WA Mammals 06. Grassland Melomys to Lesser Stick-nest Rat


Grassland Melomys

Melomys burtoni

Occurs in coastal north Kimberley in grassland, monsoon forest, riparian vegetation, mangroves.


Black-footed Tree Rat

Mesembriomys gouldi



Golden-backed Tree Rat

Mesembriomys macrurus



Brush-tailed Rabbit Rat

Conilurus penicillatus



Water Rat (Rakali)

Hydromys chrysogaster

Seen in Applecross before development.  Seen at Bardon Park in Mt Lawley.  Reported at Bibra Lake.


Spinifex Hopping Mouse

Notomys alexis

Several caught on Landscope Expedition to Canning Stock Route in August 2008.


Mitchell's Hopping Mouse

Notomys mitchelli



Long-tailed Hopping Mouse

Notomys longicaudatus



Big-eared Hopping Mouse

Notomys macrotis



Common Rock Rat

Zyzomys argurus

Seen on St Patrick's Island and Sale River.


Kimberley Rock Rat

Zyzomys woodwardi



House Mouse (photograph)

Mus musculus

Introduced.  Seen at Argyle Diamond Mine, Perth, Bungendore State Forest, Gibson Desert Nature Reserve.  About fifty caught in the Fitzgerald River National Park in May 2004.


Desert Short-tailed Mouse (Forrest's Mouse)

Leggadina forresti



Tropical Short-tailed Mouse (Lakeland Downs Mouse) (photographs)

Leggadina lakedownensis

Trapped on Serrurier Island in October 2000.


Delicate Mouse (photographs)

Pseudomys delicatulus

Trapped at Argyle Diamond Mine.


Kimberley Pebble-mound Mouse

Pseudomys laborifax

Trapped at Argyle Diamond Mine.


Western Chestnut Mouse (photographs)

Pseudomys nanus

Very common at Argyle Diamond Mine.  Trapped on Barrow Island.


Desert Mouse (photograph)

Pseudomys desertor

One caught in a pit trap on the Landscope Expedition to the Gibson Desert Nature Reserve in August 2003.


Bolam's Mouse

Pseudomys bolami



Sandy Inland Mouse

Pseudomys hermannsbergensis



Ash-grey Mouse

Pseudomys albocinereus

Endemic.  About twenty trapped in the Fitzgerald River National Park in May 2004.


Western Mouse

Pseudomys occidentalis

Endemic.  Three trapped in the Fitzgerald River National Park in May 2004.


Djoongari (Shark Bay Mouse) (photograph)

Pseudomys fieldi

Seen on Trimouille Island in the Monte Bello Islands where it has been introduced.  It still exists on Bernier Island in Shark Bay, and it has been introduced to Doole Island in the Exmouth Gulf.


Pilbara Pebble-mound Mouse (Western Pebble-mound Mouse)

Pseudomys chapmani



Heath Mouse (Dayang)

Pseudomys shortridgei

Two trapped in the Fitzgerald River National Park in May 2004.


Plains Mouse

Pseudomys australis

Extinct in WA.


Bush Rat

Rattus fuscipes

Found in coastal areas from Jurien Bay to Israelite Bay.  About fifty trapped in the Fitzgerald River National Park in May 2004.  Reported at Waychinicup camp ground.


Pacific Rat (Polynesian Rat)

Rattus exulans

Introduced.  One record each on Adele Island and Sunday Island off the Kimberley coast.


Black Rat (Ship Rat)

Rattus rattus

Introduced.  Seen in Perth.


Brown Rat (Sewer Rat)

Rattus norvegicus

Introduced.  Recorded in Perth and Albany.


Long-haired Rat (Plague Rat)

Rattus villosismus

Population fluctuates dramatically following widespread rains.  Reported to be common around the Ord River irrigation area.


Pale Field Rat

Rattus tunneyi

Trapped at the Argyle Diamond Mine.


Greater Stick-nest Rat

Leporillus conditor

Introduced to Salutation Island.


Lesser Stick-nest Rat

Leporillus apicalis

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