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I recommend Set My People On Fire as an excellent source of Biblical teaching, especially as a living experience of the Word of God for the participants. - Archbishop Hickey

With the approval, encouragement, discernment and blessing of His Grace, Archbishop William J Foley (The late Archbishop of Perth, Western Australia), it was first conducted, beginning in February 1990 with great success. Archbishop Foley gave the program to his personal theologian, Dr. Michael Jackson, who at that time was the head of the Theological Faculty at Murdoch University, and subsequently the Dean of the Notre Dame University in Fremantle. The program was accepted by Dr. Jackson as theologically and doctrinally sound, and so Archbishop Foley gave his blessing for it to be conducted in the Archdiocese for the youth, as had been requested by the authors.

This seminar has since been approved and recommended by the current Archbishop of Perth, His Grace, Archbishop Barry James Hickey. Since that time, "Set My People On Fire" is preached in Perth, Western Australia as well as England twice each year. It has also been conducted by correspondence using audio tapes and E-Questionnaires in Australia and the USA.

Archbishop Hickey.

Cheryle Douglas FMI
Teaches delegate how to
Break Open the Word.

Each year delegates receive their certificates at our annual Congress. The final delegates for the 20th century received their Certificates of Achievement from Archbishop Hickey at the 2000 AD Congress in Perth, Western Australia.

Graduation 2004.
Bishop Don Sproxton

Flame Music Ministry provide the music at the SMPOF seminars in Perth.

Eddie Russell FMI, Perth WA

Kaye Rollings FMI, Perth WA

Cyrus D'Souza FMI, Perth WA.

A young Hindu accepts Jesus at a Flame seminar.

Bringing Abundant Life in the Power of the Holy Spirit.


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VATICAN CITY, APRIL 25, 2007 ( Prayerful reading of Scripture, and the consequent reform of life, is the secret to the constant renewal of the Church, Benedict XVI says.

Flame Ministries International is a Catholic Ministry of the Word. Developed from its original format and subject matter in 1990, its main Bible Seminar is Set My People on Fire, an advanced 15 Week Charismatic Bible Seminar inspired through a prophecy received during prayer on Christmas Eve 1989. Since then it has brought thousands in and around Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uganda, Mexico, Portugal, England, Scotland, USA, Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Christ and a renewed faith, and so forms our flagship Bible program encompassing biblical subjects pertaining to redemption, spiritual growth and evangelisation.

SMPOF: An Advanced Bible Seminar.

Set My People On Fire takes the delegates to a greater understanding, depth and formation in the Word of God. SMPOF also prepares participants to become effective in their evengelisation efforts by causing an experiential love and knowledge of Holy Scripture and the "Word" that it contains.

The Teachings unfold over fifteen weekly sessions with three retreat weekends every fifth week. All the teaching subjects are based first and foremost on Holy Scripture as well as, Ad Gentes, Dei Verbum, Verbum Domini, and the Catholic Catechism. They unfold the Biblical understanding and contents, applying them to what they mean for us today. During these sessions Altar Calls, ministry for healing and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit occur as the Spirit leads. All the Charismatic Gifts are encouraged to be used by the participants during the praise-time before the teachings begin.

Seminar Structure: The seminars are presented in three phases.

Weekly Sessions:
The first five weekly sessions cover subjects essential to conversion and empowering by the Holy Spirit.

The second five weekly sessions cover subjects pertaining to spiritual growth and equipping for a fuller Christian lifestyle.

The last five weekly sessions prepare the delegates for the work of evangelisation giving them a formation to defend and proclaim their faith and the Gospel of Christ.

Three Retreat Weekends:
These weekends allow subject matter to be unfolded in greater depth. Also, by encouraging the delegates to provide shared meals it assists in building friendships and consolidates the seminars for the weekly sessions that follow.

Two modes of participation: Registered Delegates & Participants.

Registered Delegates:
Registered Delegates receive Weekly Study Notes at the end of each evening. These Notes are for their Private and Personal Use Only relating to these Seminars.

The Study Notes have a written overview of the session with Daily Bible Studies leading into the next session.

Each delegate also completes a Weekly Questionnaire.
The questions are taken from the spoken word during the preaching session, from the Bible passages quoted in that session, from the Bible Study during the week and from the Notes themselves.

Certificate of Achievement.
elegates receive a Certificate of Achievement after completing the required criteria of the Seminar.

Participants are those who do not want to receive a certificate. They are allowed to attend the whole evening and fully participate but do not receive the Daily Study Notes nor a Certificate on completion. There are thousands of people who have completed SMPOF and numerous healing and conversions have been reported as a result of these seminars.

This web site publishes personal testimonies from SMPOF as well as other FMI functions. The fruits of this seminar are proving to be prolific and lasting and have been suitable for, and beneficial to clergy, religious and laity who have all benefited greatly.

Part 1: Weekly Teachings

CD SETS: 15 Weekly Sessions.
All fifteen CDs come in one case separate from the retreat weekend sessions.

Three Retreat Weekends.
The retreats come in a separate package to the weekly sessions and contains all sessions for the three weekends.
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Full Sets can also be purchased on one Mp3.

