Chinese atheists in Singapore Saved. Revival in Northwest Australian Town. Youth Revival Rallies in Melbourne and Singapore ...

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Eddie Russell FMI
Editor, Art Director, Web Master.

Jubilee Year 2000

Pearls of Wisdom

"A few seconds of care can save a lifetime of regret."
(Eddie Russell FMI)

"Faith is the ability to believe that the impossible is possible and then go about
doing it."

(Eddie Russell FMI)
"The greatest act of Godly love in a human heart, is to forgive from the heart all those who least deserve it."
(Eddie Russell FMI)

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Notes from the Editor's Desk

Flame One: Northampton Australia:
Country Town Revival Mission

Now 2000 Singapore: Over 1000 youth challenged

World Youth Day Preparation: Singapore

Family Barriers Broken at OLPS: Singapore

Mainland Chinese Atheist Saved: Singapore

Young Executive Saved at Company Board Meeting: Singapore

Jubilee Rally Singapore: Salvation for hundreds at Altar Call

Youth Explosion Melbourne: Group Experience Pentecost

Flame Youth: Mater Christi, A matter of Conscience

Intercessors Schools: Outback Country Towns Blessed

Holy Spirit Seminars Australia: Cheryle learns Podium Ministry

New Flame Missions to Malaysia and Australia: Details

From the Editor's Desk.
WELCOME to our new subscribers.

This has been a very busy period again since our last publication as this edition will reveal. There is much more to report, but this page cannot contain all that information. As it is, this is a huge page anyway, so please be patient with download time and I believe you will enjoy what you find here.

Our Praise Meeting in Perth has a
Prayer Chain which has operated for the past 10 years. It is common to see spectacular results using the Prayer of Agreement. Even though this Phone-In and Online Prayer Requests are strictly confidential, occasionally it is beneficial to publish a result to encourage others.

The following testimony was received recently.
Tammy has given her permission to share this with you all.

I e-mailed you a few days ago with a prayer request for Einar. His kidneys were not functioning and he was very worried because the doctors said it was very serious. I asked for complete healing of his kidneys.

On Thursday Einar was very tired and could hardly talk. Yesterday the doctors did many tests and are stumped: His kidneys are working and they can't find anything wrong! Einar is out fishing as we speak!!! He has been completely healed! Just a week ago he was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and now he is perfectly okay!

We truly have an incredible God! Thank you all so much. I was so scared. This is proof positive that miracles still happen today!

Thank you and God Bless.

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God bless,
Eddie Russell FMI


Flame One
Day of Renewal
Western Australia.

May 13th - 14th 2000

St. Mary's Catholic Church.
Hampton Road, Northampton WA.

Northampton is in the Midwest of WA. It was classified as an Historical Town by the National Trust in 1993.
St. Mary's was entrusted to the care of the Spiritans (Holy Ghost Fathers from Ireland) in 1995.

Revival Mission: Northampton,
Western Australia.

On the invitation of Fr. Des Reid and with the permission and approval of Bishop Biancinni, seventeen members of FMI traveled 550 Km north of Perth to conduct a Revival Weekend in Northampton 50 Km's north of the holiday Port of Geraldton.

The weekend was sponsored by the Catholic, Anglican and Uniting Churches in the area and included an Interdenominational Rally and the Flame One Parish Day of Renewal.

The Mission Team stayed at the Old Convent formally owned by the Sisters but now owned by the Tourism Department of WA.

The Cathedral situated in Geraldton.

Inside the Geraldton Cathedral.

Eddie admires the scenery on the way home: A short time of solitude to contemplate what had taken place during the mission.

The Revival Weekend began with an Interdenominational Jubilee Rally held at the local RSL Hall attended by approx. 150 people from the various churches and outlying areas.

However, due to the seeding season and a little rain falling, the numbers were not as many as expected for the weekend. Never-the-less, for those who did attend, the weekend began a positive change in their lives.

Cheryle and Maria pray for healing and the Gift of Tongues.

Some thought that the presentation was very 'theatrical' as one person was heard to say, but others saw it for what it was: The Joy of the Holy Spirit and the pleasure of preaching the Gospel.

