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From the Editor's Desk

Damien's New Musical: Light & Darkness a Big Hit at Congress

Proclamation of the Kingdom & Conversion - Raymond de Souza

The Year of the Rosary & Living in the Light - Archbishop Hickey

Why the Truth is Liberating - Steve Peake FMI

The Institution of the Eucharist - Bishop Don Sproxton

Christian Meditation in the Bible - Eddie Russell FMI

Christ's Baptism in the Jordan - Fr Bob Carden

NOW2003 - They shall look upon the face of God and live - Eddie Russell FMI

The Transfiguration - Raymond de Souza

Revival Fire USA 2003 - A Summertime of Grace

Christ's Self Revelation at Cana - Eddie Russell FMI

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Encouraged by the response and feedback from the Revival Fire Mission we stepped out in faith and hired television crews and sound engineers to record our annual congress in January. The congress [inspired by Our Lady of Guadalupe] on the New Mysteries of Light was a great success. - The speakers and teachings were exceptional. During his opening address, Archbishop Hickey expressed his desire for these teachings to be made available to all Catholic schools and parishes. We are now preparing to do that and make them available to as many dioceses around the world that might be interested in using the Video or DVD series as part of their general catechism and parish programs.

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13th Annual Flame Congress 2003 - Perth, Western Australia.

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This news page has an in-depth report on each session of the New Mysteries of Light to give
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New Musical by Damien Doherty FMI Light and Darkness a big hit at Congress and the Catholic Press. The opening segment written by Damien Doherty at the Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress was a huge success with Archbishop Hickey and several hundred delegates who greeted it with loud acclamation.

The Record Newspaper 30 01 03
Archbishop Hickey complimented the Flame Music Ministry on Damien's production and said that was what the congress and the Pope's letter on the Rosary was all about - Entering the Mysteries of Light.

Light and Darkness - a monologue and musical piece written by Damien Doherty of the Flame Music Ministry (FMM) had its premier at the ministries' annual congress.

The performance by other members of the music ministry was greeted by loud acclamation from an audience of about 300, including the Perth Archbishop Barry Hickey. The piece uses passages of the Bible to pose questions and answers on life and faith. Stage lighting is used to emphasise points in the script. At key points in the monologue, a chorus of voices intercedes with the Message of Christ. The monologue and chorus accompanies a stage presentation where a figure dressed in white descends a spiral staircase.
The Catholic Record Newspaper -

THE YEAR OF THE ROSARY - Entering the Mysteries of Light - 13th Annual Flame Congress
The 13th Annual Flame Congress sought to assist participants in contemplating more deeply
and effectively on the new meditations of the Rosary through a Biblical knowledge of the
texts in order to enter more fully into the mysteries. This was achieved through each of the speakers
whose subjects were well researched and presented with inspiration and clarity.

"The Rosary could be used to better understand the Bible and its teachings."

"You must shine among them like stars lighting up the sky".

Archbishop Hickey addresses the Congress on the opening night - The Year of the Rosary and Living in the Light.

Delegates came from many areas of WA. The Sister of Nazareth came from Geraldton approx. 360 km north of Perth.

YEAR OF THE ROSARY - Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress
ARCHBISHOP HICKEY - The Year of the Rosary & Living in the Light.
"You must shine among them like stars lighting up the sky".
Archbishop Hickey gave the opening address at the Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress and said Pope John Paul's exhortations expressed in his letter on the new mysteries of the Rosary can be used as a means of becoming more familiar with the Bible.

Archbishop Hickey said that the Rosary could be used as a catechism for Bible study which would give a better understanding of the Baptism of Christ, the Proclamation of the Kingdom and Conversion, the Transfiguration, the Wedding Feast at Cana and the Institution of the Eucharist. Commenting about how the Pope had a new idea to use the Rosary format as a Catechism or Bible Study, he said that he had thought of a similar series of meditations before the Pope introduced the Mysteries of Light, of using the Rosary as a form of Bible Study taken from the first two chapters of Gospel of John - Baptism of Jesus in the Jordan - Calling the first disciples - The Wedding at Cana - Cleansing of the Temple. His reason was because Catholics are not very knowledgeable of their bible and these meditations could assist as a small catechesis. The Archbishop said that these mediations based on the first two chapters of the Gospel of John being made available to schools and shared in the classrooms would give children some depth and insight into the bible and help them to develop an interest in it.

On the theme of light, the Archbishop issued a challenge as the basic point of his message for Catholics to live up the Saint Paul's message in Philippians 2:15,
"... be innocent and pure as God's perfect people who live in a world of corrupt and sinful people. You must shine among them like stars lighting up the sky." He said this was frightening challenge but said that, "I must ask this of you and also of myself... how we were can live up to this?... And yet it is expected of us - to be able to live among evil and change it, not compromising it." He said.

The effect of God's light would make us free people, healed of spiritual and physical pain and injury as well experiencing God's peace and adoption as God's children.

Archbishop Hickey spoke at length about our calling in the transforming effect of God's light and the real experience of His love making us all part of the Church's mission in the world by becoming light to them. He gave several examples of how he allows drug addicts and homeless people to sleep on his back verandah in spite of the objections of others. Using several scripture references, the Archbishop said that we are a chosen race and royal priesthood who are called out of the darkness into the Kingdom of God's light. - The effect of God's light would make us free people, healed of spiritual and physical pain and injury as well experiencing God's peace and adoption as God's children. The Archbishop said that the theme of light was a common thread in the Scriptures and that Jesus refereed to himself as The Light of the world - "The light that was resisted by darkness, and that darkness could not overcome it."

Using other references in the first chapter of Genesis
"Let there be light." The Archbishop also referred to Psalm 27:1 "The Lord is my light and salvation." He explained that this was consistent from Genesis to Revelation, and reiterated his challenge asking if people were stars lighting up the sky in a dark world? - The Archbishop also asked why people were Catholic or Christians? - "Was it a habit? Or was it conversion? - "Have you made a choice to accept Jesus? - Have you experienced that journey from death to life? To freedom? The light?" He said.

Throughout his inspiring address, Archbishop Hickey continually encouraged and urged the delegates to promise Jesus to live in the light. - He said people would then know they are loved by God and they would then have freedom and forgiveness.

"The Eucharist is fundamentally the Christian Passover. With Jesus, The Risen Lord, we pass from death to New Life."

New Rosary Meditations - Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress
The Institution of the Eucharist
"I believe that what we are to reflect on has the potential to give us a greater appreciation of the Eucharist - the gift of our loving Redeemer."

Bishop Sproxton's presentation on The Institution of the Eucharist at the 13th Annual Flame Congress was an exemplary and inspiring study of the Biblical foundations of the Mass. During his session Bishop Sproxton said the reason why the Passover was chosen was a most important question. "In answering it, we discover another dimension of the Eucharist and our celebration of the Mass that has been obscure for nearly 1500 years. I believe that what we are to reflect on has the potential to give us a greater appreciation of the Eucharist - the gift of our loving Redeemer." He said.

Bishop Sproxton told delegates that the Passover was the great celebration of the Jews established through Moses and, like our Easter was only celebrated once a year at the same time as our Easter. He also explained that the Passover was not a Jewish creation but that it pre-existed the Jewish people.
"In Exodus 5:1, we discover Moses was sent to tell Pharaoh to let the Hebrews go into the desert to celebrate a feast in honour of God - the Pasch". He told delegates that it was most likely the family festival was celebrated at night, at the full moon on the northern spring equinox. He said that it was celebrated by Hebrew and non-Hebrew alike when, "The young kid, male without blemish, was offered to God to draw down blessings on the flocks."

