Accutron 214 coil repair/exchange service

214 Coil set with rewound cell coil

The Accutron Watch Page Repair Service and my associate Ian Rees in New Zealand are rewinding Accutron 214 coils to original Bulova specifications and quality. Each coil is individually tested in a movement and guaranteed to be working perfectly. They look the same as the original coils and are perfectly suitable to use in Spaceviews. In the sample shown above. the component coil is original Bulova, the cell coil has been rewound. It draws around 4.5uA off load, as it should, and it self starts properly as it should. We can also rewind component coils, or early 3-wire coils sets, should you need one rebuilt for a restoration project.

The coils are wound on a special custom-built coil winding machine (The "Coilatron" :-) ) which is computer controlled and winds the coils to exact specifications and in a certain way which enables them to operate in a very controlled and stable manner.

Coils are sold on an exchange basis only. Your old coils need to have good plastic formers and have the metal fittings on the cell coil in good shape, as we re-use them. Please email me to discuss pricing and details.Click Here!