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Jubilee Year 2000


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Ex. Ku Klux Klan (KKK) Imperial Grand Wizard at Flame Meeting.

Blood Covenants for Primary School Staff: No More Bread & Cheese.

Perenjori Mission effects spreading far and wide: President, Shire Council.

FYM at Sacred Heart Primary Students Confirmation Retreat.

Intercessors School for Perenjori.

Intercessors for S.W Suicide Town.

Singapore Youth and Parish Missions hots up.

Youth Explosion Seminars for Melbourne Youth.

Local Missions & Seminars in Perth.

12 Steps for German language Readers: Austria, Switzerland, Germany.


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A proud Johnny Lee Clary in his KKK days holding a knife and a Knuckle-duster: A man with a mission of hatred and violence.

Ex Imperial Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) speaks at Flame Meeting in Perth, Western Australia.

Rev. Johnny Lee Clary stunned a congregation of 60 to 70 Catholics with a personal testimony that made you sit up and take notice.

As much as Australia has had its share of prejudice, it has never been exposed to such a personification of organised race hatred as that of the Ku Klux Klan in the USA.

Rev. Johnny Lee Clary today: A new man holding a Bible and a microphone with a mission of love and reconciliation.

Rev. Johnny Lee Clary addresses a capacity crowd at the FMI Praise Meeting in Perth, Western Australia.

Listening to Johnny Lee's testimony, one was struck by the love that God has for even the most undeserving of people. It also gave witness to how much power there is in Christian love to change the direction of the most ardent of bigots and racists.

Such was the case of black Pastor, Rev. Wade Watts who was persecuted terribly by Johnny and the Klan after a live debate on a local radio station. After that broadcast, Johnny told the Klan that this man had made their leader look foolish and asked what they were going to do about it. "Leave it to us." they said. Shortly afterwards they proceeded to burn crosses and throw dead animals on Rev. Wade's lawn. In addition they burned his church to the ground. In the meantime Johnny would disguise his voice and make threatening phone calls to his home, persecuting his family.

A short time after the broadcast, Johnny Lee and a gang of KKK members approached Ps. Wade in a local restaurant. They challenged his right to be there. In the confrontation, Johnny told Ps. Wade, that whatever he did to the chicken he would do to him. "He looked at us, then at the chicken. He then picked up the chicken and kissed it." Johnny said. "That was the first time I'd not kept a promise". Johnny said speaking over the laughter in the auditorium.
Rev. Clary shared how his life of hatred began as a very young child through the influence of his father from whom he first heard the word 'nigger'. He also told the listeners how he saw his father commit suicide using a revolver to his head. This had a profound impact on this young boy who became a rebel at school and who was detained, expelled and rejected by teachers and peers, all compounding his catechism of hate.

Seeing Klan leader, David Duke on television, Johnny contacted the KKK for information. Later a man came to see him and asked many question soliciting his opinion on many matters about racism.

"No-one had asked my opinion before". Johnny said. "And now, here was this very important adult asking my opinion on what I thought about important issues." This had a profound effect on young Johnny and as a result he joined the KKK and rose to prominence in a very short time, eventually becoming the Imperial Grand Wizard.

Apparently, there are very few KKK members in Australia. "As small as they are, don't underestimate them". Johnny said. "Adolph Hitler began with only fourteen members. And, because people ignored such a small group it grew to become the most evil organisation the world has ever known, one that began the second world war".

Johnny's career of hatred took him to public prominence. He appeared on talk shows such as Donahue, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Springer and many others.

Leaving the KKK behind at one stage, he became involved in Professional Wrestling. "My career was really taking off. I was working with the likes of Cindy Lauper and was about to sign a contract for the WWF when the KKK saw me on TV", Johnny said. Shortly afterwards they came to see him about using his newfound fame and influence to advance the cause of the Klan. As a result he appeared on an international TV Talk Show and revealed his involvement and position in the KKK. As a result, the wrestling contract was canceled and Johnny was rejected by the wrestling community as well as others. "My career was ruined", Johnny said. "You can never escape the Klan".

hroughout all those years Johnny kept up his persecution of Ps. Wade who, for his part, kept up his love for Johnny. Eventually, Ps. Wade's love for his enemy won Johnny's heart to Christ. "Ps. Wade finally died". Johnny said. "While he was on his death bed, I went to visit him. He was very sick and had lost a leg". Johnny and Ps. Wade had become best friends. "I have invested a lot in you". Ps. Wade told Johnny just before he died.

