WA Mammals 01. Short-beaked Echidna to Northern Marsupial Mole


Short-beaked Echidna (photographs)

Tachyglossus aculeatus

Sometimes diurnal.  Seen several times at Dryandra State Forest.  Two road kills seen on Brand Highway.


Northern Quoll

Dasyurus hallucatus

Seen at Kimberley Coastal Camp.


Western Quoll (Chudich)

Dasyurus geoffroyi

Reported near Julimar Forest, Lane Pool Reserve and at Perup Nature Reserve.


Red-tailed Phascogale (Red-tailed Wambenger)

Phascogale calura

One trapped in the Fitzgerald River National Park in May 2004.  Reported in casuarina thickets at Dryandra State Forest.


Brush-tailed Phascogale (Brush-tailed Wambenger)

Phascogale tapoatafa

Reported at Perup Nature Reserve and Stirling Range Retreat.


Numbat (photograph)

Myrmecobius fasciatus

Diurnal.  Fairly commonly seen at Dryandra State Forest.  Reported at Boyagin Rock and Perup Nature Reserve.


Mulgara (photographs)

Dasycercus cristicauda

One caught in a pit trap on Landscope Expedition to the Gibson Desert Nature Reserve in August 2003.  One D. blythei caught on Landscope Expedition at CSR Well 26 in August 2008.


Southern Marsupial Mole

Notorcytes typhlops



Northern Marsupial Mole

Notorcytes caurinus


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