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Eddie Russell FMI
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Pearls of Wisdom
“Grace is receiving the good you don’t deserve as though you did.”
(Eddie Russell FMI)


Notes from the Editor's Desk

2001 Congress Report

My Word the Message - CD Release

Archbishop: A Dangerous Inclusion with other religions.

Jesus & the Zodiac: Do the Stars Reveal God's Plan?

Eddie Impresses Rural Summit: Morals Change.

Steve: Archbishop's Representative to Evangelical Alliance

Flame Youth Appointments

From the Editor's Desk.
The 11th Annual Flame Congress set the pace in 2001 for FMI. It's thrust was related to Restoration in all areas of our life. Restoration seems to be a natural follow up to the Year of Jubilee which, in Old Testament, New Testament and current Jubilee terms, is related to freedom and debt cancellation. Our January Congress was no exception.

This year also sees the international launch of the Flame Music Ministry's first CD. This very original and excellently produced album was put together on a shoestring budget. It never ceases to amaze me that so much can be done with so little. The real abundance of course is faith, ingenuity and commitment without which nothing gets done. Please, do not miss the opportunity to hear this album. It is excellent quality, professionally produced and finely mixed. It has blessed me as the anointing flowed from it. I know it will do the same for you.

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Flame Music Ministry's first CD IS OUT NOW!
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Damien sings, 'to follow' with Fr. Irek on guitar.

A Multi-lingual CD:
Polish, Italian & English.
'I Offer You', written and sung by Polish Priest, Fr. Irek Czech SDS for example, is in English, Polish and Italian.

A simple and Spirit-filled composition that begins with a solo guitar and singer in an unplugged style, it builds to a full chorus and big sound. As it progressively introduces the different languages, instruments and voices, the song builds to a powerful crescendo and returns to the unplugged solo leaving the listener with a haunting and mystical presence of the Spirit.

Other tracks in English range from upbeat praise to deep and moving worship.

The FMI kids feature the track 'everlasting love'.

Linda in the studio: Caught up in the Spirit.


Play mp3 tracks from my WORD the MESSAGE
let the trumpets
the rest of my life
everlasting love
to follow
I will worship
I offer you
glory to our god
a new song
CD Includes:
Video Clips and Sheet Music.

Aimed at reaching a wide audience of Christians as well as the secular markets, the Flame Music Ministry have written and produced some very unique songs and sounds on a multi-lingual CD called,
My Word the Message.

The album has an interactive web-style component with video and includes the sheet music. Now due for an international launch, orders from Poland alone are already around 1000.
Using modern technology, a unique writing style, a variety of sound and beat, 'My Word the Message' is Christian music for the new millennium that could well set the pace for years to come.
Eddie Russell FMI

Patrick Carre FMI

A New Cultural Heartbeat.
“Most Christian music today is Christianised secular music: Rap, Rock, Grunge, Blues, Metal and the like. All these trends come from the heartbeat of the culture from which they originated and they have influenced the world for good or bad”. Flame Music Director, Patrick Carre said.

“We believe that Christianity is a culture unto itself and its heartbeat is that of Christ. As such, it has the ability to create a whole new expression of sound and beat inspired by the Holy Spirit that will reach the hearts of people everywhere regardless of age, gender, culture, genre or class." Patrick said.

An excellent musician and artist.
atrick’s faith, drive, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm has given us some evidence of this possibility. This album is a first for the Flame Music Ministry (fmm) and it could well be a first in a music genre that could make a real difference. Patrick said that, “Faithful to FMI's vision for a new-wave and original expression of the arts, we have written and produced these songs expressing our faith in the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ for all peoples of all nations.

The songs, inspired through prayer and prophecy, are created for praising, worshipping, listening and dancing to. Part of our evangelisation is our vision to develop a new form of expression in theatre, arts, writing and music from a purely Christian ethos”. Patrick concluded.

Available Now

A New-Wave and Expression of the Arts.
"The times seem ready for something new to happen in secular and Christian music."

