fmm at EMINEN concert in Australia. Did piercing the darkness over Australian suburb affect Afghanistan war?

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Eddie Russell FMI
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Pearls of Wisdom
“The present moment is the sum total and fruit of your past, and the substance of what determines your future.”
(Eddie Russell FMI)

What was fmm doing at a Gospel Concert with EMINEN?


Notes from the Editor's Desk

Two Free Family Concerts: New feature at Flame Congress

Did piercing the darkness over Victoria Park affect Afghanistan?

"transformation" - 12th Annual Flame Congress January 2002

fmm & EMINEN at same Gospel concert in Perth

Eddie's testimony shared at Interdenominational Prayer Breakfast

Chisholm College students get a Flame experience.

2002 Congress Program Details

Two Local CCR Visits

From the Editor's Desk.
It has been a long time since our last edition and there have been so many things happening that this newsletter cannot possibly contain it all. We will do our best to bring you up to date even so.

Two of our computers were wiped out during upgrading and all stored information and files over the past five years or so were lost, including our extensive mailing list. This has caused major delays in many areas including this newsletter, but we are slowly getting on top of it. ("...the old things have passed away; behold new things have come.") However, we cannot retrieve any information as all the hard-drives were completely wiped out.

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12th Annual Flame Congress January 2002
New Venue. Two Free Family Concerts. Children's Ministry.
Ocean-view Accommodation.

copyright (C) 2001/2002

"So whoever is in Christ is a new creation: the old things have passed away; behold the new things have come."
(2 Corinthians 5:17)

come and experience a special time of

from death to life sickness to health
sadness to joy glory to glory
Sacred Heart College.
Hocking Parade, Sorrento, Perth, Western Australia.
January 17th through to January 22nd 2002

Dynamic messages by dynamic speakers will change your life and circumstances:
Archbishop Hickey. Raymond de Souza.
Eddie Russell. Steve Peake. Kaye Rollings.

Since our 2000 AD Jubilee Year Congress, the Lord has led us to continue the theme
throughout the year, and 2001 was no exception.

The 2002 Congress has B&B Accommodation with Ocean Views.

The Boarding House accommodates around 70 people.

Large dining areas make life easy for the live-in delegates.

A view from the Boarding House.

Hillarys at night.

The Marina and surrounds with safe swimming.

Last January's Congress on the theme of "Restoration" proved to be the right direction for FMI throughout 2001 as the Lord had said it would be when he asked us to declare 2001 - "A Year of Restoration". As a result, we have seen some amazing things in the areas of conversions as well as the restoration of health, life and relationships.

As the months progressed, the Lord inspired us to preach again and again on the revival anointing called The Baptism of Fire. Consequently we are now seeing another refreshing power of the Holy Spirit moving in our
weekly meetings. It soon became clear that the Lord also wanted us to make this the foundation and thrust of the 2002 January Congress simply called, - "transformation".

We have since understood that God is unfolding a progressive message for our annual Congresses which seem to set the pace for the whole year: 2000 was about
Liberation. 2001 Restoration. 2002 Transformation and, 2003... Well, you take a guess. He has already reveled the progressive theme for 2003 and if you can discern what it is, please mail and let us know. We will tell you if you are right and publish the names of those who are correct leading up to the 2003 Congress. Tip: It is one single word.


This year we are fortunate to use the Sacred Heart College auditorium for the January Congress.

This gives us more space, facilities, extra staging equipment, chapel, classrooms and accommodation enabling us to expand our program. Accordingly we can now offer our delegates a Children's Ministry as well B&B Accommodation for around seventy people with ocean views and beach access.

Bonus - Beaches and Entertainment.
Because there will be free time during the days before the evening sessions begin on Friday, Monday and Tuesday, resident delegates (and others) will be able to enjoy swimming, shopping, restaurants and pristine beaches amongst many things at Hillarys Marina which is within a short walking distance from the college. You can even take a ride on a Harley, see the dolphins and get a tan. There are plenty of activities for children and adults at the Marina which will help make this Congress a special time of, "transformation".

