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13th Annual Flame Congress Perth WA January 24th to 26th 2003 Entering the Mysteries of Light.

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"The fool thinks he knows all the answers, but the wise man knows he doesn't."
Eddie Russell FMI

"Hello!.. I'm made in the image of the enemagram, 'cause Father Richard said it was really Jesus."
The enneagram and prayer

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News from the Editor's Desk

Revival: The Letter of Welcome from the Cardinal Archbishop of Mexico

Claravision TV Mexico City:
Eddie Preaches Baptism of Fire to
25 million people

The Baptism of Fire Mission:
Eddie and Pat in the Burning Bush and the Basilica of Guadalupe

The Baptism of Fire: New Vision for the Americas: Revival Prophecy on National Television

The Baptism of Fire Revival Tour of Mexico: The Story with Photographs

Baptism of Fire: Revival at St Louis Catholic Church, Miami Florida

How Revival came to Mexico:
Fr Dan Gagnon's Testimony

Baptism of Fire: England Revisited

The Burning Bush Revival:
Carlos Alberto's Testimony

Baptism of Fire: Singapore Youth

fmiTV - Flame Television: Could it be on its way?

Baptism of Fire: A Revival in Perth where it all began

Sean plays his beloved guitar at a Flame family day picnic last year.

May you rest in Peace brother Sean.
We lovingly dedicate this Revival News issue to Sean Blee fmi who was tragically killed in a car accident at 1.30pm on 19 September 2002.

Sean featured on the my WORD the MESSAGE album as a member of fmm [Flame Music Ministry]. He was a professional guitarist and singer who, until he joined fmi and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in 2000, lived for the rock-n-roll lifestyle.

Sean's example, courage and testimony to the saving Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ was an inspiration to many. He loved music with a passion, and when he played 'for the Lord' as he would say, his music touched the hearts of those who heard him. We have been greatly blessed in knowing Sean and privileged to have him as part of our ministry. We grieve deeply for him, but at the same time celebrate his life and the gift of himself to us. We especially pray for his wife Jennifer and his daughter Charlotte that he virtually lived for. May the Holy Spirit bless and comfort them in the knowledge that Sean is now home at last with his Father in Heaven. Good-bye brother Sean, you are enshrined in our hearts until we meet again in the heavenly Kingdom of our God and Father.

While honoring Sean Blee we are also mindful of those who died in the barbaric Bali massacre on October 12. That insane act, perpetrated in the name of religion, struck with such evil that it has left its mark not only in Bali, but also in the minds and hearts of so many families in Australia. In solidarity with them and our brethren killed in the 9-11 massacre, we condemn such acts of evil and offer our prayers and condolence to friends and families of the victims. We also pray that those injured will make a quick recovery.

God bless, Eddie Russell FMI

Revival Fire Australia - Mexico - Miami - England - Singapore

The Baptism of Fire in Mexico:
30 years of Charismatic Revival prophecies fulfilled!
Over 25 million people heard this prophetic message preached by Eddie on television throughout South America, Mexico, USA, Canada and right up to Alaska...

Invited by Fr. Dan Gagnon OMI, Director of the Commission for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archdiocese of Mexico, and the founder of the Burning Bush Community in Mexico City, Eddie and Patrick began a prophetic mission like no other in Flame's 12 year history.

This Revival Mission to Mexico, financed by generous people in Perth WA including a donation from the Archdiocesan Leaders Meeting of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Perth reached over 25 million people in Mexico, South America, USA and up to Alaska: All this was fulfilling prophesies and prophetic visions spoken over the past 30 years. The significance for [Western] Australia was the fact that Eddie had preached a Rally on the Revival at the invitation of the Lockeridge CCR prayer group in the Good Shepherd parish church the day they left for Mexico. Why is this significant? Well, we'll come back to that at the end of this newsletter.

Flame Ministries International's Eddie Russell and Patrick Carre were officially welcomed to Mexico City by the Cardinal Archbishop of Mexico.
In an apparent rare gesture, Norberto Card. Rivera Carrera, Arzobispo Primada de Mexico, sent an official letter of welcome and blessing to Eddie and Patrick to mark their first revival and evangelisation mission to Mexico in August and September 2002.

Receiving honor from our hosts and a warm welcome from Local Ordinaries wherever we have ministered has always filled us with humility, love and respect. But never so much as our amazing welcome to Mexico during August and September 2002.

The official letter of welcome from the Cardinal Archbishop of Mexico.

The letter of welcome from +Norberto Card. Rivera. Arzobispo Primado de Mexico.

The English translation

Mexico, D.F., 19th August 2002.

Eddie Russell and Patrick Carre.
Flame Ministries International.
Archdiocese of Perth

Dear brother evangelists Eddie and Patrick:

With much joy we welcome you to our Archdiocese as lay preachers. We hope that your temporary stay and your apostolate in our lands will be blessed by Our Mother of Guadalupe and that, following the example of Saint Juan Diego, you may be instruments of evangelisation in the mark of our permanent mission.

We know that the mission that the Lord Archbishop Hickey has charged you with is in consonance with the new Evangelisation which H.H. John Paul II has asked of us, and it is on his behalf that we congratulate your Ordinary and send to him a cordial greetings in the Lord Jesus.

We hope that your evangelising testimony will have a very fruitful result for our people in this land marked by the maternal presence of Saint Mary of Guadalupe, and may your spiritual experience enrich us in the love to go on proclaiming the Good News.

May Our Most Holy Mother of Guadalupe, the Star of the New Evangelisation, and Her great preacher Saint Juan Diego accompany and inspire you in your apostolic endeavors.

Your brother and servant who blesses you.

Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico City.
The High Altar of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Eddie and Patrick were welcomed to Mexico by Fr. Dan Gagnon and the Burning Bush Community at the home of Tato and MarieElena.

The entrance to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mexico City.

A rare photograph taken by Eddie on the media office balcony at the top of the Basilica.

The original Basilica of Guadalupe now used for Perpetual Adoration.

The lounge and dining area in Tato and MarieElena's beautiful home in Mexico City.

A statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe takes pride of place in Tato's home.

The evening they arrived started with introductions and then a time of worship after which Fr. Dan produced Archbishop Norberto's Letter of Welcome that was written in Spanish, but read out in English. The impact of such an unexpected honor from the Cardinal-Archbishop stunned both Eddie and Patrick. "The Archbishop has never done this before." Fr. Dan told them, "It's nothing short of a miracle to get a letter like this." He said with a beaming smile.

