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I. General Resources & Information

II. When Life's A Crapshoot. . . dice_image

III. handshake_image Holding Hands With the World - Unity Equals Power!

IV. Madness & Creativity Pages (Continuously updated)

This dedicated space is for manic depressives (and others) to doodle, write poetry and song lyrics, display artworks, and tell stories. Come and see what wonders we create, but ...careful now, for Here Be Dragons...


Some Creativity Links to Check out Before You Go...

  1. Manic-Depressive Illness and Creativity -- By Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison, from Scientific American. A must-read! Dr. Jamison, who is herself bipolar, is the leading expert in the field when it comes to this illness. She is widely published professionally, but two of her most accessible books are,The Unquiet Mind, and Touched With Fire: Manic- Depressive Illness and the Artistic Temperment from which this article is an excerpt.

  2. WriteBrain -- This is M H Source's E-zine where you'll find lots of wonderful stories and poetry by mental health consumers of varying sorts. Check it out.

  3. Famous Bipolars -- A wonderful site! Joy Ikelman has put together an outstanding array of slightly different information including, of course, her famous people list linked here. Do give her a visit.

  4. Juli's Bipolar Information Network -- This site contains the following two links on this list as well as a number of other interesting articles by the likes of Dr. Kay Jami son, Larry King, and others. Not extensive, but worth a peek.

  5. That Fine Madness -- A story about the poet Virginia Woolf's final battle with bipolar disorder.

  6. Virginia Woolf: manic-depressive psychosis and genius. An illustration of separation-individuation theory - By A. H. Bond - An interesting and disturbing psychoanalytic approach to the paradoxical, brilliant Virginia Woolf.

  7. CREATIVITY AND THE TROUBLED MIND -- Article by Constance Holden published in Psychology Today, 1987.


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Go to my page to find out a bit about your friendly, frantic, mostly manic webkeeper/vagabond here, and while you're at it..hit the Madness page above for some more of my and other's work. Don't forget to add your own by using the form that's there or you can send it to:



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