Jesus heals David of HIV-AIDS Doctors said, "This is a miracle." Sex, Drugs & Rock Music Xposed by Flame youth! Revival Fire England...

Flame Revival News Online 2004: A Summertime of Grace - Receiving the Mercy of God - Testimonies: David healed of AIDS, Quyen set free from anxiety, Dusty gets a new heart and forgives dad, Mel forgives mother for trying to abort her...

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Pearls of Wisdom
"Young people today do not fear death as much as they fear life; that's why they prefer to die."
Cyrus DeSouza FMI

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News Contents:

From the Editor's Desk

Flame Congress - Grace & Mercy.

Jesus healed David of HIV-AIDS: Doctor's letter called it "A miracle".

Quyen gets a new heart and losses her compulsions.

Mel forgives mother for wanting to abort her.

Kaye speaks to non-Catholic Intercessors about Catholic Prayer.

Sex Drugs and Rock Xposed: Hindu accepts Christ and Fr Paul testifies.

Flame Intercessors conduct Parish Evangelisation Service at Bindoon and Fremantle's Basilica.

Revival Fires burn again in England.

Also in this edition: David Harp tells Catholic students about drugs. Jesus Movie Night. CCR Conference. SMPOF. Mission to Africa, Slovenia, England and possibly USA. Parish Evangelisation Intercessory Prayer Services. Intercession at the Basilica. Eddie to speak at Inter-Church Fellowship. Preparing for Easter Retreat.
This is our first Revival Newsletter for 2004 and the first since around April last year, so, we begin by wishing you a fantastic 2004 in the Lord.

Much of the news-gap was created due to the USA Summertime of Grace Revival Tour being postponed. Because nothing was planned for Australia or other countries for that period it left a hole in the calendar which was filled with a second Set My People On Fire Seminar as well as an Intercessors School, Parish Evangelisation Intercessory Prayer Services, Sex,Drug and Rock Music Xposed Seminars and local speaking engagements leading up the what looks like a very interesting new year that began with our 14th Annual Flame Congress on The Mercy of God.

The Congress, "A Summertime of Grace - Receiving the Mercy of God" was inspired by Pope John Paul II's 1980 Encyclical, "Dives in Misericordia" and it seems a timely subject in these days. When reading what the Pope had to say way back in 1980 his prophetic insight becomes clear as we see in daily reality the way the people and world systems have thrown out Hesed and opted for the destruction of their opponents in their concepts of justice; it is really is an eye for an eye justice system that does not entertain the idea of mercy. God's ways are different and this Congress demonstrated his Mercy and Grace in a powerful way.

We thank you for your support in 2003 and send God's blessing to you all for 2004.
God bless, Eddie Russell FMI

14th Annual Flame Congress 2004 demonstrated God's mercy for all.

Inspired by Pope John Paul II's 1980 Encyclical Letter "Dives in Misericordia,"
the Congress focussed more on receiving Grace and Mercy than on teaching.

Even so, the teachings were inspiring, revealing, profound at times and were powerful in
building faith for the delegates to receive the Grace and Mercy of God. This was reflected in
the personal testimonies featured in this edition which I believe speak for themselves.

Dives in Misericordia


"...Then I cried some more but these were not the sad tears of bottled up unresolved childhood problems or the weary tears of a young woman who felt she was close to a mental breakdown... I cried tears of joy because for the first time I was no longer a captive... I felt as light as a feather and an

immense joy flooded my heart and body... It overflowed and I praised God in a way that had had never praised before... I was no longer a captive because the chains of bondage and stress were released... Jesus had set me free indeed!" - Quyen Dao 04

Speakers left to right:
Bishop Don Sproxton / Fr Paul Baczynski / Eddie Russell / Steve Peake / Kay Rollings / David Harp.