For many years Senior Founding Director, Eddie Russell held a vision for a totally new expression of the Arts, especially in popular music.
Involved in the “English Invasion” of American Rock Music in the late 60’s, Eddie understood how new sounds, expressions and beat are rooted in the folk music of the youth. “The Beatles radical new sound flew in the face of the musical status quo that was dying a death at that time. This gave young people and bands an excitement that had not been experienced since Bee-Bop and Rock Around the Clock.” he said.

The result was a radical shift in musical consciousness. “My own band was part of that explosion along with friends, Stevie Windwood of the Spencer Davis Group, Deny Lane (Ex Wings), the Moody Blues as well as a host of other bands from Birmingham following hot on the heels of the Mersey Beat phenomena.” Eddie said.

Somehow, I knew there was ‘something’ deep in the human soul that was seeking it’s origins, but it didn’t make sense until my conversion to Christ twenty five years ago. Unfortunately I was not able to pursue my dream at that time due to other things in my life. But now a new generation has arisen, and praise God, it’s in the Church.” He said.

I believe that Catholic musicians, bold enough to give a sincere expression of their faith in Jesus, can take the secular music world by storm just as the Beatles did, only this time, with a more lasting effect and moral impact. I would like to think that this fmm CD could do just that." Eddie said.

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11th Annual Flame Congress January 27th to 30th 2001
Jesus: Lord of the Overflow - "The anointing was incredible!" - Maria de Mouilpied CCR Co-ordinator
The 11th Annual Flame Congress entitled,
“And Your Vats Shall Overflow” focussed on Restoration.

Syncretism and Inclusion with other religions: "Very, very dangerous."

Freddy Gomez ignites the moment at the Congress: The anointing flowed.

Frank leads delegates in praise prior to preaching his session.

"Prayer is vital in the restoration of your families..."

Some Steve's children (Right) perform a dance routine to the CD track, Everlasting Love, on which they feature with the other Flame Kids.

The tape cover.
Tapes of the whole Congress are available.

FMI Choreographer, Angela Wood, expresses the words of a song from the CD in dance.

DOMINUS IESUS: The Three Kingdoms.
Archbishop Hickey’s message on the Three Kingdoms from the document
Dominus Iesus clarified the mind of the church on this controversial subject.

He challenged the trend towards inclusion and syncretism with other religions and philosophies that is prevalent in much of modern theology, philosophy and ecumenism. “Dominus Iesus said that there were certain false philosophical concepts permeating contemporary society that also entered into inter-religious and ecumenical dialogue.” He said.

The Archbishop pointed out the dangers of this trend as being even worse when it enters religion, “So much so that there are people these days saying things like, ‘the revelation of Jesus isn’t complete; there is more to be discovered. Let’s listen to other religions that are not Christian and we can fill out the revelation of Jesus and make it complete.” He said. “It gets worse; they are saying the Logos, the eternal Word, is not the same as Jesus. So Jesus is dethroned, is no longer the Logos or the eternal Word of God, and therefore, no longer the Son of God.” He said. The Archbishop pointed out that the document addressed these trends and said that they were, “Very, very dangerous.”

Throughout his address the Archbishop insisted that Christianity must influence a country and its society. “Otherwise our legislation will go off track as it has already in many, many instances in Western Australia. The “complete divorce” between governing the country and religious faith is having “terrible consequences” for people.” The Archbishop said.

Archbishop Hickey’s address cleared up much of that controversy and he encouraged Catholics not to be depressed by the sometimes “impenetrable” spiritual darkness of the world in which they live. “When I look at the Church I’m full of hope, because everywhere I went (on recent trips) I saw bands of Christian people coming together for some good purpose including ‘charismatic’ movements spreading like wildfire, and others giving up everything to serve the poor.” He said.

Spiritual Renewal experienced in Freddy's Sessions.

y comparison with previous years, the numbers at the public rallies were low, although the registrations for the workshops were better than usual. The Friday Evening Opening Rally was cancelled due to the Perth Sky Show, so the Congress began with the Saturday morning workshops with Freddy Gomez delivering the first two messages.

Freddy’s message founded on the Ezekiel passages of the Dry Bones and the prophecy of Joel called, "Joel and a New Anointing," began a healing process that was to continue throughout the Congress. Many people experienced a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and others received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for the the first time. This set the pace for the rest of the Congress. "That was so powerful. I really knew the power of God was on me when we prayed - Incredible!", one delegate was heard to say afterwards.