Sess 1: The Personified Pre-Existance - Knowing the Love Of God
Sess 2: This man, Jesus, is Lord
Sess 3: Healing Through Forgiveness
Sess 4: The Holy Spirit & His Gifts
Sess 5: The Outpouring of The Holy Spirit (Why Tongues)

First Retreat Weekend from Friday Evening to Sunday Afternoon.

Sess 1: Understanding the Prayers of Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship
Sess 2: The Nature of Blood Covenants in Cultures
Sess 3: The Nine Steps of an Ancient Hebrew Blood Covenant Ritual
Sess 4: Yahew's Nine Steps from Adam to Abram
Sess 5: Yahweh's Nine Steps from Abraham to Moses
Sess 6: Jesus and the Nine Steps to the Final Sacrifice and Beyond
Sess 7: How to Break Open The Word #1
Sess 8: How to Break Open The Word #2
Sess 9: The Fellowship of The Holy Spirit

Part 2: Weekly Teachings

Sess 6: Your Righteousness in Christ
Sess 7: The Authority of the Believer
Sess 8: Spiritual Armour & The Nature of the Conflict
Sess 9: Effective Prayer: How to get results
Sess 10: The Motivational Gifts

Second Retreat Weekend from Friday Evening to Sunday Afternoon.

Sess 1: Faith + Works = Results
Sess 2: Holy Angels & Their Role In The World
Sess 3: The Natures of the Angels and How they Operate
Sess 4: Angels of Darkness: The Rebellion & The Counterfeit Kingdom
Sess 5: Angels of Darkness & The New Age.
Sess 6: Our Victory In Christ
Sess 7: Gifts Clinic 1: Discovering Your Charismatic Gifts & Ministries
Sess 8: Gifts Clinic 2: Discovering Your Charismatic Gifts & Ministries

Part 3: Weekly Teachings

Sess 11: In The World Not of The World
Sess 12: They Turned the World Upside-Down with Faith in the Name of Jesus
Sess 13: Intercessory Prayer - Its Power & Effects
Sess 14: Practical Soulwinning for Practical People
Sess 15: The Great Commission

Third Retreat Weekend from Friday Evening to Sunday Afternoon.

Sess 1: Branches that Bear Fruit
Sess 2: The Fruit of the Spirit is; Love
Sess 3: The Three Dimensions of Man (Body, Soul & Spirit)
Sess 4: The Four Natures of Love: Philea, Agape, Eros, Storge
Sess 5: The Fruits of Love in Action 1
Sess 6: The Fruits of Love in Action 2
Sess 7: How to Raise Your Vision & How to Find It
Sess 8: Practical Steps to Keeping Your Vision in God & Achieving It.

As a parish outreach, the role of the parish priest ensures the success for parishioners and visitors. Set My People on Fire should be run under the authority of the parish priest. However the seminars are distinctive in that it teaches and mobilises the lay people of the parish to spread the Gospel. SMPOF is most effective when the parish priest supports the course publically in his parish and encourages the ministry, however, he need not attend every night or weekends of the seminars.

The Speakers:
AUSTRALIA. Eddie Russell FMI. Kaye Rollings FMI. Cyrus D'Souza FMI. About FMI Vision. Mission. Work. Credentials. Contact Information. "Set My People On Fire" The Prophecy that inspired this seminar.

fmitv australia
Video Clips Here

The program is suitable for parishes and groups and can be ordered with a complete set of the Session Overviews with full Daily Bible Study Notes.

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You can also purchase CD's for your PERSONAL USE ONLY. However, they must not be used as a public program of any sort without the prior written permission of Flame Ministries International. We are hoping to have Set My People on Fire available soon on DVD.

Archbishop Hickey of Perth Western Australia preaches
at a recent Flame Congress.

Revival News

The Catholic Archbishop of Perth reaffirms his acceptance and recommends Set My People on Fire at an annual Flame Congress.

During his message at an Annual Flame Congress, Archbishop Hickey publicly recommended the "Set My People On Fire" seminars saying, "Set My People on Fire" is an excellent source of Biblical teaching, especially as a living experience of the Word of God for the participants."

The first Graduation Rally, Leicester University, England. In 1994 SMPOF was conducted for the first time in England in Peterborough and Birmingham.

Until recently, it was conducted twice a year all over the UK by Derek Williams.

For details on current seminars and missions go to:

About Flame & How it Began


This prophetic word was received by the authors in prayer on Christmas Eve 1989 and written down word for word - It inspired this seminar.

Fill the world with a fire burning bright, and let them know that I am Lord, Give to them a great desire for My Light, and let them know they can be whole.

urn your eyes upon the message in My Word, and let the Words become your life. Give to them an everlasting firelight and make them all My steadfast sons.

Know that I will walk within you in the world, know that I am filling you.
Let them know they can be leaders in the night, give them all new hope in Me.

Tell the world that I am coming in My might, show them how I want to move. Give to them My message written for all men, and make them all, the blind to see.

I am coming in waves of power. I am coming in storms. Filling the world with My Glory, before I take My Church home.

Get yourselves ready for battle, guard yourselves all around. Put on all of My armour, trained by My own right hand.

Set My People On Fire.
Show them how they can be. Give them all new hope for the future.
Show them how life is in Me.

NOTE: The words of this prophecy are © Copyright owned by Flame Ministries International and cannot be copied, downloaded or used for any purpose whatesover without the written permision from Flame Ministries International.


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