Bishop Sproxton said that Moses' meeting with Pharaoh marked the beginning of the book of Exodus. - The Exodus had brought new meaning to the old pagan festival of the Pasch and that if we were to follow the Old Testament we would begin to see that the Passover itself had changed. He said that when other events in the history of Israel came to pass, the Passover acquired new symbols and meanings, "It became more elaborate and it celebrated other exoduses, like the Exile, and the return from the Babylonian captivity". Bishop Sproxton explained that the Passover fundamentally celebrated the historical deliverance by God of His people from the [captivity, slavery and] oppression of Pharaoh, to the freedom of the Promised Land.

Linking the history of the Hebrew Passover to the Jewish Passover, he said that, "Jesus chose the Passover meal and changed it still further to embrace the meanings of His coming, and the work of salvation He accomplished by doing the will of the Father." He told the delegates that it would be right for us to say that the Passover of the Hebrews was finally fulfilled in the passing over of Jesus. "It had been a type or model of the real Passover of Jesus from death to life." He said. "The Eucharist is fundamentally the Christian Passover. With Jesus, the Risen Lord, we pass [from death] to new life." Bishop Sproxton said.

Relating to the Mass, Bishop Sproxton said that in the Liturgy of the Eucharist, "We confess, we receive forgiveness, we listen, we intercede, we are caught up in the action of the Liturgy of the Eucharist, we offer Jesus and ourselves to the Father, we commune, we go out as witnesses to the loving mercy of God and His power to convert, to make new, to empower...". Bishop Sproxton also covered the origin and use of the Rosary in which we contemplate these new mysteries. He explained that the Rosary does not belong to some bygone era or some superseded spirituality, but that it is contemporary and evergreen simply because, "It is a prayer of contemplation..... It is scripture based on contemplation of the great events in Christ's incarnate life which our own journey through life parallels." He said.

"The whole mystery of Christ is a mystery of Light". Fr Bob said. "The first of these Mysteries of Light is the Baptism in the Jordan."

New Rosary Meditations - Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress
FR BOB CARDEN OFM - Christ's Baptism in the Jordan
"Without contemplation the Rosary would be a body without a soul."

Fr Bob Carden said that praying the Rosary was more than rattling off prayers and letting the beads just run through our fingers. -
"The whole mystery of Christ is a mystery of Light. The first of these Mysteries of Light is the Baptism in the Jordan." Fr Bob said.

Following this perspective, Fr Bob said that the river Jordan held a story of some mighty events in the history of God's people.
"It is a river that starts at Benias in the north in the territory of Dan that flows from a stream towards the south into the Sea of Galilee and to the bitter waters of Dead Sea". Fr Bob said that the river Jordan was known to the Jews as The Descending One coming from Dan, well above sea level, to the Dead Sea, well below sea level.

Fr Bob said that when we look at the history of the Jordan it would be easy to see why it was chosen by God to reveal the wonder of the Baptism of Jesus because after the death of Moses, Joshua led the people dry-shod over the Jordan as they passed into the Promised Land, and as the priests bearing the Arc of the Covenant entered the water, the waters parted and the entire nation passed through
. He also referred to the Prophet Elijah who had also parted the Jordan and crossed over dry-shod. When Elijah had ascended, Elisha also parts the river and walks dry-shod across the Jordan. Naaman the leper who, under Elijah's instruction, washed in the Jordan and his flesh became clean. "And so I suppose the greatest day of the Jordan is the day we celebrate in this first mystery of Light." He said.

Fr Bob explained that the significance at the Jordan was John the Baptist's fulfillment of Scripture in preparing a straight path for the Lord. John was also preparing a way for Jesus' Baptism by the people who flocked to him for repentance and forgiveness - John's baptism was for people who were sorry for their sins and wanted to be free of them. John's baptism was also representative of other movements in Jesus' time and it was one of a number of movements because people were seeking renewal in their lives and a return to God -
"It was a time of revival. People wanted to repent of their sins and enter a new way of life. So what had a Baptism of Repentance to do with Jesus? He said.

Fr Bob said that many people would say that Jesus was just like us in all our human weaknesses and that Jesus was baptised like us. "But that wasn't true! Jesus was not baptised like us!" He said. "Yes, Jesus was like us in every way, but without sin because he was, the sinless one". He then asked if John's baptism was irrelevant and unnecessary for Jesus because there was no sin to be forgiven? He said that with the compassion Jesus had, he certainly felt the weight of sin of those who were its victims. - He was aware of the burdens put upon the people by the Pharisees. He said that Jesus' intimacy with God would have led him to believe that there was a better way, and because of his compassion, Jesus went to where John was baptising for repentance, and there identified with the outcasts and sinners. "So when Jesus lined up with the penitents and allowed himself to be baptised by John, he identified totally with the repentant Israel - He identified with the chosen people of God suffering in their alienation - Before calling Israel to repentance, Jesus first identifies with Israel with her sinfulness and her need for cleansing. At this he is not the overpowering heavenly deliverer, but rather the humble servant whose life is given as a ransom for the multitude". He said.

Fr Bob said that the true identity of Jesus is revealed in his coming up out of the water. At the same time there is a corresponding coming down as the heavens open and the Holy Spirit that descends upon him, and God spoke the revelation,
"This is my beloved son..." He said this reflected Isaiah's plea that the heavens would be ripped open so that God would come down from his heaven to the help his people. After his baptism, Jesus life changed - He became a preacher and healer and an extraordinary witness to love and this began another movement in Israel. - Jesus' experience at his baptism marked the beginning of a new creation. He said this was reflective of God's Spirit moving over the chaos in Genesis as God spoke his Word to creation. It also reflected Moses parting the Red Sea as God sent a driving wind that blew all night making dry land. Fr Bob reiterated the connection with the heavens being torn open which also reflected the splitting of the rock in the desert. "Just as the heavens were spilt open at the baptism, so it was years before when God split open the rock to let water flow in the desert". He said.

Fr Bob said that the Jews had a concept of more than one heaven, and that in the highest heaven God sat in light where no-one could approach him. However, there were rare times when the heavens opened and God spoke, but it was such a far away place that it was only an echo of God's voice that they heard, such as that of an angel who became an intermediary from an unapproachable God. "Never-the-less, it was God speaking. So here at the Jordan we hear God breaking through! - This was a momentous moment for the Jews. - God is now speaking directly and not using an intermediary - He is speaking directly to Jesus in the here-and-now and the heavens are torn open removing all obstacles to the Father - God is now speaking a Word that is to bring about the redemption of the world, and through Jesus the way is open for everyone to enter in. Jesus' eternal consecration as the Messiah was revealed at the time of his baptism... God's anointing of the Holy Spirit upon Jesus revealed to Israel its Messiah... and not just the Messiah of Israel, but our Messiah". He said.

Fr Bob explained that the Holy Spirit [the Anointing], who came upon Jesus in the form of a Dove was a reflection of the dove in Noah's day which announced the end of the deluge - a message of a new beginning and a new creation. He said that the dove also represented the turtledove in the Song of Songs and the whole song of Isaiah 42 that captures the essence of Jesus' baptism experience at the Jordan. "At the time of Jesus' baptism he is still the hidden servant - only through his public ministry in the world do people begin to see who he really is." Fr Bob said that through meditating on this Mystery of Light, Jesus leads us into a greater appreciation of who he is. This meditation draws us into the revelation and life of the Blessed Trinity who are all present at the Baptism in the Jordan. This also brings us to the realisation that we too, are the beloved sons of God. - We realise that we are adopted sons of God and begin the hear God saying of, and to us, "This is my beloved son."

"When we pray we experience in a small way the transfiguration because our soul shines... When prayer is properly done we are bathed in light."

