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Eddie Russell FMI
Editor, Art Director, Web Master.

Jubilee Year 2000

Pearls of Wisdom
"What we cannot
be trusted with,
we cannot be
blessed with."

Eddie Russell FMI

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Notes from the Editor's Desk

Malaysia: An Incredible Impact

And Your Vats Shall Overflow 2001

Judge passes verdict on Flame Teachings in SMPOF

God Blesses a Buddhist and Heals Hindu Footballer

Angels find lost purse: Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu Amazed

Regina reconciles with mother and sees a change in Buddhist father

Improved Photosensitive Sight and a Healed Toe

Sean leaves Rock Lifestyle and joins Flame Music Ministry

A New Wave Original Christian Music CD Pre-Release at Flame Congress

Bleeding to death from Leukaemia, Olga recovers after prayer in hospital

From the Editor's Desk.
WELCOME to our new subscribers.
Jubilee Year 2000 has been a very eventful time for all of us at FMI just as much as it might have been for yourself. Starting with a very successful Jubilee 2000 Congress last January which introduced the powerful ministry of Freddy Gomez from Singapore to Australians, began a busy year of seminars, local and overseas missions in Perth, Northampton, Melbourne, Perenjori, Esperance, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

Read a chapter from the English edition.
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The book, 12 Steps to Divine Healing has proven extremely popular in many countries. The book has now been translated by a German Publisher into the German language for sale in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, in fact, for all German speaking countries. My only regret is that our busy schedule has prevented me from completing another book.

The German edition costs DM11.90 (incl. VAT) and can be ordered directly from D&D Medien GmbH, Schubertstraße 28, 88214 Ravensburg, Germany or in every bookstore in the German speaking countries. (ISBN: 3-932842-26-X). E-Mail Order

We also saw the introduction of several new members to Flame Ministries and a New Wave Music CD by the Flame Music Ministry that is due for release very soon. Some tracks from the new CD will be performed at the upcoming January Congress. I am sure it will be met with the same enthusiasm here as it was in Melbourne and Singapore. Pre-production orders have already been received, and many people are looking forward to hearing this New-Wave, Original Music CD of Christian songs composed through prayer and prophecy for worshipping, listening and dancing to. It is different, and meant to be so. After all, as one of Cliff Richard’s songs had said, “Why should the Devil have all the good music?” And indeed, why should he?

Freddy Gomez was recently appointed as the Archdiocesan Youth Leader for Singapore. He will be our guest speaker again in 2001 along with Archbishop Hickey. The Flame Youth and children will present some very original dramas and new dances choreographed by FMI member, Angela Wood who was recently married to Ian, one of our guitarists.

The Congress, is about Restoration in body, soul, spirit, temporal, social, family and church. It invites us to receive everything that God freely offers to us through Christ so that our vats may overflow with every good thing.

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God bless,
Eddie Russell FMI

11th Annual Flame Congress January 27th to 30th 2001
John 23rd College Auditorium. John 23rd Avenue, Mt. Claremont, Western Australia.

"If you only take one bunch of grapes from what the full vine offers, you will not fill your vats. But if you take everything that the full vine offers, your vats shall overflow."
[Prophetic Word,
Eddie Russell FMI]
"And Your Vats
Shall Overflow"

2001: A year of
Body. Soul. Spirit.
Temporal. Material.
Family. Church. Society.

What happens after the Jubilee?
People fall into old patterns of behaviour because of lost skills to function in the freedom that Jesus granted them. Statistics show that a large proportion of ex-prisoners end up in Jail again for the same reason and it becomes a way of life. To break this cycle, people need to develop new life-skills in order to live successfully in society; They need to be re-established.

The 2001 January Congress is about, Restoration. 
Each speaker will touch on areas of our lives in body, soul, spirit, temporal, material, family and Church that need restoration and renewal. As the Spirit leads, each speaker will also lead a time of ministry for prayer, healing and redemption. We will be encouraged to be open to everything that Jesus offers at this Congress. Jesus, the True Vine, desires that our lives will overflow with Grace: “Grace is receiving the good you don’t deserve as though you did.”

2001 Programme
and the Speakers

Restoration. The act of restoring; state or condition of being restored; replacement; renewal, reestablishment; the repairing of injuries suffered; that which is repaired or reconstructed.
Archbishop Hickey
Freddy Gomez
Eddie Russell FMI
Frank Tassone FMI
Steve Peake FMI
Included throughout the Congress, both the youth and children will present Gospel Dramas.
Tracks from the upcoming Flame Music Ministry’s CD of original music for praising, worshipping, listening and dancing to, will also be performed. Dramas Choreographed by Angela Wood FMI.

