Australia, Canada, England & USA Radio broadcast my WORD the MESSAGE. Australian CCR celebrates 30 years.
Christian CD International Launch: The music is wonderful - Archbishop Hickey...

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Eddie Russell fmi
Editor, Art Director,
Web Master.

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Notes from the Editor's Desk

fmm CD International Launch: 
Very Professional

UK SMPOF: Showing fruit seven years on

CCR Perth Celebrates 30 Years

Intercessors School Success

Flame Office too small for current growth

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From the Editor's Desk.
Without exception I am always running late with these newsletters. That's a good sign in one respect as it means we are getting busier for the Gospel. On the other hand, it means that I need someone to assist with the day to day general duties which hold me up from completing such work as this.

Not all our work is podium ministry of course. There is also management, organisation and planning of the various works and outreaches. Not the least of which has been the International Launch of my WORD the MESSAGE which was a huge success. Radio stations in the USA, Australia and UK have accepted the CD and are, or will be, playing it on air. This newsletter focusses on that and the Perth CCR 30 year anniversary. There has been more happening than what is reported here since the last edition but what is here we hope you enjoy.

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God bless,
Eddie Russell fmi

my WORD the MESSAGE Launches into the deep.

The music is wonderful: Archbishop.
The international launch by Archbishop Hickey of fmm's debut album called my WORD the MESSAGE was held at Rossetti's Restaurant in Westminster (an inner suburb of Perth Western Australia) on Wednesday 25th July 2001.

Over one hundred and fifty invited guests including members of the press, Christian radio stations, distributors, clergy, religious and other Archdiocesan and Lay Catholic movements enjoyed
what was referred to as 'a very professional and excellent presentation'.

The album is an original eight track CD of contemporary Christian music written and produced by the youth members
of the Flame Music Ministry fmm which has already sold copies in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, USA and England.

The evening began with an introduction, welcome and prayer from Flame Ministries International's Senior Founding Director, Mr. Eddie Russell who explained the background, inspiration and vision of the album. 'It has been our prayer as God has raised up this ministry in the work of evangelisation, that he would unfold more and more ways in which we could express the truth of the Gospel. We already do this in many ways'. He said. 'We do this through the preached word, outreaches, seminars, conferences, literature and the Internet.

'When we produce something like this album it is to reach people in their time, their place and whenever it suits them.' Mr. Russell said. 'This album is all their own work. Every word, every sound, every arrangement was done by them (fmm) and the CD also includes the sheet music in chord chart format which is a bonus for musicians and singers. The only thing that wasn't done by fmm was the final digital mastering which was done in Melbourne'. He said.

Mr. Russell went on to say in conclusion, 'It has been a dream of Flame Ministries to develop music that is suitable to listen to, to be put into an act of worship, or even to dance to. Frank, Steve and myself are excited to see what comes out of Perth and out of the youth and what they can do in music. This album has not come about in isolation.' Mr. Russell said, 'It has come out of a bigger vision and, it (the CD) is part of that vision related to a desire from God for evangelisation'.

Mr. Russell welcomed the people which then led into an excellently produced audio-visual presentation of the history, vision and work of Flame Ministries International locally and overseas since its foundation in 1991. This was followed by the video clips that are on the CD which are suitable for both Mac and PC formats and then a live performance which took on a full concert atmosphere that thrilled the audience to the very end.

The first track,
Let the Trumpets, an upbeat Reggae style song written and produced by fmm music director Patrick Carre and co-written by fmi Senior Director Frank Tassone brought enthusiastic applause. The applause of the guests continued throughout the evening as each of the tracks were performed featuring some dances by fmi Choreographer Angela Wood.

Fr. Irek Czech's track I Offer You sung in Polish, Italian and English impressed the multi cultural audience and set the atmosphere for Archbishop Hickey's address.

The presentation was augmented by state-of-the-art lighting effects provided by Concert & Corporate Productions, the same company and technology that did Michael Jackson's HIStory Tour, U2 and INXS. As a result the evening was not only an audio experience, but also a powerful visual experience.