NEW - B&B Accommodation.
The boarding house at the College has beach access and breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, the Hillarys Marina and Rottnest Island. There are 70 sleeping units, both single and double rooms. There is a large dining area and other facilities including a large kitchen. The fee of $25 pp per night will include a Continental Breakfast. We are hoping that this added facility will encourage people from the outlying country areas, the Eastern States or even from overseas to attend the Congress in the future.

NEW - Children's Ministry.
For the first time, due to the extra facilities available to us, we are now able to provide a Children's Ministry with program and activities planned and supervised by Ana De Abreu FMI. This free ministry is open to children over 5 years old.

Family Concerts

music, drama, comedy, fun & witness.
Original music and scores by fmm and produced by the Flame Youth Ministry.

Special Feature.

- 2 Free Family Concerts.
Due to the recent release and popularity of the
my WORD the MESSAGE cd, we are introducing two free family concerts to the Congress this year.

The two concerts start at 7.30pm on Thursday January 17th and January 22nd and will feature songs from the CD as well as new and original music, comedy and drama sketches written and developed by fmm bass player, Damiem Doherty.

The concerts will be presented by fmm and the Flame Youth Ministry. The lighting and technology will be provided by Concert & Corporate Pty Ltd who did the lighting design for the CD launch. This company has been very generous to us in this regard, and considering that we will be using the same technology used for Michael Jackson's HIStory Tour, INXS and U2, we expect the Congress and the Concerts be a visual delight.

Should this idea prove popular, we plan to keep it as a feature in the coming years. It is hoped that the CD and the Free Concerts will be the beginning of the Flame Visual and Performing Arts Center which aims at developing original works, from songs and simple dramas, to full musical productions.

Message from Archbishop Barry James Hickey in support of Flame Ministries family Concerts.
I congratulate Flame Ministries on the addition of a family concert to its outstanding Congress program. It will be a wonderful opportunity for people to see the musical, lyrical and dramatic abilities of young people who have created original works for an audience of all ages. It will be a night of wholesome fun demonstrating that music and comedy are even better when applied to worthwhile subjects. I recommend it wholeheartedly to families and young people alike.
+ Archbishop B J Hickey

12th Flame Congress - January 17th to 22nd 2002

The Program. The Speakers. The Times.

evening sessions
Free Public Rallies - Open to the Public.
Thursday January 17th 7.30pm.
Free Family Concert #1

Friday January 18th 7.30pm.
The Transfiguration of Christ - Raymond de Souza.
Saturday January 19th 7.30pm.
Let Your Glory Fall - Eddie Russell FMI

Our Keynote Speaker.
Mr. Raymond de Souza.

Raymond de Souza is the founder of St. Gabriel Communications and an inspiring Catholic Apologist.

A crusader of Catholic truth, his Sunday 7.30pm radio program "The Layman's Hour" on 107.9 fm Fremantle tackles the real issues of the day without compromise. He runs regular seminars for youth and adults in Perth. He has fulfilled speaking engagements around the world to laity, clergy and bishops. His message at this Congress will also inspire you to a greater faith and conviction.

Sunday January 20th 7.30pm.
How the Church transforms the world - Archbishop Hickey.
Monday January 21st 7.30pm.
Transformation and the Baptism of Fire - Eddie Russell FMI
Tuesday January 22nd 7.30pm.
Free Family Concert #2.

daytime sessions
For Registered Delegates Only.
Saturday January 19th.
9am - How Prayer Transforms Your Life - Kaye Rollings FMI.
11am - morning tea.
11.30am - Why Jesus is the Only Way - Raymond de Souza.
1pm - lunch.
2.15pm - 7 Steps from defeat to victory - Eddie Russell FMI.
4pm - afternoon tea.
4.30pm - Behold I make all things new - Healing Workshop: ministry & prayer.
6pm - dinner.

Phone: + 61 08 9382 3668
Fax: + 61 08 9382 4080
for more information, free brochure and to register.

