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Posted November 1 2004

FMI UK - Baptism of Fire for Lisbon, Portugal

SMPOF: Parish Evangelisation Mission, Claremont WA

Flame at Bishops conference of England Wales and Scotland

David Harp FMI - Keynote speaker at Archdiocesan event

2005 Flame Congress: Bread from Heaven

Set My People on Fire for UK in 2005: Video and Live sessions

FMI & Impact World Tour WA

FMM - International Youth Mass

Fire on the streets of England

Southern Cross Parish Renewal

Youth On Fire - Pentecost Retreat.

Eddie Russell's latest book on Faith

God is blessing so many people through our crusades, missions, seminars, retreats and conferences and this is inspiring others requesting to join with FMI.

In the past month alone there have been around twenty requests from various non-Catholic churches and groups requesting affiliation. Sadly, we are not equipped with resources or finances in order to accept these churches or to take up their invitations to hold crusades in their countries and this is a matter of concern for us. It is not certain that we can accept non-Catholic churches under FMI as a Catholic Organisation, but the fact that even if we could, we are not able to do so due to a lack of finance and resources. In addition we have had to refuse invitations to poorer countries because we could not afford to finance those missions.

FMI do not receive funding and so we rely on Divine Providence and the generosity of people like yourself. To assist us in continuing our missions we have begun a Partners Program called Friends of Flame. Readers are encouraged to join us as prayer partners as well as supporting us financially. Friends receive regular news, updates and offers in our FOF Newsletter that is sent exclusively to Friends of Flame.

As we move in faith towards new adventures in the Lord and accept more engagements, a sense of excitement pervades FMI, and naturally we would like our readers to partake in the blessings received for the salvation of souls.

As you read through this page why not consider becoming a Friend of Flame and partner with us. We know that according the Word of God you will be blessed abundantly in return and your generosity could help us to pay our unpaid full time workers, some who have not received a wage for 14 years. If you would like to make a donation now, please use the secure PayPal Button above left. If you decide to donate, you will also bless us in order to purchase more web space to continue these news updates as we have now reached our 30 meg limit. Donations of US$25 or more will receive a free copy of Eddie's internationally popular book,12 Steps to Divine Healing.
In the meanwhile - Enjoy!
Eddie Russell FMI

15th Annual Flame Congress January 28th to 30th 2005

The three evening rallies are open to the public and a offering will be received each night.
The seven daytime session are for registered delegates only at $80 pp.
Generous Concessions for Student and Pensioner Cards.
Mass will be celebrated on Sunday morning with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
All Welcome.

Phone Flame Ministries International +61 8 9382 3668 - Email Enquiries Here

-News & Events-

Derek Williams FMI

Flame Ministries in England and Portugal.
Reports from Derek Williams FMI Evangelist in Peterborough, England.

Baptism in Fire England

Derek speaks on
the Baptism of Fire
at Ministeracres,
County Duram,

Baptism in Fire for Lisbon, Portugal
from 5 to 9 January 2005

Invited by Maria Dornellas, (New Dawn Walsingham Conference) on behalf of the Diocesan Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Lisbon, Portugal, FMI Catholic Evangelist, Derek Williams will speak at a Renewal Conference on the Baptism of Fire.

Ms Dornellas attended Derek's sessions at the recent New Dawn Conference in Walsingham England and was touched by the Fire of the Holy Spirit along with delegates from England and Poland. For details of the Lisbon Conference - Please contact Maria.

Or contact Derek Williams for
Further details

Set My People On Fire - Parish Mission in Peterborough, England.
Derek Williams FMI will be conducting the 15 week Set My People on Fire Seminars in Peterborough from February 13th to June 5th 2005. The seminars will be a mix of live sessions preached by Derek and video sessions by Eddie Russell filmed at the St. Thomas the Apostle Parish Mission in Claremont, Western Australia.

Full program and venue details

Building Bridges of Hope Information

Flame Ministries at Bishops conference of England Wales and Scotland.
"Changing Evangelisation: Sharing Stories of Catholic Initiatives."

FMI Evangelist Derek Williams will represent Flame Ministries International at the Bishops Conference of England and Wales at All Saints, London, Colney on 24th and 25th November.