At the beginning of his address Archbishop Hickey referred to the live presentation saying, 'It's the CD in 3D so to speak.' An opening comment that brought laughter from the guests. 'The music is wonderful. The idea behind it is marvellous and the faith is strong.' Archbishop Hickey said. 'Through this CD we hope that the words of comfort, the words of hope that Jesus spoke in the pages of the Gospel, will go forth and touch and strengthen many hearts,' He said.

Often referring to the Pope's encouragement to the youth and the Church the Archbishop said, 'Do not be afraid to preach Jesus Christ! You will get attacked, vilified and even killed in some countries'. He said. "Put out into the deep. Launch out into the deep. We must not keep silent about Jesus Christ. …I think Flame Ministries is launching out into the deep. Taking the Word, and taking the message to young people. The message in these words, the saving message of Christ going out beyond the safe shores'. He said.

Play The Tracks:
let the trumpets
the rest of my life
everlasting love
to follow
I will worship
I offer you
Glory to our God
a new song

Includes: Bonus Video and Sheet Music.

Polish Distributors:
Wydawinctwo "Salwator"
ul. Sw. Jacka 16,
30-364 Krak=F3w

Concluding his address Archbishop Hickey said, 'Just as the Pope has used the words of Jesus to launch out into the deep, it is my pleasure to officially launch this CD tonight...

'To launch it with the blessings of God upon it so that it will be used by Almighty God. Used by the Grace of Christ to do wonders among young people who are attracted to the words, to the vivacity, the whole tenor of the CD and by the enthusiasm and faith of those who have produced it. So I congratulate all those who have brought this into being. I ask God's blessing to accompany it as I officially launch it into the deep.'

The evening ended with the last two tracks of the album and the participation of the guests. The effect of the whole presentation brought many positive comments and standing applause. 'Congratulations on an excellent evening. The launch of the CD was handled in a very professional and effective manner with the food and wine, the service, the environment, the power point presentation and the musicians'. Julie Williams of the Archdiocesan Liturgy Office said later.

Relating to the international scene Mr. Russell said, 'We have recently negotiated a contract for a Licensed Release in Poland and other countries around Europe. John Michael Talbot's organisation in the USA have also expressed interest and we will be following that up in the near future along with other interested parties in Asia. We hope that the production and release of my WORD the MESSAGE will inspire other Catholic musicians to pursue their own excellence and produce music of all genres that will reach out to others who need the hope that only the Gospel can give them'. Mr. Russell said.

Australian, USA and UK Radio Stations Respond to the CD.
ABC Radio Geraldton, 97.3 Soncity FM Geraldton, Radio 6EBA-FM, Radio Fremantle 100.1 FM, Sonshine 98.5 and 103.9 Hope FM in Western Australia, FM-103 Tasmania, Vision-FM Queensland, www-r-radio Michigan USA, Radio WRYT St. Louis USA, Sunlite 800-N Chicago IL USA, 10888-YES-AIR1 Origon USA and BBC World-wide London have requested and received copies for review and broadcast.

My WORD the MESSAGE is now available in Koorong Book Stores, Gatto Christian Shop, The Christian Bookshop in Esperance, Catholics Corner and from Flame Ministries International in Perth. The CD retails for AUD$29.95 including GST. It will be sold in other countries at their accepted retail prices.

"Whether you think that you can, or that you can't, you are usually right." - Henry Ford (1863-1947)

Intercessors Prayer School at Balcatta Charismatic Prayer Group.
Kaye Rollings, Moderator of the fmi's Intercessors group held a very successful Intercessors Prayer School in the Balcatta parish during April and May this year.
Report by Steve Peake fmi

Mrs. Bernie Guy, the leader of a Charismatic Renewal prayer group, St. Francis Rebuild My Church, invited fmi to conduct an Intercessors School for their members, parishioners and any other interested people. The teachings were well received by the many who attended. By the end of the seminar participants had a greater awareness of the importance of Intercession and a new understanding of its effectiveness.

There were hands on sessions which allowed each delegate to experience intercession in action. Sessions were never dull as the information Kaye was delivering hit at the very source as to why we should all be willingly available to intercede. She demonstrated the varying positions an intercessor may find themselves in but gave assurance that the intercessor is in control at all times.

