WA Mammals 08. New Zealand Fur Seal to Crab-eater Seal


New Zealand Fur Seal (photograph)

Arctocephalus forsteri

Locally common.  Seen at Cape Naturaliste, Albany, Two People's Bay, Esperance, Eyre Bird Observatory.


Sub-antarctic Fur Seal

Arctocephalus tropicalis

Vagrant along south coast and as far north as Kalbarri.  One seen on Cheyne Beach in late September 2003.


Australian Sea-lion (photographs)

Neophoca cinerea

Locally common.  Seen on the Abrolhos Islands, Little Island at Hillarys, Shoalwater Bay, Albany, Esperance.


Leopard Seal

Hydrurga leptonyx

Uncommon visitor to south and west coasts.


Southern Elephant Seal

Mirounga leonina

Vagrant to south coast.


Crab-eater Seal

Lobodon carcinophagus

Vagrant to south coast and as far north as Perth.
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