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This site is devoted to one thing only - Technical Information on Bulova Accutrons and other tuning fork watches. Inspired originally by George Fruge "The Accutron Man", after 23 years on-line, the Accutron Watch Page is the oldest Accutron information site on the net, and remains completey free and contains no other advertising, cookies, scripts or annoying pop-ups.

The Accutron Watch Page repair service continues to provide repair and restoration services for your Tuning Fork watches in 2020!

Covid-19 situation: I know you and your family is as concerned about the current pandemic as we are too. Here in Thailand, the situation is as serious as anywhere and I want to assure you that we are taking every precaution to avoid coming into contact with this virus. We are staying at home and only venturing out as absolutely necessary. So please rest assured that your watches are clean and will stay that way. In addition, Thailand Post is disinfecting all incoming mail anyway. and very likely mail services in other countries are doing the same. The consensus is however, that the virus does not survive long on packing materials such as paper and cardboard, so that should minimize risks as well.

Why pay more to get your classic Accutron working as it should! And YES! any accutron that has been serviced and is in good mechanical condition can keep time to within ORIGINAL factory specs of +/- 2 seconds per day. Note, to achieve the Bulova advertized spec of 1 minute per month, your watch may need to be regulated to suit your particular wearing style.

I will repair any Accutron or TF watch for $120.00 + $10 shipping and free battery (parts extra). (Speedsonic Chronographs are $75 extra). What does a service entail? For a description of what I do when I service an Accutron, click here.

Other Services: High quality refinishing for Stainless Steel watch cases and bracelets. Sorry but at the moment I can't do Gold, Gold Filled or Gold Plate cases. My trusty gold guy went awol and I haven't found a reliable replacement yet. Other restoration services include providing high quality refinishing and replating of the watch movement itself in nickel, gold or rhodium, especially important for restoring very early Accutrons. I also repair other vintage watches too, especially American pocket and wrist watches, as well as chronographs and other complications.

For more details and how to contact me, click here.

We are now rewinding dead Accutron 214 coils! Coils are sold on an exchange basis, as we re-use the old plastic formers. They are stripped of their old wire, cleaned and re-wound with new wire. The coils are fully tested and work to original Bulova specifications. click here for more information.

1964 Accutron 214 Movement

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