It is the pleasure of witnessing God's Grace in the lives of people who are lost and hurting that gives rise to preaching with conviction and joy. After all, joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and an expression of salvation.

There was joy manifest when one visitor from Geraldton shared how God had healed her of an ongoing problem with her arm that doctors could not cure. Moving her arm up, down and around, she commented, "There's no more pain." Tears filled her eyes as she praised God for her healing.

The Rally at the RSL Hall. During his message on the Jubilee, Eddie tries to blow a Ram's Horn: He didn't succeed. However, in spite of his apparent failure, the people responded for prayer at the end of the night.

Frank issues an Altar-Call during a session on the Holy Spirit at Flame One.

FMI Intercessor, Jacob Pannossian assists with praying for healing and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Linda De Franca leads the people in Praise & Worship during Flame One.


'Singa' means: Lion. When the island was first settled, Lions were seen roaming freely. From this, the island gained its name, "Singapore".
From then on, the Lion became the national symbol.
On the island of Sentosa, a gigantic Lion (37 metres) dominates the skyline. During a light and water show, the Lion projects Lazer-Beams into the fountains (foreground) and creates a spectacular display.

Singapore from the Cable Car to Sentosa Island.

In the 14th century, Singapore was nothing more than a swampy, thickly jungle island populated by a handful of fishermen and sea gypsies; it was called Temasek, or Sea Town in Malay.
Since Sir Stamford Raffles set up a trading settlement, Singapore began to flourish. From a small immigrant town, Singapore grew into a modern metropolitan city-state of three million people, with one of the most vibrant mix of cultures and traditions anywhere in the world.

A rare but typical Peranakan wedding ceremony.

Singapore 2000 June 12 - 26

There is so much to share about this time in Singapore that it would fill a book. Since a picture speaks a thousand words, let those shown here speak for themselves too.

The Main Event


On the invitation of Freddy Gomez and Marten Fernandez, Eddie and Patrick were the special guests of Youth Praise Ministry (YPM) to preach at several events in Singapore.

The main event was Now 2000 (Night of Worship) held at the Rock Auditorium in Suntec City.

Eddie preached on Isaiah 6: verse 8.
"Here I am! Send me". which opened up the dichotomy of two conflicting world views expressed in the Isaiah texts.

During his challenging message, Eddie pointed out that in these days we have to decide whether we a going with the crowd, or going with the Cross.

"In case you hadn't noticed", Eddie said, "It is becoming clearer in these days to see who is for Christ and who is against him. We cannot sit on the fence any longer!" He said. "If you sit on a fence with one foot on one side and one foot in the other, it will be very painful as these two world views separate!" He said.

Explaining that Jesus had thousands of disciples until he spoke to them about being the Bread of Life and real food. He pointed out that when the message got tough, the weak got going, and go they did.

After hearing this message Jesus' disciples left him because it was a hard message to accept. Only Peter and the eleven were left. "We have the choice of being like the crowd which is double minded, or like Peter, who, when also challenged, declared, 'Where are we to go? You have the Words of eternal life'." Eddie said.

Finally, building on this challenge, Eddie issued an altar-call. The response brought forward around 150+ people to give their lives to Christ or to dedicate their lives to a more committed service.

All in all, in spite of lesser numbers than expected due to a severe storm, the night was a resounding success. YPM have to be credited with their faith and vision. To see youth with such vision is a truly inspiring experience.

Some of the crowd at Now 2000 kneel during prayer. Shortly afterwards the Altar-Call brought a great response.

After preaching the message, a procession of the Blessed Sacrament moved around the auditorium whilst Eddie prayed for the needs of the people.

Some of the YPM Team pose for this pic after the night was over. Others were still packing things away.

The accommodation in Singapore came as a real blessing for all.

Thanks to Flame Youth member Jasmine Wong and here father, Eddie and Patrick were given a luxury apartment in a Condominium during their stay in Singapore.

The Condominium had several pools, tennis courts, gym and many other facilities. Unfortunately, Eddie and Patrick were too busy to enjoy all this except for a couple of hours one day in their two week visit.

Group Leader, Thomas, gives the glory to God during praise before Eddie's address.

Eddie signs copies of his book, 12 Steps to Divine Healing for a young man at St. Francis of Assisi Church after his session on Divine Healing.