It is recommended that you keep an eye out for the next intercessors school and make a point of clearing the way to attend. You will discover why you should pray that way, how it works, how it can become part of your life and how to protect yourself against any unwelcome influences which may try to interfere with your prayer life.

Kaye Rollings fmi

Catholic Charismatic Renewal Western Australia Celebrate 30 Years in Perth.

Pentecost was the perfect Feast Day to celebrate 30 years of Charismatic Renewal in Perth.
Organised by the State Service Committee of WA, over 400 people attended the Jesus, Church, Me: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow Pentecost 2001 Conference in Perth. Archbishop Hickey celebrated the closing Mass and shared his vision for the Church in Perth which was later reported in the Catholic Record newspaper.

His vision laid out a refocusing of evangelisation in Perth over the next ten years to stop the drift away from the Church. This vision contains new initiatives which are to look closely at what we are doing and what we need to do. A major part of Archbishop Hickey's vision is the idea that every parish should have an evangelising outreach to non-Catholics which would include all members especially the young. The Archbishop congratulated the CCR on it's presence during the past 30 years and encouraged a greater participation in the life of the Church.

The Keynote Speaker was Mr. Brian Smith who is a member of the Pontificial Council for the Laity in Rome.
Brian's sessions focussed on the role of CCR since the II Vatican Council and how the Church had accepted and encouraged Charismatic Renewal since it began. For those who have not been in the CCR for long these sessions gave them a sense of history and belonging, giving them insights and encouragement for who they are and what they are doing in the Church.

Eddie's session called, The Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Power Tools for Evangelisation in the New Millennium, delivered a powerful and challenging message which established why God has raised up Charismatic Renewal in this century. His message called for a new realisation of what God intended through CCR and an encouragement not to be complacent or luke warm.

He also called the Charismatic Renewal to consider what they were doing in 1986 (as well as at other times) when millions of New Agers on every continent gathered with 144,000 Shamans, Witches and Witch doctors for a synchronised time of Yoga meditation called 'A Global Convergence' to usher in a new age of spirituality. His message focussed on the renewal of the renewal and particularly to stir up the Gift within you: The Holy Spirit is God's Power within you and His Supernatural Gifts are the Power Tools for effective evangelisation in this age.

Mr. Kevin Horgan, founder of the Bethel Community in Perth spoke on the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. The session was informative and encouraging and at times, challenging. He said that fruit is the clear sign of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

CCR Co-ordinator, and Bethel Community Elder, Mrs. Pam Carr spoke on personal holiness using many examples of daily life in her family. Inviting others to give a testimony, Pam showed that personal holiness is developed in the every day things of our lives.

Taking a different approach from what could be called a traditional conference, the SSC introduced a fellowship time which featured youth bands and entertainment. The idea was met with approval from the participants who enjoyed a time of relaxation, fellowship and music from several bands. People mixed, chatted, laughed and danced to some good old (clean) rock'n roll.

The Conference sessions also included presentations from the Disciples Youth Mission Team who performed dramas and skits relating to evangelisation and salvation. A video showing thirty years of CCR in Perth, which featured some wonderful testimonies of God's action in peoples lives, was produced and shown at the conference. The scenes shown on the video brought back many memories for many people. Music and worship for the weekend was led by the Flame Music Ministry (fmm), The Bethel Music Ministry and the Disciples of Jesus Music Ministry. The Holy Spirit of Freedom Community prepared the liturgy for the closing Mass which filled the centre to capacity.

The State Service Committee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Western Australia comprises representatives from Flame Ministries International, Bethel Covenant Community, Disciples of Jesus Community, the Holy Spirit of Freedom Community and the Parish based Prayer Groups.

SMPOF England Seven Years On - A recent letter from Anne Judd, Peterborough.
"SMPOF teachings went very deep and even now, some seven years later,
I still listen and learn from the tapes... We feel this is now the start of this prophecy."

All Souls Catholic Church, Peterborough, England.