The Building Bridges of Hope conference is seen as an opportunity to share and identify good practice and discern the contemporary shape of Catholic Mission in Britain and Ireland. The outcomes of this forum will be mutual support, making connections with each other and sharing resources. It will also help CASE present the 'means and methods' of evangelisation to the Catholic community and to our ecumenical partners.

The co-hosts for the conference will be: CASE: The Catholic Agency to Support Evangelisation - an agency of the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales and Building Bridges of Hope - an ecumenical learning process, established by the Churches Commission on Mission (part of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland) - For more details visit Building Bridges of Hope

Peterborough Cathedral Square
Gate to Cathedral Square Peterborough.

Fire on the Streets of England.
Taking Jesus to the people is the motivation of FMI's UK Evangelist Derek Williams for marketplace evangelisation.

The Senior Directors of FMI in Australia approved a trial street evangelisation mission proposed by Derek recently. As much as doing more formal preaching through rallies, conferences and seminars Derek also believes that Jesus and the Gospel needs to be taken to the people where they live and work and presented to them in a practical way that they can identify with.

To do this Derek will road-test an idea from FMI senior director Eddie Russell by setting up a Prayer Cubicle in the local market place in Peterborough where he will hand out free copies of his book and speak to people about what Jesus can do for them. He will also invite people to seek prayer for their needs in a private cubicle set up in the street. The Prayer Station cubicles will have a sign saying - "Need Prayer? Ask, and you will receive." If the first outreach is a success Derek will train up twelve people to assist and reproduce the idea eventually covering the city.

The first street mission
Seminarian Luke Goymour and Derek went to Peterborough Cathedral square (above) which is an outside shopping precinct on Monday Novemebr 1st. "Shortly after arriving with bibles and Rosary beads in hand an evangelical turned up expecting somebody else, but met with us. Then Therese Brown, a Charismatic Catholic friend, another evangelical and an intercessor friend turned up - None of these expected us to be there and vice versa; We had a team.

Theresa brought some spiritual warfare prayers written by Pope Leo XIII so we prayed them, called on the Holy Spirit, and after much deliberation I started teaching the people gathered (some having lunch on the benches, others just walking through). Just before I started talking I was told that where I was standing a group of Satanists normally gather on Monday lunchtime to carry out some rituals, they didn't turn up this week.

The Holy Spirit inspired me for half an hour to talk on God's love, salvation, blessing and curse, the god of this age, the incarnation, Christmas, stress, personal responsibility, and one or two other things. In excess of 200 people passed through the square during this stage and Luke was walking round praying the rosary and commented on how many people were sitting down in the vicinity listening with interest and the two evangelical men were chatting with people. Theresa was praying behind me for protection and inspiration. When I finished it seemed that something in the spiritual realms had broken through - the atmosphere had changed. Luke in particular noticed this and said it was an awesome afternoon."

For information about our UK outreaches, engagements and programs contact
Derek Williams

David Harp FMI - Keynote speaker at Archdiocesan event.
The impact of David's testimony regarding his deliverance from drug addiction, homosexuality and healing of HIV/AIDS has had a powerful impact on 100's of people since he first shared it at the 14th Annual Flame Congress in
January this year.

HIV/AIDS and Drug Free!

The Guest Speakers at the Respect Life Office Annual Fundraising Dinner Dance are Archbishop Barry James Hickey and David Harp FMI.

Following an address by Archbishop Hickey, David will share his testimony highlighting the dignity of the homosexual person and the power of God's grace. Through his witness David has already helped many people experiencing same sex-attraction, and he continues to touch the lives of so many people. Among those who have been affected by David's story were participants of the Embrace the Grace Conference 2004 sponsored by the Respect Life Office and the Archdiocesan Catholic Youth Office where he was given a standing ovation that lasted over 10 minutes.

Respect Life Office director, Ms Clare Pike said, "Listening to the way God has worked in David's life has a way of affecting all of us and not just those with same-sex attraction. His story is a great statement to the power, mercy and love of God and it helps us better understand and talk about the subject of homosexuality."

To be held from 6.30pm on Saturday November 27th 2004 people are invited to attend at the Rossetti Restaurant 28/386 Wanneroo Rd Westminster. The $40 per person tickets will include a three course meal, beer, wine, tea, coffee and soft drinks. Tables of ten can be booked and the dress is Formal. All proceeds will assist the work of the Respect Life Office. For information contact
Clare Pike by Friday 19th November.