Eddie was kept busy throughout the weeks signing copies of his book which was proving very popular wherever he went.

12 Steps to Divine Healing
Available Here.

Two Messages of Hope at St. Francis of Assisi Church Singapore:

Chinese atheist saved.

Eddie had preached at this church way back in 1995 when a friendship and deep mutual respect was birthed between Eddie and group leader, Thomas.

Asked to preach on the Jubilee and 12 Steps to Divine Healing, Eddie spoke on two Monday nights.

The highlight of the two sessions was that of a young Chinese boy who had seen the lights in the Church and heard the noise from the street.

Attracted by what he heard, he came in to see what was taking place. At the end of the altar-call, this young man was just standing there looking rather blank.

Eddie asked if he would like prayer? A confused look appeared on his face and he spoke in a language Eddie did not understand. Quickly realising this man didn't speak English, or even Singlish (as the Singaporeans call it), he asked if someone could interpret for him.

Members of the St. Francis of Assisi Prayer Group before Eddie's message on 12 Steps to Divine Healing.

Leading Praise. Anne assisted Eddie as interpreter.

nne, the group praise leader came to the rescue and spoke with him in Cantonese. He had apparently just arrived from China and didn't know anyone in Singapore. "I am feeling lonely and empty on the inside." he said. "I saw the lights and heard the sounds. I came in because I am lonely".

Eddie told Anne to say, "If you want that loneliness to go away, and that emptiness to be filled, then you need to invite Jesus into your heart. Do you want to do that?" he was asked. "Yes." he said.

Eddie's book is currently being translated into German for publishing in Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Read a Chapter

Eddie then asked Anne to explain that he was going to lay his hands on his heart and ask Jesus to reveal himself to him. The young man agreed and closed his eyes.

As Eddie prayed, the power of God anointed this young man, who commented afterwards that he could feel electricity over his body and peace and happiness on the inside. He was encouraged to come back to the meeting and learn more about Jesus his Savior and he left the Church with a broad smile on his face.

The following Monday Eddie didn't notice this young man was present until, right out of the blue, a bright shinning face loomed through the crowd to greet him. It was this same young Chinese man.

The joy in his eyes and the smile on his face said everything. "I am different now." he said through Anne. "I don't feel lonely anymore. Jesus is there now." With a light in his eyes that could power a city with its intensity, he explained how he had come to Singapore and what Jesus had done for him during that week.

"If this was all that happened during our time in Singapore" Eddie told Patrick, "It would make the whole trip worthwhile. This, was Divine Healing at its best!" Eddie said.

Two Impromptu Engagements.

Gabriel with Christina and sons, Nicholas and Ignatious.

Although their schedule was booked out, Eddie accepted two other engagements to speak.
FMI Regional Officer, Gabriel Chan asked Eddie to speak on the invitation of his Prayer Group Leader at their weekly meeting at Yishun. Thomas asked Eddie to address a Corporate Executive Board Meeting: Eddie gladly accepted both.

How do we know our group is doing God's Will?
Speaking to a congregation of around 130 people, Eddie spoke about how a group can discern its growth, not so much by the rise and fall of numbers, but by the Fruit of the Holy Spirit manifest in its members lives and public gatherings.

He gave a description and explained the meaning of Galatians 5: 22-25. and how love is the singular fruit that produces all the others.

Seeking God's Wisdom saves Singapore Company millions of dollars.
The second impromptu engagement came from Thomas who invited Eddie to lead praise and the give a message at a Board Meeting of Corporate Executives.

21 year old Company Director gives his life to Christ during a Board Meeting Prayer Time.

What is God's attitude to wealth and money in the life of a Christian?

To find out go to:
The Prosperity Gospel VRS The Poverty Gospel

By Eddie Russell FMI

Seeking God's Will regarding the message, Eddie spoke prophetically about keeping their eyes on their original vision quoting from the prophecy of Joel.

He encouraged them to keep focussed on Jesus, neither turning to the left or the right and complete the task God had given them as a Company.

Unbeknown to Eddie, this Company was faced with a serious dilemma hinging on a decision to be made the following morning. The managing director asked Eddie to pray for wisdom.