New Rosary Meditations - Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress
RAYMOND DE SOUZA - The Transfiguration
Placing the event of the Transfiguration in its historical context, Catholic Apologist Raymond de Souza told delegates at the Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress that the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mt Tabor took place in early August 33 AD seven months before the crucifixion. The Scribes and Pharisees had consistently come to challenge Jesus, oppose his mission and to win over his followers. To encourage his disciples Jesus took Peter, James and John to Mt Tabor - a Hebrew name which means; Bed of Purity or Bed of Light, to give them a glimpse of his divinity. He went up for prayer and they arrived around sunset. Posing a rhetorical question about what prayer is, he said that prayer was elevating the mind and soul to God. He said that in the Old Testament Mosaic Law there were sacrificial acts of adoration, sacrifices of penance, sacrifices of thanksgiving and sacrifices of supplication. Today Catholic worship has the same four ACTS - Adoration, Contrition, Thanksgiving and Supplication.

He said that mountains were special places of prayer as way of being closer to God. "When prayer is properly done, we are bathed with light." He said. Explaining that light can only be seen by the objects that illuminate it, he told the congress that in prayer we don't have to feel the light because the Holy Spirit bathes us in the divine light when we pray properly elevating our mind and soul to God. "So when we pray, we experience in a small way the transfiguration because our soul shines as the Holy Spirit baths our soul in the Divine Presence and we rise up.... Prayer is a Transfiguration of the soul although the body remains unchanged." Raymond spoke about Moses who had been on the mountain with God at Sinai. When he came down, his face was shinning. Even though he had only seen the splendor of God reflected through a bush, Moses glory was to fade, whereas the splendor of Jesus came from within Himself.

He said that many see the Transfiguration as a miracle, but the real miracle was that Jesus didn't shine all the time. He explained how Jesus who is the Light, shines naturally - so to stop shinning was the real miracle. - "The Transfiguration on Tabor was not a miracle for Jesus to shine for a while and then return to normal. Jesus' normality is to shine - It was that he stopped shinning for a while - that was the miracle." He said. Raymond told delegates that when Jesus' face shone like the sun it didn't change his features, but rather showed his Glory as a symbol of the resurrected body. He

explained that with human eyes we cannot see the source of God's light, but that the Transfiguration gave a glimpse of what we will see in heaven when we can look upon the Grandeur of God as He really is in Light in the Beatific Vision.
"Those three privileged men had a glimpse of what the redeemed will look like after the resurrection!" He said.

This was a demonstration that we too, even though we die, will have a resurrected body free from corruption. Quoting the promise of the resurrection in Matthew 18, he said, -
"Then shall the just shine as the sun in the Kingdom of their Father." And so Raymond said that our glorified bodies will have four distinct characteristics: One is Clarity - There is light and we will shine like the sun in the House of our Father. Two, it has Agility - Meaning that space will not mean anything in order to restrict us - A glorified body is above the laws of nature as we know them. Three, it has Impeccability because the glorified body never decays and can never become less that what it is. Four, it has Subtlety because for a resurrected body, matter doesn't matter.

Raymond said there were several reasons why Christ was Transfigured. - One was because by means of His Glory in His Brightness, and by the testimony of Moses and Elijah, he might prove His Divinity to His Apostles because the disciples didn't know that the Messiah was going to be God Incarnate. The only exception was Peter who was the first one to know six day before when God gave him the revelation that Jesus was The Christ - The Son of the Living God. Raymond said that now he gives them an added insight into his divinity when they could see the shinning light - "What Moses saw in the bush only as a symbol, now in Jesus, it was alive." Another reason was to forewarn them not to loose confidence when they see him nailed on the cross. At that time Jesus wanted them to remember they had seen him shine like God giving them a

foretaste of heaven, and to encourage them not loose hope and to remain confident in what they had seen on Mt Tabor. Another reason for the Transfiguration was to show them how he will come on the on the day of reckoning when he comes to judge the living and the dead, and through them, to encourage all the faithful throughout time to remain steadfast in the face of whatever crosses may come their way.

Referring to the Mass, Raymond said that whilst the Consecration was a miracle making Christ present, the real miracle was that it didn't shine. -
"The transubstantiation happens and then the second miracle is that we don't see the Divinity." He said. [The delegates understood from this that it was because we need to see by faith and not by sight]. "Every Catholic church and chapel is a Mt Tabor for us because the same Jesus is present." He said.

Raymond's session on the Transfiguration covered many inspiring insights into God's mercy on Mt Tabor and what it means for us in practical ways today. He explained that Jesus chose Peter, James and John to go to Mt Tabor because they were going to be the ones closest to him in the Garden of Gethsemane - He later called them to himself during his agony so that they could see him in the highest of his glory on Tabor and in the lowest of his suffering in the garden.

Raymond told his audience that the reason these three were chosen was because Peter showed his love and faith and because of this Jesus gave him the keys of the Kingdom to be its chief steward here on earth. James was chosen because he was going to be the first Apostle to lay down his life and die for Christ. John was the virgin Apostle.
- "St. John was the Apostle that preached virginity to the world... and he was to receive the greatest gift - the Virgin Mother. These three virtues, the love of Peter was rewarded - the martyrdom of James was rewarded, and the virginity of John was rewarded."

Raymond said that meditating on this Mystery of Light we see these three qualities for ourselves in that we are to follow in loving Jesus like Peter, being prepared to lay down our lives for him like James, and of dedicating our lives to him in our virginity like John. - "If we want to see God as they saw him on Mt Tabor, let us be ready to imitate these three Apostles in our lives." He said.

Raymond gave some reasons why Moses and Elijah were present on Mt Tabor. People had said that Jesus was Elijah, so he showed by Elijah's presence that he was not a reincarnation of Elijah. Moses was there to show that Jesus had not come to do away with the Law of Moses, but to fulfill it and bring it to perfection.

Through the homage paid by Moses and Elijah he showed that he was Lord. He also showed that he had power over life and death because he brought Moses who had died and Elijah who was alive when taken up into heaven, and so Elijah was still alive on the mountain. It was also to reveal his glory on the cross because this is what Jesus, Moses and Elijah were talking about on Mt Tabor. -
"The Apostles could see that there is no glory without the cross.... We get into the light through the cross.... It was also to show that the old covenant was passing and the new covenant was coming through Jesus Christ." He said.

Raymond concluded by explaining the significance of Moses and Elijah and Christ's self revelation in relation to them. He explained the meaning of the three tabernacles, the virtue of the cross for us and what cross is the right one to carry. He showed three ways that we can carry our cross which, by our attitudes will determine our position in Christ and in the world.
"The final and most important message on Mt Tabor was - to hear Him.... By keeping our focus on Jesus we walk in the Light." He said.

"At Cana Mary was releasing Jesus from her maternal authority to 'cling to his bride - which is the Church".

New Rosary Meditations - Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress
EDDIE RUSSELL FMI - Christ's Self Revelation at Cana
"I thought I'd heard everything there was to teach on Cana until I heard this today." - A congress delegate to Eddie after his session.

Eddie Russell gave what was for him a revelation into the miracle of Cana that continued to unfold as he taught it. Other than the Annunciation, the Nativity and the Finding in the Temple we hear no more about Jesus until his Baptism in the Jordan, when God reveals Jesus' mission and public ministry. From there we see the unfolding revelation of his glory. He said that it was significant that no preaching or miracle was done by Jesus after returning from the desert until the wedding at Cana. The simple exchange between Mary and Jesus and then the servants, concluded the Old Testament and became the catalytic beginning of New and Everlasting Covenant and a time of Grace. This was something Mary had to do because Jesus was obedient to the fourth commandment and would not just ignore his mother by suddenly overruling her and leaving her for his mission. - "When Mary said there was no wine, she was releasing Jesus from her maternal authority to cling to his bride - which is the Church. This was reflecting and fulfilling Genesis 2:23-24." He said.