At the funeral Johnny Lee fulfilled a promise. "I went to his coffin, bent down and kissed him". Johnny said with tears filling his eyes. "I finally kept my promise to him about the chicken". Johnny Lee shared so much that it is not possible to tell all here. What I would say to sum up this amazing testimony is this: Be sure to teach your children true doctrine.

All true doctrine lines up with the Gospel. Armed with the truth, our children will know the difference between false preachers, false prophets and false messengers. They will then be able to make an informed and proper choice and avoid the evil doctrines of the KKK and those of the Marilyn Manson's of this world; another problem that strikes deep at Johnny Lee's concerns for youth.

What struck me most was Rev. Wade Watts who literally demonstrated in his life the teaching of Jesus to love your enemies. It was this love that disarmed a young man full of hatred and won his life to Jesus Christ. Would that we all learn this manner of love.

Rev. Johnny Lee Clary is devoted to reaching young people that they are conformed to love their neighbor and to love their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. His heart clearly burns with a passion to eradicate all forms of racism, sectarianism, violence and prejudice.

Hear the Testimony.
We have audio tapes of this testimony. If you would like a copy, contact us and we will send one to you for only $12 AUD which includes airmail postage.

In the meanwhile, you can visit Johnny Lee's web site by clicking below. Please return to this page afterwards. johnnyleeclary.com

Abandoned Open-Cut Iron Ore Mine north of Perenjori near Morowa.

Flame One

Day of Renewal

Rural Revival Mission effects spreading far and wide: Shire President.

"The results of your efforts at Perenjori on March 11th (2000) are spreading far and wide. We will never be able to thank you enough".

Mr. Brian Baxter. President, Perenjori Shire Council.

Frank prays with Shire President, Brian Baxter at the Perenjori Revival Mission in March.

As the people settled in throughout the day, the praise and worship became much freer.

Linda De Franca (far right) leads praise and worship for the first time at a public meeting.

Center: Kaye rejoices with Dawn at the answer to a prayer.

Young American farmer, Dusty Cunningham from Morowa attended Flame One and experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Linda's daughter Caitlin. "If it's good enough for my mum, it's good enough for me Flame."

Patrick tries his 'hand' at sheep shearing on a recent visit to Dusty's farm.

The sheep tries his 'head' at hiding in shame afterwards.

Eighteen members of FMI including the Flame Music Ministry, Flame Youth Ministry, Flame Intercessors, Preachers and General Helps Ministry traveled to the small wheatbelt town of Perenjori, 325 km north of Perth to conduct a One Day Revival Mission called "Flame One" on Saturday March 11th.

Participants also traveled long distances to be there.

any participants also came long distances from such places as Morowa, Geraldton, Three Springs and other areas. The congregation was made up of Anglican, AOG, Catholic, Church of Christ, Lutheran and other churches who spent the day in fellowship, praise and worship and the preaching of the Gospel.

People in distant rural areas rarely have the opportunity for the kind of ministry that people of the cities do. Many of these communities are isolated and small which makes an outreach like this very expensive and time consuming. This is especially so where there are no air services available and traveling by road can be very exhausting as well as expensive. For FMI, this has been a consideration. So it was a moment of joy for us when our members volunteered at their own expense to go on these missions.

This generosity has proven to be a source of great blessing. People who would otherwise have little or nothing to stimulate their faith and Christian fellowship in such a way gained a great deal from what a mission like this was able to do. It was certainly a way of sharing our faith together without doctrinal boundaries. This is possible without compromising our own beliefs because it is focussed on Christ and His Gospel message rather than theologies etc.

FMI Singer leads worship for first time.

Linda De Franca, singer in the Music Ministry, led praise and worship in public for the first time during the day. Linda's sensitivity to the Holy Spirit was apparent and her exhortations were mature and inspiring. This confirmed to the Senior Directors that Linda has a true gift in this area of ministry. One which we will continue to nurture and develop in the future.

During the day there were many blessings and healing.

This was apparent not only personally, but also as a shire community as well as for the members of various Churches. Everyone had the opportunity to enjoy each others company, meet friends, fellowship together and enjoy the Lord without the denominational barriers.

Life in a small rural community can be very difficult and boring for young people.

It was great to see so many young people at the Renewal Day. It was also wonderful to see how they got on with the youth from FMI. Dusty Cunningham, originally from the USA, was especially blessed by this.