Eddie explained how God grants wisdom and then he led all the directors to intercede for a Godly outcome.

The following morning, God answered the prayer and the 10am meeting concluded with a beneficial outcome for all parties, including the investors.

The real bonus however, was a 21 year old company director who gave his life to Christ before he went home that night.

Over 150 people including couples and children attended a night about family communication at the Living Waters Prayer group.

Should Christians marry unbelievers? What is the problem of being unevenly yoked? Is St. Paul's views on marriage and the role of husbands and wives an outmoded, male chauvinist view?
To find out go to:
"Unevenly Yoked. The Ultimate Christian Compromise."
By Eddie Russell FMI

Living Waters:
Breaking Down Barriers to Family Communication.
Over 150 people attended a session on breaking down barriers to family communication at the Our Lady of Perpetual Succor in Singapore. The evening was organised by the Living Waters Prayer Group whose focus is on family life.

Eddie spoke about understanding the different needs of husbands and wives, how to understand them and communicate them to one another. "Seek not to dominate but to communicate." Eddie told them. "Because a failure to communicate, is, failure!".

Addressing the need to communicate, Eddie also said that, "Taking just a few seconds to care, can save a lifetime of regret". He gave examples which were clearly understood by the audience.

Mixing a healthy sense of humour and practical wisdom, the message had a strong impact on couples and children. It was evident that the message had impacted and began show results as couples, parents and children looked lovingly and knowingly at each other as points were made that pertained to them.

Afterwards the leaders asked Eddie if he would consider returning again, possibly in December, to conduct a family retreat weekend for the group and other families.

The whole visit to Singapore was on the invitation of YPM. Freddy Gomez sacrificed a great deal to host Eddie and Patrick. Not the least was the amount of running around and realising that Freddy took upon himself on their behalf.

Freddy Gomez will be the MC for the opening night of the Youth Arise International in Turin. He will also preach at this event; an honour he truly deserves.

Singapore Delegates World Youth Day Preparation Retreat.
YPM Leader, Freddy Gomez will be leading a delegation from Singapore to attend John Paul II's World Youth Day in Rome on August 15th to 19th 2000.

The retreat day was organised as a preparation for the Singapore delegation.

Freddy believed that a knowledge and experience of the Holy Spirit would give them a spiritual revival in preparation for their time in Rome with millions of other young people from around the world.

Eddie spoke on the Holy Spirit, His Gifts and His role in our lives. Covering a brief, but concise explanation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the Charismatic Gifts. Eddie imparted sufficient information to build their faith enabling them to accept the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Although this subject was a new concept for them, they listened intently and responded freely.

The retreat day, which was held at St. Michael's Church, bore fruit as they yielded to the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the Gift of Tongues.

Eddie makes a point about the role of the Holy Spirit to the WYD delegates.

Praying for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in preparation for the World Youth Day in Rome.

One of Patrick's more creative photographs. It depicts "who" was being preached.
 WYD Jubilee Rally 2000 St. Michael's Church Singapore.

A major rally was organised by the Singapore WYD participants that attracted over 2000 people for powerful night of worship, preaching and evangelisation.

The message for this rally was on Isaiah 60, "Rise up in splendor!
Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shines upon you."

Over 2000 people attended the rally filling two floors of the church.

Eddie moves amongst the crowd during preaching the message.

Patrick sings a track from the Flame CD which set the atmosphere for the message.

Jacob, an excellent guitarist heads up the WYD Music Ministry at the rally.

Throughout their time in Singapore, Patrick made great friends with the youth, especially the music ministries who responded well to Patrick and the Flame Music Ministry's Demo CD.

Patrick was able to do live presentations of some tracks due to the enthusiasm of the musicians.

Not expecting to do the songs live before arriving in Singapore, it was a great blessing that the YPM and WYD musicians learned the new songs and gave a very professional presentation.

In addition to presenting his songs, Pat was invited to fully participate in the music ministries at NOW2000 and The Jubilee Rally as well as at other venues.

St. Michael's Church seats in excess of 2000 people and has two floors which were filled to capacity that night.

