Juggling Work And School

One of the most difficult aspects of being handicapped in even the most minor way is the soul-eating search for adequate, rewarding employment, along with the agonies of attending school. The search itself is a trial, but nothing like the tumultuous time to be had while trying to hold on to it once you have it while still coping with your illness. And any of you who have attended a university or other advanced schooling understand what a stressor that process can be :)

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I invite each of you who have suggestions and/or advice for others who may be coping with job or school-related problems to please post them here using the form below.

Advice should address those problems someone with a mental disorder might experience (or expect to experience) as a working person, or more importantly, as such a person looking for work or attending school. Sharing your advice and knowledge with others like yourself is a small thing to do that only costs you a little time, but may mean the difference between someone out here getting, keeping or losing both their job or school ambitions and their stability.


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If you're done and you are happy with your advice, then press the submit button below to send it to me...and thanks for your contribution.


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