Not only did the letter leave a marked impression, but also did the quality of spontaneous worship by the community. Without pre-praise songs they began to worship in the Spirit with the most beautiful litany of inspired praise. The amazing thing was the sound of birds that were singing in the living room: It was late in the evening and birds do not sing at night, and, neither was there any pet birds in the house. This phenomena seemed to be a genuine work of the Spirit which simply inspired more praise and set the pace for even more of God's little surprises as the weeks rolled by.

Patrick and Eddie were especially honored during a visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Thinking they were just visiting, as do thousands of other pilgrims each year, they were stunned when they discovered they were getting the "royal tour". Pat and Eddie were taken to areas in the Basilica building where only dignitaries go. The image of The Virgin of Guadalupe can only be seen from below the sanctuary by means of a moving pathway; The image is positioned high above and it is not possible to get a detailed view from there. However, after being issued with security passes, Pat and Eddie were escorted by the Basilica's media director, Anna Lou, onto the High Altar and were able to view the image close up. The impact this had on them was deep as they realized this was no ordinary tour, but a great honor that they did not expect.

Mexico City
A view of Mexico City taken by Eddie from the media balcony on top of the Basilica.

The Media and Television transmission office at the Basilica of Guadalupe.
Left to right: MarieElena, Eddie, Carlos Alberto, Mary-Carmen and Patrick.

The ancient cultures, as beautiful as they were, are a stark reminder of why conversion to Christ was needed. In Mexico it happened especially through St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe:

The ancient Aztecs were a blood thirsty lot who's method of conversion to their gods was for their priests to sacrifice the women of those they conquered in a bloodletting ceremony like no other. They would then wear their blood-soaked skins as a sign of their salvation and entry into Aztec heaven. Now, since Guadalupe, entry into the true heaven is through the Sacrificial Blood of Jesus Christ. It was the Virgin of Guadalupe that liberated the women of this ancient culture and she can still do the same for the women of today.

Aztec skull:
Another convert is duly dispatched to Aztec heaven

Fr. Dan Gagnon

How Revival began in Mexico City.

Born to a family in a Charismatic Community in the USA, Fr. Dan Gagnon experienced Revival in 2001. Prior to this, a young Catholic theologian named Carlos Alberto had discovered the Baptism of Fire on the Flame web site in 1997. However, Carlos didn't experience the fullness of revival until Fr. Dan introduced it to him and a few young people which then formed The Burning Bush Community in Mexico City. A year later to celebrate their first anniversary, Fr. Dan invited FMI Evangelist Eddie Russell to preach a Revival Mission around Mexico. Until then the community had taught regularly on Eddie's Baptism of Fire prophecy and the subsequent outpouring of grace that was experienced in Perth on May 13 1993.

Fr Dan Gagnon OMI tells of his experience and healing that began the Revival in Mexico

I am a Catholic priest from the USA. I entered the Charismatic Renewal in 1970 when I was thirteen years old. My parents were important leaders of the renewal in New England. I lived in a charismatic community for four years while in college. I left all this when I joined the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.

In March of 2001 while giving a series of talks on the cults in Texas, I was suddenly filled with chest pains and spent five hours in the emergency room. The pains were excruciating and I had to cancel my talk. Every type of test (x-rays, EKG) was given but no cause was found: I sensed there was a spiritual cause behind the pain but I had no reference point in my spirituality at that time. At 1.30am the pain went away and I returned to the retreat house. The next day I sensed huge changes in my spiritual life: Attitudes, thoughts, feelings, sins were gone.

A week later I was to hear about the "transverberation of the heart" in Ezekiel who says "I will change their hearts of stone..." This mystical experience b-t-w has happened to a few hundred people around here since then. Also while in Texas people were experiencing healing and manifestations of the Holy Spirit which I did not even know existed until I saw them. - In hindsight I had been longing and praying for something for myself and for the Church for two years without knowing what I was praying for, or that God would have mercy on us.

When I returned to Mexico the revival came also. More healing, conversions and manifestations of Grace. - People were crawling out of the woodwork to come to our prayer meeting. To cope with this, and to give them instruction, we had six Life in the Spirit Seminars going on at the same time. Sadly, this caused jealousy among the leaders of the CCR in Mexico City.

You see, being "charismatic" for them meant moving your hands and applauding. When we were experiencing tongues (90% of the people received them) as well as healing and powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit, it caused suspicion and fear. It was so ironic that the same people whom thirty years years ago suffered persecution for the same charismatic phenomena were now attacking us: I was defamed, called a Protestant, devil, etc. without even being visited by the coordinator of the City who was invited many times to come and see for himself what we were experiencing.

One of the most incredible things I experienced happened three weeks after returning from Texas. All of a sudden before the revival meeting I felt as though someone began pouring thick oil on my head that ran down to my chin and as it flowed it felt heavier there as though I had a beard drenched with oils. - This lasted for four hours. The next day, Holy Week, the feeling began again in the morning, but now it was drops of water - large and small drops of a lighter liquid. It was not the heavy oil of the evening before. This happened during a youth retreat and lasted all day. The next day before the Blessed Sacrament I could feel tongues of fire. They were not hot as one would expect but cool and refreshing. Eventually this feeling of flames spread to my hands and feet.

At one stage during this experience everything went dark for a few seconds as though there was a total eclipse and then I saw the flames.
It surprised me because they were golden; I had always imagined them to be blue like the pilot light on the gas stove! When I would pray over someone, never touching them the person, not even knowing that I was praying, would also feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit and would start to cry. Sometimes the sensation on my head was not of flames, but that of a roman soldier's helmet.

The feeling of fire would come and go and it would be stronger when I prayed more intensely. This was the case at Mass as well as praying the rosary. At first many people felt the anointing but it did not stay with them for more than a few minutes. Eventually, some began experiencing the same thing I was (about 40 that I am aware of thus far). This has had a tremendous impact on their lives: More desire for holiness, no more T.V or radio, more Sacraments and more prayer time.

Around November of last year [2001] around eight people began a new experience. The light tongues of fire on their heads turned to the painful needle-like feeling of a crown: The feeling they felt on their hands and feet, as though being in a lightly heated sauna, began hurting like spikes or needles. The Lord seemed to be inviting them to share in His Passion as victim souls. Because of this we have had to be more discreet. We have meet with experts in discernment and mysticism (Jesuits and Carmelites), exorcists and a Bishop. We have been told that thus far the experience is authentic even if new. Now with your [Eddie] coming to Mexico hopefully the Lord will use this special moment in the history of the Church for mutual edification and growth.