Sunday January 20th.
10am - Mass in the college chapel. - Open to the public.
11.30am - morning tea.
12pm - Change: It's just a decision away - Steve Peake FMI
1.30pm - lunch.
2.30pm - Forgiveness brings Revival - Eddie Russell FMI
4.15m - afternoon tea.
4.45pm - The Beatific Vision & You - Raymond de Souza.
6.15pm - dinner.

registration fees.
All daytime sessions Saturday & Sunday - $60 pp.
*Married Couples - $50 pp all sessions ($100 per couple).
Saturday Only - $40 pp all sessions.
Sunday Only - $30 pp all sessions.
Single Sessions - $10 pp per session.

Prayer pierces the darkness over Victoria Park.

Kaye gives the teachings prior to the workshop sessions.

The power of prayer brings everyone to their knees as the Spirit leads them in prayer.

Interceding against the spirits of darkness in Victoria Park.

Following a very successful Intercessors School a few months ago in Balcatta, the recent seminars in Victoria Park on December 1st and 2nd at St. Joachim's Parish Hall were no less powerful.

Kaye had decided to change the name of the program from "Schools" to "Seminars". Other than a slight adjustment to the contents, that was all that changed. Except of course, the people and the circumstances in and around the area of Victoria Park, a suburb close to the City of Perth.

When it comes to the Prayer Workshop Sessions Kaye always seeks the Lord about what the delegates will intercede for. In the past, these have had powerful results that seemed to have positively influenced armed conflicts in other countries. At this seminar Kaye was led to intercede for the situation in Afghanistan, the beginning of which was in full swing at that time.

As the intercessors began to pray into the situation in Afghanistan, there was a sense of darkness pervading over the area of Victoria Park. One of the delegates said, "The Lord seems to be saying to us, 'You must pierce the darkness around this area before you can break through to the object of your prayer!". Once spoken, everyone confirmed that this prophetic word was of the Lord and they began to pray into the area around Victoria Park, especially the parish itself.

What ensued was a time of severe spiritual warfare as spiritual entities were revealed to be infecting the whole suburb. Witchcraft, sexual abuse, necromancy, prostitution, willful sin and despair were soon revealed to be the areas of darkness that seemed to block the prayers for the war in Afghanistan.

During the workshops the charismatic gifts of Knowledge, Prophecy, Tongues and Revelation were prolific. By the end of the seminar a sense of peace and freedom descended on all the delegates at the same time; Everyone seemed to know the same thing at the same moment.

Later on it was revealed through some of the parishioners, that there were many occult practices going on in the nearby streets; such as, covens, brothels, abortions, gay-beats and people experiencing visits from the dead. A time of prayer was also entered into to bind and vanquish the dark forces that were preying on the young and innocent in the area. With a sense of victory the prayer workshops concluded with a confidence that the darkness had been pierced and that terrorism would be beaten in Afghanistan very soon. The ensuing weeks since then have confirmed that it is in fact, so.

At the end of the seminars, the delegates had been diligently instructed, inspired and equipped in the art of intercessory prayer, but most of all, they had also experienced the power of intercession and saw the results.

Chisholm College students get a Flame Youth experience.

The Flame Youth Ministry Team spent three solid days during August conducting retreats
for the Chisholm Catholic College Year 11 students in Perth.

Catholic College
Year 11 Retreats.

Damiem shares his personal testimony with the students.

Group sharing and collective activities involved the students at a deeper level.

Dramas sent a powerful message to everyone present.

Ian calls the students to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior into their lives.

The team get the students involved with active participation.

Drew Griffith.

Invited by Assistant College Chaplain Drew Griffith, Patrick Carre, Linda De Freitas, Ian Wood, Linda Furey, Angela Wood, Rosie Cerqueira, Ana De Abreu, Damiem Doherty with the assistance of Fiona Tabone and Sabrina Dei Guidici spent three full days conducting retreats for all Year Eleven students of Chisholm Catholic College on August 17th, 28th and 29th. The retreats were a huge success and were enjoyed by students and staff alike.

