WA Mammals 07. Five-lined Palm Squirrel to Pig


Five-lined Palm Squirrel

Funambulus pennanti

Introduced.  Fairly common at the Perth Zoo.


Red Fox

Vulpes vulpes

Introduced.  Fairly common in much of the state except the Kimberley and the interior.  Seen in Nedlands, Dryandra State Forest, Hyden, Jerramungup, Carnarvon.


Dingo (photographs)

Canis lupus dingo

Fairly common in most of the state except the south west.  Seen at Kununurra, Argyle Diamond Mine, Broome, Anne Beadell Highway, Gibson Desert Nature Reserve.


House Cat

Felis catus

Introduced.  Occurs throughout the state.  Seen at Kununurra, Argyle Diamond Mine, Broome, Albany.


European Rabbit

Oryctolagus cuniculus

Introduced.  Occurs throughout the southern half of the state and slightly further north.  Common in the south west.


Goat (photograph)

Capra hircus

Introduced.  Many seen at Shark Bay, Carnarvon, Cue, Exmouth.



Equus caballus

Introduced.  Seen in the Kimberley.



Equus asinus

Introduced.  Seen in the Kimberley.


One-humped Camel (Dromedary) (photograph)

Camelus dromedarius

Introduced.  Seen on the Canning Stock Route and the Kidson Track in October1999, and the Gibson Desert Nature Reserve in August 2003.



Sus scrofa

Occurs in the Kimberley and isolated areas in the south west.  Diggings seen at Avon Valley National Park, Flynn Road.

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