Fr Dan Gagnon OMI - Mexico City August 10 2002

Carlos Alberto's experience of Revival was sparked by the Flame Ministries web site and the Baptism of Fire prophecy which inspired him to seek the Holy Spirit's touch of glory for himself.

A History of Revival in Mexico
Zarza Ardiente [Burning Bush Community] Mexico City.

"I cried a lot wanting more of God. That's when I discovered Flame Ministries International and the Baptism of Fire they spoke of. From that moment, another radical change in my life began to happen."

Carlos Alberto is the worship leader and main bible teacher for the Burning Bush Community in Mexico City. He was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1992 after which he saw radical changes in his life as the Holy Spirit began to reveal his vocation as a Theologian. He later began studies in Religious Sciences in the La Salle University. His experience of the Revival was inspired by the Flame Ministries International web site and the Baptism of Fire prophecy which compelled him to seek the Holy Spirit's touch of glory for himself. - His story below reveals how the Revival came to Mexico City and why Flame Ministries International were there sharing the message of the Baptism of Fire.

Becoming involved in the Charismatic Renewal in my city, the Holy Spirit taught me to have a life of total praise, a love for the Holy Scriptures and the Church. However, something seemed to be missing in the groups I attended. From my seat in theology at the university, I defended the existence of the Charismatic Gifts and the Pentecostal experience using arguments from the Bible and the teaching of the Church, the Pope, the Catechism of Catholic Church as well mystical writers like Saint John of The Cross or John Tauler. Although the academic life often weakened my faith, the Lord protected me, renewed my faith and purified my praise.

However something seemed to be missing in some charismatic groups in my area: They seemed without fervor and without fire. In many groups the charismatic gifts had been substituted with imitations or with the techniques of "guided visualization" and group dynamics. The praise had been substituted with music and dance with a lot of body dynamics and little true praise and worship: The praise leaders taught certain "choreographies" instead... I cried a lot, wanting more of God. - That's when I discovered Flame Ministries International and the Baptism of Fire they spoke of. From that moment, another radical change in my life began to happen...

In 1997 I found Flame Ministries through their webpage. The prophecy, the vision and the experience of the Baptism of Fire impacted on me immediately and I said: I want that! At first I doubted if such a revival in Perth was really Catholic, but it was, thanks to God!

I then spoke to Fr. Daniel and some friends about revival and of wanting more of God, but nobody seemed interested in the Pentecostal revivals in Argentina, Toronto, Pensacola and England. Then I discovered there was a Catholic Revival in United States with Monsignor Vincent Walsh. I was impacted by Eddie's articles, Mons Walsh and Patti Gallagher that encouraged people to want more of God.

In 2001 we had a team of eight people: Three were in the charismatic renewal and the rest were not. We prayed together daily requesting the power of the Holy Spirit. Soon we were requesting more than the presence and power. Even though those that were not charismatic missed out a little we made an effort to praise a lot. Later, Father Daniel went to Amarillo Texas to give some conferences about cults and religions. When he returned he told me that he had received The Baptism of Fire. I could see that something had changed in him. After a while I began to want what Father Daniel had so I read many revival books and I cried before God requesting His River in my life.

Fr. Dan Gagnon

Then, on March 15, 2001 something happened. We had our daily time of prayer, but this time something breathed in the atmosphere and Father Daniel shared his experience with us. Afterwards we celebrated the Holy Mass to request the gift of the Spirit. At the moment of the Consecration Father Daniel could only say, "Already come!". When we received Communion the praise exploded! Suddenly all of us, including Elsy, my girlfriend, who didn't like the Charismatic Renewal, begin to praise God and His presence became stronger and stronger. Paulina, who was also anti-charismatic received the gift of tongues and saw a vision of a bush fire.

The Lord gave me the interpretation of the tongues which said, "I AM THE GOD OF FIRE (Hebrews 12:29). I AM THE FIRE THAT WANTS TO BURN IN THEIR HEARTS (Luke 12, 49). I MAKE IT NOW!". When I spoke I didn't know that Paulina was having a vision of the fire. Julio had a vision of a cloud that came on us behind a cross. Some fell under the power of the Spirit and we all cried. A sister was liberated from the claws of a dangerous cult by this experience. It was the first time she had prayed with us and that day she received the Sacrament of Confession and took Holy Communion.

Carlos leads the worship.

Our weekly Prayer Meeting had now changed. The presence of God is strong and there is a lot of praise. Soon we had 100 people gathering and so we gave our first evangelism course. From a vision and a prophecy in tongues, the Lord asked us to call to the community BURNING BUSH. (Exodus 3:4). After this I received the holy laughter which is a true miracle because I cannot laugh a lot due to a sickness that I have, but now, when God visits me with His joy I don't stop of laughing. One day I was so drunk in the Holy Spirit I could not walk.
I encouraged Father Daniel to contact Eddie and Flame Ministries. I wanted to be with Eddie and share all that was happening with us.

In short, God is very good. I have seen His "wonders" and it has surprised me many times. I am now in charge of the teaching ministry for the community. God has appeared powerfully in our Mass until there was a strong scent of wine that a lot of people perceived.

Four weeks ago He gave me a word of knowledge on a physical healing of a spine. I said it with a certain fear but GLORY TO GOD it happened! Almost one year ago God gave us a prophecy in tongues that impacted on me a lot. He told us, "I OPEN THE SKIES ON YOU.... MY FIRE WILL BURN MORE AND MORE. IT REMOVES THE IDOLS OF YOUR HEART". God has already noticed the critics and the persecution we suffer. However, I considered myself part of the Charismatic Renewal who have had concerns mainly due to the holy laughter that has shown a lot among us.

Carlos Alberto - Mexico City August 13 2002

Fan the Flame banner outside the Congress on the Baptism of Fire in Mexico City.

Delegates at Fan the Flame come forward in answer to Eddie's Altar-Call at the National Congress.

People gather on, and in front of the stage as Eddie gives a word of encouragement before praying for the Baptism of Fire, healing, conversion and deliverance.

There were so many people that for two hours people filed along and up onto the stage as teams prayed for them.

The the Flame Ministries Revival tour of Mexico begins.

Three weeks of preaching, prayer and ministry around Mexico saw many conversions and healing as well as deliverance from demonic oppression.

Eddie prays with 100's of people after preaching his message. People would break through the crowd, take one of his hands, kiss it and place it on their heads. Moments after this picture was taken, a woman who was consecrated at birth to Satan by her family, was set free and consecrated to Jesus.

"In all my life I will never forget the faith and love of the Mexican people..."

