WA Birds 14. Purple-crowned Fairy-wren to Dusky Grasswren


Purple-crowned Fairy-wren

Malurus coronatus

Seen along the Ord River south of Lake Argyle.  Reported on the Drysdale River crossing on the Kalumburu Road.  Reported at Geikie Gorge.


Splendid Fairy-wren (photographs)

Malurus splendens

Very common in the south west.  It extends north of Kalbarri, across to Cue and east of Esperance.  The central Australian race callainus extends just into WA.


Variegated Fairy-wren

Malurus lamberti

Common in the Kimberley in the more rocky areas.  Less common at Broome.  Fairly common in the Pilbara.  Common at Monkey Mia, Denham and Hamelin Pool.  Common near Cue.  Uncommon in the south west.  Resident at Pelican Point, and Carine Open Space.  Generally has very noticeable white tips to the tail.


Blue-breasted Fairy-wren

Malurus pulcherrimus

Fairly common at Dryandra State Forest, Stirling Ranges, Fitzgerald River bridge, Kalbarri, Murchison River Bridge, Monkey Mia and the Eyre Bird Observatory.


Red-winged Fairy-wren

Malurus elegans

Endemic.  Common in suitable (generally wetter) habitat in the south west.  Common at Albany, Waychinicup (car park), Manjimup and Pemberton.  Fairly common at Wungong Gorge, Piesse Gully, Two People's Bay, Augusta, etc.  Look for black bill and darker wings.


White-winged Fairy-wren

Malurus leucopterus

Very common especially in samphire and blue bush areas in the Gascoyne and Murchison and coastal areas as far north as Anna Plains Station. Fairly common in the Pilbara in low open vegetation.  Common at Monkey Mia, Lake Austin, Red Bluff at Kalbarri.  Seen at Floreat Beach in Perth and reported at Yanchep.


Red-backed Fairy-wren

Malurus melanocephalus

Very common in the Kimberley.  No blue in the tail.


Southern Emu-wren

Stipiturus malachurus

Common at Waychinicup, Two People's Bay, Stirling Ranges, Augusta, car park at Sugarloaf Rock, Cape Naturaliste.  Reported at Bickley Brook.  It extends north to Shark Bay and east to Esperance.


Rufous-crowned Emu-wren

Stipiturus ruficeps

Fairly common at Millstream Chichester National Park.  Seen by others near the south of Lake Gregory in the Kimberley.


Black Grasswren

Amytornis barbatus

Endemic.  Seen at the Sale River.  Reported to be common at Surveyors Pool on the Mitchell Plateau.  Reported at Drysdale River Station.  Possibly on Mount Hart Station and Mount Elizabeth Station?  It should occur near the Kimberley Coastal Camp.


Striated Grasswren

Amytornis striatus

Reported at Millstream Chichester National Park near Crossing Pool, Hamersley Ranges, Cape Range, Mount Augustus and behind the Tom Price Caravan Park.  Reported along the Len Beadell Highway.  Seen behind the Newman Caravan Park in August 2008.


Thick-billed Grasswren (photographs)

Amytornis textilis

Very common at Monkey Mia especially in the car park.


Dusky Grasswren

Amytornis purnelli

 Reported very near the WA / NT / SA border.


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