Read David's Testimony Here

Set My People On Fire Parish Evangelisation Claremont WA.
SMPOF has been presented in Perth twice a year for the past 14 years but this is the first time it has been conducted as formal parish event in Australia.

Set My People on Fire Australia
Opening night in the Church. SMPOF has now moved to the parish hall which is far more comfortable.

Smiles at SMPOF

Hmmm - I see what you mean...

In response to Archbishop Hickey's call for a New Evangelisation in the Archdiocese the parish of St. Thomas the Apostle in Claremont WA took the bold step to invite FMI to present its 15 week bible seminar.

SMPOF was conducted as a parish program in Birmingham and Peterborough in England during 1994 but this is the first time it has been presented as a parish event in Perth and it is no doubt the longest parish mission ever conducted in the Archdiocese if not Australia. Full credit has to go to a few eager parishioners that presented it to the Parish Evangelisation Committee who then took the initiative for the parish.

At the time of this publication the seminars are in their 9th week and so far it has been a huge success. Not everyone attending are from the parish. There are several enthusiastic non-Catholics and people from surrounding parishes and all are gaining much from the subjects presented. The attendance by such a wide section of Perth is largely due to the door-knock invitations that took place prior along with speakers presenting the program to the surrounding parishes.

A significant time was the final session on Blood Covenants on the first retreat weekend. During Eddie's description of the passion and death of Jesus the room was suddenly filled with God's presence, the effect of which brought many to tears and repentance.

As the weeks go by it is clear to see how the faith of the delegates has grown and how the Word of God has begun positive transformations in their lives. SMPOF Claremont is proving to be a very powerful parish evangelisation tool. The whole mission is being filmed by FMITV and Video Productions and will become the primary FMI video series for international distribution and will be used by Derek in England next February.

Girl up a tree at Youth on Fire
Up a Gum tree at Youth On Fire.

Baptised in the Holy Spirit
Praying for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at Youth on Fire.

Tell me about your faith
Faith sharing at Youth on Fire.

Guitars Jamming with Flute
FMM set the pace teaching Antioch musos at their Fire Weekend.

Pat Jamming with everyone
Patrick shows Antioch musicians how to experiment with creative arrangements with original material.

Flame Youth Ministry and FMM active and effective.

Not letting the dust settle before the next event FYM and FMM keep blazing a trail across Perth.

Without doubt the Flame Youth and Music Ministry are fast becoming leading forces amongst young adults and the general Catholic population with their unique music and very anointed ministry. Requests for their music at parish Masses are increasing and currently monthly engagements are in Balcatta, Claremont and Fremantle with requests from other suburbs.

The first Youth on Fire Retreat held over the Pentecost weekend at the Benedictine Monastery in New Norcia WA was a resounding success.
Youth on Fire - a suitable title indeed for a youth Pentecost retreat that changed the lives of many participants as the picture at the top of this page indicates. FMM provided the music and the jam-sessions during breaks gave the weekend a sense of balance and fun.

Teaching subjects were given by FYM leader Shenton Surin and David Harp that expressed the reality of God's love and the primacy of Jesus as Lord. Shenton's topics on the power of Pentecost and the Spiritual Gifts inspired participants to ask for and accept their personal Pentecost through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The presence of the Holy Spirit and the sincere love of the youth began to heal many from hurtful past experiences as they began to forgive others and especially themselves as Christ had done on Calvary's Cross. Eddie Russell introduced YOF with an encouraging address marking Pentecost given by Pope John II affirming the Charismatic dimension of our faith praying for an "Abundant effusion" of the charismtic gifts.

Over 95 KM from Perth, The Benedictine Abbey at New Norcia was the ideal retreat centre. Youth on Fire was held in St. Cecilia's college and although FMM and the praise of God were loud, it did not travel outside the building leaving the tranquility of New Norcia contemplatively intact. - It is certain that FYM will do Youth on Fire again. If you would like to notified about their events, just subscribe below.

FMM was provided liturgical music at the International Youth Mass held at St. Mary's Cathedral attended by over 1000 youth.
Organised by Fr. Don Kettle, Archdiocesan Youth Director, the Mass was a huge success and a testimony to the calibre and enthusiasm of youth in the Archdiocese. As well as FMM, the Mass had musicians of various musical expressions from traditional to contemporary that gave the liturgy a beautiful cultural expression that blended and harmonized in an inspiring way. The International Youth Day Mass culminated with refreshments and displays from dozens of youth organisations at Mercedes College opposite the Cathedral.