St John Bosco Church, Coacalco State of Mexico: Around 2,000 people crammed the room and 100's more overflowed into adjacent areas to hear Eddie speak on the Baptism of Fire.

Shortly after Eddie began his message, a demonized woman became violent, hissing at Eddie. Although taken away by the deliverance ministry, she could be heard screaming for the next two and half hours until Eddie went and set her free.

Fr Dan Gagnon spoke of his experience of revival and celebrated Mass at the Fan the Flame National Congress in Mexico City.

People would break through the crowd as Eddie was praying with people, take one of his hands, kiss it and then place it on their head asking for a prayer and a blessing.

Fr. Dan comforts a woman in the crowd at a church at Mexico Nuevo as Eddie preaches his message and prepares for the Altar-Call.

At Mexico Nuevo young people listen intently as Eddie spoke about raising the dead; a witness of what happened at his meeting in Perth some years ago.

The crowds worship as they wait for Eddie to pray with them at the Burning Bush Community meeting.

Patrick teaches on the Power of praise and Worship at the Los Remedios leaders conference.

At the Prayer breakfast in Guadalajara. Centre: Pepi who leads Fr Emelian Tardif's organisation.

Julio Hernandez enthusiastically joins in the praise at another conference during a session for leaders at tonala Jalisco.

Leaders of the tonala Jalisco community begin to dance and praise.

Burning Bush Community Leader Edgar Perez prays over a group of people during a conference as they move forward towards Eddie.

Soldados De Cristo Conference

Soldados De Cristo Conference

Soldados De Cristo Conference

The pictures above taken at the Soldados De Cristo Conference in Guadalajara speak for themselves.

Eddie preached in many Catholic Churches and Charismatic Conferences around Mexico including Guadalajara, Los Remedios, Coyoacan, Coacalco State of Mexico, Predicadores de Pueblo: Martin Rivera and Mexico City and many other places where thousands attended to hear him speak.

The preaching schedule was very busy over the three weeks in Mexico. At times Eddie spoke at four different meetings in four different areas in one day. After each meeting hundreds of people crowded in seeking prayer. This meant that rushing off to the next meeting which, with the constant heavy traffic and very poor roads, especially in and around Mexico City, it made things very rushed and tiring.

At every Conference, group and Church where Eddie preached, people would crowd around him seeking prayer.

Most times he would be praying for people for many long hours after the sessions ended. Typical of this was the Conferences in Guadalajara where Eddie preached and ministered from early morning until late at night.
At a Prayer Breakfast the following morning given in their honor, Eddie preached a short message after the meal and then asked the people if they wanted the Baptism of Fire? The response was immediate! As a result, Eddie, with the assistance of Fr. Dan, Burning Bush Community leader Edgar Perez, Julio Hernandez, Eddie's interpreter Alejandro and Patrick began praying with them. Fr. Dan and Julio along with the music ministry kept the praise going and exhorting the people to keep praising in the Spirit. However, Eddie was still praying with people until 6.30pm that night when Community leader, Nacho, finally began sending people home.

This response was the same with each Conference in Guadalajara as well as all the others throughout the mission. "In all my life I will never forget the love and faith of the Mexican people." Eddie said. "Their hunger for the Word of God was inspiring as well humbling: Being crowded in by hundreds of people and praying for them for as long as six hours at times without a break is amazing". Everywhere he went people would squeeze through the crowd, pick up one of his hands, kiss it and place it on their heads for a blessing. "At first this embarrassed me very much because it was like the time when the woman with the issue of blood crawled through the crowd and touched Jesus - these people were doing the same thing to me and it embarrassed me". He said. "When it first began I refused them because I didn't want to look like I was accepting a messiah status. Shortly afterwards I realized it was a display of their deep need of God's love and refusing them would only send a message that Jesus didn't care. So, with deep humility, and without encouraging them, I allowed it". Eddie said.

"Throughout the mission I was pleased see people readily receiving healing and conversion: Witnessing people being set free from the power of demons was amazing."

Confronting the demonic in real terms in not uncommon in the ministry of the evangelist. This is because the work of all evangelisation is to deliver people from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light. When this process begins, especially through the preaching of the Word, it upsets and reveals the demonic presence just as it did in Jesus' ministry: The demons know who is present, and this causes them to manifest their nefarious works, often in dramatic ways.

At one service alone Eddie dealt with five demonized people.

One woman in particular had been consecrated to Satan at birth by her family. When Eddie approached her in the pressing crowd, the demon reacted with violent agitation to his presence. In all situations, Eddie calmly dealt with them. He did not converse with them nor ask how they took hold. Neither did he give them an audience which demons love to have. In the case of the woman consecrated to Satan, the woman was incoherent and seemingly out of her mind, so her friend explained the sad history of her life to Eddie. After careful discernment Eddie broke the power of the Satanic consecration and declared her consecrated to Jesus Christ. She immediately fell to the ground violently shaking her head and body but as Eddie prayed the demon left. She became calm and peaceful and then began to praise God and received the Gift of Tongues.

Los Remedios
Los Remedios

Patrick went on mission to assist Eddie and lend him support, however, Patrick also spoke and ministered in his own right.

Patrick also had a large impact throughout the mission and many people received healing and blessing when Patrick prayed for them. People loved his music as well as his preaching, most especially at Conferences to the youth. At a Conference for Charismatic Leaders at Los Remedios, Patrick spoke on the Power of Praise and Worship. He then led the people into a time of worship and within a few moments the power of God hit them; People wept, laughed, repented and fell to the floor.

Eddie preaches on Revival at the Burning Bush weekly meeting.

People are blessed in the Power of the Spirit during the Leaders Conference at Los Remedios.

St Michael the Archangel depicted defeating Satan at Los Remedios.
St Michael the Archangel depicted defeating Satan at Los Remedios. This statue dominates the skyline outside the Church.

A back street in Guadalajara
A back street in Guadalajara outside the Soldados De Cristo conference.

At Soldados De Cristo Julio assists Eddie with the crowds that came seeking prayer after his message.

Louigi plays guitar at a Youth Conference in Tlalnepantla halfway between Mexico City and Guadalajara.

The Burning Bush ministry teams assist with prayer at a conference in the State of Mexico.

At one of four meetings the same day Eddie explains what the Revival is all about. Afterwards people received prayer and many fell down in the mud as the power of the Holy Spirit touched them.

Coyoacán: The home of famous Mexican artist, Diego Rivera. The church in the background is where the Catholic Charismatic Renewal began in Mexico 30 years ago.

