Argyle Diamond Mine Birding Sites

I worked on a fly in fly out commute at the Argyle Diamond Mine in the north east Kimberley from October 1988 to March 2001.  I worked 12 hours a day for 14 days on site and then had 14 days off in Perth.  This made it very difficult to go birding but I managed to keep records of what I saw.  However, my commute was fairly flexible over the years, and with the time in lieu I managed to survey most areas of the lease to accumulate a very good bird list.  The area is a special mining lease so unfortunately access is denied to the general public. The following is the check list of the species that I saw and an annotated list with more details of the sightings.

Argyle Diamond Mine Check List (Microsoft Word 95) (63KB)

Argyle Diamond Mine Annotated List (Microsoft Word 95) (185KB)

I also kept a spreadsheet of the sightings that I saw for each commute since 1990.  The data needs careful interpretation but it is better than keeping no records at all.  The entries in bold have been reported by other people to me and the shaded cells represent evidence of breeding.

Argyle Diamond Mine Commute Log (Microsoft Excel 95) (622KB)

I intend to prepare this information for publication.

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