Most Christian music today is Christianised secular music: Rap, Rock, Grunge, Blues, Metal and the like. All these trends come from the heartbeat of the culture from which they originated and they have influenced the world for good or bad.

We believe that Christianity is a culture unto itself and its heartbeat is that of Christ. As such it has the ability to create a whole new expression of sound and beat inspired by the Holy Spirit that will reach the hearts of people everywhere regardless of age, gender, culture or class.


Faithful to FMI’s vision for a new-wave and original expression of the arts, our Music Ministry have written and produced these songs expressing our faith in the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ for all peoples of all nations.

Songs inspired through prayer and prophecy are created for praising, worshipping, listening and dancing to. We hope you will enjoy the short presentations at this Congress.

Patrick Carre
Music Director FMI

My Word The Message
Eight Tracks:
For the rest of my life
Everlasting Love
To Follow
Glory to Our God
A New Song
I Will Worship
Let the Trumpets
I Offer You

Musicians, Singers & Writers:
Patrick Carre, Linda De Franca, Damian Doherty, Ian Wood, Frank Tassone, Sean Blee, Rosalinda Cequeria, Fr. Irek Czech SDS

Be there to experience this pre-launch presentation.
It will move you.


Patrick has now left full time employment to concentrate on, and develop, his Recording Studio:

Contact Patrick

Kuala Lumpur & Penang.

Kay comforts Josephine during a rally in Penang. Josephine is severely cerebral palsied and should she have one more epileptic fit, according to doctors, she will die.

As Eddie prepares to preach, Kaye prays in support. Kay's Prayer Ministry was a great blessing to many in Penang.

"An incredible impact."

On Saturday October 14th Eddie and Steve left Perth for two weeks of preaching engagements in Malaysia.
According SOY Presiding Elder, Benedict Lye, the results of which made an "Incredible Impact" on several Communities, families and individuals.

Eddie was invited by the Elders of the Servants of Yahweh Covenant Community to preach a seven day Flame programme and a Healing Rally in Kuala Lumpur. This was followed by a four day Conference for the Federation of Covenant Communities and two public Healing Rallies in Penang.

Eddie was accompanied by Steve who's role was to assist him in ministry. For Steve this was his first time outside Australia let alone being part of an overseas mission. Over the past ten years Steve has held the Fort in Perth while others experienced missions in foreign countries. Now it was his turn. Although Steve didn’t do any public speaking, his assistance, support and friendship were an asset to Eddie and his counselling skills and prayer ministry were a blessing to the people.

Benedict & Margaret Lye.

Hi Eddie,
Your visit was a tremendous blessing for our Community and people are still quoting and remembering what you said.

We know now that your visit was very timely to bring out the best in our people. They are having a very positive attitude and it is very obvious in the way they speak.

I guess you and Steve have created an incredible impact on us all. We have scheduled you to come back next year. We’re trying for two visits but we’ll be happy with one knowing your tight schedule.

Your brother in the Lord,
Benedict Lye.
Presiding Elder,
Servants of Yahweh Covenant Community,Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Capacity crowds gather on the second rally at the Immaculate Conception Church in Penang.

Another bonus was the arrival of FMI Intercessor, Kay Ford who had been on holiday in England. Kay had detoured from Kuala Lumpur to Penang on her way back to Australia. Although Kay has been on local missions in WA, this was also her first experience of Flame in another country. For Kay it was an experience that has left a marked impression; one that stirred up a deep compassion for the suffering who came seeking God’s healing at the public rallies. In the picture above, Kay comforts Josephine during a rally in Penang. Josephine is severely cerebral palsied and should she have one more epileptic fit, according to doctors, she will die.

One person responds to the Altar Call. Afterwards the crowd was so many Eddie called upon the Community prayer teams to assist.

Hundreds of people gather for a time of worship before Eddie preached on healing. Crowds overflowed down the stairs to the lower levels of the church.

The first public rally was at Jesus Caritas Church in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.
Huge crowds kept Eddie & Steve
busy for six hours.
The Servants of Yahweh Community had just completed a week long programme on Healing of the Family Tree. Eddie preached the final healing rally to a packed church after the Sunday Mass.