Eddie preaches in front of an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. MarieCarmen {BKG} interprets for Eddie.

The studio audience listen intently during the show.

The Baptism of Fire was preached to 25 million people on international Television from Mexico.

Invited by the Catholic Television Station, Claravision in Mexico City, Eddie shared the Baptism of Fire prophecy, vision and subsequent global events related to it on two TV shows hosted by Brenda Leyva called, "Baptize Me Lord". The shows were broadcast live via MariaVision throughout Mexico, South America, USA, Canada and Alaska to an audience of 25 million.

Throughout the whole mission Eddie shared a vision he had before he left Australia regarding a Revival Fire of Evangelisation sweeping throughout the USA from Mexico. Every time he mentioned this it received an enthusiastic shout of "Gloria A Dios!" - Followed by praise and applause.
It was the same with the television show on Claravision: The reaction to Eddie's revival message received such a good response from viewers all over the American Continent that Eddie was invited to do a second. Eddie accepted, but this time it was presented in the style of a Live-Talk-Show where Presenter, Brenda Leyva asked questions related to the audience feedback from the previous week's revelation regarding revival fire spreading to the USA from Mexico as well as other questions pertinent to Catholics and the Church.

Studio audience, staff and management 'floored' by Flame after live TV show.

Each show had a live studio audience and Eddie and Patrick were asked to pray with and for people after the show had finished. This resulted in everyone experiencing the Baptism of Fire and the station, which broadcast 24 hours a day, almost coming to a standstill as members of the staff as well as the audience fell to the floor, laughed, cried and praised God. Even people from senior management, seeing what was happening during the broadcast on their monitors, left their offices, came to the studio and also received prayer.

Show Host, Brenda Leyva.

"We've had prayer after shows before, but people from management have never come out of their offices and responded like this." Show host Brenda Leyva said afterwards.

Mexican Soap Star Mariagna with Eddie Russell FMI
Mexican Soap Star Mariagna with Eddie after the second TV show on Claravision in Mexico City. The audience and staff in the background wait for prayer.

Patrick also appeared on these shows and performed tracks from fmm's my WORD the MESSAGE album.
[Photos in this Claravision section were taken from the video footage of the live TV shows by Patrick Carre]

Patrick had done a previous live broadcast to these two shows on which he was invited to perform some songs from my WORD the MESSAGE for a Blessed Sacrament Service. This made three live television appearances, the results of which brought another invitation to do a fourth on another show on MariaVision. Unfortunately due to the dates booked for Miami by then, they had to decline appearing on the fourth show.


On Thursday 13 May 1993 Eddie saw a vision of what was revealed in prophecy to be a
"Baptism of Fire" raining on the members of the Cathedral Praise Meeting in Perth Western Australia. From that moment we have witnessed what appears to be an amazing Revival Anointing spread like a wildfire around the world. This Fire of God has touched the lives of millions of people regardless of the denominational boundaries. In different churches it has different names.

May 13th 1993 was a very powerful time of praise and worship. People were caught up in the Glory of God and His presence was almost tangible. I read from Matthew 3:7-12, when one of the men came forward to share a reading from "The Parable of the Ten Virgins" in Matthew 15:1-13. Immediately the Lord gave me a vivid insight to this text, so I began to explain this revelation and unfold the meaning of the vision.

The Lord said that his people are like these virgins. Whilst they all bring their lamps along with them, many do not bring oil and their lamps are empty. They become drowsy while waiting on Jesus, and many fall asleep. Others have their lamps filled, and are excited in anticipation of Jesus acting in their midst. He explained that the lamps represented the 'person' as they too were made of clay. The wick represented our lives and the oil was the Holy Spirit; We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit and our lives thoroughly immersed in him. He continued to reveal that he was the Fire that ignited the wicks. However, if the wick was not trimmed and there was no oil in the lamp, the wick would burn up and be destroyed when the Bridegroom came. On the other hand, those who had trimmed their wicks and were filled with the Holy Spirit, would be inflamed by the Lord who is a Consuming Fire: They would enter the Bridal Chamber and their oil would never run out.

I understood that to 'trim' the wick meant to 'repent'. I called the people forward to the podium to repent and trim their wicks. As they did so my eyes were drawn to the ceiling: It began to change and became like a lake of blazing lava, swirling in multicolored fire. The whole meeting was caught up in deep praise. As the praise grew higher, the fire began to fall. As it did so, it began to change from a threatening tumult, to a gentle rain of fire. This rain of fire looked like shinning electric gold, brilliant beyond description and it filled the whole room. I noticed that it would bounce off those who had not trimmed their wicks and they could be clearly seen in contrast to the fire. Those who were repentant seemed to vanish as the rain of golden fire passed through them, and around them: They became totally consumed and vanished from natural sight. It was as though one was left, and the other taken away. When the others repented, the fire consumed them also. While this was happening I began to speak as the Lord instructed me, >>

The Baptism of Fire.
[May 13 1993]
"The lamps represented the 'person' as they too were made of clay. The wick represented our lives and the oil was the Holy Spirit."
[August 11 2002]
"I saw a map of the American Continent. As looked at it, South America became the clay lamp filled with the oil. Mexico was the wick. The border to the USA was black tip of the wick. When the wick was trimmed, the whole of the United States ignited into blazing fire spreading from Mexico up to Canadia."


>> "What you are seeing now, is what my heart has longed for (Lk 12:49) and what you have prayed to see. This fire is now upon the earth. From this moment onwards you will be hearing reports from various places around the world. This fire will come even without the laying on of hands. It will be seen in great numbers as people who are gathered in prayer turn their hearts to me. Even where there is only two, it will be seen. Even though they have not prayed for it, it will come. You have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, it is now time for the Baptism of Fire. Be ready and be prepared."


Throughout the mission including two television broadcasts to 25 million people, Eddie shared this history of the Baptism of Fire from 1993 onwards.

As the mission continued from Mexico to Miami, England and Singapore and back to Perth, the story became longer as more and more prophecies from Australia and the USA unfolded. As the 1993 prophecy had said, FMI have been hearing many reports from around the world such as
Tanzania, Kenya, Afghanistan, Australia, USA, Singapore, England, Europe and others. It was prophesied in Perth around thirty years ago that a world revival would come from the South West of Australia. In 1991 Eddie saw this in a vision and prophesied what was to come. In 1993 it came to pass. [See the report in the first column].