In doing so Mary was also repairing the damage caused by Eve in the Garden of Eden when she ignored her husband and listened to the serpent - Mary was now submitting to Jesus and revealing him as The Bridegroom. At the same time she was revealing herself as The New Eve [Rev 12] and Mother of the Church in submission to Christ as its head. - "Until now, Jesus had been in submission to his mother obedient to the fourth commandment, but at Cana Mary was submitting to Jesus as the New Adam [1Cor 15:45-49] and releasing him into ministry". [Eph 6:1-4] This exchange repaired the damage done in Eden and restored the proper roles of Adam and Eve ushering in a new age of Grace through Jesus Christ as Lord. Eddie said it was significant that it was done at a Wedding Feast because it was a symbol and reflection of the Wedding Feast of the Lamb in the book of Revelation.

Continuing to unfold the theme of a wedding Eddie said that at the Wedding Feast at Cana, the changing of water to wine changed marriage from a mere contract into a Sacrament. Eddie said that, "Just as a marriage is a blood covenant due to the hymen being broken and blood flowing when the wedding is consummated, this was a reflection and a type of Jesus and the Church at the Wedding Feast of the Lamb and the Consummation into heaven. The idea of blood at the wedding and the acclamation of Adam in Eden when he said regarding Eve, At last this is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bones was reflected in Cana. - "What is in the center of your bones?" Eddie asked. "Is it not marrow? - Marrow is the where your blood is made and the building block of the body". He said.

Delegates eagerly take notes during the sessions.

Taking up St. Paul's teaching on wives submitting to their husbands, Eddie explained that it didn't mean being under the thumb, "It means to be 'Arrayed Under' - A woman fully arrayed in her womanliness is vulnerable in her beauty, but under the protection of her husband she was safe and free to be fully who and what she is without shame or fear". - This was restoring the disobedience in Eden and reflected Mary's new relationship with Jesus which was the example of the relationship of the Church to Christ. This was also relating to the New Covenant in the Body and Blood of Jesus on Calvary - The Flesh was also referring to the Eucharistic Bread and the Blood referring to the Eucharistic Wine.

The fact that this took place at a wedding also showed Mary's maternal concern for the bride and groom. "They were no doubt friends of the family.... And because a Jewish wedding feast lasted for seven days it would have been very embarrassing for the couple for the wine to run out on the third day". He said that Mary's maternal concern caused her to mention it to Jesus and as a result it also established her new role as the Mother of the Church under the headship of Christ -"They have no wine." When Jesus responded, "Woman, what has that to do with me? My hour has not yet come". Eddie explained that Jesus' response was relating to the crucifixion being the

hour he was sent for. He told delegates that seven was the number of completion in biblical terms and reflected the creation in Genesis. - The three days were referring to Jesus time in the tomb. He said that the first three days also represented the natural and the next four days represented the supernatural completion. - the first wine represented our limit in natural terms. The water represented our human and limited ability and the best wine represented a new, eternal and supernatural life and ability given abundantly in Christ. - We become new creations in Christ and this brings us to completion able enjoy the seventh day rest with God.

he intervention of Mary at the wedding revealed the supernatural provision of God which was the New Wine reflected in the New Covenant - the hour for which was still to come.
"It also revealed the new birth attained through the Blood of Christ giving us New Life by the Holy Spirit... It also reflected St. Paul's teaching that when a person accepts Christ they become a new creation. - The old has passed away and the new has come." He said.

Eddie explained that the water in the jars also represented the things in the natural, but the new wine, the best kept until last, was showing the transformation from death to life and the new creation. The fact that it was water to wine was also significant he told delegates. - The water also represented our natural birth. This is when the water breaks as the baby is born... The New Wine represented our transforming new birth in the Blood of Christ and the beginning of our new supernatural life. -
"God can take what is tasteless, colorless and limited in our own natural efforts and bring them to completion by supernatural grace. In fact without this revelation, it is impossible in human terms - we get so far on our own efforts and before it is completed, we run out." He said.

These few words of Mary declared Jesus as Lord! - When Jesus revealed the miracle of Cana it was the tiny pinpoint fulfillment the old, and the pinpoint beginning the new. "Now Jesus could reveal his glory and the disciples saw it". Eddie said. - Cana was also revealing Mary as the New Eve and Jesus as the New Adam and the True Vine [Jn 15] replacing the False Vine and the bitter wine of affliction in Genesis 3: 1-7. Eddie explained that we are branches that produce fruit when we abide in the Word - the fruit is from the true vine which produces the new wine. "If you say you love Mary then listen to Mary!" He told the delegates. "She doesn't say follow me, follow me, but follow him and do what he says!... He is the imperishable seed and when we

listen to the Word and act on what he says we are transformed and produce its fruit". Eddie said that God keeps the best wine until the last. - When we subject ourselves to the Divine Majesty by doing as Mary tells us, we give her great honour because she sees us becoming like her son. "She knows that you are her sons! - She knows that your were birthed in Christ - She knows you were birthed by the Seed when she accepted it. She knows that she became subject to it just like you when she said, Do what he tells you'... And you Church, as you are subject to this, your position in the heavenly Kingdom is the same as that with Mary - Reigning forever with Christ!" He said.

Eddie reminded the congregation that they were baptised Prophet, Priest and King and, that Mary is, "The model of who you already are in Jesus Christ when you have turned your life from what is the natural to the supernatural. You see, whatever you have filled your life with, God can touch it and turn it into something incredible!" He said. "If you can accept this truth, you can walk away from whatever is your poverty and lack, just as it was for the couple at the wedding feast [who could only get so far on their own resources], and you will have a banquette before you in front of your foes, and there will be no more scraps for God's people!" He said.

New Rosary Meditations - Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress
RAYMOND DE SOUZA - Proclamation of the Kingdom and Conversion
Raymond began his session on the Proclamation of the Kingdom and Conversion asking his audience to be clear about what these words meant. He told a story of three men carrying a stone, all seeing a different vision for it purpose. The three men were doing exactly the same thing, but their vision of reality was different. - The first only saw the stone, the second saw a wall and the third saw a Cathedral - "The third man," he said "Had the Big Vision. In this talk I would like to invite to develop your cathedral vision". He said.

Relating to several examples of what could be called the Kingdom, Raymond then said that conversion was not a matter of persuasion, but a change in the heart that causes us to act and change direction. "If you basically agree with me in your mind, you have not been converted, you have been persuaded, your heart remains as cold as before." He said. The delegates heard that conversion is to accept the truth, act on it and change our whole life - other than that it was merely an intellectual ascent and made no difference.

Raymond told delegates that there were obstacles to the Kingdom and referred to de-Christianisation, especially in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. This de-Christianisation is implemented through the media, politics and fashion to remove every Christian element from our culture. He referred to a situation in France where Catholics who had become pagans had used court orders to get their names removed from the baptismal registers to deny that they had ever been baptised.

He spoke about what he called 'a false ecumenism' and told about a diocesan gathering at Aquinas College in Perth where all the different groups and movements were invited to share about their work. He noted that all of them,
"...bragged that they were ecumenical or had an ecumenical dimension." He said that the only group that didn't was Flame Ministries International, "Their spokesman said their ministry existed to convert people to the Roman Catholic Church - We want to have one faith, one baptism, one Lord and one body of Christ. - I clapped him - they had got it right." He said. Raymond continued saying that FMI had got it right because Jesus commissioned us to preach the Gospel and make disciples, not to go and ecumenise them. "Befriend by all means, but because we have forgotten this we have become a maintenance church and not a missionary church". He said.