Congress subjects Included:
Divine Mercy in the Mass. Healing Grace in the River of Life. Amazing Grace and the Power of the Cross.
God's Peace in the Midst of the Storm, The Seven Graces of Prayer, Jesus Sets the Captives Free,
Jesus is a Light to my feet. Grace before the Throne. I Do Will It. Nature & Grace: The Flesh & The Spirit.


Tears flow as David's mother listens to
his story.

Stunned at what he is hearing as David
tells how Jesus
healed him of AIDS,
sex and drug addictions.

David Harp healed of HIV-AIDS.
Doctor's letter said, "This is a miracle."

David's session, Jesus is a Light to my feet, left the delegates shaking their heads with their jaws dropping to the floor.

David shared how God's mercy and grace through faith in Jesus redeemed him from a homosexual lifestyle, severe drug addiction, suicidal tendencies and full blown HIV-AIDS and brought him back to the Church and ministry in FMI.

David became a Catholic after graduating Set My People on Fire in 1994 just before he went on a nine month mission to assist with the Set My People on Fire seminars in England.

owards the end of the mission David and his best friend, Shenton experienced a very painful split and their long close friendship ended. After returning to Australia they gave up ministry, the Church and rejected Jesus to follow a very hedonistic homosexual and drug lifestyle that culminated with David contracting HIV-AIDS with little hope of survival.

Eventually David's drug debts also put his life in danger and he was declared bankrupt loosing everything that he had including a well paid and prominent job as a bank officer. Eventually, having nowhere to go, David went home to his mother but kept his addiction a secret. "That was until one night when I didn't have my comedown supplies and I hit the bottom in a bad way and knew it couldn't be a secret anymore." He said. That night whilst in a pit of despair he saw something in the corner of his eye. Startled, he immediately turned around to see Jesus standing there. "He was just smiling and I knew it was him and that everything would be OK." David said.

After this he decided to leave that life behind and attended Eddie's
Praise Meeting where, after a seven year absence, he and Shenton were welcomed without question with tears and open arms by Eddie. David and Shenton had become reconciled and from that moment onwards they both made their confessions and turned back to Christ with no withdrawal symptoms from the addictive drugs. David and Shenton recommitted themselves to serve the Church through FMI once more.

A year later, immediately after the 2003 Congress, David was taken ill with severe pneumonia and diagnosed with full blown HIV-AIDS and no immune system. During his session he shared how this death penalty brought him closer to Jesus by trusting that God's love could beat the power of death.

All the FMI members prayed for David over the year. At times he was rushed to hospital in a critical state. On one occasion, after hearing that David was taken to hospital in a bad way, Eddie stopped the Set My People on Fire Seminar, and over the mobile phone the delegates sang David's favorite praise song and prayed for his healing. David did not give up hope and his faith grew in the power of the Word of God that Jesus could fully restore his immune system. David's faith was rewarded just a couple of weeks before this Congress where he shared his amazing testimony showing the letter from the hospital that declared him HIV-AIDS free and showed the graph of his restored immune system!

If you would like to hear David's incredible, disarmingly honest and revealing testimony, you can order the 2 CD's "Jesus is a Light to my feet" from FMI for AUD$30.00 postage paid.

The T-Cell recovery chart.
The bottom left shows no T-Cells when David was diagnosed. The upper
right shows how they
have recovered through faith and prayer.

Quyen Dao shares her experience of the Congress.
"...I was anxious about being anxious... I was a captive of my unnecessary worry and anxieties... My stress was seriously debilitating me physically, mentally and emotionally. "

The Congress on Grace and Mercy touched my heart immensely and changed my outlook on life.

Secretly, I felt as though Congress was created for me because so many times I felt deeply touched by what the speakers had to share. I felt Steve's teaching when he mentioned anxiety was meant for me. I also identified with Fr. Paul's teaching titled "Jesus Sets the Captives Free".

I was a captive of my unnecessary worry and anxieties. I knew I had to break out of my chains of bondage to stress. My stress was seriously debilitating me physically, mentally and emotionally. I was always feeling unwell, lethargic and sometimes had trouble breathing because I was so tense. It got to the extent that my mother and my boyfriend Cyrus, were concerned about my rapid weight loss due to my stress.