The overall theme for the retreats was related to, "Gifts".
These gifts comprise those we were born with and acquire naturally, as well as those that God bestows by Grace which enable us to prosper in our chosen fields of endeavor. It is said that, "Grace builds on nature." And that the order of things is, "First the natural, then the supernatural". When our natural talents, gifts and abilities are endowed with God's supernatural gifts and abilities, we blossom into the full humanity for which we were first created: All things become possible simply because our thinking sees the possibilities in all things and Grace gives us the courage to pursue them to the end.

The three segments were lead by Damiem, Patrick and Ian.
he program was the same for each day with interactive games, singing, dramas, sketches, small group work, personal testimonies, songs from fmm's CD, my WORD the MESSAGE and Gospel stories, both in word and mime.

led the first segment and spoke about how, after being a regular Mass goer when he was young, he was led astray when he became involved in the rock music scene. During this time he got involved with alcohol, drugs and the club lifestyle. He shared how he battled for his soul as he began to leave that life and how Jesus intervened to bring him through. He shared about the difference his life takes now that he is free from the drugs and following Jesus in his daily walk. Concluding the segment he sang the song "To Follow" which he wrote and composed for the my WORD the MESSAGE album.

In his segment Patrick focussed on the gifts that God gives each and every one of us when we are born. He spoke about his life as a professional musician and how God has blessed him with these gifts to share with others. He encouraged the students to pursue their personal zone of excellence and to dream their dream. He explained how other people can steal our dreams and how to prevent it from happening. "So, work out what you want to do and, go for it! Why? Because you can excel in God in all your gifts!" Patrick told them.

In the final segment Ian shared his testimony and how God has worked in his life throughout his Christian walk. In conclusion, he issued a call and a challenge for the students to think seriously about accepting Jesus into their lives.

Each day concluded with a Mass with the music provided by fmm.

The response to these retreat has been very encouraging.
any students were visibly moved and blessed by the presentations, most of which were original material written and produced by the FYM Team. The school staff were also very impressed. The following is a letter from Ms. Taniya Rodrigues, the College team Coordinator.

Dear Flame Youth Ministry Team,

On behalf of the Retreatants, the college and in particular, the college Ministry Team, I would like to extend a vote of thanks for your outstanding efforts during the three days that made up the Year 11 Retreats.

The feedback from the students has been positive and we appreciate the amount of time and effort that was put into getting the Retreat prepared for them. Due to these factors you can be assured that your program was a success.

I'll be in touch with you in the near future regarding the possible facilitation of other retreats for the lower school campus, namely the Year 8 and or, Year 9 students for early next year.

Yours sincerely,
Ms Taniya Rodrigues.
College Ministry Team Coordinator.

Mark Nimo (EMINEN) preaches to an enthusiastic audience with his original African style of music.

Mark's humor, charm and powerful message gave many hope for their future; it is possible to change your ways and find a wholesome way of living. Mark's testimony of his checkered life without Jesus to what he has become today for so many people around the world was an inspiration for everyone who heard him. EMINEN is, Mark Nimo, Catholic Evangelist.

A Gospel Concert sponsored by The State Service Committee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Western Australia on September 9th featured International Catholic Evangelist and Singer, Mark Nimo from Ghana. Mark is a member of ICCRS in Rome and travels the world preaching, giving witness and singing the Gospel message.

Along with other local Bands from The Disciples of Jesus Community, The Catholic Indonesian Community Music & Dance Group and Drew-N-Tom, fmm featured live tracks from my WORD the MESSAGE to an enthusiastic audience.

Billed as EMINEN, the gospel concert coordinated by FMI's Senior Founding Director, Eddie Russell, was promoted to youth in and around Perth and the parish of Ballajura. The idea of the name 'EMINEN' came about due to the controversy in Australia over the visit of the American singer by a similar name. Mark's initials of course are, "M" and "N" - EMINEN.

Considering that the American singer is white and has a very negative message, the idea that an African singer with a positive Christian message was an excellent counterbalance with which to attract the youth. The poster which featured Mark's photograph as the negative only added to the concept twist which attracted comment in the local Catholic media.

Local Charismatic Indonesian Community invite Eddie to preach.