Dusty came forward during during an Altar Call, committed his his life to Christ and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. As Frank and Eddie prayed for him, he fell to the floor and remained there for around half an hour. "I was fully awake, but I just couldn't get up". Dusty said afterwards. "It was as though I was paralyzed by the Holy Spirit, but I felt good and free". Dusty also received the Gift of Tongues and an invigorated faith.

Since then Dusty has been able to get down to Perth on one occasion and attend our Youth Meeting. He told Flame Youth leader, Frank Tassone that until the Renewal Day he was thinking of leaving Australia and returning to the USA. He has now decided to stay in Australia because of what he experienced at Flame One and the new friends he has found in the Flame youth.

Shire President: The Final Word.

The best way to sum up what this Mission Day meant to the residents of Perenjori is expressed in this letter from the Shire President, Mr. Brian Baxter.

Dear Eddie,

"I will never be able to thank you enough for your contribution to the well being of the people of our region and to the region itself. I feel everybody who attended would have been very blessed in one way or another.

You people (i.e.: FMI) have been and will continue to be in our prayer daily. Always we will give thanks to God for your obedience to Him.

It would be wonderful if you can keep the 2nd Saturday in March 2001 available for us so that we may host a visit again from FMI to bring more blessings and good news to our community.

I have no doubt that our community will grow in many ways between now and then thanks to your people".

Brian Baxter.

We have been invited back to conduct another Revival Mission to Perenjori for 2001. Considering the success and effect of this mission, 2001 is gearing up to be an eventful year for all concerned

Archbishop Barry James Hickey of Perth Western Australia.

Sacred Heart Primary School Staff Development Retreat.

"No more bread and cheese!.."

In February Archbishop Hickey addressed a record crowd of 4,000 Catholic school teachers at the Challenge Stadium in Perth.

4,000 Catholic teachers at the Mass.

It was in the spirit of this address that Eddie opened up the topic of Blood Covenants with the teachers of the Sacred Heart Primary School on the 2nd & 3rd March 2000 at their Staff Development Retreat.

The retreat was held deep in the woodlands of a national forest in Jarrahdale WA.

"There are some 33,000 Covenant Promises in the Bible. How many can you name?" Eddie asks during his session on the Blood Covenants.

Eddie picks a victim at random to help demonstrate the covenant exchange taken throughout the nine steps of and ancient Hebrew Covenant Ritual.

One of the teachers tries her lips at blowing a Ram's Horn: She succeeded.


During his address, Archbishop Hickey reminded catholic teachers that "Our relationship with God is called, a Covenant - a solemn agreement, a solemn pact."

He went on to say, "This year of Jubilee is about honoring the terms of that covenant... which is both personal and communal. "We are asked to renew our commitment to the New Covenant this year by entering fully into the spirit of Jubilee, seeking to forgive those who have hurt us, being reconciled to one another as brothers and sisters, restoring justice to the world, especially the little world we live in each day." He said.

Following on from the Archbishop's message, Eddie was invited to explain the nature of our New Covenant and how it affects our lives.

He told the teachers that the Jubilee Year (Levitical) was established by God because the people kept breaking their covenant. It was God's way of protecting the covenant in the same way that he established the Levitical Priesthood after the rebellion on Mount Sinai. In this way God could cancel their sin and bless his people through the Year of Jubilee: The Year of God's Favor.

This Jubilee Year was not in permanent force until Jesus declared it fulfilled in Luke 4: 18-21. He later died on Calvary paying the full price of the debt, canceling sin against God. "This was the New and Everlasting Covenant which we celebrate at every Mass." Eddie said.

Since that time the Jubilee Year, or, the "Year acceptable to the Lord" is still current.

"The sign that the Jubilee Year is in force, is that the Church was established and remains today. The sign that the Jubilee Year is over, is when Jesus returns in Glory and the Church is taken up from the earth." Eddie told them. "Until that time, everyone has Divine Grace available to save them from sin and its consequences in destruction and eternal damnation". (John 3:16-17)

Explaining what constitutes a covenant in legal and cultural terms, Eddie then demonstrated to the teachers the nine steps of a Hebrew Covenant Ritual. He showed how God had taken these same steps from Adam
(Covenant with a man), Noah (Covenant with a family), Abraham (Covenant with a tribe) and Moses (Covenant with a nation).

He then explained how Jesus went through the same nine steps to establish the New and everlasting Covenant. One with better promises which is a Covenant with all peoples of the world.
(John 3:16-17) Eddie shared a word of prophecy which said, "Because they do not understand My covenants, My people eat the scraps that fall from the table. I have prepared a banquet for them before their enemies, and yet they live in poverty. I say to you, No more scraps for My people!".