The praise and worship before the message was professional, anointed and powerful. Every credit is due to the youth who's faith and vision made this whole trip so worthwhile.

hey are very blessed with, and through, the support of Br Augustine and Fr Michael Sitaram as well as having the full support of Archbishop Gregory Wong.

Patrick was accepted and welcomed by the music ministries and invited to participate.

Three non-Christian young people accept Jesus as Lord for the first time.

Young people respond to an invitation to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Young people find salvation at Jubilee 2000 Rally: Heaven Rejoices!

It would be easy to think that three people from a crowd in excess of 2000 giving their lives to Christ for the first time doesn't seem much.

However, according to Jesus there is more rejoicing in heaven over one repentant sinner that there is for all the righteous.

Heaven certainly rejoiced as three young people came forward and accepted Christ for the first time at St. Michael's Jubilee 2000 Rally.

Heaven rejoiced even more when another 100 or so accepted a call to return to the Church and recommit themselves to live the faith in a more dynamic way.

This two week visit to Singapore brought so many blessings, healings, hope and salvation to hundreds of people.

For Patrick and Eddie this was the greatest reward of all and, needless to say, they too rejoiced with the Choirs of Heaven:
It was a Great Jubilee for everyone!

Youth Explosion Seminars, Melbourne: In spite of a severe flu virus, Eddie preaches all his sessions at the ICCR Centre.

Frank invites a response from the delegates during a YES session.

No, this is not a photograph of Pentecost! It is Eddie standing below a huge monolith belching fire outside the Crown Casino at night. It was so cold after the tropical heat of Singapore that he was glad to take advantage of it.

Dianne and husband, Meille were our hosts in Melbourne. Thank you both for your hospitality, love and sacrifice.

Melbourne Australia:
Hesed Youth Experience YES:
A Youth Explosion Seminar & Jubilee Rally.

The Hesed Youth Prayer Group in conjunction with Filipino Prayer Group and the Catholic Youth Ministry of Melbourne, Victoria hosted a Jubilee Rally and the FMI Youth Explosion Seminars (YES).

The Jubilee Rally was held on Thursday 29th June at Our Lady Help of Christians Church, Nicholson Street, East Brunswick.

The Youth Explosion Seminars were held at the I.C.C.R Centre, 172 St. George's Road, Northcote on Friday 30th June, Saturday 1st July & Sunday 2nd July. 9.30am - 5pm each day.

Sickness takes the shine off sessions for speaker.
Eddie and Patrick returned to Perth from Singapore to meet up with Frank for the connecting flight to Melbourne.

After the tropical heat of Singapore, the sudden temperature drop into the winter cold of Australia took its toll on Eddie who was hit hard with a severe flu virus.

This sent him deaf in one ear and 40% deaf in the other which made it extremely difficult to concentrate whilst preaching.

In spite of this, Eddie fulfilled all his speaking engagements which, along with Frank, had a great impact on many people.

The first preaching engagement was a Jubilee Rally at Our Lady Help of Christians in East Brunswick.

Eddie preached on Luke 4:16-21, unfolding the Jubilee promises, fulfilled by Jesus for us today.

At the conclusion, Eddie issued an altar-call which brought most of the congregation forward to receive prayer and healing.

In spite of the cold and rain several hundred people attended the Rally which was a great success for all.

The Explosion Seminars were well attended although Hesed leader, Vanna commented that she expected more people to be there.

The Jubilee Rally at Our Lady Help of Christians, East Brunswick attracted a large crowd from all age groups.

In spite of the severe cold hundreds attended the Jubilee Rally.

Frank during a YES session at the ICCR Centre.

The leader of the Filipino Community shares how her group experienced "Pentecost" after attending YES the previous day.

Eddie's comments about the New Age infiltration into the Church's spiritual life stimulated a lot of interest and many questions during YES.

Members of the Hesed Prayer Group take note of Scripture during Eddie's session at their weekly meeting.

"Oh! Get a life Frank!" Unfortunately, Frank's sense of humour attracted a severe bashing with a cushion: He barely survived to tell the story.

The Youth Explosion Seminars
Are designed to cause a catalyst for conversion and evangelisation
beginning with whoever attends.

YES builds a sense of purpose and belonging and are very effective in releasing the Supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the participants.