Sevenfold Principle in Earthen Vessels.

Frank’s session on "Job and the Sevenfold Principle" and "Treasures in Earthen Vessels" was a powerful and challenging message of hope. Frank gave clear answers to many questions about the nature of suffering and its consequences in abundant blessings which are accessible only through, and holding on to our faith activated by the Word of God.

Frank opened up the seven principles expressed in the Book of Job in an easy to understand manner which touched many areas in the lives of the delegates. This gave them sound reasons for standing firm in their faith, no matter what the circumstances or other people might say. By remaining faithful to God’s plan in spite of his problems and the attitudes of those who would convince him otherwise, Job won favour with God and received what he had lost, seven times over.

Steve Peake challenged individuals and families to make Jesus Lord of their homes.

Prayer is vital in the restoration of your families!”. FMI Family Crisis Counsellor, Steve Peake, told the delegates. “When people come to our homes, whether they be the sick, the depressed, the anxious, they will find peace and be restored, because we are being restored. Jesus must be Lord of your homes!” He said.

Steve gave some frightening statistics from secular research on the role of children to parents.
He shared how the secular world encourages children to commit their parents to institutions if they see fit to do so without the fear of guilt. Steve covered concerns for caring for our elderly family members. “Whilst we must be concerned for the youth, and rightly so. We, including the youth, must also show concern for the elderly.” He said.

Steve also spoke briefly on euthanasia and abortion. He pointed out that there was no debate as far as the Church was concerned and summed up the mind of the Church to these issues saying, “She says No! That’s simply the answer from the Church! She is a wise and loving mother and she says No!”.

He also covered the area of the domestic church which is our family, and challenged us to see exactly what was influencing our homes. Because, just like the Universal Church, that has Jesus as its head, then “Jesus must be the head of the domestic church in the home”. He said. Steve’s session was inspiring, informative and challenging.

One session that could have been very controversial was Eddie’s session on the Mazzaroth called, Alpha & Omega.

The content of the session exposed the occult Zodiac and its origins, tearing down the veil of corruption that hides God’s signs established in the heavens. The session was a revelation of God’s salvific plan, written clearly in the constellations related to specific Bible texts for all to see and understand.

Order the Tapes

Joel & A New Anointing.
Ezekiel & the Dry Bones.
Treasures in Earthen Vessels.
Temples Restores: Shalom.
And Your Vats Shall Overflow.
Jesus, Lord of my house.
Job & the Sevenfold Principle.
Jesus & the Mazzaroth: Alpha & Omega.
The Three Kingdoms.
Jesus: Lord of the Overflow.
Rejoice in the Bounty of the Lord.

God challenges Job, “Have you fitted a curb to the Pleides, or loosened the bonds of Orion? Can you bring forth the Mazzaroth in their season, or guide the Bear with its train? Do you know the ordinances of the heavens; can you put into effect their plan on the earth?” (Job 38: 31-32). Eddie explained that this text is referring to Astronomy rather than Astrology. “The word Mazzaroth is the Hebrew equivalent of the Greek word Zodiac.” Eddie said. “The Hebrew word Zodi means; The Way. Jesus, is The Way! Satan’s corruption through Nimrod at the Tower of Babel established the occult origins of the Zodiac which we know today.” Eddie said. “This corruption covers what God had originally established in the heavens to shows forth His Glory”. (Psalm 19:1-7)

Basing some research on the findings of Chuck Mezzler, Eddie traced the original Hebrew, Arabic and Latin names, referring to ancient Caldaic, Egyptian, Chinese and Persian star charts, to those names that are a specific correlation in the Bible. It showed how the constellations read as a plan of salvation that can be followed throughout Holy Scripture, giving a celestial witness to Jesus, the ‘sun of justice’. (Malachi 3:20).

Virgo for example reveals that the Hebrew name for the Latin word Virgo, is Bahulah found in Isa 7:14. It refers specifically to "The" Virgin, not "a" virgin, who will bear a son. Explaining the lesser and brighter magnitudes, Eddie showed that the brightest stars to the lesser, translated from the Hebrew names revealed, The Seed, The Branch and The Desire of Nations (Hag 2:7).