Raymond said that there were other obstacles to the Kingdom and spoke about individualism and indifference in the light of such things as abortion, homosexuality, promiscuity and contraception. "This mentality of individualism is wreaking havoc in the Body of Christ". Quoting Pope John Paul to the youth he said, "You must learn to think, speak and act in accordance with the evangelical simplicity and clarity, Yes - Yes, No - No. Learn to call good, good, and evil, evil. To call black, black and white, white and to call sin, sin and not liberation or progress even if fashion and propaganda are opposed to this teaching".

He gave an example of the visit of the Japanese bishops to the Pope who told him that no-one was converted in Japan because Catholicism is too Western and they didn't fit into the Japanese culture. - Therefore they had to inculturate to take in elements of the culture of the Japanese such Shintoism so that they could relate to them [Japanese]. "It's funny - when St. Francis Xavier went to Japan, I don't think he did that. He had what the Japanese bishop didn't have - he had holiness - it was Christ speaking through him. St. Francis Xavier didn't give a hoot about Shintoism - he preached to them as Jesus commanded and when he baptised 200,000 people he couldn't move his arm anymore." He said. "Japan had such a deep faith that for 200 years it was closed to the West, and the Catholic Church lived underground having only baptism and marriage - and the Church flourished". He said. Raymond said that today, with all the fancy ideas we have adopted have not been successful, - "Which is to convey the whole message of Jesus Christ, and not just bits and pieces." He said.

Raymond made mention of an interview on his radio program with Archbishop Hickey recently, who had said in 1996 that only 10% of Catholic children follow the faith after leaving school. In that interview the Archbishop said that there had been no improvement since then. Raymond said that we are not bringing in the youth because we are not preaching the full message. He said that the Pope's answer to the Japanese bishop's was,
"We cannot settle for a life of mediocrity, minimalist morality and shallow religiosity.". Raymond said that these are the enemies of the Kingdom, which by nature opposes mediocrity.

Raymond continued this theme and explained the differences of mediocrity, minimalist morality and shallow religiosity. - Mediocrity robs the proclamation of the Gospel because it isn't popular and politically incorrect. He spoke how mediocrity leads to the rest and allows the commandments to be turned upside-down and removed from society. It allows immorality, promiscuity and blasphemy in all areas of life as a normal expression of freedom. He said that these things make our religion weak and ineffective. - We are compromising our faith, loosing a sense of the Sacred and falling into a shallow religiosity - a religiosity that cannot proclaim the full message of the Gospel and the Kingdom because it doesn't want to make waves....
"as a result of mediocrity, minimalist morality and shallow religiosity, we have false ecumenism." He said. "True ecumenism is to bring all people into the same faith, not to bring all faiths into the same people". He said.

He told delegates that it was right to befriend people by all means, but the aim of this was to make all people members of the One Mystical Body of Christ. If we loose sight of this goal, we loose sight of the reason for the Kingdom and its Proclamation.
"When I loose sight of the conversion element, my proclamation of the Kingdom will be shabby and shallow." He said. "I proclaim the Kingdom so that I may be continuously converted.... and likewise I must do the same to the people around me, and if today I do not proclaim the Kingdom as I should, it is because my idea of conversion has been diluted." He said.

Raymond gave many examples of mediocrity. Some examples were in universities where other religions are gaining ground while the Catholic chaplains, by trying to be nice, are compromising the message and becoming ineffective.
"The proclamation of the Kingdom requires effort, but few of us are willing to make the effort." He said. Raymond said that conversion means to change direction. - When we do this we can then evangelise this anti-Christian culture.

Referring back to the bible Raymond said that the seed of the Church as the Kingdom of God began in the Old Testament through the three specific ministries of Prophet, Priest and King. He said that the job of the king was to help God's people to make the right choices in their social, political and economic life. The job of the Prophet was to be a teacher of the truth so that the people received instruction about what they should know. The job of the Priest was to offer sacrifice, to sanctify the people and bring them into the supernatural life of the love of God. He said that these were three independent missions.
- "The king showed them the way, the prophet taught them the truth and the priest restored them to life." He said.

Raymond told delegates that Jesus called upon himself these three ministries and explained in depth Jesus' claim - I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. Raymond said that Jesus is the King that rules our lives, our economies, our education and our politics. He said that Jesus is the Prophet who teaches us life. He restores us to God through his Royal Ministry and Priesthood and through the sacraments and supernatural grace on our journey to eternal life in heaven. Relating to our baptismal position he said that,
"When we parents begin to teach our children the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, then the Kingdom will begin again." He said that unless the new generations are taught the truth we cannot expect them to be faithful to it.

Raymond said that, "For us to proclaim the Kingdom, we need conversion... unless we do, the Kingdom will remain silent." - He reminded delegates that we are a missionary church and said, "As the spokesman for Flame Ministries International said at Aquinas College in 2000, - We are there to convert everybody to the Roman Catholic Church... we are not a maintenance Church, we are a missionary Church." He said that bishops, priests and laity must proclaim the Kingdom in their different ways because we are all part of the same mission. However, we must begin by converting ourselves to the ways of Jesus and reminded delegates that St. Paul tells

us to preach the Gospel in season or out of season whether it is pleasing or not and, we must do it faithfully whether in groups or alone,
"And then the de-Christianisation of our faith will come to an end." He said.

"Mathematically it is simple, but where are the 5 million Catholics?"

The Year of the Rosary
Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress

STEVE PEAKE FMI - Why The Truth is Liberating
Steve spoke at the first workshop session about the many immoral laws that had been passed so easily in parliaments over the years that clearly contradict Catholic morality. He said that considering the amount of Catholics this seemed an impossibility to him. He told the Congress that there were 5 million Catholics in Australia out of a population 19.5 million people which should make a real difference in the Australian value of life. "It doesn't take much of a calculation to see that it would only mean each Catholic to share their faith with three people for that number to reach 20 million. Mathematically it is simple, but where are the 5 million Catholics?" He said.

Pointing out some of the reasons for the decline in Catholic enthusiasm for the Faith, he told his audience that it was essential to look at ourselves first and then ask ourselves, "How many people have I attracted to the Faith?" Steve spoke about the number of Catholics in Australia and pointed out that due to their numbers, there was something seriously wrong that so many are sliding away and so many anti-Christian laws were being passed. Quoting from John's Gospel, You shall know the truth, and the truth will set your free, and asked the delegates to ponder deeply what that might mean for them and the other 5 million Catholics in Australia and then spoke about the need for repentance and reconciliation as the fundamental point of change that would make all the difference - first to us, and then to others. Referring to one of Fr Michael Scanlon's books, Steve said that repentance is the key that unlocks the power of God, and that without repentance God won't act in our lives. He said that honest repentance was also the key that unlocks the joy of the Lord.

Steve spoke about the power of Lord's joy in us in the midst of all our circumstances but questioned how seriously we take this and apply it in our lives. He said that repentance, far from being a negative thing, was,
"The moment that brought about the change needed in us to bring joy and change those around us". Reading from Proverbs 1: 24-28 Steve said that we really need the Lord to answer us and that we should trust that he will through what Christ has done if we believe it. He said that if we do listen to the Lord, the end result will be that of verse 33 of Proverbs 1, But he who obeys me dwells in security in peace without fear of harm. "What a great reward this is!" He said.