Usually conducted for young people from age seventeen (17) and upwards, they teach youth how to evangelise youth by becoming:
"Dynamite for Jesus!"

Sessions include the subjects: - The Unknown God. Seated in Heavenly Places. Washed in His Blood. I Can Work Signs & Wonders. The Elisha Principle. Warriors, Not Wimps.

The Hesed Youth, in conjunction with the Filipino Community and the Catholic Youth Office, chose this seminar from several FMI programmes to target young people in the Melbourne Archdiocese.

Vanna's disappointment over numbers soon vanished as the sessions began impact on the delegates.

During his session on the "Unknown God", Eddie drew a parallel between St. Paul's situation in Athens (Acts 17:16-24) to the state of the New Age influence in Australian society and even in the Church today.

This stimulated a great interest to know more, so a Q&A session was slotted into the programme that proved to be very beneficial.

Frank's sessions were also powerful. Especially "The Elisha Principle." The response to the altar-call afterwards was 100%.

As the young people came forward they knelt on the ground in humble submission to the Lord, Eddie and Frank simply walked amongst them laying their hands on their heads. Patrick and the Music Ministry provided an anointed musical atmosphere.

Without saying anything, other than quiet prayers in Tongues, the Holy Spirit began to move upon them with a very powerful anointing.

Some cried, some laughed, and others fell to the ground as the Power of God Baptised them with the Fire of His Love; some for the first time, and others with a fresh and Holy anointing.

The following day, the leader of the Filipino Community shared how, that night at their regular meeting, the whole group experienced a "Pentecost" anointing in a real and tangible way.

The whole mission to Melbourne was a success that will bring forth its fruit in due season.

As in Singapore, the young people of Melbourne should be congratulated and encouraged in their vision, service and faith.

Perth in Western Australia (the most isolated Capital City in the world), often have visits from the "Wise men from the East." On this occasion, the East was visited by three wise men from the West. ;-)


Intercessors School: Esperance in the South West.

From left to right: Alan & Judy Kirwan, Anneliese & John Wolton, Kaye Rollings.

A small group, but a big effect in Esperance.
The coastal town of Esperance lies in the deep South West of Australia. In spite of its beauty as a popular holiday spot, it suffers from a high suicide rate, especially amongst the young.

Kaye Rollings, Moderator for Flame Intercessors Group, along with FMI Intercessor, Cheryle Douglas, flew to Esperance on the invitation of Judy Kirwan, to conduct a Flame Intercessors School.

Although it was a small group of people, the power and blessings that insued were far from small.

Overcoming pain and a spirit of death.
Jim Wolton is the president of the parish council and works as Senior Rural Counselor. "He has a deep and sympathetic knowledge of the many problems facing the people on the land". Kaye said.

Just before the first workshop was to begin, Jim received a phone call from a mother with deep concerns about her daughter.

This prompted the group to intercede against a spirit of death, both over the daughter and, the whole region.

In addition, Judy, scheduled for gall bladder surgery, had been suffering nausea and extreme discomfort.

The group prayed and and at the end of the weekend Judy stated, "I have not experienced one bit of sickness or discomfort since".

Judy did fly to Perth to have the operation, but her recovery was very rapid.

Anneliese, Cheryle & Kaye braving the cold winter Antarctic winds in Esperance.

God blessed them profoundly during that weekend and they are now hoping to form an Intercessors Group in, and for, The Star of the Sea Parish in Esperance.

See other FMI seminars and programmes

Kaye Rollings FMI.
"The teachings were brilliant and the anointing in the hall was extremely powerful." Winifred Thom said later.

Intercessors School: Perenjori in the Wheatbelt area north of Perth WA.

Attended by various church groups and visitors from other towns around the Midwest, the Flame Intercessors School in Perenjori impacted greatly on all who were there.

A dying land and a budget deficit.
Never pre-empting the subjects to pray for at these schools, Kaye and the team sought the Lord's mind on the needs closest to His heart for Perenjori.

"As we began to seek the Lord and intercede for Perenjori, those praying were filled with a sense of hopelessness and despair, such as that experienced by those who work the land." Kaye said. "We understood that through our prayer, God was moving mightily in the lives of these people."