FMM and FYM - Fire and Anchor.
Each year, both Antioch and the Disciples of Jesus have weekends aimed at the needs of young people. Last year FMM and FYM left a marked impression and were invited once more to minister at the Antioch Flame Weekend and the Disciples of Jesus Anchor Weekend. Both Antioch and the DOJ's Youth Mission Teams expressed their appreciation for such a wonderful time with FMI, "Wow, these guys are awesome!" would adequately sum it up from one young person at Anchor.

The New Mysteries of the Holy Rosary
"Entering the Mysteries of Light" on DVD and VHS

6 Powerful 60 minute on teachings, Living in the Light, Christ's Baptism in the Jordan, Christ's Self Revelation at Cana, Proclamation of the Kingdom and Conversion, The Transfiguration and The Institution of the Eucharist presented by Archbishop Hickey, Bishop Don Sproxton, Fr. Bob Carden, Raymond de Souza and Eddie Russell will enrich your meditations on the New Mysteries of Light.
Full set of 6 - AUD$120 + P&H

Basilica Prayer

Intercession for evangelisation at Fremantle Basilica continues.

Monthly Intercessory Prayer Services at St., Patrick's Basilica led by Kaye Rollings and FMM in Fremantle town are becoming a regular feature of parish life.

Fr. John Sherman is now planning for 2005 and is looking at a Charismatic-style Pentecost Vigil with FMI. Fremantle is said to be the Witchcraft Capital of the world by Wiccans themselves and this beautiful port city that still has its original colonial character is a haven of art, culture and new Age lifestyle. Fr. John has a vision for evangelisation of the city and the Intercessory Prayer Services are part of that preparation. It is being discussed that in 2005 FMI could conduct Set My people on Fire or other Renewal Missions for the parish to assist in this vision of evangelisation.

Jim Murphy - Listen!
Jim Murphy making a point: "Listen."

Jim Murphy - The man that carried a 6ft wooden cross over America in Perth for Evangelisation Conference.

Rekindle the Fire organised by the State Service Committee of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of WA attracted several hundred people to hear Jim Murphy's amazing journey of faith and evangelisation. The conference with the blessing of the Archbishop gave participants practical steps to apply in the local environment. Flame Music Ministry were one of the groups at the conference and provided music for the closing Mass that attracted much praise for their music.

Receive the Holy Spirit
Praying for a release
of the Holy Spirit at Southern Cross.

Participants listen to Eddie's teaching on Faith and Adoption by the Blood. David Harp also spoke on God's Love and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The whole weekend was great fun and quite an adventure.

Our Lady of Montserrat - Southern Cross Parish Renewal Weekend.

You too.
Praying for parish priest Fr. Peter St. John.

The tiny West Australian wheatbelt town of Southern Cross lies 369 km east of Perth with a population of just 982. It is a farming community that is also famous for the major gold finds in the early settlement days.

On the weekend of 23 - 24 October a team of Flame members drove by car and travelled by train to conduct a Healing Rally and the Flame One Day of Renewal.

The mission was not without incident when Patrick's car stripped its back CV joints due to the weight of the sound and music equipment towed in a trailer. FMI guitarist Damien Doherty and Sound Engineer James Thom along with Patrick were stranded just 50 km out from Perth with no hope of getting the car fixed. It took several hours for a tow truck to arrive and by the time they finally arrived at Southern Cross with the musical bare essentials, the first session was nearly finished.

Without music for the opening healing rally, Eddie arranged for Cherlye, Kaye and Quyen to share testimonies about healing in their own lives after which Eddie preached his message. The rest of the weekend went as planned and although some did not return after the first night, the rest were blessed and encouraged by the messages and prayers they received. The mission ended with a BBQ and the best Lamb Chops imaginable.

Impact World Tour Australia

Kaye Rollings FMI represents Archbishop Hickey, Flame Ministries and the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth on the Board of Reference for Impact World Tour that is coming to Australia in 2006.

Impact World Tour was founded in 1993 in Wisconsin, USA and has grown to be the largest travelling campaign of its type in the world. The Tour has the power to transform communities and it particularly addresses youth on contemporary issues.

Professional performances feature world-class extreme athletes and cultural artists. Local churches and business people contribute funds and provide some infrastructure as well as run ongoing programs.