Continuing the theme of joy Steve spoke about Jesus taking more concern for those that were sick than those who are healthy, for sinners rather than the righteousness, and of Jesus leaving the ninety nine for the one that was lost. He said that for Jesus these were causes of great joy, even in heaven. Steve said that the one percent that Jesus was concerned with could be huge because it could well be the other 19.5 million in Australia alone. He said that because research showed us that there were only around 15 to 20% of the 5 million Catholics who attended Mass, the work of reaching

the other 19.5 million has become much more difficult - this meant that practicing Catholics needed to get many more each to make the difference and it also meant that we needed to take things more seriously if we were to do so
. "Many good intentioned Christians are constantly praying but they have not repented from some sin, and as a result of this they are not liberated." He said.

Steve called the delegates to repent of whatever sin that might be blocking their prayer before they entered into the rest of the sessions on the Mysteries of Light. Steve said that we could be praying the Rosary daily as well as other prayers but they would not bring an effective result unless we were honest with ourselves and removed whatever sin might be present,
"We could be praying three hours a day but not get an effective result... How dare we pray to change the sin in other people's lives when we are not removing the sin in our own?" He said.
Steve spoke about Mary's constant call for our repentance and need for prayer.
"When she prays there is a miraculous result! So if we are not in a righteous state, how can God answer us?" He said.

He also said that the just find peace and we too will see the miraculous if we are faithful to the truth. He told delegates that if the truth is not spoken it will bring corruption and bury what is good -
"In fact, every living person is entitled to know the truth." He said this was especially important between husband and wives because if each person knows the truth between each other, then their relationship cannot be undermined.

Steve encouraged delegates to live the Mass and to go out and proclaim the truth as the final blessing tells us to do. As a consequence of Steve's teaching Fr. Bob Carden made himself available for reconciliation and the delegates took advantage of this Sacrament throughout the day as the truth began to set them free.

"I knew a power of thought that thinks no more. - I understood in that Union, God does not think... I was one with him, and my thoughts were not needed..."

The Year of the Rosary
Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress

EDDIE RUSSELL FMI - Christian Meditation in the Bible

Speaking on Christian Meditation as it is found in the Bible, Eddie opened his session by saying that the Rosary was a good example of pure Christian Meditation because it was given by God and was centered on the Word of God. "It isn't borrowed from any other religion - it isn't borrowed from any other philosophy - it hasn't been Christianised and made to fit what we want. - It actually comes from the Divine Principle to St. Dominic through Our Lady". He said. At that time in history the Church was in decline. The ordinary man could not read or write, and because of this he couldn't read the Bible or pray the Divine Office, "Which is another powerful Christian Meditation on the Word of God." He said. - The Rosary became the Poor Man's Breviary and it began a revival of prayer in the Church based on the Bible. "In this way the people could meditate on the Word of God." He said.

Eddie told delegates that the Mass, properly understood, is Christian Meditation in its fullest sense and referred delegates back to Bishop Sproxton's teaching on the Eucharist as a way of understanding it. He said that a human being is first of all a spirit created in the image and likeness of God who is Spirit. "You are first of all a spirit being as St. Paul describes, who has a soul - which is your intellect, emotions and will, and you live in a body... We are listening to and meditating upon, things that are spiritual, but they are understood at our natural level." He explained that the Holy Spirit who reveals the mind of God, communicates with our spirit, but we experience it in our soul or in our body and this is what we call a religious experience - an experience through which we feel something in our sense perceptions.

Explaining how God speaks directly to us, he said that we are receiving God's communication in our spirit and then it flows into our souls and then into our bodies, and this is where we become conscious of God's communication. However, when we read the Word of God or pray the Rosary, it comes the other way through the senses of the eyes or the ears, passing into the soul and then into the spirit. He quoted Romans 10:17 as an example of how faith comes. He said that faith does not ordinarily come by witnessing miracles because they can often frighten people. He said that the ordinary way that salvation-faith comes is by hearing. It is then accepted by the soul and enters the spirit. Giving an example of Congress delegates experiencing God's presence at one of the rallies, he said that,
"When the people yielded to the action of the Holy Spirit in worship, they experienced a profound form of contemplative prayer which was beyond words and comprehension."

Eddie gave examples of St. Theresa of Avila's Interior Castle and explained the mansions of prayer up to the seventh mansion which Theresa called Infused Contemplation. He said that,
"The first mansion was vocal prayer and the second mansion was mental prayer, which is, meditation". He described Infused Contemplation as a direct act of God by grace whereby we become one with Him in Spirit and Truth. "This is when God infuses by the Divine Principle - the oneness and the union we are seeking with him, where we are as God is." He spoke about St. John of the Cross who taught about, "A power of thought that thinks no more, transcending far all human lore."

Eddie explained that when a person is in the state of Divine Union they understand that God doesn't think. -
"God knows - He doesn't need to think. - So when we are in that state of contemplation, all thinking ceases because we now think as God thinks, and that's why St. John of the Cross could talk about a power of thought that thinks no more." He said this didn't mean that we stop our thinking process by emptying the mind - the mind is still active but not needed in the same way as not using our legs when we're sitting down, "They are still there and fully functional, but not being used. And so it is the same here - our mind is still functioning, but it is not needed in this union and so there is no need to empty it."

Eddie told delegates that over the years, there had grown a hunger and spiritual poverty in Catholics to pray as the great Saints had prayed, but there was no instruction on how to do it. Due this they turned to other religions to learn their methods, disciplines and techniques. Eddie said that, "When we are referring to Christian meditation we are not talking about a technique or a discipline, because Christian meditation is to do with a relationship.... we are not imagining an inanimate power from outside ourselves and then imagining it coming in to us... nor are we emptying our minds to achieve it." He said that guided visualization was an example of those techniques, adapted from Shamanism, and had been Christianised. Eddie asked the congress if they would worship a picture of Jesus to which the delegates responded that they wouldn't. Eddie said the reason was because it was only an image - a picture painted by an artist. He said that the Sacred Heart image, although originally shown in a vision, had many variations of that same image and therefore it cannot be Jesus.

He asked what was the difference between an image on a wall and an image in the mind,
"There is no difference! Both are created by the imagination, except one is painted and the other is in the mind." Eddie told the delegates that he had seen people in Catholic circles go through guided visualisation techniques as a way of meditation. "They are told to imagine Jesus outside themselves, and then to imagine Jesus coming into them, or they will be guided by a spiritual director or facilitator into a visualised journey up a hill, next to a stream and into a little house for some kind of encounter with Jesus... This meditation technique is called Back to the Market Place and it is a popular Buddhist meditation that I knew about before I was a Christian... Is it Jesus? - No! - It is an image created in the mind, and they are told to ask this imaginary Jesus to come into them for some kind of encounter and worship. This is not Christian meditation! - If we do this, I begin to wonder what it is that we are inviting in!" He said that Jesus was already within us by virtue of our baptism when the Holy Trinity came to dwell within us. He said that it was sealed at Confirmation and fed and nurtured by the Eucharist and the Word of God. "Christianity is an in-filling of God and an outpouring of grace, not a self-orientated-inward-looking-religion". He said that the use of our imagination was very much different from visualisation techniques.

Eddie gave several examples of he called borrowed techniques and why they are incompatible with authentic Christian prayer and meditation. He then followed with an explanation of how God had blessed him with the Grace of Infused Contemplation through which he had experienced Divine Union. He then explained St. John of the Cross and St. Theresa of Avila's experiences of Divine Union as found in their writings. He said that these Saints did not use Guided Visualisation, Mantras,
Yoga or Zen as a way of contemplation or meditation.