Also included in Virgo is the constellation of Centaurus which reveals the concept of two natures (God & Man). The Arabic and Caldaic name means, The Despised One, (Isa 53:3). "It is interesting to note that there is another constellation in Virgo that cannot be seen from the northern hemisphere, that constellation is called, "The Southern Cross". Eddie said.

Because Astrology corrupts what God had established by the signs in the heavens, the use of Astrological charts and predictions are mortally sinful. “Astrology was a capital crime for Israel, the practice of which is condemned in Deuteronomy and other places in Scripture. Astrology is the occult use of Astronomy.” Eddie said.

Taking each sign of the Zodiac in sequence, Eddie established the correlation of the Hebrew words in Scripture. This session tore down that veil of Satanic corruption that began at Babel and restored Jesus as the Alpha and the Omega. He also explained the ensigns of the 12 tribes of Israel and the symbols of the four Gospels. (Rom1:18-23, Acts 3:20-22).

Not only was this subject a power-packed-revelation, but the whole Congress touched on major areas of where restoration is needed and offered clear solutions. God especially blessed the participants in a mighty way during the, Jesus: Lord of the Overflow Rally. Eddie preached on the texts, Ezekiel 47. Revelations 21:5-8 and Revelations 22:1-5. The anointing was so strong that people were receiving healing and conversion as Eddie ministered in prayer for the overflow of the River of Life.

"The anointing was incredible!", Maria de Mouilpied, Co-ordinator for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal said afterwards.

If you can afford them, we strongly encourage our readers to purchase tapes of the whole Congress. It will bless you too.

Eddie addresses Rural Summit: Morals Change.

Convened by the Perenjori Shire Council and sponsored by the Minister for Agriculture, Hon. Kim Chance MLC, the National Civic Council, Elders, Midwest Development Corporation and Agriculture W.A, Eddie was invited to be part of a panel of experts to address the plight of Australian farmers in today’s troubled rural economy.

Shire President, Mr. Brian Baxter invited Eddie due to FMI’s positive influence on the Shire over the past two years to give a ‘spiritual input’ to the summit which was convened on April 6th to deal with, and find solutions to, the negative effects of deregulation and globalism effecting the rural sector of Australia as well as restructuring and implementing better farming methods.

God's Wisdom Prevails.
Not being a religious event, Eddie’s subject needed a certain wisdom so as not to alienate non-Christian delegates and others from non-Catholic churches or other religions without compromising the Gospel message. God answered that prayer and the effect of Eddie’s session influenced the other speakers and the whole summit. “That message was exactly what we needed. I’ve never heard religion put that way before. It wasn’t what I expected. It was very practical and easy to understand. Excellent!”. A non-Christian farmer said afterwards.

Eddie returns to the Pavilion after an interview with ABC Radio.

A lack of vision brings suicide.
ddie pointed out that the problem in society today, especially with the young, is a lack of vision. “The Bible says that without a vision, My people perish. It also says that, if My people would humble themselves and pray, I would hear from them and heal their land.” Eddie said. “The Christian word for vision is Hope. Hope means to have your mind filled with a confident expectation of everything that is good.” Eddie said. "Hope is vision for the future. It gives us something to look forward to and therefore something to live for.” He told them. “Because young people and many here today have no vision, they are suffering hopelessness. Lack of vision causes depression. As a result many give up and commit suicide.” Eddie said.

Using topics from the Set My People On Fire seminars, Eddie spoke about the laws of faith, hope and vision. “We all have faith. We were born with it. It just depends on what you put your faith in that determines what comes out.” He said. “Some people put their faith in politics, some in money and economics, others in people. As for me, I put my faith in Jesus Christ and what his Word has to say.” He said.

Questions from the floor addressed serious concerns relating to the future of the Rural Economy. The concern over Globalism was predominant at the summit.

Mr Gerry Gannon facilitates a question time during the summit.

The summit was facilitated by Mr. Gerry Gannon who did an excellent and very professional job which made the whole presentation a pleasure in spite of the sometimes heavy duty information that was being presented.

