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ball The Patient/Doctor Relationship (aka Shop-A-Doc Parts I & II)

    Part I:
  1. The Good: What to look for.
  2. The Bad: A few problems.
  3. The Ugly: Hang'um!
  4. The Terrified: Making good things happen.

    Part II:
  5. How do I find a psychiatrist I can trust?
  6. NDMDA Advice on This Topic
  7. Related Links

ball Bipolar Young

Since FyrenIyce has been online, many requests for information have come my way, but none has touched me, nor brought back more painful memories, than the pleas from mothers and fathers needing help for their children. Please be sure to visit this section if you are a parent of a troubled child.

ball Networking

  1. *Advocacy* - Family & Friends: (helping not hindering)
  2. Homepages of the F&I Family
  3. Offline Support Groups - (Australian only)
  4. Online Support Groups - MOO, email, and IRC/Chat.

Welcome To ImagoMOO

- Introduction.

How To Log Into ImagoMOO

- Everything you need to know is on this page. Please don't be nervous or intimdated by the idea of real time interaction on the internet.

The Complete Pickle's Guide to zMud

- Learn all you need to know in order to log onto the MOO and chat with other folks in real time - NOT A CHAT ROOM!

Welcome To FyrenIyce

- This is our online email support group. Go to this page where you may subscribe to the list automagically.

How an Email List Works - Tutorial

Feel ill at ease about email? This tutorial and the FAQ will enlighten you and alleviate any fears you might have.

ballSelf-medicating Behavior

  1. Welcome to the rollercoaster
  2. Name your poison
  3. Bipolars: Romantic Renegades
  4. Personal tales & terrors
  5. Related Links

ballLiving & Surviving As A Bipolar

  1. Your friendly drugs.
  2. What are the side-effects?
  3. 5 stages of bipolar grief -- This is considered to be the most revealing section of the website.
  4. Into experimenting???
  5. Writing down your story
    * Downloadable Mood Chart
  6. Thinking through bipolar illness© - Currently in hiatus while I rework the course
  7. Quit kicking yourself!
  8. Knowing when to say when.
  9. Related Links

ballMadness & Creativity Pages  

new_poetry_sign Always new poetry, prose & digital artwork reflecting the bipolar experience to be found here.

ballMental Health Rights Are International Human Rights

There are a few starter links here, but still definitely . . .under_construction

ballBipolar Organisations Around the World

ballThe Virtual Vagabond - offsite to my personal webpages.

ballThe Last Word - Please visit here before you leave.

ballCredits Page - Thanks to all the following folks :)

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