WA Birds 10. Rock Dove to Pied Imperial-Pigeon


Rock Dove (introduced)

Columba livia

Very common in many towns.


Laughing Turtle-Dove (introduced) (photograph)

Streptopelia senegalensis

Very common in Perth.  Fairly common in many towns in the south west.  Seen in Mt Magnet, Monkey Mia, Esperance, Rottnest Island.


Spotted Turtle-Dove (introduced)

Streptopelia chinensis

Common in Perth.  Seen at Rottnest Island.


Emerald Dove (photograph)

Chalcophaps indica

Fairly common in rainforest patches in the north Kimberley.  Seen at St Patrick's Island, Isdell River.  Seen in rainforest thicket near Kimberley Coastal Camp in August 1997.


Common Bronzewing (photographs)

Phaps chalcoptera



Brush Bronzewing (photograph)

Phaps elegans



Flock Bronzewing

Phaps histrionica

Uncommon but widespread in the Kimberley on grass plains.  Most likely just west of Fitzroy Crossing.  Seen twice at Lake Eda near Broome.  Reported at Argyle Diamond Mine.


Crested Pigeon (photographs)

Ocyphaps lophotes



Spinifex Pigeon (photographs)

Geophaps plumifera

Common in places in the Kimberley such as Lake Argyle homestead, The Grotto near Wyndham, Argyle Diamond Mine, Ngumbin Jumpup on the Great Northern Highway.  The Pilbara race seen at Karratha, Roebourne, Paraburdoo, Millstream Chichester, Exmouth..


Partridge Pigeon (yellow-faced)

Geophaps smithii

Uncommon.  Reported at Mitchell Falls, Drysdale River, Camp Creek.


White-quilled Rock-Pigeon

Petrophassa albipennis

Fairly common in sandstone areas in the Kimberley.  The Grotto near Wyndham is the easiest site.  Seen in Kununurra, Argyle Diamond Mine, Lake Argyle, Camp Creek.


Diamond Dove

Geopelia cuneata



Peaceful Dove

Geopelia striata



Bar-shouldered Dove (photograph)

Geopelia humeralis

Very common in the Kimberley especially along watercourses and in towns.  Seen in Kununurra, Broome, Derby, Fitzroy Crossing.  Fairly common on the islands off the Pilbara coast.


Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove

Ptilinopus regina

Rare in WA.  Heard at St Patrick's Island.  Reported in Broome in the wet season, Dampier Peninsula, near Derby, Cockatoo Island.


Pied Imperial-Pigeon (photograph)

Ducula bicolor

The WA race does not migrate.  Occurs along rivers in the north Kimberley.  Seen at Kuri Bay, Sale River, Kimberley Coastal Camp.  One seen at Broome in October 1996.


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