Goodbye For Now


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Our time together is done...

*This site has been a work of love and a gift to others like myself. Any opinions, omissions and errors are my own, as is the work, unless otherwise stated. I believe information should be free and so everything on this site may be copied, printed, reproduced and shared any damned where ya want as long as you attribute it to the proper author or source. (so....obscene_gestureUP YOURS MR. GATES!) But seriously, I've worked very hard on this effort and I sure would be delighted if you'd take with you when you go my little logo button and hotlink back to this site! Put it somewhere where the whole net can see it ! Here's the small button!logo_button, or you may use this larger button if you wish: logo_button And now for the yucky techy stuff...chant: need button AND code; need button AND code; need button AND code...cool..ya got it? Good. Carry on and I'll see ya round then.
First use the "Save As" function on your browser to snatch up the button above (be sure to save it as fybutn.gif in your HTML directory), then use the following snippet of code and paste it into the same page as where you put your links or wherever you refer to or talk about FyrenIyce:

[begin cut & paste for small button here]

<a href="http://www.wantree.com.au/~fractal/fhello.htm"> <img src="fybutn1.gif" alt="FyrenIyce_logo" border="0"></a>

[end cut & paste]

[begin cut & paste for large button here]

<a href="http://www.wantree.com.au/~fractal/fhello.htm"> <img src="fybutn.gif" alt="FyrenIyce_logo" border="0"></a>

[end cut & paste]

Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...........[sad wave]

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