At the conclusion of the prayer workshop, Kaye said the Lord revealed that He was "Reviving the people and the land." Later, Shire President, Brian Baxter commented, "That prayer really hit home. The land is dying and seven out of ten budgets are in deficit." he said.

Participants in Perenjori listen intently to Kaye.
"As the sessions began, the look of rapt attention on faces was enough proof for me that they were receiving the message with enthusiasm." Kaye said.

"Young people are leaving the town and farmers are walking off their land in despair." Brian said. "There is no way that visitors like you could have known this except through the Lord's intervention."

The Town of Latham blessed on the way home: From Division to Cooperation.
At Brian's request, the team stopped off at the small town of Latham on the way home.

The town had been suffering because of division in a sector of the community. The team pulled into town and began to pray for them.

Later, Brian Baxter reported that since then, the town of Latham is experiencing a renewal. "A renewed surge of life and cooperation has developed amongst the people." he said a few weeks later.

Included in this school were sessions on how to operate an effective "Prayer Chain."
Kaye is also the leader of the St. Mary's Cathedral Praise Meetings worldwide
Prayer Chain.

Cheryle Douglas & Kaye Rollings
"When the Spirit Comes"
Perth, Western Australia.

Over 80 participants at the
St. Mary's Cathedral
Praise Meeting.

Perth City, Western Australia.

While Eddie and Patrick were in Singapore the rest of the FMI teams conducted several outreaches and seminars in Western Australia.

One seminar in particular was an FMI programme called "When the Spirit Comes" which attracted around 80 participants.

For FMI Intercessor,Cheryle Douglas, this was a first.
Sensing a call to teach just over a year ago, Cheryle has developed several well researched teachings and subjects which she has shared at this meeting from time to time.

Encouraged by Eddie, Cheryle was asked to conduct some of the sessions with FMI Moderator, Kaye Rollings as an exercise to develop her teaching skills. As the weeks passed, Cheryle began to relax and her delivery at the podium improved.

Kaye led the seminars which introduced the participants to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Over the seven weekly sessions people were blessed and healed. This was a credit to Cheryle in particular under Kaye's guidance.

A Great Day at Mater Christi Primary School.

Frank Tassone FMI
Before flying to Melbourne with Eddie and Patrick, Frank and the FMI Youth conducted sessions on 'Forming a Healthy Conscience' with Mater Christi Primary School in Yangebup.

The FMI youth team (Frank Tassone, Linda De Franca, Damian Doherty, Linda Furey, Ian Wood, Ana DeAbreu & Rosalinda Cequeira) ministered throughout the day to children from year one to year seven.

The main message for the day was an adaptation around, "God made me. God knows me. God loves me." These sessions were peppered with dramas to illustrate the message with a powerful effect.


Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Kuala Lumpur: October 14th to 23rd.
Eddie will preach and conduct eight sessions for the Servants of Yahweh Covenant Community.

Penang: October 26th to 29th.
Eddie will preach and conduct eleven sessions with participants from three Servants of Yahweh Covenant Communities. This will include three sessions with the leaders.

Australia: Perth.

"Set My People On Fire" Seminars: Friday September 1st at 7.45pm and weekly to December 10th. Alverna Centre, St. Lawrence Church, 392 Albert Street, Balcatta. WA.
Music: Flame Music Ministry. Speakers: Eddie Russell, Frank Tassone, Kaye Rollings, Steve Peake. This seminar includes three Retreat Weekends.

Life in the Spirit Seminar: Apostles of Christ Prayer Group, Willeton: Friday September 8th at 8pm.
Eddie will preach "And Your Vats Shall Overflow." - The Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

CCR Rally:
An Evening with Fr. Jack Soulsby: Monday September 25th. 7.30pm at The Bethel Centre. 326 Railway Parade, West Leederville. Praise & Worship - Flame Music Ministry led by Frank Tassone.

YouthFest 2000: Saturday November 18th and Sunday 19th.
St. Lawrence Church Grounds: Outdoors.
Flame Youth Ministry.

St. Mary's Cathedral Praise Meeting. Every Thursday evening at 8pm at the Cathedral Parish Centre, 450 Hay Street, Perth City. Flame Ministries International.

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