Dear Eddie,
So much has happened since SMPOF and this would be a very long E-Mail if I filled you in on all of it. But firstly I must say a big thank you for SMPOF. The teachings went very deep and even now, some seven years later, I still listen and learn from the tapes. Praise God, who else could use something spoken seven years ago and still give more insight - Praise you Lord.

To bring you right up to date. I am leading the prayer group at St Norbert's, the basis of which only formed some three years ago. We have around 20 members at present. The Lord has given us the water of His Spirit to kind of soak in over the past couple of years as people grew in the Spirit and learned how to praise. The Lord was constantly pointing us to the Water of the Spirit and we felt led to be called the Living Water Prayer Group.

Around the beginning of June (2001) God really took us out of our comfort zone and led us to open our doors to the local churches on our Tuesday evening meetings calling us to be Living Water. We have felt a very strong call to unity and to draw our brothers and sisters from other denominations together to praise and seek God. The response has been good, but we are only just at the beginning the Lord has so much in store for us. We now feel led to include intercessory prayer and teaching during the meetings as the Lord leads us. When you came to St. Norbert's you gave us the reading Isaiah 60:1-5. We feel this is now the start of this prophecy. It is so exciting to see what the Lord is doing.

I praise God for all the teaching I had from you, which was just a few months after I was baptised in the Spirit - God's perfect timing. May God continue to use you and Flame Ministries with great power. I just asked the Lord for a reading for you and opened at Job 26:1-4:
'How you have helped the powerless! How you have saved the arm that is feeble! What advice you have offered to one without wisdom! And what great insight you have displayed! Who has helped you utter these words? And whose spirit spoke from your mouth?'

May the Lord always provide your words! Much love in Jesus. Anne.

Another successful Set My People On Fire Seminar Concludes in Perth WA.

Set My People On Fire continues to bless many people.
The recent seminar at St. Dominic's Church in Innaloo which concluded in July was no exception.

People from several parishes and non-Catholic churches attended 16 weeks of in-depth Bible teaching which changed people's lives. The responses of the 40+ delegates to accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was very enthusiastic and very powerful. The weeks also saw healings in many areas of people's lives.

Cheryle Douglas, one of fmi's Intercessors, also had an opportunity to share her faith and knowledge for the first time in SMPOF during a session called "Break Open the Word". Cheryle's ability to sift and seek accurate Biblical information from the Greek and Hebrew texts made the session she shared with Eddie a real blessing for the people.

Over the years SMPOF has been taught by Eddie and Frank. This year the seminar saw the introduction of Cheryle, Kaye and Steve. Kaye has taught sessions on Intercession and Effective Prayer for some time and Steve taught on The Motivational Gifts last year as well as this recent seminar. Along with fmm and this new teaching team, the seminar took on a fresh approach as the different personalities and styles augmented the subjects.

The Flame Office too small for current growth.

We NEED bigger premises to enable our growth.
ince 1991 we have been fortunate to have the use of free office space for the ministry situated in Subiaco. Over the past five years in particular, it has become increasingly apparent that this is not able to cope with the growth of the ministry. In particular, it effects Steve's Counselling ministry due to a lack of privacy when seeing clients.

Due to this Eddie and Linda are not able to attend the office until after lunchtime allowing Steve privacy in the mornings. Consequently, Eddie and Linda often work late into the evenings to catch up on the days work. This becomes an increasing problem when there are seminars or outreaches in the evenings as it means that very little office duties can be done on those days.

This results in Eddie working over the weekends which becomes a greater burden when there are retreat weekends being conducted. The result is that work doesn't get done as quickly as would otherwise be possible and Eddie often works until after 2am to catch up. In addition, the office gets overcrowded when two or more extra people are needed to assist with mail-outs, office duties and computer work.

ver the past ten years the ministry has grown with more members and functions developing according to its vision. From a part-time staff of three, the ministry now has over twenty members with three full time unpaid staff. For the past five years the current office facility has become inadequate for the amount of staff and privacy of various functions. In particular Senior Directors Board Meetings and Counselling Services. Office space alone has become a priority to enable the smooth functioning of Administration, Board Meetings, Counselling, Audio Tape Production, E-evangelism, Advertising, Graphics and Publishing.

