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Eddie Russell FMI
Editor, Art Director,
Web Master.

Pearls of Wisdom
"If you want to change the world, change yourself."
Eddie Russell FMI [1979]
Nigerian $cam warning
Recently I sent out mail warning of the latest multi-million-dollar scams from Nigeria. These people who have stung many business people are now targeting Christians claiming to be Muslims who have found the Lord and want to bless you with their wealth of millions of dollars. Don't get caught. Go to this web site below and see what the scam is and what Interpol and US Government are doing about it.

"I can count to 9! We had an ennemagram at school today and I want to be a caflic teacher when I grow too."
The enneagram and prayer


Notes from the Editor's Desk

Apostolic Blessing for FMI and fmm CD from Pope John Paul ll - Letter

UK Magazine: fmm CD Review scores 6/10 - But...

Flame Congress 2002: Revival Fire

fmm Concerts: New Material & Pics

NEW BOOK: It's Faith Jim, but not as we know it - preview sample

FMI Buddhist: Jasmine Wong Baptised - Testimony

NEW - Flame Youth and the Nicene Creed: Information

Two New Translations: 12 Steps book for Slovenia and Croatia

FMI at Disciples of Jesus MM Retreat

Where are you Fr Gagnon...

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A possible spam solution. One way these spammers get addresses is by sending spam robots to scan the html codes on a web site looking for the mailto: in the addresses. Once found they harvest them and add them to lists. One way to foil them, apart from not responding to the mail, is to add a little code into the html on your web page to hide the email address and confuse the robot. I have found a code that can do this. By putting &#64 in place of the @ symbol in the html code it will still read as @ in your browser and also in your e-mail window when it is posted. It seems that the spam robots searching through the source code doesn't understand &#64 and bye-passes it. Try it and see how you go. I have heard it said that billions of dollars a year is wasted due to spam. Spam is a real problem and stamping it out would free up a lot of the Internet for honest users as well as making cyber life more pleasant for us all.

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12th Annual Flame Congress & fmm Concerts.

Copyright (C) 2001/2002

from death to life sickness to health
sadness to joy glory to glory
Sacred Heart College.
Hocking Parade, Sorrento, Perth, Western Australia.
January 17th through to January 22nd 2002

The new venue for our annual Congress was very good. The auditorium was over twice as big as the previous venue. As a result, it made the numbers look smaller due to its size which was a little disconcerting on the opening night until we realized the situation. We did note however, that many of the familiar faces were absent. Perhaps because of the location or other reasons not known to us. Never-the-less, for those who did attend it really was a time of Transformation in the Lord.

Raymond de Souza is the founder of St. Gabriel Communications and an inspiring Catholic Apologist. A crusader of truth, his Sunday evening radio program The Layman's Hour broadcast at 7.30 every Sunday evening on 107.9 fm Fremantle tackles the real issues of the day without compromise.

Visit St. Gabriel Communications and see what they have to offer.
Click Here.

Catholic Apologetics and Archbishop Hickey a hit at Flame Congress.

"Keynote speaker, Catholic Apologist, Mr. Raymond de Souza gave the best explanations of difficult subjects that I have ever heard; they were brilliant in their simplicity and profound in their revelation". Eddie Russell FMI

Perhaps the most striking sessions [for different reasons] apart from those on Revival Fire were Raymond de Souza's explanation of the Beatific Vision and how it applies to us. Equally brilliant was his messages explaining the Transfiguration
of Christ and Why Jesus is the Only Way.

These subjects have now formed an integral part on Apologetics in Raymond's Tape and E-Books series which we highly recommend to you; They are a great way to present accurate Catholic answers to difficult questions. You can order his tapes from this Congress directly from FMI by sending us an e-mail.

Raymond also runs regular seminars for youth and adults and hosts a regular Youth Forum in Perth. A man of remarkable knowledge he has fulfilled speaking engagements around the world to laity, clergy, religious and bishops. He is a man of great faith and conviction and his messages at this Congress were no exception.

Archbishop Hickey spoke on the subject; How the Church Transforms the World.

His message particularly delighted those in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal as he cited an example of faith from a testimonial that he read about a young lady's conversion and experience of a personal Pentecost. His message constantly referred to the importance of personal conversion and the need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit if the church is to transform the world in which we live.

We need the Gifts of the Holy Spirit today no less than the Apostles did in their time. His message encouraged delegates to grow in their gifts and service through which the church is built up and made strong in these uneasy and evil days.