Several hundred people queued for prayer and waited patiently for ministry. They kept Eddie and Steve busy for another six hours praying for their needs.

Around 150 Community members and guests attended eight sessions over six days at the Servants of Yahweh Covenant Community's Centre in Kuala Lumpur.

The session began at 11am but the huge crowds kept Eddie and Steve busy praying for another six hours. This response was to be the pattern for the next two weeks as God blessed and healed so many who were desperate for His healing touch in their lives. The following Tuesday began a six day programme taken from segments of the Set My People On Fire Seminar for the Servants of Yahweh Covenant Community and their guests.

The sessions began with a subject called, "Salted with the Word". This was to be the foundation of everything else from that time onwards. “Salt has two main functions.” Eddie told them. “It adds taste and it is a preservative. God’s Word acts like salt in you because it adds taste to your life and it preserves you for all eternity”. Eddie said. “Because God and His Word are one and the same, abiding in God’s Word and letting His Word abide in you, fulfils Jesus’ prayer that where He is, you shall be also”.

Eddie also explained that Jesus has promised that heaven and earth shall pass away, but his words will not pass away. “Therefore, God’s Word is totally reliable and you can base your whole life upon it.” He said.

The Music Ministry in Kuala Lumpur. In this report, Regina (Third from the left), writes about how her relationship was reconciled with her mother and Buddhist father. "I used to think my mom was a parasite...".

God demonstrated His love and concern in both the small and the big things.

As the days rolled on, it became clear that the sessions were well received and clearly understood as people began to put the teachings into practice.

Improved photosensitive sight and
a healed swollen toe.

During a session in Kuala Lumpur, a young boy asked for his sight to be healed. His eyes were deteriorating due to a condition that made his eyes photosensitive. He couldn't look at light and when he woke in the mornings his eyes gave him a lot of pain.
Eddie prayed for him and then asked the whole community to join in a prayer of agreement that God would improve his sight. After the prayer, there was no discernible improvement. However, the following night when Eddie saw this young boy and his family at a food market, he was told that he awoke that day and felt no pain in his eyes from the morning light for the first time.

“I am really beginning to marvel at the power of the spoken word and faith." Winifred said.

At the Conference in Penang, Michael shared how he had contracted a badly swollen toe due to an insect bite. Acting on the teachings he had heard, he rebuked the infection, and immediately the pain stopped and the swelling went down. After arriving back in Australia we received an E-Mail from Winifred who also attended the Conference.

I am really beginning to marvel at the power of the spoken word and faith”, she said. Since coming back from Penang, the Lord has been confirming and affirming me daily through his Word regarding the things you have said and shared. Until now, I never realised God is this close; scary but very reassuring.” she said.

She went on to say, “Recently I developed a very bad cough and couldn’t sleep for two nights until I suddenly remembered your teaching on faith and Michael’s testimony about his swollen toe. Immediately I rebuked the cough and asked my angels to help me sleep. The next thing I knew, I was fast asleep and I slept right through until the next morning”.

“I never knew that journeying with the Lord could be so adventurous.”
Eddie had prayed the Breastplate of St. Patrick as blessing of protection over Winifred on the last night in Kuala Lumpur.
A week or so later she had lost her purse and was about to report it stolen. “I thought of your prayer and my angels”, she said, “Would it be too much trouble to ask for you angels to take back my purse from whoever took it and put it where I can find it?’ she had prayed. “Not more than two minutes after having these thoughts my colleague found the purse wedged between two piles of paper in the very same spot I had searched in earlier!

"I immediately took the opportunity to share with the rest of my colleagues, three Buddhists, a Hindu and a Muslim about God’s goodness. They insisted that it was misplaced and one of them, (the Muslim) was making the most comments and teasing me the most.” she said. “However, since I had already considered the money gone, I gave him some money (from the purse) to take the others out to lunch. You should have seen his stunned look!

Well Eddie, you did mention that Faith + Works = Results!” Winifred said. “Later that night I also experienced the law of giving and receiving. Indeed God is good. I never knew journeying with the Lord could be so adventurous.” She concluded.

Kay assists Eddie praying with a young boy with serious physical disabilities.

Leukaemia victim's amazing recovery.

During the altar call at the first healing rally at the Immaculate Conception Church, two sisters came to Eddie begging for God to heal their older sister who was dying in a local hospital.