Mentally, I was so anxious I could not sleep at night, so I would clean my house because I was concerned that I was not spending my time efficiently and productively. I would also not allow myself to rest until I had planned and organised meticulously what I was going to do for each day of the week. Afterwards, usually at 2am, I would compulsively and repeatedly ensure that my alarm clock was set for 5.30 am. It was all a complete waste of time because I rarely ever got out of bed at 5.30am, not out of laziness but because I would spend the next two to three hours worried and analyzing about what MAY go wrong if I commenced my day.

I felt my neurotic thoughts were mentally and emotionally paralyzing me. Fortunately, I would eventually get out of bed because I have the regular routine of having at least half an hour of prayer before starting my day. This sometimes meant that I would skip breakfast to make up for lost time. It's never bothered me because "spiritual nourishment" is essential to me.

For a period of time last year, my preoccupation with what I viewed as stressful in my life would also cause me to be socially debilitated. It was even a struggle to come to the FMI functions. I would come for the formalities and be completely engrossed with the teachings, but as soon as it was time for fellowship my anxieties returned and overwhelmed me. I would force myself to mingle for ten to twenty minutes but felt extremely distressed inside, because I had no sanctuary or place to hide from my friends! Sometimes, I could not even handle socializing for five minutes I wanted to go home because I knew I was close to bursting into tears. I KNOW it was through regular prayer and the Grace of God that prevented me from sliding down into the dangerous pit of despair and hopelessness.

Cyrus encouraged me to go for prayer on Friday and Saturday night. I wanted to come up and ask for emotional healing, my heart desired to but my feet wouldn't let me. I felt like they were firmly glued to the floor. I didn't know why I felt like this at the time, but now I realised that I was allowing the devil to play on my weakness and anxiety. It was pathetic and I felt really pathetic. How could I be healed of my anxieties if I was feeling anxious about going up for prayer. Basically, I was anxious about being anxious.

My outlook on life changed on the Sunday night during the final rally, "Amazing Grace & the Power of the Cross".

Dusty shed tears as he shared about forgiving his dad during Eddie's closing rally; "Amazing Grace & the Power of the Cross".

I was determined that I would come up for prayer, so I prayed to God for the Grace to assist me to achieve this. When Dusty mentioned a "change of heart" in his testimony, it deeply touched me because I was yearning to have a "brand new heart".

When the prayer teams formed that night, I remembered that you (Eddie) had asked the delegates if they wanted to die that night. My answer was an emphatic "Yes!" I knew that I HAD to let myself die so that I could become a brand new creature in Christ. I finally came up for prayer and said to Kay Ford, "I want to pray for emotional healing and I want to get rid of my anxieties. I don't want this anymore!" I immediately burst into tears and Kay gently took my hands and said everything was going to be okay. I was tense while Kay prayed and she advised me to surrender to the Lord. I did and

instantly I felt wobbly, but I subconsciously resisted falling. Kay advised me that I should yield to God, so I did and fell to the floor.

For the first time ever, I was lying on the floor paralyzed by the Holy Spirit. It was such a peaceful moment lying there oblivious to everything else going on around me. When I managed to get up my legs felt like jelly and my heart was beating rapidly. After a while I briefly felt a sharp pain my chest, my heart hurt but it was a 'good hurt'. Instead of God just filling the "hole in my heart", I knew that God had reached inside me and had given me a "heart transplant".

Then I cried some more. But these were not the sad tears of bottled up unresolved childhood problems, or the weary tears of a young woman who recently felt she was close to having a mental breakdown. I was free and liberated because I was saved by the Grace and Mercy of a loving Almighty Father. I cried tears of joy for the first time in my life. I didn't have a heavy and burdened heart anymore. I was no longer a captive because the chains of my bondage to stress were released. Jesus had set me free indeed! I felt light as a feather and an immense wave of joy flooded my heart and body. It overflowed and I praised God in a way that I had never praised before. The best way to express to you how I felt that night is to quote a Hillsong praise and worship song. "Your light broke through my night, restored exceeding joy. Your Grace fell like the rain and made this desert live. You have turned my mourning into dancing. You have turned my sorrow into joy. Your hand lifted me. I stand on higher ground. Your praise rose in my heart and made this valley sing. This how we overcome."