After hearing Eddie preach at the CCR Pentecost Conference, the Catholic Indonesian
Charismatic Prayer Group leaders invited Eddie to preach at their weekly meeting.

"Put your trust in God's Word, not man's word and you will see it come to pass in your daily life".

The message was based around Colossians 2: 9-15 and Ephesians 1: 3-6. which explained that we share in the same fullness as Jesus does with the deity in bodily form. Eddie explained that as we were baptized, we were also buried and raised with Jesus. "That took place 2000 years ago and you were raised up at that time and seated with him in heavenly places. When we understand that this is so, we will not permit sin, sickness, despair and the works of darkness to prevail because Jesus has obliterated all the power Satan on Calvary: He is under your foot and it's time you put your foot down!" Eddie said.

"How can I convince you that so many things have already taken place? Let's look at Ephesians1: 3 - 6, and notice all the past tense words". He said. Explaining that we were chosen in Christ before the world began, Eddie encouraged everyone, especially the young, to confidently pursue their dreams and ideals in the Lord no matter what hindered them. "Bring them to completion because they belong to you by Divine right!" He said.

LISS at Lockeridge Prayer Group: Receiving God's Gift.

"The Holy Spirit reveals the mind of God, and God's will is for abundant life for you all."

"Receive the Holy Spirit."

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal around the world run regular Life in the Spirit Seminars. These seminars have brought millions to Christ over the past 30 years. It is estimated that over 90 million Catholics alone have experienced the Baptism of the Holy Spirit mostly due to these simple but profound introductory seminars.

Eddie spoke to the delegates about the Holy Spirit being God's first Gift. He explained that once he is received all the other Gifts follow because they come as a package-deal with the Holy Spirit who never comes empty handed. "We say in the Mass that we believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord and giver of Life: His concern is with life and with that life to be abundant for us!" Eddie said. "Jesus said that that is why he came; to give us life more abundantly! That life is the same as Jesus had from the Father which he desires for you to have by the Holy Spirit."

Eddie explained that 'abundance' means, a fullness; great to overflowing; sufficiency; wealth; profusion; copiousness. "This is God's will and desire for you through Christ by the Holy Spirit who is the Lord and giver of abundant life! And it is available right now tonight if you want it". He said. They did, and he did, and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was experienced by all who asked in faith.

The Last SMPOF for 2001 concludes at LJ Goody Center.

Set MY People On Fire has been conducted in Perth twice a year since 1990 as well as in Peterborough and Birmingham in England. Segments and adaptations have also been conducted in Singapore and Malaysia with wonderful fruit and results.
The last one for 2001 in Perth was no exception.

It is always great to see new delegates who begin the seminars with uncertainty amongst strangers.
After sixteen weeks they are totally renewed and transformed; they have become a brand new creation as Saint Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5: 17. Although the seminars are predominantly about preaching and teaching, there are also times of prayer ministry as the Spirit leads us.

One one particular evening a man (We'll call him John) suffering from severe Psoriasis; a debilitating skin disease, asked for prayer to heal him of his condition. Eddie asked Gary, one of the other delegates who had received a healing in his shoulders and back a couple of weeks previously, to pray over him with the confidence he had gained from his own experience. Eddie assisted, and after a short time with no discernible results, the prayer ceased. Eddie encouraged John to keep believing and thanking God no matter what. He then shared the story about Iris who was completely cured of the same disease a few years previously. A couple of weeks later John shared how all the Psoriasis had left his neck and shoulders.

The next SMPOF Seminar will begin on February 20th and conclude on June 2nd 2002 at St. Joachim's Church in Victoria Park.

International Year of the Volunteer: FMI gets its Certificate.

FMI full time volunteer workers, Steve, Eddie and Linda.

Kay Ford works diligently transcribing all the SMPOF sessions for Eddie before the computers lost all the data recently.

ike thousands of other volunteers and organizations in the Perth Archdiocese, FMI received a certificate of thanks and recognition from the Church at a mass gathering at Aquinas College.