The Church of the Immaculate Conception was packed to capacity on both nights.

Members of the Penang Community assist in praying for the sick.

The two sisters had flown from India a few days previously after hearing that Olga had a severe case of Leukaemia and was on the verge of dying. Eddie comforted them and led them in a Prayer of Agreement that even though Eddie was not present to Olga, Jesus was, and he could touch her with healing in the hospital where she lay.

The following night the sisters returned in great distress.
As soon as Eddie was available, they again pleaded with him to go to the hospital. Olga had got worse overnight and was now bleeding to death.

Due to the large crowds, Eddie commissioned prayer teams to various locations around the church. People fell to the ground as the power of God touched them.

Left to right:
Steve, Eddie, Vincent, Sherina, Margaret and Ben.

Sherina drove Eddie and Steve to the hospital to pray for Olga. Afterwards Eddie and Steve went to Sherina's home to pray for her son who had been injured in a car accident.

Due to his commitments that evening and all the next day, Eddie gave them a phone number to call if, after praying with them again, there should be an emergency. The next day after preaching for around five hours the phone call awaited him with a heartfelt plea to go to the hospital. Eddie cancelled a meeting with the Elders and went with Steve to pray for Olga.

On arrival, the two sisters and Olga’s daughter were waiting anxiously in the main entrance.
They ran to Eddie crying profusely saying, “She’s dying and now her kidneys have stopped working and she cannot stop bleeding. She’s having X-rays now, please help us!” Seeing their desperation, Eddie said, “Take me to her.” And they led the way to wait for Olga’s return. Once there, they waited and prayed for Olga to be brought back from emergency. Eddie, Steve and Community member, Sherina, comforted Olga’s daughter and the two sisters when suddenly the nurses and orderlies arrived pushing Olga’s bed.

Two floors in a lift was the longest and hardest journey ever. As the sisters cried and shook with fear, Olga lay there motionless and exceedingly ill. When the nurses left the room, Eddie and Steve encouraged them to have faith and invited everyone to join in agreement that Olga would recover.

Olga was barely conscious as Eddie lent close to her ear and explained why he was there.

Olga, do you want me to pray for you?” he asked. Olga uttered a weak, ‘yes’. “Olga, do you believe that Jesus is bigger than this disease and that he can remove it from your body?” Another weak ‘yes’ came from Olga’s lips. “So do I.” Eddie said and continued, “Olga, all I want you to do now is, as best as you can understand how, receive what God gives to you as I pray, and trust him, because he loves you, and he will begin to work a blessing into your body.” As Olga gave a slight nod Eddie began to boldly pray life into Olga’s body in the Name of Jesus. At the same time everyone began to pray in Tongues as Steve had encouraged the others that something good was going to happen. And happen it did!

While Eddie was praying, the door opened, someone came in and left.
Undisturbed by this, Eddie kept praying, when suddenly the whole atmosphere changed. In an instant everyone cheered up and Olga began to praise Jesus; “Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus! Praise you Jesus!” She exclaimed as the prayer in Tongues turned to joyful thanks.

Olga was now conscious and the colour had returned to her face.
At this point Eddie moved away as the sisters rushed to hug Olga who, although tired, was smiling a beautiful smile as she praised God for what he had done for her. Leaving them to enjoy each other’s happiness, Eddie, Steve and Sherina left to go and pray for Sherina’s son who had been in a car accident.

On the way, Steve related to Eddie what had happened when the door had opened.
Olga’s doctor had come in and seeing what was happening with the prayer, he quietly left the room and told Olga’s daughter that there was no urgency now, her kidneys were ok and he would call back the following day just to check on her and give her a flush. Eddie and Olga were oblivious to this at the time, but it was after the doctor left that Olga responded, and the atmosphere of death and despair changed to an atmosphere of life and joy.

Two weeks later, Sherina E-Mail Eddie and told him, “Olga is recovering... She is so much better than the first time you saw her. She is so full of love and she is praising the Lord so very boldly and loudly. She says she’s healed 110% and her promise to the Lord is that, she’ll start a ministry by opening her home to anyone, the young and the old, just to learn to love and praise God. Isn’t that wonderful.” Sherina said in her letter.

hether or not Olga’s recovery was a coincidence or God’s intervention may not seem certain. What is certain however, is that she was on the verge of death, and there was a dramatic change during prayer. Also the fact that the doctor did not intervene to perform his check-up when he saw people praying for her is significant. Let’s pray that Olga’s faith in Christ’s will to heal justifies her to a full and complete recovery so that she can fulfil her desire to open her home to the lost and hurting.