Indeed that night with the Grace of God I did overcome my anxieties, so I did dance and sing for joy in praise of our Heavenly Father. I KNOW that I am healed emotionally and I thank God for this. God has worked so many miracles in my life and I know he will continue to do so. I know that sometimes I will worry and stress but it will never ever again cause me to be debilitated or make me a captive with a heavy heart anymore.

Quyen Dao FMI
*After the Congress was over, Quyen's faith was put to the test: Her mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer. The doctors had given up all hope of effective treatment and could only help to manage the pain at best. Trusting in God's promises, prayers began for her healing. Just prior to this publication Quen informed us that the cancer has gone completely and the doctors are stunned! - God's amazing Grace and enduring Mercy continues to flow beyond this Congress.

Melanie forgives her mother for wanting to abort her.

Melanie shares how she forgave her mother for wanting to abort her.

Now in her early twenties, Melanie grew up not knowing why she was always angry with her mother and at times didn't want to live. She left her home in Malaysia and came to Australia to attend university but never found happiness. Eventually she asked her mother why she felt this way and what her mother said shocked Melanie to her soul; Because of problems in her marriage Melanie's mother wanted to abort her when she found out she was pregnant. Melanie said they both cried when she told her, but her feelings of rejection and worthlessness grew to a painful degree from that time.

During the final rally at the Congress, Cheryle (right in pic above) had shared a vision of a baby in a mother's womb with the placenta being removed and the child being set free. Cheryle said that God was healing someone from the womb. Moved by what she heard Melanie finally asked for prayer when the call was made. "As soon as the prayer began I felt a powerful love touching my heart and I knew it was God." She said. "I had never known love before and it completely overwhelmed me." Melanie said that God's embrace had given her the ability to forgive her mother completely. Failing to hold back tears, she told her story for the first time as Cheryle comforted her. Melanie was set free by God's grace and was able to offer mercy to her mother.

After the Congress Melanie contacted her mother and told her for the first time that she loved her. When her mother heard Melanie's forgiveness and words of love, her mother broke down in sorrow. As Melanie shared what God had done for her and how much she loved her mother no matter what she had tried to do, over twenty years of guilt vanished from her mother's heart in a flood of tears. By God's grace and unfathomable mercy Melanie's mother found a new daughter and Melanie found a new mother that day as the grace of forgiveness flowed with healing love. Both are now healed and reconciled.

"This Congress is the best I've ever attended. Praise God for healing my spine!"

As the sessions unfolded so did God's Grace and Mercy in the area of healing of body, soul and spirit and thus, Pope John Paul's words in "Dives in Misericordia" became a living reality for many. "Christ crucified is for us the loftiest model, inspiration and encouragement. When we base ourselves on this disquieting model, we are able with all humility to show mercy to others knowing that Christ accepts it as if it were shown to himself."

From October 17th to November 7th 2003 the Flame Youth Ministry embarked on a bold venture to expose the seedy and evil side of the Sex, Drugs and Rock Music Scene as they had seen and experienced it.

A series of drug culture exposé's inspired by FYM Leader, Shenton Surin saw Fr. Paul Baczynski, David Harp, Patrick Carre, Dusty Severtson, Eddie Russell and Shenton tell audiences from all over the Perth metropolitan area about their personal experiences with overcoming drugs, permissive sex and the hidden dangers of some Rock music that is effecting young people today - The series was a raw and uncompromising revelation.

Each speaker shared from their personal experience about the devastating effects of the Sex, Drugs and Rock Music subculture.