Remembering a story about a young man in the 1800's who immigrated to the USA, Eddie illustrated the point.

He was a poor man who worked hard for many years to save enough money for the ticket. Finally he bought the ticket, packed his sack with enough bread and cheese to last the long journey.

Each day at meal times, the young man would look longingly at the other passengers eating fine food food in the ship's diner. He would then go alone to his cabin and eat his meager bread and cheese. After several months the ship docked in New York. The steward stood at the head of the gangplank bidding the passengers farewell. As the young man approached, the steward bade him farewell and good luck in his new life.

As the young man began to descend the gangplank the steward asked, "Excuse me sir. May I ask a question of you?" The young man agreed. "Sir," the steward continued, "I noticed that during the trip you did not eat with us and the other passengers. Have we offended you?" Looking surprised at the question, the young man said, "No. No-one offended me. I only had enough money for the ticket". At this, the steward's jaw dropped in shock. "But sir," the steward said, "The meals were included in the price of the ticket."

As the teachers listened, they began to see and understand the meaning and purpose of Blood Covenants without which there is no forgiveness of sin or abounding Grace. They began to see how God's people live in poverty and loss regarding the grace, blessings and provisions God makes available to them each day, simply because they are ignorant of them: They live in lack because they too, do not realise that these are all included in the price of the ticket paid by Jesus on Calvary.

Understanding and abiding by, our Covenant in the Blood of Christ, we begin to inherit the Kingdom and the thousands of promises of God in Holy Scripture. We are therefore seated with him in heavenly places, not groveling on the floor picking up the scraps that fall to the ground from the master's table: We are not dogs and poor beggars, but sons of the Most High and joint heirs with Jesus Christ!

(March 3rd 2000)

Dear Eddie and Linda,

Thank you so much for enriching our understanding of the covenant relationship. It would be great if we could all stop eating bread and cheese and partake in the full meal.

As a staff, and individually, I'm sure we will all work towards this. I know the children in our care at Sacred Heart, Thornlie, will benefit from our renewed efforts.

With best wishes for God's continued blessing on your work.

Colin. On behalf of, The Gang.

Frank Tassone fmi.

Frank Tassone fmi: Confirmation & Self-Confidence Retreat for Primary School Students.

On 30 March Frank conducted a One Day Retreat for the students of the Sacred Heart Primary School, Thornlie, Western Australia.

Students gather to participate in 'Pharaoh, Pharaoh".

Frank demonstrates a point during a session on the Holy Spirit.

Students share in a small group about Confirmation.

Great weather allowed outdoor activities. Frank leads students in a game called "Traffic Lights".

Teacher, Stuart Munro looks in on a Student Legacy ideas session.

The retreat was organised by teacher Mr. Stuart Munro and focussed on preparing the students for the Sacrament of Confirmation which also included ways of building a healthy self-confidence. Frank's presentations were a balance of fun, student participation, creative input, prayer and teaching on the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Preparing to leave a legacy.

Perhaps the highlight was the idea that the students could develop something that would become a legacy for the school and for other Year 7's to follow into the future. Asked to break into small groups, the students began to share how they could do this. Some suggested a Time-Capsule made by them to be given to the Year 1's to open when they got to Year 7.

Other ideas were for a Tennis Competition financed by donations from which they would purchase a Trophy. All the money raised from the events in the future would be donated to a cause that the students of subsequent years would choose. There were many very good and creative ideas such as, making a Confirmation Banner, visiting the elderly in their free time, a dance and drama and several other ideas.

The Holy Spirit and a Milkshake?

To explain how the Holy Spirit works in us at Confirmation Frank used milk, strawberry-topping and a blender. This proved to be an effective demonstration which helped the students understand how the Holy Spirit effects us when we become one with him.

Throughout the day Frank led the kids in many activities that demonstrated unity, cooperation and service. These were fully participative segments that gave the students a hands-on-involvement aimed at building their self-confidence and personal esteem.

Frank also shared about his own school life and how peers can manipulate and hurt each other. Following on from his personal testimony, the students were asked to write out all the ways that they had been hurt. At the end of the session, the lists were burned as a way of letting go and moving on.

Everyone was so impressed with the skit, "Pharaoh, Pharaoh" that it has now been adopted for the whole school assembly as a one-off presentation by the Year 7's.



Eddie to preach at Singapore Youth Worship Rally.

