In this section we explore the meaning and application of the term 'advocacy.' You will need an advocate you can trust if something goes terribly wrong and you aren't able to make decisions for yourself that others, especially hospital personnel etc., will accept. The main distinction to be made and understood here is that 1) There is a definite best and a worst way to choose an advocate, and 2) trusting someone isn't the same as liking them. With those parameters delineated, let's begin.

Choosing An Advocate

Don't narrow your choices at the very beginning:

There's no reason that someone can't act as your advocate across the ether if all the steps are taken as laid out above. It does mean that you'll need to stay in closer contact and exchange mail, or logs from a MOO-discussion, frequently, but again, what counts here is the lifeline out of the funny farm if you get tossed in, and the additional evidence your email sponsor can provide as far as your personal situation goes can only serve as added insurance that your desires will be made known.

If you are willing to act as either an IRL (in real life) or VR (virtual reality) advocate for someone, please go here.


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