IWT will be the biggest youth event ever staged in Australia and we will keep you up to date.

What happened to Uganda and Slovenia?

FMI needed to raise $17,000.00 to $20,000.00 for Eddie, David and Patrick to go to Uganda but it was not possible to do so, and sadly, we had to cancel the mission. Slovenia was secure and an Official Invitation from the Bishop of Maribor was received. Unfortunately, those assisting the organisers with transport and music decided to take a holiday instead even though they had arranged to do the mission. This left the organisers stranded and the mission postponed until 2005.

Other than the unreliable commitments in the Eastern European summer holidays, the sad reality of money was the main cause for cancellations, and that is why our Friends of Flame Partners are so important to FMI. Again, please consider assisting us with your prayers and donations. If you do, it will mean we will be able to bless those that cannot pay for such missions as those in Uganda, earning around 0.5 cents per day, cannot.

Eddie's New Book to be published July 2005.
A pre-publish review.

It's Faith Jim. But not as we know it.
By Eddie Russell FMI

Notify me when this book is available.

Why I wrote this book and what it explains.

I have written this book (44 chapters) in response to many requests from people who have read 12 Steps to Divine Healing; it covers faith as a charism, a law, a gift, a grace, a natural endowment and even, a science.

The title of this book is a parody on the original Star-Trek famous line "It's life Jim, but not as we know it" and approaches the cosmogony of faith in Hebrews 11:1-3. Consequently it attempts to go boldly where no man has gone before, and hence the title, "It's Faith Jim. But not as we know it."

In the first three verses of Hebrews 11 is the whole mystery of faith regarding exactly what it is and how we understand [know] by faith that the Word of God creates the universe. The author of Hebrews does not elaborate on this cosmic event and promptly gives examples from history. We can assume that because there is no elaboration the Christians of the day knew exactly what he meant. The question the book approaches is, do we?

From this standpoint, I have presented how the Mazzaroth reveals God's salvation plan written in the constellations and how the corruption at Babel gave birth to the modern day occult zodiac with Biblical references and astronomical calculations to show what people saw in the heavens at that time. It also explains the relationship between the Logos and the Rhema in the work of creation, salvation and the miraculous events revealed in the lives of Adam through to Jesus and, for us today. Investigating the dust from which God formed Adam, it approaches the creation of the universe and humanity from a Sub-Atomic level and asks, "Was Adam Sub-Atomic Dust that Speaks?"

This book is not meant to be a complete exegesis on faith, or indeed a complete cosmogony or cosmology even if it does have an Aristotelian metaphysical nature, but rather to approach the nature of faith itself in a practical way that we can apply in daily life.

Its cosmology and cosmogony if anything, are relating to the comments in the Letter to the Hebrews regarding understanding the origin of the universe by the Word of God. Because this is so powerfully connected in Hebrews chapter eleven verse three, we cannot approach the subject of faith without approaching the universe itself.

Since this book is not only concerned with the beginning, but also with the end of creation, its foundation is on the premise that God, although fully involved in it, is separate from it. In these regards, its cosmogony could be in the area of the Scholastics Hylomorphism although I am no scholar in these matters and only discovered this probability after setting out my thoughts.

Faith is a gift supernaturally infused by God but it is also a law that needs application in order to have its effect. The book attempts to explain that law in a simple to understand way, giving numerous practical examples as well as inspiring personal testimonies, and explains how a Rhema Word spoken in faith can activate a dead body. It also explains how this can Consecrate bread and wine, affect the Incarnation, the New Adam and the New Eve opening up the revelation of Christ at Cana as well as bringing a physical body into a purely spiritual realm without breaking spiritual or natural laws. It also explains how faith comes, grows, gets results.

Written from the heart of the Evangelist whose primary motivation is to bring encounter with Jesus and conviction of his truth rather than education alone, this book seeks to make Jesus known to the glory of God and to inspire faith in him that it might be told to others for their salvation. It is therefore a simple book for the everyday man to apply effectively in daily life.

Eddie Russell FMI


Flame Youth Ministry.
St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Albert Street, Balcatta every Friday evening from 7.30pm.
Leader: Shenton Surin FMI.

Cathedral Praise Meeting
St. Mary's Cathedral Parish Centre, 450 Hay Street, Perth City every Thursday evening from 8pm.
Leader: Eddie Russell FMI

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