Although not affected by the drug scene, this young Hindu gave his life to Christ after one of the sessions.

Knowing from personal experience the devastating effects of drug addiction, David prayed with compassion and conviction.

Fr. Paul's experience with drugs and his passion for the addicted had a powerful effect on those he prayed with for a release from bondage.

Eddie and Patrick pray for a young girl. Over the four weekly sessions youth and adults received healing and liberty by giving their lives to Christ.

But perhaps the biggest surprise of the series was Fr. Paul's testimony about his own journey from promiscuity and drugs to his dramatic conversion, ordination to the priesthood and foundation of the Crossroads Community; a community established to assist anyone in bondage to all forms of addictions.
Fr. Paul was invited to speak on the opening night due to his ministry to those suffering addictions. It came as a surprise to hear his life testimony about a hedonistic Godless life filled with drugs and sex before he became a priest two years ago.

As a young man living the life of a deep sea pearl diver Paul Baczynski had everything; Money, a healthy lifestyle, plenty of women and a big hole in his soul that nothing could fill. The emptiness grew until his need for God became clear.

Fr. Paul shared his journey to faith that culminated with a mystical experience of God's intervention in his life that changed his direction completely. - He is now a priest and the founder the Crossroads Community that helps people with all forms of addictions. Many of the young people listening to Fr. Paul's faith journey were surprised to hear a priest talking so openly about the not so good things in his life. However, the description of his conversion and journey to the priesthood demonstrated God's love in a powerful way that gave them hope. After he had concluded people went forward for prayer.

Throughout the weeks each speaker revealed the truth and the facts that underlie the drug culture. David and Shenton's story hit hard at the real perversions that the sex, drugs and gay lifestyles really is. There is no 'gay' or glamour in reality, but rather many sad and lonely people lost a pit of selfish absorption fed constantly by fleeting sexual encounters often stimulated by drugs.

David and Shenton told about how the had been seduced into a gay lifestyle in which they lost their sense of self worth and dignity. Powered by various drug concoctions they knew the only way out after seven long years was to give their lives back to Jesus. When they did this, Jesus set them free from addictions without withdrawals and gave then the grace to leave the gay scene and all its empty illusions. Their horror stories were very moving, challenging and redeeming and had a great impact on the youth and adults and the illusion of glamour was totally destroyed.

Dusty's testimony was also very moving as he shared how he turned from God because of family troubles and began a life of sexual promiscuity and alcohol abuse. After experiencing the Baptism in the Holy Spirit at a Flame Day of Renewal in the remote rural town of Perenjori, God began to work in his life. This culminated when God gave him a new heart, "I had asked God to help me and to give me a new heart. But when it happened it was very painful." He said.

Fr. Paul Baczynski and his team listen to a session during Drugs Xposed.

Fr. Don Kettle, the recently appointed director of the Archdiocesan Youth Office brought over twenty youth from his parish in Rockingham south of Perth.

Patrick Carre issues an altar-call after his session on the effects of music. Everyone accepted.

Dusty catches a young man overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit as Eddie prayed for him.

A still from an FMITV documentary that interviewed university students about sex, drugs and rock music.

God convicted him of his sinful attitudes and as he repented, God's hand appeared reach into his heart and tore it out replacing it with another that was completely healed. "It hurt. It really hurt, but God took away my old wounded heart and replaced it with one like his." He said. Dusty was then able to forgive his estranged father for alcohol abuse and divorcing his mother. He gave up the rock band, sex encounters and everything else that came with it. He came to Perth, began further studies at university and joined the Flame Music Ministry. Dusty's account of God's intervention brought people to tears and that night many repented.

As a professional musician with a history of bands around Perth, Patrick Carre spoke about the effects of music in today's culture. Patrick has never been involved with drugs or sex and so his session highlighted the possibility of being able to enjoy music and the opposite sex without giving in to negative influences and peer pressures. His insight into the subtle influences that undergirds a lot of music demonstrated the need to be more discerning of seemingly innocent lyrics and sound effects.