Not only the body.
God touched many relationships.

Regina’s recent letter speaks humbly of reconciliation with her mother
and Buddhist father.

Regina is part of the SOY Community Music Ministry. Her relationship with her mother was less than loving prior to Eddie and Steve’s visit. Both Regina and her mother attended the KL seminars and since then a wonderful change has taken place between mother and daughter which has extended to the whole family.
This is Regina’s letter to us.
Dear Eddie and Steve. I thought I knew most things about God and the things he does in our lives. But guess what? I didn’t know a lot of things, and I have realised that through your sessions here. I used to think of my mom as a parasite that stuck to me wherever I go. I hated the way she related to my friends as though they were her friends and not mine. I have now come to realise that it was all in my mind, and the reason I thought that way was because I let it.

I used to try my best to exclude mom from my activities by telling her all kinds of things like, ‘It’s only for the singles’ Or, ‘Dad’s coming home and he will want you to be around.’ etc., not realising that I have been rejecting her all this time. When you spoke about the power of the Word and that whatever we say comes from the heart, all this came back to my mind. I was convicted of that, and now I include mom in everything from Community Gatherings right down to outings with my friends. Nowadays, she give me more freedom to be with my friends because she has met them and knows them the same way that I do. I thank God for giving me such a loving mom who cares about the kind of people I’m around, so that she knows that I’m in safe hands when I am out with them.”

“Although dad is from a Buddhist family, I’ve also seen a change in him.”
Before my conversion last year, dad told me that I could do whatever I want and be a Catholic as long as my belief didn’t effect or disturb him. Dad’s sisters gave me a hard time trying to talk me out of being a Catholic, and they were bantering me for a while. When I joined the Servants of Yahweh, and their Music Ministry, dad would refuse to let me go because he said they were brainwashing me and making me a Catholic fanatic. But now, dad lets me go for all the gatherings and fellowship I want.

My aunts on the other hand have noticed that I am happier now than I’ve ever been, and I have noticed that my extreme happiness gets on their nerves sometimes, but it usually ends up with them laughing with me. Since my conversion I have seen wonders in my whole family. My Godfather was baptised last year and one of my uncles is going through the RCIA and will be baptised at Easter. Two of my cousin-brothers are also thinking about going through the RCIA soon and another cousin is marrying a Catholic and will be going through the RCIA next year.

“I have always been amazed at the wonders that God has done in my family, and I know I always will.”

Eddie & Steve with some of the Elders of the Servants of Yahweh Covenant Community.

2001 A year of Restoration.

Jesus said that ‘One sows and another reaps.’ We only reaped what had been sown so well by Benedict and Margaret Lye and the Servants of Yahweh Community.

Time will tell about how abundant the fruit might be, but in the meanwhile, it looks pretty good going by the letters, verbal comments and signs that we have seen so far.

od willing, we will take up Benedict's offer to return next year, most especially because we have declared 2001 a Year of Restoration and it seems a natural flow-on from the Great Jubilee.

Two Set My People On Fire Seminars were conducted throughout the Jubilee Year with a powerful impact on the lives of two Buddhists, a Hindu, Rock Musician and Perth Judge.

Brigitte Lowe completed SMPOF during 1999 when, during the teaching sessions, the lumps in her breast disappeared. Her testimony and the medical report was published in the
May/June 99 Newsletter. This year her husband Gregg completed SMPOF on December 10th. Gregg registered with Sean Blee, who's wife Jennifer, attended the seminars with Brigitte and completed them in 1999.

[Go here to see the subjects and complete programme]

Sean plucks a neat melody on the Swan River foreshore at the Flame End-of-Year Family Day Picnic BBQ recently.

Delegates at the first SMPOF at the Ballajura Parish.

Judge Julian and Prafula Fernandez study the Bible together at a SMPOF session.

Damian, Victor and Rosie also plumb the Word together.

Rosie attended the Flame One Revival Mission in Port Hedland in 1999. She moved to Perth, joined the Flame Youth, completed SMPOF and is now a member of the Flame Music Ministry and features on the upcoming CD.

Fr. Irek Czech SDS, far right, joins in the music ministry at SMPOF at his parish in Balcatta. Fr. Irek has also written and composed songs for the Flame CD.