Hanging on to every word, Eddie gave them practical and humorous examples of how faith had already worked in their lives since childhood. And how, because of a simple ‘promise’ (a Christmas present) their days were filled with hope until the gift arrived. “This is how faith works. It believes a promise. And that promise brings hope. That hope gives life and something to live for.” He said.

Explaining other ways in which a vision could be formed for their personal, political and corporate lives, and how goals can be implemented from a vision, he told them that the mountains blocking the way are only problems if we fail to face them. “Often, our problems are simply solutions begging to be found. We can spend our lives looking down sewers; they’re all there. Or, we can raise our vision and look at the sky and smell the fresh air. The choice is always ours.” He said.

All too often we cannot see the wood for the trees and get bogged down with the problem. This causes us to loose the big picture and we loose our way. The only way out is to come in from another angle. We need to look at the forest from a distance and raise our vision, then we will see a way through the trees. Eddie explained how God has designed the brain to work naturally by filtering out unwanted information from the conscious mind. “Whenever we take a serious interest in something, all the information relating to it comes to us automatically.

This happened when you bought your car. It wasn’t until you were driving it for the first time that suddenly there were cars exactly the same colour and model all over the place. They were there all the time.” Eddie said. “But, you had not noticed them until that picture was clearly formed in your mind. Once it was, your brain let in all the information about that car to your conscious mind, and that was for free and without hard work. This is how vision works. Without it, we are lacking.” He said.

Practical Faith Demonstrated.

Giving a practical demonstration of how (even) their own words paint pictures in the mind for good or bad, the people began to ‘see’ that there was much more to look forward to than what they had previously thought in spite of the gloomy global rural economy. “There is a saying, ‘The man who says he can, and the man who says he can’t, are both right!’ Faith always says, I can!”.

Eddie answer a question during the open forum that concluded the summit.

Eddie said that faith is not just wishful thinking because it is certain of the outcome and that gives hope. “Who told you that you cannot be the best politician this world has ever known? Who told you that you cannot be the best mechanic! the best farmer! the best businessman! Most likely, it was only yourself. You can change the situation if you first change yourself. My Bible says to be renewed by the renewal of your mind, and that is possible if you believe. If you find yourselves lacking in resources and ability, then there is another natural faculty God has given that will come to your aid. That faculty is, ingenuity.” He said.

Eddie shared many easy to apply steps and concluded by reading the Blessings from Deuteronomy 28 as a prayer for those present and for rural Australia. By the time he finished, a cloud of doom and gloom had changed to one of hope and possibilities. The other speakers (as well as delegates) constantly referred to Eddie’s session in their presentations throughout the rest of the day.

Brian Baxter, Colin Teese, Wendy Dymond, Pat Byrne, Eddie Russell pose for the Farm Weekly Newspaper.

One important thing to emerge is the prospect of forming a new Rural Bank.
Mr. Teese and Mr. Byrne of the National Civic Council who presented some frightening statistic relating to globalism and how Governments have wrongly analysed the value of domestic markets leading to a serious erosion of agricultural industries, stated that the R&I Bank and the Commonwealth Bank were formed to service the people. However, because they have now been sold off, their focus is on pleasing investors instead of farmers. Due to this there is need for a new Rural Bank.

What the Shire President, Mr. Brian Baxter said about FMI:
The people of Perenjori are reassessing their moral values.
"Eddie, you’ve done a great job." Shire President Mr. Brian Baxter said recently. "The people of Perenjori are now reassessing their moral values thanks to you and FMI. People are still talking about your session. You’ve made a big impact. A lot is going to come from this." He said.

Young and old unbelievers impressed.

In a recent letter Mr. Baxter said, "Eddie, the feedback from people about your talk has been excellent. To give you an example, one young man just poked his head in the door to have a listen and enjoyed your talk so much he stayed for the whole session. He said 'you made an awful lot of sense'. Another chap in his 60's who would have walked out if it got too religious, said afterwards, that you were very easy to listen to and he enjoyed your talk very much too.... This summit will now continue with the plans and proposals laid down at the strategy meeting. We will get you back to share your vision for a new farming and marketing approach." He said.