The final session was by Eddie Russell who shared the history of the current drug and music scene from the 60's sex and drug revolution. He apologized to the youth for his generation which he said was responsible for making drugs popular during the hippie period. Eddie also shared his experiences with rock bands in England as well as how God had saved him from death in a drug stupor and revealed Jesus to him.

The Sex, Drugs & Rock Music Xposed was a very powerful expose that had a strong impact on the people attending. Many parents thanked the team for their honesty and for the advice they gave on how to deal with their own children that might be going through similar problems. Also, throughout the series many young people committed their lives to Christ and received prayer to free them from their own personal struggles.

The series as well as the Congress and
Set My People on Fire was filmed by
FMITV & Video Productions. Both Audio Tapes
and Audio CD's are available by contacting FMI

Other Outreaches and Missions.

FMI's Moderator for Intercessory Prayer, Kaye Rollings, has been very busy with new projects.

Kaye represents the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth and FMI on PrayerNet WA, an Interdenominational body in Perth and attends regular meetings.

Through this membership Kaye was invited by the Women's Intercessory Prayer Network as a guest speaker at their prayer breakfast for around 200 Intercessors from churches around Perth. Given the subject of Catholic Prayer and Spirituality Kaye was asked by convener Robin Walker to break down barriers. Kaye spoke about her Catholic spirituality, FMI and her role as the Moderator for Intercessory Prayer. "There

was no Catholic view of intercession, rather, if Christian people stand united in purpose before God and empowered by the Holy Spirit, there is no division. God does not divide, man does." She said. The congregation responded with loud applause and her message brought an immediate response - She was called back to the podium as people listed off the wrongs they had done to Catholics and repented. Afterwards Kaye was invited to address their upcoming "Intercessors Together" camp.

Parish Intercession for Evangelisation Services.

Another of Kaye's initiatives is in response to Archbishop Hickey's Archdiocesan program for parish evangelisation. This initiative involves a "Parish Intercessory Prayer Service for Evangelisation".

The first of several prayer services was conducted for the Catholic parish in Bullsbrook and the Bindoon College. Kaye spent the weekend in the parish with the Flame Music Ministry and members of the FMI Youth Outreach Team. Services were held in the church that were well attended by the youth from the Agricultural College. The youth enjoyed it so much that the principle and the priest have invited them back to do something special for the students.

The second Prayer Service was held at St. Patrick's Basilica in Fremantle on the invitation of Fr. John Sherman. The service included the Rosary with each alternate decade recited in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English. The service also had Adoration, Benediction, Petitionary Prayers, Gospel Reflection and songs led by the Flame Music Ministry [FMM] and concluded with personal prayer for individual needs. The service was very popular and Fr. John has now booked bi-monthly services for the rest of the year. The service will be timed to lead into the Sunday evening Mass so that FMM can flow from the service into the Mass with their music.

Intercessory Prayer Seminars.
The Intercessory Prayer Seminars conducted by Kaye Rollings held at the Holy Family Catholic Church in Como were a great success. These seminars attracted people from other churches that had attended the Women's Intercessory Prayer Network Breakfast. The workshops were especially powerful times of Intercession that impressed the non-Catholic participants who experienced praying this way with Catholics for the first time.
Jesus Movie.
Over 300 people attended a free showing of the movie JESUS at the Cathedral Praise Meeting and the Flame Youth Meeting. Although the movie is now old, it told the story of Jesus life according to Saint Luke in an inspiring way. Over the years this movie has been used as an evangelisation tool and has been instrumental in bringing thousands to conversion. The idea of showing the movie was to attract people that would not otherwise attend Church or a Church function. People came from many Perth suburbs and some traveled from as far as Mandurah and Pemberton which about 400 km south of Perth. Many of the audiences were not Christians or those that had not been to Church for a long time and so the evenings were a great success.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal Pentecost Conference 2003

Eddie Russell FMI was a keynote speaker at the 2003 Pentecost Conference held by the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Perth. His session on The Holy Spirit Anoints for Ministry led the conference into blessing time of ministry for an increased anointing and fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. The praise was led by FMM who prepared the people in expectation of God's outpouring grace.

