WA Birds 20. Apostlebird to Black-backed Wagtail



Struthidea cinerea

Not recorded in WA yet, but expected to turn up.  Recorded on Newry Station very near WA.


Western Bowerbird (photograph)

Chlamydera guttata

Very common at Nallan Station and Walga Rock.  One seen at Python Pool on the way to Millstream Chichester in October 1995.  Common near Exmouth.  Reported at Whim Creek.


Great Bowerbird

Chlamydera nuchalis

Very common in the Kimberley.


Singing Bushlark (photograph)

Mirafra javanica

Common in grassland and in the Kimberley.  Occurs as far south as Shark Bay.  The race near Karratha is very pale and rufous.


Richard’s Pipit (photograph)

Anthus novaeseelandiae

Occurs throughout WA in open short grassland.  More common in Perth and the south west in summer.


Red-throated Pipit

Anthus cervinus

Very rare vagrant to Australia.  One photographed by Mike Carter on the town oval in Broome in January 1992.  One reported in Broome in December 2007.


Yellow Wagtail

Motacilla flava

Fairly common wet season migrant to the Kimberley.  Seen at Broome sewage works, Kununurra golf course and Derby sewage works.  Most birds are the similima / tschuschensis race (Eastern Yellow Wagtail), but a few are the taivana race (Green-headed Wagtail).


Grey Wagtail

Motacilla cinerea

Rare vagrant to mainland Australia.  Seen near Taylor's Lagoon near Broome in October 2008.  Reported by George Swann on the Mitchell Plateau in November 2001.


White Wagtail

Motacilla alba

Rare vagrant to Australia.  One reported at Willie Creek.


Black-backed Wagtail

Motacilla lugens

Very rare vagrant to Australia.  One reported at the Derby wharf at the end of December 1995.


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