Not only can the Church not survive without the selfless service of volunteers, neither can FMI. All twenty five member in the ministry are volunteer workers who not only do not get paid, but who regularly pay for the privilege of serving the Lord. In fact, the local missions all over the vast State of Western Australia for example, have all been financed by the members themselves otherwise it would not have been possible for the small country and rural communities to afford such an entourage visiting them. Eddie, Steve and Linda work full time on a purely volunteer basis without pay. The certificate had no monetary value, but the recognition was important.

When our computers lost all our data and information it included all the work Kay had done transcribing 100's hours of tapes. Kay had spent months transcribing all the SMPOF seminar so that Eddie could write them into a volume of books when, the computers crashed. If FMI had to pay for this service, it would not only be impossible to accomplish, but redoing the job would be out of the question.

Kay's love, diligence and faithful service must be acknowledged.
Frank, Steve and Eddie thank you Kay. You are God's choicest blessing to us and we are very grateful to you.

Eddie gets up early for breakfast and tells how God saved his life.

On the invitation of Mr. Brian Fencott of the St. Alban's Anglican Church, Eddie spoke about his conversion experience at a Prayer Breakfast on November 24th.

60's LSD Drug Guru Timothy Leary influenced students to "Tune in, and drop out".

Attended by Christians from the Anglican, Catholic, Adventist, Pentecostal and other churches as well as people with no church affiliation or belief, Eddie spoke about being in Rock Bands and the Hippie movement in the late 60's and his career as a freelance Graphic Artist and how these things had influenced his life.

He then shared how God had redeemed him from a life in the occult, eastern religion, promiscuity and the drug scene. "Had God not intervened that fateful Sunday morning when I lay paralyzed from drugs, I was surely going to die and go the hell." Eddie told them.

"I knew I deserved that, and I was prepared to accept it. My state of mind at that time believed that if there was a God, and I was to find that out, then I would die and go to hell". He said. "At that point, lying there paralyzed, I knew I would rather die and go to hell knowing the truth, than to stay alive one moment longer without it". He said.

"I cried out with all my soul. - If there is a God I need to know you and speak to you. But I want to speak to the true God. The God above every god! " Eddie said. "I knew Krishna, Shiva, Kali, Vishnu, Lucifer and many other gods and spirit guides learned through what we call the New Age Movement today. Eddie said. "But somehow I knew at that time that they were all false and could not help me". He said. "At the very moment that I could see the pit and felt myself slipping into it, an overwhelming love bombarded my whole being. I knew I didn't deserve it and I tried to push it away. The more I tried, the more powerful and insistent it became. I knew, deep within myself that it was God, and that he loved me. My sense of shame grew to an unbearable degree until finally I let go and accepted the love. At that moment I was flooded with peace and fell asleep on my lawn. I now knew that God existed and that he loved me, but he didn't have a name." Eddie said.

"Some months later I was reading the Bible for the first time and suddenly, in a flash of knowledge and clear understanding, I knew this Jesus was alive and real! - The God with no name who had loved me into life that fateful morning became clear to me: His name was, Father! And at that moment I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior". Eddie said. "It can be same for you right now! No matter what you've done or where you've been, this same Jesus can change your life too!". Eddie said.

At the end of his session Eddie asked everyone in the room bow their heads and pray for Jesus to come into their lives and grant them salvation. Afterwards several people admitted using horoscopes and New Age practices, repented and accepted Jesus. "That was just what some of these people needed today". Convener, Brian Fencott said afterwards. "We should have recorded it. A lot of people have been asking for a tape". He said.

The Prayer Breakfast was sponsored by GATEWAY. A ministry of Christians in action for the community under the auspices of St. Alban's Anglican Church, Highgate and the City Church of Christ.

Inspirational Bible Teaching - Tapes. Books. Music...
my WORD the MESSAGE mp3's
let the trumpets / the rest of my life
everlasting love / to follow / I will worship
I offer you / Glory to our God / a new song


We hope you have enjoyed reading this edition of Flame Revival News Online.
We at FMI thank you for visiting us and we wish you a Holy and Spirit-filled Happy New Year.

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