The Baptism of Fire has many consequences and has touched many nations since it was prophesied in 1993.

Perhaps the most timely of all the messages was on the prophetic anointing called the Baptism of Fire. Two rallies were preached by Eddie Russell who first prophesied this revival fire on May 13th 1993. Since that time FMI have been hearing reports from around the world as the prophecy said we would.

Both sessions, Let Your Glory Fall and Transformation and the Baptism of Fire saw the power of God impact on the delegates as they yielded to the Holy Spirit's anointing. There's no doubt that even after all these years it is still early days for this fire to be seen in great numbers. However it is clear that God is more than willing to manifest his glory in the midst of those who repent and submit to the Divine Will in heartfelt praise and worship.

Stop Press! - WE NEED YOUR URGENT HELP to find Fr Gagnon
Update: Fr Gagnon FOUND!

Baptism of Fire: Mexican Parish experiencing Revival.

There is a parish in Mexico [We don't know where] that has been experiencing The Baptism of Fire for just over a year now. The parish priest, Fr. Dan Gagnon contacted Eddie a couple of months ago to see if he could go there to preach some conferences and rallies. Eddie had set aside August to be there but unfortunately Fr. Gagnon's e-mail service is off-line and he cannot be contacted. If any of our readers know Fr. Gagnon and where he can be found, please let us know urgently. God is doing a wonderful thing in Mexico and the Devil hates it.

Thank you Fr Gagnon's prayer group contacted us two day after this was posted.

Steve and Kaye add to the rich tapestry of the Congress message.

Speaking only at the workshops Steve Peake and Kaye Rollings added substance to the overall messages. Kaye's session on How Prayer Transforms Your Life was solid spiritual food with practical examples. Her experience as an Intercessor and her knowledge gained from presenting Flame's Intercessors Schools in England, Singapore and Australia made these sessions a powerful demonstration of prayer both in word and in practice.

Steve, who's thrust at this Congress was for families and their survival in today's death and antifamily culture, presented a clear antidote for despair. His session, Change: It's Just a Decision Away, highlighted the need for a radical reappraisal of family values based on personal excellence and conversion of heart and mind in order for the Christian ideal of family life to succeed in the face of such great opposition.

Steve presents Certificates to some of the many delegates who had completed the Set My People On Fire seminars throughout 2001.

The Call: "Uh-Oh... Is that that you God?"

My Word the Message Family Concerts: A first for Flame and fmm

Original works by the flame youth ministry and fmm thrilled audiences over two nights of fun, music, drama and
gospel theatre.

What could be described as a Gospel extravaganza of fun, entertainment and drama pleased audiences over two nights at the 12th Annual Flame Congress in January.

People and entire families came from all over the metropolitan area of Perth as well as other towns some hundreds of kilometers away to enjoy the Flame Youth Ministry's Family Concerts. However, the concerts, a first for Flame Youth Ministry, didn't escape the opening night gremlins who only show up when the show gets underway. In spite of a few backstage missed-que's and sound glitches, the cast and crew overcame their little horrors in the spirit of true thespians; they died of terminal embarrassment on the spot! But gained their composure quickly, much to the delight of the audience who were happily resurrected with relief.

The concerts, based around the themes of fmm's CD, my WORD the MESSAGE also had other original material.

Damien, wrote and produced the opening mini-musical called, WHO WILL GO FOR ME? which featured three new songs also written by Damien;
I will go for You, Turn your eyes and, Don't send me Lord.

In this moving and yet funny musical drama, God [Damien Doherty] calls his Servant [Patrick Carre] out of the blue to turn back to him and then go to all his friends with a message to bring them back to God. The Servant, although inspired by God's Call and the exciting new life God offers, begins to perceive the reality of the Calling and becomes reticent to respond for fear of ridicule and rejection. However, he does as God wants and awaits the opportunity to tell his friends how great God is and how exciting it is to come back to him.

Throughout the interplay we see tableau's of life in the fast lane as well as in the couch-potato lane: The Servant's friends are all caught up in the cares and pleasures of life; the corporate world, sport, sitcom addiction, the good life and all else besides with no place or time for God.