A major youth event has been organised by the Singapore Archdiocesan youth, YPM (Youth Praise Ministry). Eddie has been invited as the keynote speaker.
Night of Worship: NOW2000 Youth Rally
The Rock Auditorium, Suntec City, Singapore.

Saturday 7pm. 17 June 2000
Speaker: Eddie Russell fmi - Click Here for Details


Eddie to preach at World Youth Day Rally: Singapore.

In addition to the NOW2000 Rally at Suntec City in Singapore, Eddie will also preach at a rally for the youth attending the Pope's World Youth Day in Rome on August 15th 2000. This event will focus on the Jubilee Promise and Healing and be specifically aimed at preparing the youth for the Pope's World Youth Day.

Other speaking engagements will be at the St. Francis of Assisi parish on June 13th and June 20th. Others such as Church of the Risen Christ are yet to be confirmed.




Youth Explosion Seminars & Jubilee Rally: Melbourne Youth.

The Hesed Prayer Group in conjunction with Filipino Prayer Group and the Catholic Youth Ministry, Melbourne City are hosting a Jubilee Rally and the Youth Explosion Seminars (YES).

rank Tassone fmi and Patrick Carre fmi will lead the Praise & Worship at the Rally. Eddie will preach the message.

Eddie & Frank will preach the Youth Explosion Seminars and Patrick will be the Music Director at both functions teaming up with the Hesed Music Ministry.

RALLY: Thursday 29th June at 7.30pm. Our Lady Help of Christians Church. 45 Nicholson Street, East Brunswick.

YES: Friday 30th June, Saturday 1st July & Sunday 2nd July. 9.30am - 5pm each day. I.C.C.R Centre, 172 St. George's Road, Northcote.

Kaye Rollings fmi

Intercessors Schools: Perenjori and Esperance.

FMI Moderator of Intercessors, Kaye Rollings accompanied by Cheryle Douglas will conduct Flame Intercessors Schools in Perenjori 325 km north of Perth and Esperance which is over 800 km south of Perth.

ESPERANCE: Saturday 27th May & Sunday 28th May.
PERENJORI: Saturday 1st July at the Sporting Pavilion, Mullewa Road, Perenjori.

When the Spirit Comes:
A Holy Spirit Seminar.

When the Spirit Comes: Perth City.

Kaye Rollings and Cheryle Douglas will teach a Holy Spirit Seminar at the St. Mary's Cathedral Praise Meeting from Thursday 18th May and weekly to 29th June starting at 8pm each week.

Flame One
Day of Renewal

Revival Mission: Northampton, Western Australia.

Seventeen members of FMI will travel approx. 550 Km north of Perth to conduct a Revival Weekend in Northampton. The weekend is sponsored by the Catholic, Anglican and Uniting Churches in the area.

INTERDENOMINATIONAL JUBILEE RALLY: Saturday 13th May, RSL Hall, Hampton Road, Northampton starting at 7pm. Preacher: Eddie Russell fmi.

FLAME ONE PARISH DAY OF RENEWAL: St. Mary's Catholic Church. Hampton Road, Northampton. Sessions from 9am to 9pm. Preachers: Frank Tassone fmi & Eddie Russell fmi.

Eddie Russell fmi

Apostles of Christ Public Rally: Willetton, Perth, Western Australia.

Eddie will be the key speaker at the Apostles of Christ Charismatic Rally on the 2nd August at St's John & Paul Catholic Church, Pinegully Road, Willeton starting at 7.30pm.

This Rally precedes a Life in the Spirit Seminar presented by the Apostles of Christ Prayer Group beginning on Friday 4th August and weekly to 22nd September.

The sessions start at 7.30pm each week and will have various speakers.
Eddie will preach on "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit" on 8th September.


Eddie's Book in German: For Austria, Germany & Switzerland.

Father Gerhard ordered 12 Steps to Divine Healing last year. He was so impressed that he has gifted DM2000 to have the book translated into German and to be published in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

This book which centres around the Jubilee Promises and how they are fulfilled in our lives through Jesus and the New Covenant has had excellent feed back from readers in Australia, Germany, Peru, USA, England, Singapore, South America and other countries. One gentleman in Florida USA has ordered several copies on two occasions to give away as a means of evangelisation. Eddie has arranged a special price for these kinds of orders.

To see what this book has meant to a couple of people who were blessed by it, go to the page by clicking on the book at the left and read their testimonies or, read a chapter for yourself.

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