What the Farm Weekly Newspaper said of Eddie's presentation.
(Reported by Shannon Barraclough, Farm Weekly April 9th 2001)
Flame Ministries lay preacher Eddie Russell gave participants at the summit a spiritual uplift. Mr. Russell addressed farmers concerned about the future of farming as an industry and as a way of life themselves and families. In his enlightening speech, Mr. Russell pressed home the importance of having a vision "Without a vision there is no hope and without hope there is no future." Mr. Russell said. He also made practical points relating to individual circumstances and vision, spoke of overcoming problems by looking at the big picture, and used descriptive examples to show the value of having faith.

Australia: Suicide overtakes car accidents as killer.
From AAP 30apr01
14:45 (AEST) SUICIDE has overtaken road crashes as the most common cause of death from accidents and intentional acts, an Australian Transport Safety Bureau report showed today. The road toll has more than halved since the early 1970's while suicide has been rising rapidly to become the biggest external cause of death in Australia since the early 1990s.

"In 1998, road crashes accounted for 21.8 per cent of all external causes of death," the ATSB report said. "Suicide accounted for the largest proportion of deaths, 33.8 per cent, due to external causes. "Road crash deaths declined by 53.1 per cent between 1975 and 1998. "Suicide increased over the period by 75.6 per cent, the largest increase of any category."

Patrick and Linda get new FMI appointments.

Ensuring that certain positions were fulfilled after Frank vacated them, Linda De Franca and Patrick Carre were invited to take a more active role over the past twelve months preparing them for new positions in FMI. These positions are; Flame Youth Meeting Leader and Moderator for Youth and Music.

New appointees, Linda and Patrick with Steve, Frank and Eddie.

Patrick Carre and Linda De Franca take on new leadership roles in FMI.
Linda now takes on Frank’s position as the Leader of the Flame Youth Ministry Prayer Meetings on Friday nights and Patrick assumes the position of Moderator for Youth & Music along with his current position as FMI Music Director. Both Linda and Patrick have the full support of all FMI members and we now ask all our readers and friends to pray for them in their new roles and responsibilities.

Patrick will continue as the fmm Music Director and as a Moderator he will oversee all areas of growth, vision and ministry for the Youth and Music Portfolios. The position of Moderator also gives Patrick a place on the Board of Directors enabling him to officially represent FMI to ecclesial and other official bodies as required.

Linda De Franca FMI

New Youth Meeting Leader for FMI.
Linda De Franca is now the leader of the the Flame Youth Ministry public charismatic meetings. She is also a competent worship leader and singer. Linda has a deep affinity with people's emotions and a mature ability to assist them in taking the right direction. With a strong gift of exhortation, her dedication to the Lord and her enthusiasm in worship, Linda inspires people to commit themselves ever more deeply to the love of God. She has had experience with overseas and local missions. In 1998 she partook in an evangelistic outreach in Kuala Lumpur with the Workers for the Harvest Youth Partnership.
The youth meet every Friday evening.

Steve Peake appointed as Archbishop's representative on Evangelical Body.

Steve Peake FMI

The Working Together Forum is an initiative of the World Evangelical Alliance of Western Australia which aims at bringing churches together to fulfil their common call for evangelisation.

The Alliance aims at, "Facilitating the coming together of Christians from Churches, Para-church Agencies and Training Institutions to share information, to develop trust, and to explore ways of working together in the mission for which Christ sends us into the world." (Mission Statement). “We believe it is worthwhile to convene such a gathering because God desires Christians of diverse traditions and expressions to cooperate in fulfilling the command of Jesus to disciple nations”.

WTF Chairman Ps. John Yates said. “In recent times we have seen the emergence of networks and events like AD2000, Festival WA, Church Together, etc. It is our hope that this forum will continue and deepen this movement of the Spirit of God”. He said. “Recognising that the various streams of the church of God are part of his kingdom and mutually complementary, the forum will seek to bring together a wide range of denominational, para-church and organisational leadership. As all trust is built on relationships, the forum will be a facilitated exercise where people can share visions, tell stories and explore possibilities, not in an abstract fashion but integrated around the Lordship of Jesus in his command to preach the gospel to every creature”. He said.

Appointed by Archbishop Hickey, Steve now represents His Grace by presenting his views and decisions as well as reporting back the developments and plans of the Forum.

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