Interstate Missions:

NOW2000 Singapore.
ddie has been invited to preach at the “Night Of Worship” (NOW) Youth Rally in Singapore. The whole mission will last from June 13th to June 26th. The main NOW2000 Rally will be for over 2,500 youth. Another rally will be for the youth going to the Pop'es World Youth Day. This will also include speaking engagements at parishes and charismatic groups around Singapore. Flame's Music Director and Composer, Patrick Carre will accompany FMI Evangelist, Eddie Russell for this mission.

Melbourne Youth Revival Mission.
We have recently accepted an invitation from the 'HESED' Charismatic Prayer Group to minister to the Melbourne youth from Wednesday June 28th to July 2nd. The programme will be the FMI's "YOUTH EXPLOSION SEMINARS"
(yes). Flame's Music Director and Composer, Patrick Carre will accompany FMI Evangelist, Eddie Russell for this five day mission.

Five Catholic Priests in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA begin SMPOF.
Father Gregg Frankman and four of his brother priests have began the
"SET MY PEOPLE ON FIRE" seminars via correspondence on February 17th. "We did the first talk today. We were very pleased!" Fr. Gregg said. They will be doing the full seminar using audio tapes and receiving a certificate on completion. “We only meet every three weeks, so it will take about 12 months to complete.” Fr. Gregg said in a recent letter.

Local Missions and Dates:

SMPOF Jubilee 2000 Ballajura.
Beginning 7.45pm February 23rd. at Blessed Mary MacKillop Church. Pelican Parade, Ballajura. Be one of the first this century = Get the first 2000AD Certificate!

Flame Youth Retreat.
Pallotine Mission Retreat Centre. Friday February 25th - Sunday 27th. - Eddie Russell FMI. Frank Tassone FMI. Colin Murphy, Youth Pastor, Victory Life Centre.

Parish Masses:
Music at 6pm Mass. February 27th. St. Lawrence Church, Balcatta. Flame Music Ministry.

Sacred Heart Primary School Teachers Retreat.
March 2nd - 3rd. Jarrahdale. Eddie Russell FMI.

Sacred Heart Primary School Students Retreat.
March 30th. Jarrahdale. Flame Youth Ministry.

St. Mary's Cathedral Praise Meeting
Every Thursday Evening from 8pm. Cathedral Parish Centre. 450 Hay Street, Perth City.

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