When the Servant enthusiastically approaches each friend individually as they happen by his way, he experiences the rejection, indifference and ridicule that cuts to his heart. At each encounter he returns to God in shock and despair. God continues to encourage him to keep going back and try again only to experience more of the same. "My son, My children perish. Will you go for Me?" God continues to plead with the Servant. As each provocative encounter unfolds we see the Servant becoming more and more despondent with the rejection and indifference of his friends until he finally breaks down in tears of deep anguish, grief and frustration. At his limit the Servant finally gives up, turns in anger and rejects God once more.

In the final scene, the Servant, broken and lonely gives up completely, throws down his bag and bible and leaves the stage fighting all the way with God's pleas for a response. God desperately calls to him, "My son, My son. Please! My children perish... Won't you go for me? My son, My son....". Finally the servant vanishes from the scene leaving only God's lonely voice echoing in the darkness.

The stage now has an eerie look: It is black, empty, silent and still. The only activity is the pulsing light and smoke billowing from the pearly gates from where God's voice was emanating. In the emptiness God cries out, "Hello... Is anyone out there? Will someone go for Me?... Hello? Hello? Hello?......". The curtain falls in silence and the children in the audience who had been calling out, "I'll go for you God!" suddenly become aware that unless someone is willing to give up everything for their friends nothing is going to change.

People sat motionless for some time in deep thought, stunned with emotion before they began the applause. And applause they did; Damien had made his point in his first musical and the opening act of the inaugural Flame Family Concerts.

Singing News Songs Unto the Lord.

Altogether there were thirteen original acts with an intermission which included video clips from the CD. But the most exciting thing was the new songs, musical and dramas that featured in the shows. Fr. Irek Czech wrote and performed a new composition called, Praise to the Lord. Flame Youth leader, Linda De Freitas wrote and performed her first song, Let us Sing for Joy; a Boot Scootin' Gospel rendition which formed part of the finale and received enthusiastic applause. Damien wrote the musical, Who will go for Me and a drama called, Jesus my Hope along with three new songs, I will go for You, Turn your eyes and Don't send me Lord which were featured in the opening segment.

The feedback after the shows were very encouraging. We learned a lot, suffered a bit and enjoyed sharing our faith with people from all walks of life from little children to grandparents; in fact, there were times during the show when you couldn't tell the difference.

These family concerts were a first for FMI and they have proven to be a very popular event which demands an encore for the coming years. Hopefully, we will gain some sponsorship support which will help the production even more next year.

Caitlin teaches the children to join in the actions and chorus of Everlasting Love from my WORD the MESSAGE on which she and the other flame kids sing.

Play mp3 tracks from my WORD the MESSAGE
let the trumpets
the rest of my life
everlasting love
to follow
I will worship
I offer you
glory to our god
a new song
CD Includes:
Video Clips and Sheet Music.

"Well, ahm shoor a gonna keep on keepin' on pilgrim."

Our Vision for the Annual Concerts.

No-one can deny that Christian values are being eroded in all levels of society and new, and often dangerous spiritual practices are becoming very popular even in the Church. The need for a new evangelisation is an urgent matter which cannot be ignored; People of all ages, especially our youth, have ceased going to Mass, gone to other churches or have given up on Christ altogether and adopted many New-Age philosophies or pagan religions.

We believe that evangelisation should meet the needs of people in this modern age, speaking a language that makes sense to a sophisticated generation in order to make the Gospel message and the Church relative to daily life. To achieve this end, FMI makes full use of modern means and technology to the level that our limited resources will permit: This concert and the album that inspired it are part of that evangelisation.

Through preaching, bible seminars, parish missions, the annual Flame Congress, praise meetings, family counselling, school and university missions, publishing, Internet, theatre arts and music, we strive to live the Great Commission in union with the Bishops of the Catholic Church by virtue of our baptism through which we are called to give witness to the saving Grace of Jesus Christ.


Top Christian Music Magazine in UK Reviews my WORD the MESSAGE: 6 out of 10 Rating

Click Here to go to site

Judge for yourself.
Listen to the tracks

my WORD the MESSAGE scored a six out of ten rating from Cross Rhythms pop music critic, Mike Rimmer.

Considering the review itself, this was very generous of Mike who seems to know what he is talking about and pulls no punches when publishing his opinions. Looking at other bands that were reviewed in the same pop section of Issue 67 page 26 Mar/Aprl 2002, fmm did pretty good in spite of it; some bands got better reviews but lower scores on the rating squares. Never-the-less in spite of this, a radio station in Scotland contacted us requesting the CD for broadcast as a result of Mike's comments. Thanks Mike.