Explaining Zen and Yoga Eddie said that the whole object of Zen was nothingness. He told the congress that Nirvana is heaven for both Hindu and Buddhist and said that
"Nirvana literally means to blow out, or to extinguish like a candle. In other words, put out the light! - The true Light of the world says to let your light shine, whereas these tell you to extinguish it." Eddie told his audience that even though some Christian meditation movements in the Church say that the early Desert Fathers used Mantras, he couldn't find any evidence of it from his own study over many years, and there was no evidence of this either in history or the Bible. Based on his spiritual journey before becoming a Christian he made a distinction between a Mantra and Christian repetitive prayer saying that they were not the same thing.

Referring back to his experience of Divine Union, he spoke about a cloud moving up his body from his feet. He said that as it moved upwards through each part of his body it cleansed and healed every area of sin in his life related to that area of his body. Finally it reached his mind where he said that all human thought ceased and he gazed upon God. Eddie said that,
"If someone were to ask me if I saw God, I would say yes I did. If they were to ask me what I saw, I would say, nothing, because you don't see God in that place with physical and natural things because you know as God knows. - When you are one with God, all thought ceases and you know as God knows, and see as God sees." He explained that while thought was active during Divine Union, it was not needed in that encounter. He said that was why it is not a true Christian meditation if we are told to empty our minds. "On the contrary, our minds are filled with God as God is in himself, and that it was a profound and

unexplainable experience of Divine Love's embrace". Eddie said that after that experience even the sun on a beautiful day looked like the bottom of an old pot by comparison to the beauty of God. "Now, all this looked dull to me, and all I wanted was go to be with God. But at the same time I know there is much work to be done here. That's why I have devoted my life to tell people that they have a Heavenly Father that is madly in love with them... So, I've asked God not to take me yet because I want everyone to know this Divine Embrace." He said.

Referring to the Corinthian Gifts, Eddie went on to say that the experience of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was a direct encounter with the Divine Majesty. - It is an authentic Christian experience that had no relationship with psychic phenomena as did many methods from other religions. He said that after experiencing this Baptism himself, the Holy Spirit gave him a practical way of praying unceasingly that was beyond thoughts and methodologies.

He said that the gift of prayer that God gave him was called The Gift of Tongues. He said that this gift was an authentic supernatural ability because it came directly from the Holy Spirit Himself, of whom St. Paul said, would teach us how to pray. As such, this gift was a sign to unbelievers simply because only believers could use it.
"It is a sign of the Kingdom of God. - It is the language of the sons of God, and God knows exactly what you mean but no-one else does. - They cannot comprehend it because it is a language of the Holy Spirit who reveals the mind of God." He said.

Quoting Fr. Bob Faricy, Eddie said that praying in Tongues was simply, "Noisy silence or, noisy contemplation". He said that because it comes from, and is inspired by the Holy Spirit, it is perfect prayer. It is perfect because it is spiritual in origin and not just a mental ascent or technique. - Although the mind knows the intention, it is rarely, if ever, involved in the content, meaning or depth. It is therefore true non-conceptual Christian prayer because the Holy Spirit reveals the Mind of God and we pray in our spirit according to God's Mind and not our own. - We cooperate with the

Divine Majesty in union with God's Will. He said that when teaching a Life in the Spirit seminar many years ago God told him to tell the participants that,
"Tongues is a heart-to-heart bypass because it comes from your heart, bypasses your mind, and goes directly to the heart of God" - "So you can't clutter it up." He said.

Unlike Eastern mystical new-age meditation that teaches us to empty and still the mind, Eddie said that Christian meditation was to fill the mind with Christ and His Word. He said that Christian meditation, whilst benefiting from silence, which is clearly important, didn't mean emptiness or inactivity. - He said that being still and knowing God, meant to abide in, live in and dwell in, the Word of God. It also meant walking daily with Jesus in all areas of our life animated and inspired by the Holy Spirit.
"Christian meditation is a relationship and that involves all expressions of a relationship." He said.

He told delegates that true Christian meditation was to meditate on the Word of God in the Bible and gave them practical examples of how to do this. He said, "Christian meditation is like a cow." He explained that a cow has four stomachs. - The cow looks for good pasture, and when finding it, eats the grass. After chewing, it swallows the food into the first stomach. When the food is digested, the cow regurgitates the food and chews it over again. When completed, it swallows into the second stomach and digests it again. He said this process continues until after being digested in the

fourth stomach the cow produces pure milk.
"That's Christian meditation. - The grass is the Word of God so eat it, chew it over, think about it, digest it and, constantly bring it to remembrance and chew it over again. It will then produce the Milk of the Holy Spirit." He said.

Quoting the Psalmist Eddie spoke about meditating on the law of God day and night which brought wisdom, joy and health.
"There is a fruit of this meditation... Adam walked with God in the still of the evening - he didn't get into a Yoga position and contemplate Him as though God was some inanimate object outside himself that he had to invite in." Talking about a daily encounter with God Eddie said, "That's your natural state! - That's why we talk about walking with Jesus." He said that the Word of God is what God has revealed about his will. "In fact, your Bible is the Last Will & Testament of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and like all Wills, it must by law, be fulfilled. - When you meditate on that, you will discover there are around 33,000 divine promises in those books that God cannot break, and they belong to you by divine right." He said that in every seminar he had taught, the people could only name about five of these divine promises.

He said that unless we meditate on the Word of God in the Bible we will remain poor in the things of the Spirit and continue seeking food in other pastures that cannot fill us.
"Get rid of your Carl Jungs' and all those other spiritual junk merchants. Get rid of your Labyrinth's, your Yoga's, your Eckharts' and get rid of your Gurdijeffs'." He said. He then related a situation of a well known priest who said that when he looked on the Enneagram, he looked on the face of Christ. Eddie called this "Heretic" and then explained the definition of the what constitutes heresy in this regard. He said that we are created in the image of God, not in the image of an Enneagram that has originated from an occultist and had been so-called, Christianised.

Eddie said that when we meditate on the Word of God it feeds our spirit because it is spiritual food, but at the same time it also enlightens the mind and gives health and vigor to our bones. He said that the Word of God is active and sharper than a two-edged sword and therefore it is not a still, empty or inarticulate thing.
"It is only by abiding in the Word that we can bring a fruit that will last. It is a great meditation to take something that Jesus has said and then do it. - The Word of God brings you God because they are one and the same thing." He said that our place in God was before the Throne, so as we meditate on the Word of God we begin to discover our rightful place.

Concluding a powerful address Eddie gave examples and listed Scripture quotes that demonstrated that the Word of God is effective. He said that meditating on the Word of God gives us information, instruction, vision, observation, activation. - It is powerful, quick to save, sharp. It changes lives, produces faith, cleanses consciences, has the power to build, heal, makes us wise, brings peace and gives us power over sin. "So meditate on the Word, bring it to remembrance, put on the mind of Christ and be renewed in the spirit of your mind - that is Christian meditation and, God willing, he will bring you to his Throne Room and you will experience the Prayer of Union." He said.

"The Word of God brings you God because they are one and the same thing."

NOW2003 - Mysteries of Light Rallies Experience a Powerful Anointing of the Holy Spirit.
The 2003 Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress included three
evening rallies that focused powerfully on Praise and Worship.

Carlos leads praise at a workshop session.

Carlos at his drum kit.

Overcome by the power of God's presence, a delegate is assisted by Diago as he began to fall where he stood in deep worship.

Great blessings flowed as the congregations yielded to the action of the Holy Spirit.

The praise filled the room at all the sessions.

David Harp introduced the speakers with dignity and charm.

The Year of the Rosary - Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress
EDDIE RUSSELL FMI - NOW2003 - They shall look upon the face of God and Live and, Elevated to Heavenly Places. - Two powerful Rallies at the Congress.