Peter and Judy get a little help from Frank during a session called Break Open the Word.

May Your Vats Overflow in 2001.

Sean's life history is with Rock Bands which held him firmly in the lifestyle associated with the nightclub and pub scene. Tired of the late nights, drugs and alcohol, he left his band and started SMPOF.

On week five, the delegates were introduced to, and prayed with for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Afterwards Sean approached Eddie and said, "I've never been Baptised and I've only been to Church a couple of times with my wife and kids. If a person hasn't been baptised in water, can they have that baptism we just prayed for?"

Eddie assured him that a person certainly could, and that it was well documented to be so in the Acts of the Apostles. "Wow." Sean said with amazement, "When you prayed over me, I felt a power all over my whole body and something changed on the inside of me that I don't understand - and I feel really good on the inside". Eddie explained that it was the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and that God had released him from the past and given him a brand new future if he wants to take it. "Yeah. That's how it feels." Sean said. "It feels like I'm free now. God is really fantastic isn't he." he said.

Since that time Sean has been going to Mass with his family every Sunday. He is now enquiring about the RCIA programme so that he can be Baptised and join the Church. He has also applied to join FMI as a musician. His application was accepted and he will begin formation and partake in the Music Ministry at the January Congress. He has also begun to give his input, ideas and talent on tracks for the new Flame Music CD.

"This is the best presentation and teaching on understanding law I've ever heard." Judge Julian Fernandez, a Doctor of Law & University Lecturer said relating to sessions on the Blood Covenants.

Julian's wife, Prafula (a Corporate Lawyer), began SMPOF on week one. She was so impressed that she strongly encouraged her very sceptical husband to attend the following week. "Ok. I'll give them ten minutes to convince me that this is for real and that these people know what they're talking about" he told her.

At the final session on week fifteen he shared the story with Eddie and said to him, "I can usually weigh people up within the first five to ten minutes. If they don't show any credibility by then, I just write them off. Well, here I am fifteen weeks later and it's the best thing I've done. You guys really do know what you are talking about." he said.

The Lord blesses a Buddhist due to his generosity to God's servants. His daughter accepts Baptism and God heals a Hindu Footballer at a Flame Meeting in Perth.

Due to the length of these seminars we only conduct two a year in Perth. The first for 2000 was at the Mary McKillop Parish in Ballajura. It was here that Jasmine arranged accommodation for Pat and Eddie in Singapore. Until then, the situation was going to burden our hosts at the Youth Praise Ministry, but Jasmine's father gave them the use of a luxury Condominium that proved a real blessing for everyone concerned.

Jasmine (second from the left) helps at the Registration Desk.

Jasmine's father (a Buddhist)), gave the apartment for free and lost a tenant when he told the managing agents that they could not move in until Pat and Eddie moved out. This was not known to Pat and Eddie until they had left Singapore. However, God cannot be outdone with generosity and Mr. Wong secured another tenant a couple of day later that was prepared to pay almost double the one he had lost.

Jasmine is still a Buddhist at the moment but she has given her life to Christ and is considering being Baptised at Easter. Sitting at her side in the picture above is Ahelon. Invited by Jasmine, Ahelon is a Hindu who has been attending SMPOF and the FMI Praise Meetings. Earlier at one of the Meetings the Lord healed a painful sports injury in his shoulder that had bothered him for some years. Although he has experienced the power of God, he has still yet to decide if he will accept Baptism.

Most often, due to the length of this seminar, we only average 20 to 40 delegates at each SMPOF in Perth. These are not huge numbers as seminars go, but those who attend them experience amazing results and a totally invigorated faith as many of the testimonies published on this web site indicates. The majority of the sessions conducted in Malaysia were taken from SMPOF sessions and adapted for their situations. It turned out to be a mini-SMPOF condensed into two weeks. The results as reported above indicate the power of this programme and its Biblical content.

Although there have been invitations to preach five Crusades in India, as well as missions in East Africa, Malaysia and other countries in 2001, we also have local missions booked throughout the year in Australia. We are now seeking the Lord's guidance regarding which he wants us to give priority to. It might mean that SMPOF in Perth will lie fallow for a while, especially as there seems to be distant bells ringing for a certain FMI evangelist.

All in all, it has been a GREAT Jubilee Year so far!
Merry Christmas to you all from everyone at Flame, and we'll see you again in 2001 with news of the Restoration Congress.

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