In Argentina, during May 1997, Sergio Scataglini received a "Baptism of Fire". In an article called "Apprehended by His Fire" Sergio recounts his experience of this anointing which is almost identical to that at the Cathedral Praise Meeting in WA in May 1993. Eddie knew nothing about Sergio until Carlos Alberto of The Burning Bush Community told him. This was a further confirmation of the 1993 prophecy as the Lord had said.

In July 2002, before going to Mexico Eddie had a vision of a map of the American continent. As he looked it began to change into the lamps that the ten virgins were holding. [similar to the illustration at the left]. South America became the clay lamp filled with oil. Mexico became the wick and the USA became the fire. The border of Mexico and the US became the black tip of the wick. When the wick was trimmed
[possibly through this mission], the whole of the USA ignited into a blazing fire of Revival and Evangelization.

When John Medina of Corpus Christi TX heard of this he told Eddie that he was glad to be alive in these days as revival and evangelization of the USA was prophesied twenty two years perviously and that it would come from South America through Mexico. Eddie then told John,
"From now on there will be fire leaping to fire all across the world."

When Eddie and Patrick arrived in Miami and shared the unfolding history it struck Scott Kaldahl who said that he knew of the prophecy and that it said the revival would begin in Miami. This caused great enthusiasm at St Louis Church. Had Eddie gone to Texas as had been arranged it would not have been in line with the US prophecy. The arranged visit to Texas was canceled so the first step from Mexico was, Miami.
For the full report of this prophecy Click


These shows were so successful that negotiations were entered into to broadcast live satellite linkups from Perth to Mexico City and throughout their continental network broadcasting the Set My People On Fire Seminars each week for their duration. "This would enable their large audience to fully participate in them." Eddie said. The idea would also allow Australia to receive Claravision programmes including the fmi shows. However, after a meeting with the Technical Department it was discovered that for some reason, it was not possible to download from Claravision's signal in Australia. Undaunted by technical glitches, it was then agreed that Flame Ministries should look at the feasibility of developing shows in Perth on video tape. Apart from the SMPOF seminars this would include other fmi Bible Seminars as well as other formats such as Claravision produce. "Shows would be recorded on video and sent to Claravision. It would be a great opportunity for Australia and elsewhere if this idea gained the support needed to make it happen". Eddie said.

Could fmiTV be on its way to your home?
Click on the Logo to find out about the frist ten pilot productions.
- Entering the Mysteries of Light -

Eddie speaks about Revival on Claravision's "Baptize Me Lord" TV Show in Mexico City which was broadcast to a live audience of 25 million people in Mexico, South America, USA, Canada and Alaska.

"Obviously, it will need the right technical equipment and production expertise as well as a reliable studio facility in which shows can be professionally produced". He said. "I am sure that if those people in Australia, or elsewhere, with 'vision' can see the potential for a Catholic Television program that can reach such a large audience, they will be willing to give it financial and voluntary support." He said. "Let's hope so. It's a great opportunity with a ready-made audience, so fmi will be looking closely at this now we are home". Eddie said. Claravision broadcast from Mexico in Spanish which it is said also reaches Spain and other European countries. "It seems advantageous for Claravision to have an English speaking show which can then extend its reach into the English speaking audiences in the USA and Canada or wherever their network broadcasts." Eddie said. "The shows that we will try to produce will be in English, but they will either have a Spanish interpreter or Spanish subtitles - whichever is more practical and beneficial." He said.

Praising God at St. Louis Catholic Church in Miami: Revival Fire came and kept coming until 1.30am on the first night.

Revival comes to
St Louis Catholic Church.
MIAMI, Florida USA.

Prayer group leader and full time
Director of Evangelization, Scott Kaldahl,
leads the praise and worship at a Revival Rally with his daughters and the fantastic
St Louis Church music ministry.

St Louis Catholic Church: People experienced the Baptism of Fire. This began four incredible nights of Revival.

Scott is also the full time Cantor at St Louis. His amazing voice and enthusiasm is inspiring. When Scott leads the music at Mass the whole place vibrates with joy and song.

Eddie and Patrick were taken straight from the airport to Chinese Charismatic Meeting. While speaking, a typical Miami thunder storm hit and often drowned out Eddie's voice. However, it didn't dampen the enthusiasm when it came to worshipping the Lord.

Jesus touched the life of this young lady from The Sword of the Spirit Covenant Community over three nights: Her freedom and healing became obvious to all by the smile on her face and the joy in her heart.

The St Louis youth dance for the Lord at one of the rallies.

Night after night the Holy Spirit came with power, touching the people in often dramatic ways.

Eddie prays with a lady at the Chinese Charismatic Meeting after arriving from Mexico City.

After the tour of Mexico, Eddie and Patrick went on to Miami where Eddie preached a four day Revival Crusade at the St. Louis Catholic Church in Florida.

When they touched down at the Miami airport another prophecy spoken in 1992 which said that FMI would be in the USA within ten years also came to pass. "We didn't try to fulfill that prophecy. It came about from an invitation from St. Louis Catholic Church three years ago but was only made possible when we were invited to Mexico". Eddie said.

During the first speaking session at St. Louis Catholic Church, Eddie shared about the Baptism of Fire and the events in Mexico. He told them about the vision of a Catholic Evangelization Revival coming to the USA through Mexico and South America. This began to unfold another series of events: While in Mexico it had been arranged for Eddie to go to Texas and back to Mexico before going to Miami, but this had been canceled by the Liaison priest for the CCR due to a lack of time to organize the Charismatic Renewal in Texas.

John Medina from Corpus Christi in Texas had told Eddie before he left Australia that a Catholic Revival which would evangelize North America, as Eddie had described it to him, had been prophesied in the USA twenty two years previously. "It seems this has now coming to pass. I am glad to be alive in these days to see it." John said. When St Louis's Cantor, Scott Kaldahl, who works full time for the parish, heard this he said that they knew of the prophecy, but that it was to begin from Miami and not from Texas. "To think you didn't know about this before, and then to see it in a vision is awesome." He said. If Eddie and Patrick had gone to Texas first it would not have been in line with the US prophecy about the Mexican Evangelization Revival of the USA beginning in Miami.

What the people at St. Louis Catholic Church experienced the first night was the same as in Mexico; People were healed and blessed by the Holy Spirit. Some cried, others laughed, but all rejoiced. This was so powerful that their 7.30 to 9.30pm and then it's time-to-go-home-meeting didn't stop singing praises to God until after 1.30am that night.

Early in the morning they were phoning people all over Florida to come to the other sessions to hear Eddie speak and to experience these meetings for themselves.

