WA Mammals 05. Least Blossom Bat to Greater Long-eared Bat


Least Blossom Bat (Northern Blossom Bat)

Macroglossus minimus



Black Flying-fox

Pteropus alecto

Common in Kununurra, Broome.  Seen at Argyle Diamond Mine.


Little Red Flying-fox (photograph)

Pteropus scapulatus

Seen in Kununurra, Argyle Diamond Mine.


Ghost Bat

Macroderma gigas

Seen in Kununurra, Argyle Diamond Mine.


Orange Leaf-nosed Bat

Rhinonicteris aurantius



Dusky Leaf-nosed Bat

Hipposideros ater



Northern Leaf-nosed Bat

Hipposideros stenotis



Yellow-bellied Sheathtail Bat

Saccolaimus flaviventris



Common Sheathtail Bat

Taphozous georgianus



Hill's Sheathtail Bat

Taphozous hilli



White-striped Freetail Bat

Tadarida australis

Seen briefly at dusk and heard at Eyre Bird Observatory in April 2004.  Almost certainly heard/seen in the south west at Dryandra State Forest and at Charles Darwin Reserve.  It flies high above the canopy except when it comes down to drink.  Also called White-striped Mastiff Bat.


Northern Freetail Bat

Chaerophon jobensis

Mist netted at Lake Eda at Broome in November 2007 where they were common.


Beccari's Freetail Bat (photograph)

Mormopterus beccari

Mist netted at the Broome sewage ponds in November 2002.


Mangrove Freetail Bat

Mormopterus loriae cobourgensis



Inland Freetail Bat

Mormopterus planiceps



Western Freetail Bat

Mormopterus planiceps



Hoary Wattled Bat

Chalinolobus nigrogriseus



Gould's Wattled Bat

Chalinolobus gouldii



Chocolate Wattled Bat

Chalinolobus morio

Three caught at the Eyre Bird Observatory in April 2004.  100+ seen leaving Murra-el-Eleven Cave near Cocklebiddy at dusk. 


Mangrove Pipistrelle (Northern Pipistrelle)

Pipistrellus westralis



Northern Cave Bat

Vespadelus caurinus



Kimberley Cave Bat

Vespadelus douglasorum



Inland Cave Bat

Vespadelus finlaysoni



Inland Forest Bat

Vespadelus baverstocki



Southern Forest Bat

Vespadelus regulus



Common Bentwing Bat

Miniopterus schreibersii



Large-footed Myotis

Myotis adversus



Western False Pipistrelle

Falsistrellus mackenziei



Inland Broad-nosed Bat

Scotorepens balstoni



Little Broad-nosed Bat

Scotorepens greyii



Northern Broad-nosed Bat

Scotorepens sanborni



Arnhem Long-eared Bat

Nyctophilus arnhemensis



Northern Long-eared Bat

Nyctophilus bifax



Pygmy Long-eared Bat

Nyctophilus walkeri



Lesser Long-eared Bat (photographs)

Nyctophilus geoffroyi

Two mist netted at Jandakot Airport in February 2003.  One caught in the living room of Wattle Cottage at Dryandra Woodlands Village in March 2003.


Gould's Long-eared Bat

Nyctophilus gouldi

One mist netted at the Linesman Camp near Burnabbie at the Eyre Bird Observatory in April 2004.


Greater Long-eared Bat

Nyctophilus timoriensis

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