The Congress, faithful to Pope John Paul's letter, Rosarium Virginis Marie in which the Pope says, "In continuity with my reflection in the Apostolic Letter Novo Millennio Inuente, after the experience of the Jubilee, I invite the people of God to “start afresh from Christ”, I have felt drawn to offer a reflection on the Rosary, as a kind of Marian complement to that Letter and an exhortation to contemplate the face of Christ in union with, and at the school of his Most Holy Mother." was an inspiration for everyone. Eddie gave an inspiring address entitled, They shall look upon the face of God and live Eddie told the Congress that the old thing has passed and the new thing has

"This weekend, the light of Jesus Christ has come to lift the veil from our eyes and the dullness of our understanding, to gaze with unveiled faces on the beauty and the Glory of God." He said.

Using scripture references and examples in the Old Testament when people thought that to look upon the face of God would bring certain death, Eddie explained that now, due to Jesus Blood shed on Calvary, every believer can approach God and receive grace. At the conclusion he led the Congress into a spontaneous time of worship - gazing on the face of Christ.
"You have not just been called to glory, but you have been called from glory to glory and your glory will not fade as did Moses' - He had to put a veil over his face because his glory was fading. - But for you, the veil has been removed because of Christ and now you can look upon the face of God and live." he said.

With a view to beginning regular Nights of Worship
(NOW) as soon as a suitable and reliable venue can be found, FMI introduced congregations at the Congress to the spirit of NOW. Although focussing on prolonged spontaneous praise, the preaching of a message is paramount to bring faith and were directed towards conviction and conversion rather than teaching and instruction. - The messages were as short as needed to bring people into a personal encounter with Christ and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit and then leading into prayer ministry.

These were powerful nights of blessing for the hundreds of people who attended the Congress rallies. The praise-times were led by the Flame Music Ministry who introduced new songs from their upcoming CD. This was followed by a message from Eddie Russell while the music ministry continued adding a great spiritual atmosphere behind the message. - This was particularly powerful at the closing rally when Patrick Carre improvised on the keyboard as Eddie spoke about our position in Christ in a powerful and moving message called, Elevated into Heavenly Places. -
"The whole session was pure ministry right from the beginning to the end. - People responded to the anointing and were greatly blessed. We were very encouraged by this and it gave us a real sense of confirmation that this was of God and should be continued."

The Congress also gave new FMI youth ministry members, Carlos
[FMM Drummer] and Trevor [FMM Guitar-Vocals] an opportunity to hone their obvious skill and talent as Praise and Worship Leaders. - Both Trevor and Carlos brought a new vigor and enthusiasm to the praise-times during the rallies and workshops.

This flowed smoothly and naturally into a time of worship as Eddie encouraged people to fully enter into God's presence and drink of the Holy Spirit. He told them that "In times like this God turns our water into the New Wine and we experience a whole new anointing." Instead of encouraging the people forward for an altar-call Eddie went down amongst the congregation as they worshipped. With the ministry of Patrick Carre leading the worship with FMM,

Eddie went to those who were clearly receiving God's anointing and at the moment he approached them, the power of the Holy Spirit hit them. - Often, without touching them or saying a word they fell under the Power of the Holy Spirit and experienced the love of God immersed in his glory.

David Harp FMI was the MC for the Congress and introduced the speakers and sessions. His sense of humor and endearing personality was sensitive to the subject and speakers. David set the tone for the sessions and prepared the people to be open to the Word of God and, judging by the response of the delegates, they were.

The 2003 Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress was a great success that was bathed in and filled with - Light.


FMITV & Video Productions - Media evangelisation for FMI
Inspired by television broadcasts in Mexico City last August FMI have stepped out in faith to begin a new evangelisation outreach - FMITV & Video Productions.

FMITV & Video Celebrating The Year of the Rosary
The first production was filmed at the Entering the Mysteries of Light Congress.

FMI hired television cameras and crew to ensure that the Video and DVD productions were professional broadcasting quality suitable for digital technology.

A total of ten sessions from the Congress were filmed and are currently in the post-production editing stages. FMI have covered costs so far and are now seeking sponsors to complete the project.

Letters have been sent to local Catholic business people in Western Australia offering Scrolling Credit Positions at AUD$1000 and Strategic Logo Positions at AUD$2000. The funds raised will pay for the post-production costs - Filming of the Introduction & Overview Segments, Editing, Graphics and Packaging. Funds will also be needed for Marketing and Advertising.

With enough funds over and above the production and marketing costs FMI hope to provide some form of income for the three full time voluntary workers and ministers enabling them to continue in FMI. All proceeds in excess of costs will be used for future projects. FMI believe that with enough sponsors these goals will easily be achieved.

Entering the Mysteries of Light videos will be made available to all diocese, parishes, schools, church agencies, movements, catechetical programs and groups at a reasonable cost. The programs will be submitted to all Catholic Television stations. - One station in
Mexico City with an audience around 25 million people throughout Latin South America, USA, Canada and Alaska expressed an interest in FMI's seminars last year.

Stations in the USA and every country with Catholic Television will also be contacted with a view of broadcasting these ten inspiring programs. In Australia as well as anywhere else, Community Stations and Government Networks will also be approached with the same view.

FMI believe that with the success of the Anglican Alpha Programs in Catholic parishes people are now prepared to accept seminars on video. FMITV & Video Productions on the Mysteries of Light are being presented like a television series enabling them to be used in any media environment.

Given the possibilities and the potential longevity of the programs they will offer great potential for sponsors whether they be Catholic businesses or Church agencies. Because many, if not all Catholic television stations do not use commercial advertising, sponsorship is the best option for our contributors.

This new ministry is part of FMI's unfolding prophetic vision for international evangelisation. - FMITV can give Flame Ministries International an avenue into a contemporary medium in line with the New Evangelisation fostering the Civilization of Love. It can also make our seminars, especially Set My People On Fire more readily available and effective than they are now on audio tape.

FMITV & Video Productions will also produce other Flame Ministries seminars in the same way and we are already looking into other subject potentials with a wider audience reach. FMITV productions will give Catholic Teaching a potential position in the television media that is currently dominated by non-Catholic churches.

Yes, anyone who can contribute to this new work of evangelisation and it will be welcomed with grateful thanks to the Lord. Donations can be for any amount - Every little bit can make a big difference to many people.

We especially ask that as a subscriber to this Newsletter and a
Friend of Flame that you will pray for the success of this exciting new venture.

Yes it is daring. But not impossible. - With your help and God's promises we know that,
"All things are possible for the one who believes." and we would especially like to welcome you as a Partner in Grace with us. [Phil 1:7]

If you catch the vision and sponsor FMITV's Entering the Mysteries of Light Pilot Program we know that God will bless you abundantly in accord with his Word.


Become an Entering The Mysteries of Light Sponsor
What a great way to bring the Light of Christ into a darkened and troubled world.
Now that you have a greater insight into these amazing New Mysteries of Light, why not grab your Rosary and pray through them with Our Lady after you have read this newsletter - offer them up for a speedy and honorable end to the war in Iraq and the safety of all involved.


Colorado. Florida. Texas

The Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Colorado Springs are planning to bring Flame Ministries Eddie Russell to preach Revival Crusades sometime between June and August. The mission to the USA will also include Texas and Miami. Please pray for this as the Colorado Springs Bishop's Liaison to the CCR Deacon Chuck Metzler and Miami's CCR NSC representative Scott Kaldahl feel this is a time when God wants to move in power - and we agree with Chuck and Scott.

Audio Cassette and CD packs of all 10 sessions are available for immediate delivery. The Video and DVD's will be ready soon. Contact us to order your Tape, CD Sets or request notification when the Video and DVD Sets are available.
10 Cassettes AUD$98.50.
10 x CD's AUD$120.00 - All Prices + Postage

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