People traveled from as far as Fort Lauderdale and other areas of Miami to be there. Each night built on the previous one and people experienced the Baptism of Fire in a powerful way. "Gosh, I feel as though we're still basking in the afterglow of the meetings we held here. I really believe that God is stirring something up. We just need to allow Him to birth it in the Spirit and be obedient." Scott Kaldahl said later.

Due to the events in Miami Eddie has been asked to consider another visit and speak in other States next year. "I'd love to visit Miami and the rest of the US again, but Ignis International and the Slovenian Catholic Charismatic Renewal Director for Communication with CCR and Ministries in Foreign Countries also wants me to do a preaching tour of Eastern Europe next year." Eddie said. This is largely to promote the Slovenian and Croatian editions Eddie's book and to establish the Set My People On Fire seminars as a foundation for a Catholic Charismatic Bible College in Slovenia. "It might be possible to do both so we will need to pray about this certain that God's plans will prevail". Eddie said.

Scott Kaldahl took time out to take Eddie and Patrick to Key Largo in between their busy schedule in Miami.

Patrick, Scott and Eddie after doing lunch at Key Largo.

John, Angelie and kids blessed Eddie and Patrick with a wonderful time of fellowship and a great meal.

The cross in St Louis Catholic Church was designed and created by famous Miami artist.

Although there was little time, Joseph Chandy took time out from his
Real Estate business to take Eddie and Patrick to see the famous Miami Beach: Even though they had little time, they couldn't travel to Miami without seeing Miami Beach, Key Largo and the Hard-Rock Cafe.

Eddie and Pat posing on the Jetty in Miami. They had to get the Hard-Rock Cafe Guitar in before they rushed off to a Rally.

Twilight in the grounds of St Louis Church before a rally begins.

Entering Downtown Miami



Speak Lord. By Scott Kaldahl
A CD compilation of new and evergreen favorites:

How Great Thou Art
Here I Am Lord
Ancient of Days
Watch the Lamb
Speak Lord
Send it on down
Awesome in this place

Proceeds from this album go to:
Mercy Corps International, Portland Oregon.
Missionaries of Charity, Miami Chapter of Mother Theresa's organisation
Amor en Accion based at St Louis Catholic Church Miami; serving a diocese in Port-de-Paix Haiti.

About Scott Kaldahl
Scott was born in Washington DC but spent much of his formative years in southern New York state. In 1976 he entered a seminary studying to be a priest. In 1977 he began working for National Airlines which brought him to Miami and St Louis Catholic Church.

Scott is active in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and for the past several years has been the Master of Ceremonies at Charismatic Conferences drawing several thousand attendees each year.

Scott is the host of The Winding Road a daily radio talk-show in Miami. He is also the full time Director of Evangelisation and Cantor at St Louis Catholic Church. He is married to Carolyn with four children, three dogs, six birds and three goldfish.

The Baptism of Fire was first preached in England a month after it happened
in Perth during 1993 - The following year it was in Singapore:
Eddie and Pat revisited some groups that
had first experienced it.

The Baptism of Fire was first preached in Birmingham a few weeks after it happened in Perth in 1993. The following year the Toronto Blessing swept the nation's churches.

Eddie chats with FMI UK Regional Officer Dianne Russell between sessions at the Honeypot Farm Retreat Centre England.

Two days after arriving in England, Eddie and Patrick received the news that fmm guitarist, Sean Blee had been tragically killed in a car accident on a Freeway near Perth. The shock of this news put Eddie and Patrick into a solemn mood. However, Sean, a member of fmm had featured on my WORD the MESSAGE and so Eddie and Patrick dedicated the rest of the mission to Sean's memory.

When revisiting England after seven years it was sad to see that the groups that were so large and vibrant when FMI did the Set My People On Fire seminars were now diminished in size and seemingly lapsed in the revival. Apart from the
Abbey Group it seemed that people were more interested in talking about their own ministries than what had been happening around the world since they first heard about the Baptism of Fire. Consequently nothing spectacular happened there except a few people who were mightily blessed at the Honeypot Farm Retreat. "I doubt that everything in England is the same from what we know, but sadly, it all reminded me of the Nazarene Syndrome." Eddie said.
[Matthew 13: 54-58] - [12 Steps to Divine Healing Chapter Three]

"Raymond in the Bulrushes". FMI Regional Officer for the UK Ray Russell in the surrounds at Honeypot Farm Retreat Centre.

Stoke-On-Trent was one of the first meetings where the Baptism of Fire was shared in England during 1993.


A temple to the Hindu god Ganesh in Yishun.

There are many religions living side by side in Singapore. The rich mix of cultures makes Singapore a very popular destination.

The temples above are in the suburb of Yishun where FMI have a Regional Office run by Gabriel Chan.

After attending a business meeting with a Distributor regarding the fmm CD the day after they arrived from England, Patrick left Singapore to attend Sean Blee's funeral in Perth while Eddie fulfilled the rest of the engagements in Singapore.

Youth Praise Ministry [YPM] first experienced the Baptism of Fire in 1995. There are many new members since then who needed to hear about Mexico and the USA. The youth responded and God blessed them with His Anointing. FMI have always been impressed with the way these youth evangelize as well as their enthusiasm for the Lord in their outreaches into Malaysia, so it was a great joy to share this mission with them.

Eddie and Patrick were last in Singapore during 2000 Jubilee Year when Eddie was invited to speak at the NOW2000 Youth Conference.

Preaching on the Great Jubilee and Healing Rallies Eddie had ministered to around 8,000 people at various Churches including St Michael's Church over a week. At that time Buddhist youth and Mainland Chinese gave their lives to Christ. Eddie had preached in Singapore many times but this time it was a special visit because the Singapore youth had received the Baptism of Fire in 1995 at a Youth Retreat run by YPM and this was a great opportunity to refresh their spirits.

Eddie did one session with YPM at their Saturday afternoon meeting. The youth responded to Eddie's invitation and God blessed them with His Fire. The next day Eddie spoke at the Yishun Parish Youth Meeting. At the request of FMI Regional Officer, Gabriel Chan and the Group Leader, Eddie spoke about Spiritual Warfare and How to overcome the Occult. This was a very successful and timely topic as many parents are becoming concerned with the influx of Hindu and Buddhist New Age spiritualities as well as influences of such rock-n-roll singers as Marylyn Manson and the like on their children. Eddie shared his experience of the occult, the influence of witchcraft and the rock scene he was involved in before he became a Christian. His testimony about how God saved him death when slipping over the edge of life into the pit of hell touched the young people who went away with a whole different view of the seemingly innocuous effects of these things in their lives.