David Harp tells school students all about drugs.
Impressed with his testimony of becoming drug free, David was invited by Religious Education teacher Freda Goudie to address all the year 10 students at the Lumen Christi Catholic College in Gosnells. The afternoon attended by staff and students was a great success and many were touched by David's honesty. The afternoon gave the students a deep and personal insight to the dangers of experimenting with sex and drugs. Hearing of the devastating effects this had on David's life, they were now forewarned and therefore forearmed if approached or tempted to take the same road to having fun.

Set My People on Fire 2003 Graduations.
Now entering into its 14th year, Set My People on Fire continues to attract many people each year. It has long been our custom to present the Certificates of Completion at our Annual Congress. In the past this has been done by Archbishop Hickey during a Congress Rally. This year Bishop Don Sproxton celebrated the Mass at the 2004 Congress in which he presented the graduates with their certificates.

The seminars are currently running at the Holy Family Church in Thelma street, Como every Tuesday night from 7.30pm. Beginning in September it is planned to do the seminars for the Whitfords Parish. This will be a parish event involving the Whitfords youth groups who will invite the surrounding parishes to attend as part of their evangelisation program.
Africa Mission 2004.
Due to the planned Revival Mission to the USA that was postponed at the last minute last year, Eddie was not able to accept invitations to go to Uganda in 2003. Fred Mawand of the Ugandan Charismatic Renewal has around 10,000 members ready to attend rallies and seminars if Eddie can get there this year. Fred has informed FMI that the Ugandans only earn around 0.05 cents a day and cannot support the cost of a mission. FMI do not have the financial resources to fund a three week mission which will cost an estimated $17,000. To be able to meet the needs of the Ugandan Renewal Eddie must be there between June or July and if it is to be a possibility funds are urgently needed. We ask you to pray for this so that enough funds will come in plenty of time to make adequate arrangements.

Slovenia Revival Mission 2004.
Although not yet confirmed as at this posting, Eddie has been invited to Slovenia to preach a Revival and Healing Crusade. This mission will come under the bishops and retreats for priests as well as rallies and seminars are planned for the general population. The Slovenian publication of Eddie's book, 12 Steps to Divine Healing was released in Slovenia last year and has already proven popular. The publisher said recently, "God works powerfully through your book in Slovenia. It is really life-changing!" Due to the difficulty arranging the Uganda mission it has been difficult to make firm dates for Slovenia. However, the dates so far will be for three weeks in August. We also ask for your prayer support for this too. To purchase the book contact Matej at


Revival Fire Burns again in England.
Derek Williams graduated the Set My People on Fire seminars in England during 1994. This was the year after the
Baptism of Fire began in Perth. Derek contacted Eddie at Christmas saying that he felt moved to speak on the Baptism of Fire at his prayer meetings in Peterborough. Eddie began to instruct Derek who applied what Eddie had told him by Email. The result was a powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit and Fire at Derek's meeting. The parish priest has now given Derek his full support and granted permission for a monthly Baptism of Fire Rally in the parish. This has now taken off in Birmingham, Bedford and other places where Derek has been invited to speak. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal have also invited Derek to speak about the BOF at their annual conference in August. Derek reports that people are beginning to catch the fire and are eager to learn more of this grace of God. Eddie hopes to get to England following the Slovenia mission so that he can assist Derek.

Derek is married with young children and yet he has chosen to live by faith for God's provision in order to fan the fires of revival in England. This is a very bold step for Derek and Lynn and so we ask you to pray for God to supply Derek with enough money to continue with his ministry. We also ask that if you are so moved, to support him with your financial contributions. If you are willing to do this just Email FMI and we will give you Derek's contact details.