THE REVIEW: By Mike Rimmer - Cross Rhythms Magazine UK.
Goodie! A reggae album. I must tell Mike Francis so he can play it on Reggae Time on Cross Rhythms radio. Sadly no! This is actually a mish mash of different styles to create one of those worship albums that is all slick but totally forgettable. You get the ethnic rhythms and gentle strumming of 'The Rest Of My Life' and something similar on 'Everlasting Love' except that it is more traditional pop drumming. There are thoroughly mellow songs like 'I Offer You' and a bit of a sanitised rocker 'Glory To Our God' with synthed horns and some just-out-of-tune-enough-for-me-to-squirm vocals. It actually sounds like some bad West End musical. What I am saying is that this is competent but there are at least 200 albums just like it released this year. No doubt earnest in intent but ultimately unimaginative in delivery. Perhaps if they'd gone for reggae all the way through... hmmmmm.

Mike Rimmer.

Needless to say we would have preferred to read some glowing accolades from our first English speaking review and debut album. But then, I'm like a parent who always sees their kids as the best on the block and wants everyone to like what they do.

Seriously though, we are not fazed by this review. In fact we are quite pleased; at least it was worth publishing a comment and it did get us 6 out of 10 and onto another UK radio station.

When 12 Steps to Divine Healing was first released it was reviewed by Peter Dwan in the Catholic Record newspaper in Perth. Peter slammed it mercilessly calling on all sorts of private revelations with which to measure scripture and debunk the book entirely. Especially scathing was his attack on redemptive suffering and a false cross. Peter, not getting a bite from Eddie in defense, stepped up the criticism in another Catholic newspaper in Sydney embellishing his criticisms even further. The amazing thing however, is that the very area that got the most slamming from Peter Dwan was the very subject that has blessed people the most; 'The bondage of a false cross'. Not only that, the book has since sold in nearly every country and is now published in two languages and ready to be published in another two. And that by public demand! All I can say is that I hope my WORD the MESSAGE, like the book, rejected by the experts, but accepted by the faithful for whom it is produced, gets the same results. After all, the public are the true critics and you can't beat what they say.
[See Slovenia publication and John Medina's letter this issue]

Disciples Music Ministry get input from FMI

Each year the Disciples of Jesus Covenant Community's Music Ministry hold an annual retreat. This year they invited FMI evangelist, Eddie Russell to speak at their one day retreat.

The sessions dealt with the differences between Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship in the context of public worship. "We often lump these things together as though they are different expressions for the basically the same thing". Eddie said. "But in fact they are very different and, unless we understand the differences we will not be as effective as we could be". He explained the differences and how they applied to the format of a worship time. He also spoke on praise-dynamics and vision explaining how the anointing of the Minstrel can influence the mood of a congregation preparing them for the anointing which comes through the ministry of music.
The DOJ's have well formed music ministry and Tom, the leader will be bringing out a debut CD soon.

Disciples of Jesus Home Page

From Buddha to Jesus: FMI member Jasmine Wong was Baptized & Confirmed at Easter.


Concelebrated Mass. Jasmine was Baptized, Confirmed and received her first Holy Communion at the same Mass on Easter Saturday.

[left] with the other candidates pose together after their Baptism and Confirmation.

My Journey from Buddha to Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

My name is Jasmine Wong. I was born in Singapore and brought up in an environment where the practiced religion was Buddhism. I also practiced the religion but not on a regular basis even though I would partake in the events and celebrations. As a child I was enrolled in a Convent school and this is where I was first exposed to the Catholic faith. However, all I knew at that time was that Masses were held when there was a celebration of a particular event. This went on throughout my secondary school (Up to the equivalent of Year 10 in Australia). After graduating, I went on to pursue my education in a Public College. During this time I lost contact with the Catholic faith and with God. Later, while working as a Relief Teacher I met Freddy Gomez from Youth Praise Ministry [YPM] in Singapore who would be the one who got me started on my walk with God again; Freddy would invite me to the Youth Praise Ministry's (YPM) Saturday charismatic meetings but I would always excuse myself due to work.

Eddie Russell, Jasmine Wong and Steve Peake.

Some of the Flame youth pose with Jasmine at her Baptismal party.