A REVIVAL RALLY in Perth WA on August 19 began the tour of Mexico, Miami, England and Singapore: What is the significance for Perth and the rest of the world?

For fmi this was a significant event because Perth is where the Baptism of Fire first began in 1993. It seemed appropriate that Perth should be included in the FMI World Revival Tour and even better that it was the first rally.

Since 1993 fmi had preached rallies and conferences on the Revival in WA but very few from the CCR ever attended them. However, a few years ago the State Service Committee of WA invited Eddie to speak on the Baptism of Fire at a CCR Pentecost Conference. At that conference, due to the time slot, the message and ministry only went as far as Trimming the Wicks. Never-the-less, this was a great blessing for the CCR as many old wounds were healed and it was very necessary for the health and growth of Charismatic Renewal in WA.

Baptism of Fire at Lockeridge in WA was preached at the invitation of the Good Shepherd CCR Prayer Group. A few hours after this rally Eddie and Patrick flew to Mexico.

Approximately thirty years ago it was prophesied that a world revival would come from the south west of Australia. Since that time many people have interpreted this as meaning the South-West which is a region south of Perth. However, judging by the history of the Baptism of Fire, all the reports from around the world, and the current tour, it should be clear that it really meant the State Capital Perth which lies in the south of WA: The St Mary's Cathedral Praise Meeting is in the city attached to St Mary's Cathedral and this is where the Baptism of Fire was first seen and the current events prophesied.

The word "Revival" bothers many leaders in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal around the world. From what we can determine it seems due to the so-called Toronto Blessing which manifests some strange antics in people. The message of fmi and the Baptism of Fire has nothing to do with the Toronto Blessing and neither have we seen those strange manifestations. In fact, no member of fmi have either seen, or been to any meeting where the Toronto Blessing has been preached. In 1995 at the Let the Bridegroom Come congress we saw people experiencing Holy Laughter but this has not been a constant thing every time we have ministered or held a meeting. However, the effects of the Holy Spirit's presence and power has always been very obvious.

The Toronto Blessing only a precursor: At that Flame Congress in 1995, Eddie saw a vision of two rivers; one of fire, and the other of water. As the two rivers met, the fire ignited the water rather that the water dousing the fire. Turning to Pentecostal Pastor Rev Russell Sage, Eddie asked if there was anything in the Bible where fire consumed water. Rev Sage responded with the account of Elijah calling down fire on the altar of the Baal prophets. At this Eddie told him of the vision and said that the Toronto Blessing was not the Revival but a precursor; the true Revival was the Baptism of Fire. Since then, history has shown that the late John Wimber and many Pentecostal churches have steered away from the Toronto Blessing and reference to it seems to be diminishing steadily around the world. The Baptism of Fire on the other hand, seems to be just taking off on a major scale as the reports in these newsletters indicate. - It began in the Catholic Church as prophecies, both in the USA and Perth have said, and this is why the rally at Lockeridge was so significant: Perth became the wise, rather than the foolish virgins which is what fmi had, until then, feared Perth would be; The Lockeridge rally and the CCR Pentecost Conference opened the door for the Bridegroom to come because they had trimmed their wicks, filled their lamps and received the Fire.

It is always wise to discern and test the spirits. To this end we invite all our readers in the same way that Eddie invited television audiences and conferences wherever he preached, to simply look at the account of the 1993 Baptism of Fire prophecy and the subsequent reports and events that have now come to pass from various places around the world as the Lord Jesus had said, and discern for yourself after eleven years, if this is really a work of the Holy Spirit for the whole Church in the spirit of the New Evangelisation in this century or not. If it is, then we would be wise to heed its message, overcome our fear of revival and accept the free Gift of Grace that God is offering us in these wonderful days of His Glory.

The story continues...

Thank you to the Leaders Body of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of WA and all the people in Western Australia who made this Baptism of Fire Revival Mission a possibility.
Without your generous financial donations this mission would not have been possible and over 25 million people would not have had the Good News of Revival preached to them. We bless you now as Eddie did before the image given by Our Blessed Mother to Saint Juan Diego at the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe that Our God will supply all your needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus: For every person that was blessed, healed and saved during this mission, you have equally shared in the Divine reward.
We also thank Fr Dan and members of the Burning Bush Community, who, through their faith and love of the Church invited us to Mexico and showed us great honor during our time there. We also thank Marie-Elena and Tato who made us very welcome in their home during our stay. We thank our interpretters, Marie-Carmen and Alexandro who did a fantastic job, often under trying circumstances. We also thank Scott Kaldahl and the parish of St Louis, Miami. - To you all, we know your love of Christ and His Church will change the hearts of nations.

We are especially grateful to +Archbishop Hickey of the Archdiocese of Perth and +Norberto Card. Rivera Carrera. Arzobispo Primado de Mexico for your welcome, trust and support of Flame Ministries International.

Eddie Russell and Patrick Carre - November 2002

[Philippians 1:7]

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Eddie Russell FMI: Address to the Leaders Meeting of the CCR Perth Western Australia
12 November 2002

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13th Annual Flame Congress - Entering the Mysteries of Light
Sacred Heart Catholic College, Sorrento - January 24 to 26 2003
Free Evening Revival Rallies and Registered Daytime Sessions

Speakers: Archbishop Hickey. Bishop Don Sproxton. Fr Bob Carden OFM. Raymond de Souza. Eddie Russell FMI. Steve Peake FMI.

The daytime registered sessions at the 2003 Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress seeks to assist participants in contemplating more deeply and effectively on the new meditations of the Holy Rosary through a Biblical knowledge of the texts in order to enter more fully into their mysteries. The Congress also seeks to bring an experiential knowledge of Jesus Christ to those who seek a personal encounter and relationship with him in order that they not only know about him whom Mary reveals, but also know him as a personal friend and Saviour. This Congress further seeks to be obedient to Mary’s maternal adjuration to, “Do whatever he asks” in order to fulfill our call as His disciples in the spirit of the New Evangelization.

The evening public sessions will focus on celebration and praise and include a short message reflecting the needs of our times and our elevation as Sons of God and the Light of the World offered through our redemption in the Blood of Christ. During these sessions prayer and ministry will be available for healing and conversion. We therefore invite you to bring someone to this Congress who needs to know Jesus, the Power of the Holy Spirit or more about their faith.

“They shall look upon the face of God and live.”

Eddie Russell fmi will teach daily sessions at the:
Disciple of Jesus Summer School - You shall receive power
Bunbury January 12 to 19 2003 - Information, Booking and Program -
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