Testimonies from ANGELA & DAVID 1 FEB 04 - Members of Derek's group.

DAVID - I always leave the prayer group after 'praise & worship' in a more calm and relaxed state than I arrived in. Moreover I invariably feel warm, if not hot, at certain stages during the evening but my spiritual awareness is probably one of the lowest in the group and I am not susceptible to spiritual visitations. However, something unusual happened last Sunday, 1 Feb 04.

I find it difficult to completely empty my mind because my thoughts tend to drift to such things as what I have done previously or intend to do in the future. But with Derek's encouragement I decided to try and think of the picture of the Divine Mercy without concentrating too hard. At some stage I thought I saw a very bright and very pure white light source partially appear over what looked like a mountain. Also I saw a partial golden silhouette of a head and the upper part of a wing - the feathers shapes were very clear even against the bright light. I could have simply willed myself to see it but I think this unlikely as it was not the sort of picture I was thinking of or likely to think of. In addition, I injured my right shoulder many years ago but it only troubles me when twisting it at certain angles. However, at some stage I felt a sharp pain in the shoulder and the next day found it was 99% better.

ANGELA - Throughout the 'praise & worship' I felt warm waves and at times intense heat. I came forward for healing & reconciliation and Derek prayed over me. After a few moments I fell down in the spirit and felt waves of great peace, warmth and love wash over me and although I tried several times to get up I felt I was meant to stay on the floor. I was praying quietly in tongues and I could hear other people also praying in tongues. I also felt that someone nearby was interceding for me. When I finally got up I felt 'drunk in the spirit'.

During the following week, I was given the message many times to praise in all situations and to lift up our sufferings for the difficulties in the world and our communities thereby turning the pain to joy. Later on I came across the words 'If anyone wants to be a follower of mine, let him renounce himself, take up his cross and follow me' (Mark 8).
Eddie to speak at PMCF - An interdenominational Prayer Fellowship.
The Third PMCF Meeting for 2004 will be held on the 13th of March at St. Andrews Anglican Church, Shelley. The meeting will start at 5 pm. Eddie will address members from various churches and fellowship from around Perth. His subject will be on Revival Fire in the Heart of the Believer.

Prepare for Easter Retreat - Walk the Blood Covenants.

Find out how marriage and the Mass are Blood Covenants. Discover how Blood Covenants improve your relationship with God. Walk the Nine Steps of Yahweh's Blood Covenants from Adam, Noah, Abraham and Moses to Jesus' Final Sacrifice and Jubilee.

LJ Goody Bioethics Centre, 39 Jugan Street, Glendalough on Saturday 27th March from 10am to 10pm. Cost: $50 pp. Bring shared meals.

RETREAT SUBJECTS: 1: Blood Covenants in world cultures. 2: Walk the Nine Steps of an Ancient Hebrew Covenant Ritual. 3: Walk Yahweh's Blood Covenant Steps from Adam to Abram. 4: Walk Yahweh's Blood Covenant Steps from Abraham to Moses. 5: Walk with Jesus as he takes the Nine Blood Covenant Steps to Calvary and the Jubilee. Speaker: Eddie Russell FMI
INFORMATION: (08) 9282 3668 - Email:

Youth on Fire at New Norcia - Pentecost Retreat in the Planning.
FMI are currently planning for a Pentecost "Youth on Fire" Retreat Weekend at the Benedictine Abbey in New Norcia 95kms north of Perth. The retreat, whilst aimed at youth, will be suitable for everyone but there are limited registrations. The weekend will be fully catered and cost around AUD$130pp. To get the final program and book in early, contact FMI for details at the Email address above - "He who dares, wins!"
Flame Youth Ministry.
St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Albert Street, Balcatta every Friday evening from 7.30pm.
Leader: Shenton Surin FMI.

Cathedral Praise Meeting
St. Mary's Cathedral Parish Centre, 450 Hay Street, Perth City every Thursday evening from 8pm.
Leader: Eddie Russell FMI

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