This page serves as my official thanks to every graphics artist, site or individual from whom I may have nicked, borrowed, stolen or hijacked images for this site. If I missed anyone, and you find your work here, just drop me a line and I'll add your link to this page as a contributor. By the way, the lovely pastel dragons, like the one above, were done by Freo artist Mike Brady at my commission--they are NOT free for the taking.

One more word, if you want to visit any of the great sites below just click on the icon in the heading, but be forewarned that you ARE visiting a graphics site and so it's going to be very, very slow loading the pages.


tiny_dragon_gif HONORIUS_BUTN.GIF       Honorius_banr.gif

Honorius gets a very special mention here. I fell madly in love with his whimsical style (downloaded every single image even--my computer hates me :), and would almost swear the bipolar gods put him on the net because of his uncanny ability to express in art the angst, anger and silliness of bipolar disorder. I thank you HONORIUS! Find this wonderful artwork on Barry's ClipArt Server or just click on the icon above to go to Honorius' directory.

tiny_dragon_gif Barry's Clip Art Server

Barry's ClipArt Server is one of the top places on the net for finding images, icons, etc. If you haven't been there, well...pack a lunch because there's an awful lot of ground to cover.

tiny_dragon_gif Iconz_Icons_bu.gif

Lots of useful icons here. Iconz's Icons provides tons of free graphics for you to download and use.

tiny_dragon_gif Orchid_butn.gif

Visit Orchid's place and find lovely, silly, free clipart. Her flowers are particularly charming on a page.

tiny_dragon_gif Hee_Yun_button

This lovely Korean woman has some very nice clipart. Some whimsical, but most importantly, all are very clean.

tiny_dragon_gif The Dog Hause

This is a super site for sure! If you are an animal lover with a desire to put your interest into cyberspace, then this is a must-see site. Now again, pack a lunch folks because there is a ton of great stuff to shop through.

tiny_dragon_gif dragon_head.gif    dragon_logo.gif

Dragons and more dragons can be found here, along with all the magic and lore that surrounds them. If you tap that dragon icon on the noggin he'll escort you to his domain where there are two pages of free dragon icons to download. Most of the smaller dragons on this site came from there. Beware, there are some strict prohibitions here about what is downloadable/usable and what's not.

tiny_dragon_gif   icon_bazaar_banner.gif

Icon Bazaar is another of the very large graphics sites on the net. I've found many useful graphics here, from the small and mundane to the large, gaudy and funny. Oh yeh, and of course you can even find me there. Gotta love them fractals!

tiny_dragon_gif  The_Mousepad_Graphics_icon.gif

This is a delightful site full of whimsical imagery and some unusual graphics relating to geneology. Lovely site.


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