PROGRAMME NEEDS: Internal & External.
With steady growth and development, fmi currently provide around fourteen ongoing Biblical programmes and seminars.

These programmes & seminars currently consist of: Set My People On Fire, Flame One, Intercessors Schools, The Genesis Factor, Youth Explosion Seminars, When the Spirit Comes, The Lord's Prayer Seminars, Understanding Blood Covenants, The Fruit of The Spirit, Angels & The Hierarchy of the Heavenlies, The Covenant Armour of God, The Holy Spirit & His Anointing, Finance Seminars, Annual Congress etc. And this does not include subjects and programmes developed for speaking invitations.

mi have six active and ongoing weekly ministries and outreaches.

These consist of: Weekly Youth Prayer Meetings, Weekly Charismatic Praise Meetings, Weekly Intercessory Prayer Meetings, Weekly Music Ministry Rehearsals, Monthly Ministry Development Days, Family Counselling Services.

These regular outreach and ministry meetings are spread over the metropolitan area:
Subiaco, Joondanna, Perth City, Balcatta, Yangebup, Girrawheen and Como and do not include other short term programmes such as the Set My People On Fire Seminars etc. Clearly, the need has become apparent to consolidate these ongoing programmes and ministry functions into one central place. The current status is inadequate, inefficient, costly and time consuming.

Solving practical problems: It has been a common experience thus far to find that venues have been double booked after fmi have booked well in advance. Keys have not been available on the day of programme functions. More than one function has happened simultaneously in the same place unbeknown to fmi at the time of booking. Hire costs have increased after regular use. On occasions these problems have caused fmi to send paying delegates home after arriving at the venues. Our own centre will avoid these situations.

Flame Revival Centre.
The Centre will function as a place of renewal and evangelisation.
The multi-fold function of the Revival Centre in the work of evangelisation will consist of consolidating all fmi programmes and ministries in one place, thus avoiding costly and unreliable venues which have been a problem over the past ten years.

The Centre will also provide a place for a more efficient function of our current functions plus those which we are not able to do presently: Permanent Administration Offices. Graphics Arts Studio for Publications & Advertising. Electronic Media Evangelisation. Secure Accounts Department. Private Christian Family Counselling Service Facilities. Weekly Revival Meetings [Sunday Evenings]. Weekly Prayer & Healing Services [Saturday Evenings[. Weekly Youth Meetings. Weekly Praise/Prayer Meetings. Weekly Music Ministry Rehearsals. Ongoing Programmes & Seminars. Training Programmes for Leadership & Evangelisation. Ministry Training & Development. Social and Spiritual Fellowship. Weekly Intercessors Meetings. Youth Outreaches & Training. Audio Tape & Video Ministry. Devotional Chapel. Daytime Groups and Seminars. Crèche and Children's Ministry, Retreats & Workshops. Annual Congress. Annual YouthFest. Theatre Arts.

Will a Flame Revival Centre stop parish, local or international outreaches?

The answer is simply, no. In fact it will enhance our ability to be more available to them due to the efficiency and stability that our own permanent centre will give us.

This is how we see it.

Is it possible?
Yes through faith and the support of those who can see a value in such a vision. Prayer along with practical financial support will achieve what seems to be an impossible dream given our current financial status. We have already been blessed with a few people who donate regularly into our Building Fund. However, to realistically achieve this vision we need others to join them on a regular basis no matter if that support is large or small.

Because fmi is not a community or group, all our members have a specific function or job and therefore there is no general membership from which we can gain support. Our income depends entirely on the generosity of those who attend our public meetings or seminars, and of course these can vary according to the numbers attending.

An invitation to prayer.

As a reader or subscriber to this newsletter, we would very much appreciate your prayer support for this project. There is one special way that you can give us your support and that is by becoming a Friend of Flame. Take a look at the page and give it your consideration. We have recently found a block of land in a good area but to purchase it and construct the centre will cost around AUD$3 million [approx. $1.6ml USD]. However impossible that might seem to reach, your prayer and ours can acheive the miraculous.

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