However, things changed: The Lunar New Year was round the corner and all Chinese, regardless of religion, celebrate this. My family was to hold a reunion dinner so I had to apply for a half-day leave from my work. That Saturday I attended my first YPM meeting which, as a result, was also my last day at work; it was then that my life began to change. During that praise meeting the Holy Spirit touched me; I felt a beautiful tingling sensation down my spine through to my legs. I later phoned work and told them I was quitting so that I could attend these meetings. Afterwards I went on retreats and youth outreaches with them and I learnt a lot. Then, in June 1999 I attended a Youth in the Spirit Seminar organized by YPM and this is when I was Baptised in the Holy Spirit.

In1999 I decided to pursue my tertiary education in Western Australia. Freddy Gomez was a key speaker at the Flame Congress in January 2000 and after returning to Singapore he gave me the details of Flame Ministries International to contact when I arrived. I arrived in WA on the 8th of February 2000. In March that year I began attending prayer meetings organized by Flame Ministries at the Cathedral Praise Meeting in Perth on Thursday nights and the Flame Youth Meetings in Balcatta on Friday nights. Later, in 2001 when I assisted with the Annual Flame Congress, I was asked if I would like to join Flame Ministries International as an active Ministry Member. On the 30th of January 2001 I decided to take up the offer and my application was accepted by the Senior Directors. I had graduated the Set My People On Fire Seminars and then started the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). After completing RCIA I was Baptised and Confirmed on Easter Saturday 30th of March 2002 when I fully entered into the family of God.

It was a difficult journey throughout those four years and I encountered many difficulties and objections from my family.

My parents viewed attending a Christian charismatic prayer meeting as a waste of time and something that was unproductive: They strongly preferred me staying at home because they were afraid that I could become a part of a cult. Due to this, I had difficulties attending the YPM prayer meetings. However, on my birthday in 1999 the youth at YPM prayed for a breakthrough in this area. A few months later, my parents accepted that I would be attending the prayer meetings and they stopped discouraging me. They were still worried as parents, but they accepted it nonetheless, and things did work out for the better.

My parents are now aware of my commitments at church and they are fine with it so long as I manage my time properly. The breakthrough with my mother was strikingly evident when she asked me during 2001 when I was getting Baptised?! That was reassuring. My family came to Perth for a visit in December 2001 when they met some of the people from church and Flame Ministries after which they were more relieved. Thus it is with their blessings and approval, that I was Baptised and Confirmed a Catholic on the 30th of March this year, 2002.

Jasmine Wong FMI

Sadly for FMI in Australia, Jasmine must return home soon in order to fulfill her family obligations. We will miss her very much but she will no doubt be involved with FMI in Singapore.

Pope John Paul II sends his Apostolic Blessing to FMI

From the Vatican 6 March 2002

Dear Ms Furey,

The Holy Father has asked me to thank you for the CD which you sent him. He very much appreciated the devoted sentiments which prompted your gesture.

His Holiness asks our Lord Jesus Christ to pour out his grace upon all involved in the work of Flame Ministries International and to fill you with his peace.

I am also pleased to convey the Apostolic Blessing.

Yours sincerely,

12 Steps to Divine Healing: Translated into Slovenian and Croatian languages.

The proposed new book cover design to be translated into Croatian and Slovenian languages.

Already available in English and German, this popular book by Catholic Evangelist Eddie Russell FMI will also be available in Croatian and Slovenian languages before the end of the year.

Ignis International, a Catholic evangelisation organisation in Slovenia have recently secured the exclusive rights to publish 12 Steps to Divine Healing in both languages for distribution in Eastern Europe and all countries where those languages are used.

Matej Leskovar of Ignis International says they are also planning to publish internationally especially to Latin America where there are large Catholic Slovenian communities. After the first year they also plan to publish [the book] in Spanish, Italian and French. "We consider your book is really anointed and a very useful tool for the evangelization". He said. "We also think that the translation of this book can be the first step to further cooperation, not only on the level of publishing, but also on the level of evangelization in Slovenia, Croatia and later also in other countries of the Central and South-Eastern Europe: Czech and Slovak republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Albania that suffered from Communism and also Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia that suffered from the war in ex-Yugoslavia in 1991-1999." He said.

Matej and the staff at Ignis International have asked to do the Set My People On Fire seminars in preparation for FMI's input towards their evangelisation efforts.


English Edition: A recent testimony from the USA.
"None have ever expressed it the way you do using the Abrahamic Covenant and the New Covenant established by Jesus: It makes so much sense.... My experience in daily Mass has changed drastically and I marvel at all the covenant terms, language and concepts that are replete in the liturgy."

Dear Eddie,

My order of two copies of 12 Steps To Divine Healing and a set of the Blood Covenants tapes arrived last Saturday. I was so anxious to get into reading and listening that I'm only now writing you. I've read the book and listened to the tapes twice! The message has had such an immediate impact that I'm sharing this good news with people; my experience in daily Mass has changed drastically and I marvel at all the covenant terms, language and concepts that are replete in the liturgy.

I don't know when God is going to heal me, but I know that He is going to heal me because it is one of my covenant rights. I've read so many Protestant treatises on healing (since in the Catholic Church, our own teach that we should carry our cross patiently to its ultimate conclusion: Death!), but I could never give myself permission to believe because it wasn't Catholic. Eddie, none have ever expressed it the way you do using the Abrahamic Covenant and the New Covenant established by Jesus: It makes so much sense. It makes me want to proclaim it to people I'm running into because it is really such Good News!

Your first tape on Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship really addresses the current situation of Charismatic Renewal in the US. We call the gatherings Prayer Meetings and average 40 people and this in spite of the fact that our Life in the Spirit Seminars draw 100 to 150 people annually. The participants receive the Baptism of the Spirit and only a handful will come to the weekly prayer meeting. I am convinced that the term prayer meeting connotes the opposite of what we want it to. Also, our meeting is mostly a songfest, beautiful moving songs to be sure, but no thanksgiving, no praise and no worship. Consequently, no miracles. In fact, in our prayer for the sick we pray for whatever God wills but now I know that God wills for His people to be healed, healthy, wealthy and whole so as to build up the Church. Those out in the world have all the bad news they can want. What they need is genuine Good News.

John A. Medina
Corpus Christi, Texas USA.
June 11 2002

Flame Youth present new program on Nicene Creed - I believe.... We believe...

Contact Shenton:

Venue: The Alverna Centre, St Lawrence Church,
392 Albert Street, Balcatta starting at 8pm.

Praise & Worship by fmm. Children's ministry available.

Why do we believe in only ONE God?... What is 'one holy catholic and apostolic church?... What is the difference between begotten and made?...

A series of teachings presented by Flame Youth Ministry will take you through each affirmation of faith in the Nicene Creed weekly from Friday June 28th to Friday August 2nd 2002.

NEW BOOK on Faith by Eddie Russell FMI - "It's Faith Jim, but not as we know it".

(c) Copyright Eddie Russell FMI 2002

Due to many requests from various countries over the years Eddie is currently writing another book on The Law of Faith.
The style of writing in this book has a humorous tone which lightens the weight of a heavy subject, but maintains a profound integrity to the subject itself.

By faith we know that the universe was ordered by the word of God, so that what is visible came into being through the invisible. [Hebrews 11:3]
The conceptual title so far is called, "It's faith Jim, but not as we know it". This is a parody on the original Star Trek series due to the cosmology of faith in the book of Hebrews which this new book will unfold in depth.

Saint Paul takes it for granted that his readers understand the origin of the universe related to the law of faith. He doesn't elaborate, but immediately cites examples suggesting that his readers knew exactly what he meant. The question for us today is, do we understand exactly what he meant? By explaining the Mazzaroth from Genesis onwards, this new book will take a fresh approach to understanding the law of faith and also unveil the pagan occult zodiac and its origins for what it really is. In doing so, it will also establish what Abraham and the patriarchs in the Old Testament, and Saint Paul in the New Testament, saw in the heavens regarding the revelation of Jesus Christ and the Gospel. - The heavens show forth the glory of the Lord and firmament his splendor.

Although the subject of faith was the nexus of 12 Steps to Divine Healing and it was covered in a simple and direct way, this new book will explain in more depth and clarity what faith is, the nature and substance of faith, what faith is based on, how faith works, how to increase and grow in faith and how to get the desired results. It will also cover the areas of justification, righteousness, healing and salvation with several proven examples along with testimonials and much more on the subject which will include comments about what Eddie refers to as; the anti-faith.

At this stage it is a lengthy job but it will be a major work for study and inspiration. It is progressing well and hopefully it will not be too long before it is completed. Already expressions of interest have come from publishers to translate it into other languages. We will keep you informed through this newsletter.

"Faith is the divine ability to believe that the impossible is possible, and then to go about achieving it." Eddie Russell FMI

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